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Tecnoblog y Podcast de Treki23
Blog de opinion y Podcast sobre Tecnologia
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While some know him by his brand, Mr. Hamilton, we know him as REIN Member Erwin Szeto. Erwin is a very busy man. He is a Realtor, real estate investor, father, husband and philanthropist. With his company, he helps investors purchase roughly 60 properties per year. Erwin is a firm believer in only showing homes he would invest in himself, so w ...…
Plot Summary Captain Romney breaks a tooth in mid-chew and the Free Enterprise is forced to divert to planet Dentine Five, where one of Willard’s old flames and doo-dah dancing partners, Dr. Jellian Mustard, runs her dental practice. Little does the crew suspect that Dr. Mustard is planning to swap consciousnesses with Willard, take over the sh ...…
Trek Trek - A Star Trek Discovery Podcast
This time on Trek Trek, Justin and Randy revisit season one, episode nine of Star Trek: Enterprise, “Civilization”. Spoiler: The friendly alien isn’t.
Melodic Treks: A Star Trek Music Podcast
CliffEidelman. Sometimes to get a break you need a few things to goin your favor. Cliff Eidelman had more than a few things go theright way for him. Fortune was indeed smiling on this relativelyunknown composer when he landed the job of scoring Star TrekVI: The Undiscovered Country. In this episode of MelodicTreks we look at how Cliff managed t ...…
Star Trek Comicbook Review
Review Star Trek 23 to 25, Circa 2013
Fight for Comics - The Comic Book Podcast
Sean Black returns from his absence and tells of his adventures at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention. The warriors get to the bottom of Pon Farr and learn the secret to its fragrance.. Books reviewed: Star Trek #23, Sheltered #2, Trillium #1, Iron or the War After, Batman Incorporated #13, Sidekick #1, and Hunger #2. Fight for Comics is the wo ...…
Appledroize 3.0
En este podcast realizo una charla entrevista a uno de los mas conocidos podcaster de la scene Española, no tiene desperdicio, no os lo podéis perder, seguro que no os defrauda, a que estas esperando para escucharlo.
Podcast especial en directo (con mucho ruido de fondo). Dialogo con Treki23 sobre los podcasts y temas de AppleBy Dani, Guillermo, JOR.G.-E., Oswaldo y Rafa.
Volvemos a juntarnos los habituales y en esta ocasión nos acompaña Treki23 tratando los siguientes temas:- Appleando vs todoumpc- Kyke y su Mac Pro- iWep, Wifis y la Fonera- Bento- Renta desde Mac OSX- Snow LeopardBy Dani, Guillermo, JOR.G.-E., Oswaldo y Rafa.
Nuevamente nos juntamos a charlar de las cosas de Apple. Como no podía faltar hablamos de las novedades de actualización en la gama de ordenadores de Apple. En esta ocasión nos acompaña Iván Alexis, más conocido por Treki23.Como siempre para contactar con nosotros en: appleando@gmail.comBy Dani, Guillermo, JOR.G.-E., Oswaldo y Rafa.
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