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David Baddiel tries to make sense of some apparently puzzling topics.
Try Hard Podcast
You know how the best conversations you have with your friends are when you're in a car driving somewhere for long distances? That's what this podcast is like. Watch the video version on and
Well, We Tried
Well, We Tried is a podcast centered being a 20-something woman in today's world - and to make you feel a little less crazy. Hosted by Jessica Alsman and Grace Yinger.
Welcome to Tri Talk, your podcast source for triathlon tips, training, news and more. Our goal is to help you swim, bike, and run faster to meet your personal triathlon goals. We cover sprint distance to Ironman distance, whether you're an elite or amateur triathlete.Tri Talk focuses on the physiology and physics of triathlon, without ignoring the human impact and joy of the sport. Check out the website,, to access dozens more archived episodes.
We Tried Wellness
We Tried Wellness, an original podcast from The Natural, takes on the latest and greatest trends in wellness and discusses their merits... or, sometimes, lack thereof. WTW is all about investigating practical tips and hacks we come across on social media and in our communities, and seeing how they fit into our lifestyle. Each episode, we'll try a wellness trend and talk to influencers and experts in the field.Brought to you by Schmidt's Naturals.
The home of The Last Skeptik
What’s happening in Tennessee politics this week? Nashville Public Radio statehouse reporter Chas Sisk breaks down what you need to know at the state capitol and beyond — in just a few minutes. Episodes released each Sunday.
Try and Tackle
Province rugby blogger Patrick Johnston’s weekly walk around the world of rugby. Canadian and B.C. rugby are the focus, but we’ll touch down with Canadians playing in Europe and other hot items.
Trying Times
Comedy podcast hosted by Scott Wampler and Katie Shultz about trying new things and stories.
The Try Pod
Susie, Jen and Cal - 3 average humans - come together to discuss Trying. Things they've tried in the past, things they'll try in the future, and things they'll never, ever, try again. Will likely feature laughter, crying and desperation. The rest they'll make up as they go along.
Originally inspired by Quadrathon's "Fireside Chat" with Dirt Dawg, Run Digger, and Kelownagurl, various running and triathlon podcasters get together for a virtual chat about issues in running, triathlon, and the endurance sport lifestyle.
Have You Tried Yoga? is just one piece of unsolicited medical advice you might receive if you have chronic pain. It's also the name of the monthly podcast of two 20-somethings, Emma and Georgia, who experience chronic pain! These two Aussie pain-killer babes explore issues such as unsolicited medical advice, treatments that don't work and generally surviving, through sarcasm and guest interviews. Put on a heat pack, throw down some codeine and get ready to do anything but Child's Pose with E ...
The Girl Tries Life podcast is all about giving you actionable, tangible ways to achieve your goals and dreams. I interview inspiring women to show that there are so many different ways to live an incredible life.
Follow Tom and Jack's story/adventure into wild bushcraft realms
Join Todd Perkins and his friends as they try movies for the first time, or try their old favorites again to see if they hold up. Join us live on Wednesdays at 8:30pm Pacific time at
A podcast by three triathletes from Brooklyn
Running and triathlon podcast giving you the information to train smarter not harder
Do brussels sprouts make you yack? Does the thought of anchovies on a pizza make you squirm? Is there a high-price to be paid for you to even consider eating a vegetable? Join comedians Winston Carter and David Zwick as they test the mettle of their guests by making them try a food they hate one last time. Each week, they'll interview chefs, restaurateurs and other comedians about the story behind their dislike for that week's food and then offer up a sampling platter of the grub in a variet ...
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We're Trying
Amanda and AAl are a married couple living in the suburbs of Seattle. In each episode, they struggle to escape their comfort zones and try something new. Join them as they sample life's plentiful bounty of experiences and whittle each of those experiences down to a cold, sterile numeric rating.
Faith Tri-Cities
Following Jesus. Building People. Transforming Lives.
The leading podcast for beach volleyball and stories in the volleyball world.
Twice a month, a lit professor and a behavioral therapist make fun of and analyze horror movies... because no one wants to be scared alone. But no one wants to stop watching scary movies, either.
A Vision For The World… A Home For Your Family
The Elite Triathlon Performance Australia Trisports Podcast. Discussing Ironman Triathlon and endurance sports training and racing. Education through Activity
Cigars, food, sports, and the manly art of being wrong... and we're wrong a lot.
