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A show with a metric poop ton of triva for the fun loving listener.