Live Church Services with Pastor Stevie Leydig and special guest!! .
Each week our group gathers to discuss a movie that probably doesn't deserve the attention
Tri Tac Games Podcast - Tri Tac Games Podcast covers the gamut of roleplaying topics from how to handle time travel in your game, playing extreme characters, to topics that every GM ought to know.
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Try a New Thing
Step one: read a book. Step two: talk about the best, most inspiring parts of said book. Step three: try a new thing in your life, inspired by the book you read.
Try This Podcast
Try This Podcast is a podcast where every week we invite on a comedian and we do the podcast that they have always wanted to do. Most podcasts are completely improvised with a loose format. Every podcast will have a new title and will feel like a single episode plucked right from that podcast's library with special segments, references to previous episodes, and recurring characters.
Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for Christ Fellowship Church in Kingsport, TN where our vision is to equip individuals to be all God designed them to be. Our desire is that this podcast will enco
Try Harder Podcast
Every other week Kelly, Grace, and Andrea will try very hard to discuss a wide variety of issues. Including politics, feminism, one night stands, and much more.
Darin reads the Harry Potter books for the first time, analyzes them from a vaguely leftist perspective, and makes fun of all the nonsense.
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Welcome to Tri-ing the Midwest , where amazing things happen.
Trying Not To Be Human is the interactive, transmedia story of Jake Whitley. My name is Tyler, and I'm writing Jake's story. In this story, Jake writes songs. I'm writing (and recording) Jake's songs. You can hear Jake's story and listen to Jake's songs on this podcast.
A podcast to encourage and engage triathletes across all distances and representing all athletic abilities. Tri Chat with Lise Waltenbury embodies the heart and soul of what makes everyday training so rewarding: testing our ability, overcoming challenges, and realizing our potential to fulfill or dream to cross the finish line! Elevating Athletes Performance.
Why Try
Why Try is a podcast about entrepreneurs and the attitudes that have made them successful. Learn how they got started, how they built their businesses, and what they've learned along the way. Why Try is hosted by Nicholas Pihl. Follow him on twitter @yopihlio and linkedin @nicholaspihl Find out more at #entrepreneur #startups #attitude #mindset #grit #determination #gratitude
Just Try
I am all about finding different streams of income so I can create a life where my wife and I can be present in our kids lives (when we decide to have them). This is the beginning of the journey. Cheers!
Trying Adulting
This podcast is telling you a bit about me the life of a 25 year old girl in today’s world. This podcast is going to talk about different topics that are things you encounter while adulting; food, dating, work, love, friends, money, and basically life at this weird crossroads. I will also be bringing on my friends and family to show to see their take on adulting. I feel like there is a lot of people out there who are in this strange age range of trying to be an adult but not really sure what ...
JayMac Tri’s
I swim, I bike, I run, and then I talk about it. #jaymactris
James Curle, Ben Swain and Turner Walston break down Triangle sports from a fan's perspective.
Trying It
Smart-mouthed and always semi-stressed, Shana Bee is a culinary creative who is just trying to better navigate this scam they call adulthood. Tune in as she serves up food she’s trying, tricks she’s learned for being a better human (After many failed attempts), and rants for the politicians, pollutants, and patriarchy who are especially trying it.
Shy Trying
By Gianna Devoto
Try Hard
Try Hard with Tech Girl. Gaming, tech, Esports, music, fashion. Hosted by people you love to hate.
Connecting Tri-Cities, WA
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New music abounds during this two-hour music mix! Sibille Attar / illustration by Bryan Bruchman. Hop Along / illustration by Bryan Bruchman. Post Animal – When I Think Of You In A Castle00:00 - DJ Emily01:23 - You Got Mine - Luke Winslow King05:02 - Riddles - Ed Schrader's Music Beat09:37 - Wonder In A Bottle - Madeline Kassen12:17 - Part of M ...…
Research and figure out what people are already looking for online. Then try to create a piece of content that is better than what’s already out there. -Leon Turetsky I’m back with another podcast episode, this time someone who’s been doing online courses since all the way back in 2009! Leon Turetsky has seen a lot change and some things remain ...…
Welcome! To listen to today’s episode, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post and hit the triangular “play” button. Enjoy the show! This episode, we focus on a serious issue. It’s one you may have been wondering about, but not known what to do about – or even if it was a big deal at all: Does tablet or smartphone use contribute to a ...…
It's graduation season! Graduation speeches often have similar themes and are filled with cliché catchphrases. Are any of these typical graduation platitudes actually helpful? What should we be encouraging our graduates toward? It seems we are preaching a different message on graduation day than we do in church every week. (We mostly attend gra ...…
Check out the full blog post here: many sales reps focus shortsightedly on the close. Because that's the moment they earn a commission. But there's a lot that happens leading up to that moment.Today, I want to share how you can close more deals with less effort by designing a better buying experi ...…
Check out the full blog post here: many sales reps focus shortsightedly on the close. Because that's the moment they earn a commission. But there's a lot that happens leading up to that moment.Today, I want to share how you can close more deals with less effort by designing a better buying experi ...…
In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income—Round Table edition, Mark is joined by: Jeannie Morem Tate Litchfield Scott Todd This week we are going deep into managing our expectations. There is no time limit when it comes to land… it’s not a one size fits all business. You shouldn't base your success on someone else's progress or timeframe. ...…
The season is over, the super pod is done and the transfer window is not yet open. So, it was the perfect time to get the opinions and thoughts from some familiar voices and some new friends on the 2017/2018 season, the manager, where we’re going next and more. The voicemails are raw, the calls are pretty much as I took them, with very little e ...…
Just trying to get my Anchor looking fresh...
Audio of Chuck trying to go after Draymond Green again, Stockwatch, and IN THE NEWS!!By (1080 The Fan).
This is a pretty whacky episode where I actually read, word for word, a completely INSANE proposal sent to a prospective client of mine but a competing digital agency. It’s CRAZY how this guy tries to swindle this poor business owner, and in this podcast I expose the entire thing. So, if you want to know what BS sounds like, this podcast is for ...…
This episode is named "No Hosts Were Arrested In The Making Of This Episode", or "N.H.W.A.I.T.M.O.T.E" for short, and you'll see why soon enough. Tune in to find out why the audio doesn't sound as good as usual. Could it be because Jason made a mistake when preparing to record? Or is it because a secret government agency got their hands on our ...…
We can't fake the route or the fruit, so don't try.
This week, Jerry flies solo as he continues his One Star Review Series, trying to fathom some of the worst one-star reviews around Animal Kingdom. Join in as we meet some of the most uneducated, uninteresting, unreasonable, unmagical and unintelligent self-important guests that have ever stepped foot in the Most Magical Place on Earth. All this ...…
In this episode, the posse tries to find shelter from... The post Wildcards Podcast: Season 3, Episode 2 – Family Matters appeared first on Saving Throw.
This is the first of a several part 'story arc' where Eric and Patches discuss walking, er rather running, through a valley. We just called each other up on night and noted that something was awry. Not a beautiful place to be, but an essential part of the narrative Finding The Flame is trying to tell. Oh Divine Arsonist, come set my soul ablaze ...…
Loser Unnamed woman from Plymouth, England The actions of a woman who drove on to the route of the Plymouth Half Marathon have been described as "disgusting". Lorna Empson, a marshal at the race, said the driver was trying to get on to a main road and claimed "there was no other way out" due to road closures. "People were not happy with her, [a ...…
It's another day, another dollar for the Dreamhole crew. Mina mourns the original goth gf. Aaron tries out a cool new celebrity impression. Colt goes on a multivitamin adventure. Park becomes an SCP researcher. Featuring Mina Ramirez (@armilaes), Aaron Perea (@mexican_thundah), Colt Spencer (@PermaGuest1), and Park Collie (@pamaxco). Theme by S ...…
Toni Boynton took to the streets in support of Māori wards in Whakatane and says losing the vote won't stop her from continuing the battle. Māori wards were rejected last week in binding referendums in Whakatane, Western Bay of Plenty, Manawatu and Palmerston North. Former mayor of New Plymouth Andrew Judd was called a 'bigot' and spat on by st ...…
It’s been more than three years since Google Fiber frenzy took hold of the Atlanta area. Google promised to change everything for folks fed up with unreliable internet connections, abysmal customer service, and expensive monthly bills. But a different reality took hold: Google ran wires, but didn't start service; Google tried to work with local ...…
As spring turns to summer, the market is starting to heat up. Now is a great time to get a jump on the market if you’ve been thinking of buying a home. Buying a home? Click here to perform a full home search Selling a home? Click here for a FREE Home Price Evaluation Call me at (970) 418-0183 for a FREE home buying or selling consultation It is ...…
Yes it’s true the dynamic duo is back for more podcast cast fun. Also remember to try to find Adam on Facebook and hit us up on PS4 Adam’s is VigilantHero45 and mine is PhantomKiller964
from The Morgan Report David Morgan‘s weekly perspective for May 18th, 2018… Today’s monetary system is based upon a lie. The lie is that you can get something for nothing, or perhaps more simply stated, wealth can be printed. History has shown throughout 5000 years that whenever a country has tried to maintain this illusion (lie), failure has ...…
Longtime Seattleites face a struggle to stay in the city they call home. Homeowner Amy Douglas’ property taxes are almost untenable.Lulu Carpenter feels like she no longer belongs in the Central District.Joe Simpson and Monica Baroga need help from family and friends to stay in Seattle – and they try to keep the city’s spirit alive.Companion TV ...…
Revelation 2 / May 20th, 2018 / Dr. Todd GrayWhen you begin to slowly compromise your beliefs and actions, your foundation begins to shift a little. Left unchecked, those compromises will compound and you will find yourself in a different place than you ever believed you’d be. The church in Thyatira was doing many great things, but they had tri ...…
The date is set for June 12. And there’s already an advance team on the ground in Singapore making final preparations for a historic summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. That is, if the meeting actually takes place. The World spoke on Monday with Victor Cha, a former top adviser on North Korea to President ...…
“Diversity” has become one of those words so overused in such inappropriate ways that it’s almost lost all meaning. But it does mean something. What is it? And how does it apply to narrative gaming? We invited Jess Haskins along to find out. There is so much nonsense talked about diversity, and we were determined this week to have a serious – w ...…
For Katarina Kabick, finding home has felt impossible at times. But despite obstacles that would have sunk a lesser person, she’s getting there. It was raining last night and it’s like that water made my mind heavy. I couldn’t sleep thinking of the tents that seem to multiply under a new underpass every day. I couldn’t sleep thinking of the con ...…
We've got one more in the can for you this week. It's still the offseason and we're all just trying to get by. Gavin joins us today with his own unique orange and blue perspective on the hot stove. Executively Produced by Darren Kinnaird. Support Throw The Flag Football by donating to the tip jar: ...…
In the first half of the episode, Ryan and Andrew discuss Jonathan Haidt’s Ted Talk about what he calls The Righteous Mind (this later became a book of the same name). Haidt suggests that there are five pillars of morality, and that said pillars manifest through political outlooks and ideologies. For the first half, Ryan and Andrew discuss thre ...…
Deadpool was 2016s surprise success after Ryan Reynolds an co had spent years trying to push Fox to make the movie It was the release of previously unseen test footage and internet fan reaction that convinced the studio to give the movie the green light though the team would need to work with tighter budget constraints than other movies in the ...…
Thanks Be to the Govna Martin Wright... some long stories and some short stories... Comedy around the South and the Gulf Coast... Road Comics, American Culture, Politics, Democracy, Octopus DNA, Fungi, "who's dreams are you having"... History...Theoretical Physics and Spirituality... trying to make a tasty soup... The Simulation... and then some...…
Can you order a pizza to someone else's wedding or is that just rude? Also, did Harry or Meghan look-a-likes have a more fun weekend than everyone else? and Scott tries to solve all of your Big Weekend problems.
Greg always wins in Rocket League and Adam (almost) always wins in Rory Mcilroy's PGA Tour, will that be the case in Episode 3?We also try out our brand new segment "BADASS OF THE WEEK" where we each pick a different video game bad ass and tell you why they're so badass!BE SURE TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE AND ALSO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!…
Trust in the Lord with all your heart Iwant 110%. Years ago, RayAnne, when I was your age, I was on a football team. And that’s what the coach told us. He wanted us to give 110% of our effort and energy on the field. And I remember thinking to myself, first of all, that’s just plain bad math. The most I could give is 100\%. But second, could I ...…
On this episode of Soccer 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer, Erik Watkins, and Rachael McKriger talk about a lot of things in a relatively short amount of time, as they try to catch up on what's been happening in the Soccer world. Firstly, they discuss the U.S. Men's National Team squad named for the three Pre-World Cup friendlies against Bolivia, Ireland ...…
!!!SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS!!! This week we invite local Marvel Studios fanboy "Bucky" onto the show and make him give us a play-by-play of Infinity War against his will! Just kidding, we couldn't get him to talk about anything else. We tried. We tried so hard. [caption id="attachment_4091" align="alignleft" width="400"] Thanks so much to S ...…
We have to own up, we tried and failed. Youtube is not for us i guess. We now have a new respect for people who upload youtube content dailyWelcome to the FMJ Podcast this is William Cartwright & Luke Bond and we are here to share our Filmmaking journey through the our voice and want to bring any listeners along the way !!…
The EARTH is like a gigantic battery that contains a natural, subtle electric charge—a special kind of energy present in the ground. EVERYTHING in the world is connected to this "stable" electrical charger, haven't you noticed this? Yes, "things" are grounded, but people get much of the benefits "electrical" items do as well! When you are elect ...…
This week we go see Deadpool 2, and talk about... it I think? We have one of our favorite people as a guest Mark Ellinger!(Marcus' dad a.k.a. Oldman a.k.a. Bosshole a.k.a... the list goes on) We get buzzed and nerdy about way to many things, in the best way possible. So, sit back grab a brew and get nerdy with us! Please leave us a comment with ...…
Are you tired of the violent up-and-down travails as an entrepreneur? Do you feel like on top of the world when things go well - and the world is on top of you when things aren't? Can these erratic times be managed? Yes they can - and it starts with you! Seth lets us in on a time where he just wasn't feelin' it as an entrepreneur, but lets us k ...…
Why is punishment bad for my child? It seems to work. Gail Bell outlines the difference between discipline and punishment with advice on how to use them effectively. Gail’s career has always involved working with children, both home and abroad. Her 20+ years in the public and private school systems both as an educator in the classroom, and as a ...…
Andy met Pete while looking for a co-founder for his burger delivery idea which became Chosen Bun. They were ahead of the curve given the subsequent rise of Deliveroo and made a quick exit after successfully growing the company, even sending a burger into space.Their latest project NOT(MEAT) is bringing delicious plant-based meat alternatives t ...…
This week's show is one of the funniest, most off the wall, good-time of a show we have done in a LONG time! You're going to love it! We have an exciting show tonight folks… we have Chrys Starr, from ADTS, as special guest co-host… we have an interview with Arturo, the lead vocalist for an alternative rock band called Marila Voe out of San Anto ...…
Episode #16 Working on myself! Well at least Im going to try to. That's not easy when you have 5 kids, 2 dogs, a husband and a full time job. Heck I don't even have time to write the description for this episode! I have been interrupted to get juice, stop a fight and wipe a butt! Wish my luck!
The very thought of “change” can bring discomfort, anxiety, and distress. Change is inevitable, and we will all go through life transitions, changes in careers, and family changes. According to Pamela Thompson, when experiencing change "we feel constantly under stress as our bodies stay in flight, flight or freeze mode trying to keep us safe. W ...…
Episode 50 – Nick challenges Marcus to read John Green’s best selling novel The Fault in Our Stars! Wait, what? They used substitution AGAIN, but now Marcus isn’t in this episode? Who the heck is Anna Rock? Does she and Nick have anything at all to talk about? Can Anna be victorious in this new game of John Green and Me? Will Nick be able to ex ...…
its a little out there we basically play videos and music and try to make the best netflix and chill playlist along with other stuff
It’s Matinee Monday and before we get started, I want to thank all the new listeners out there, either with this daily podcast, or now streaming on Society Bytes Radio in digest form, Mondays at 1:30pm and 4:30pm Pacific Time. Head on over to and tune in. And that’s bytes – B-Y-T-E-S. And now... Today’s movie is “Deadpool ...…
Full notes: simple marketing tips for non-marketers:#1. Google TrendsThis is so easy to use. It will help you find topics to write on that are trending on Google. What is going to get more viability? Here’s a pro tip for you, don’t look for what is the highest on the trending l ...…
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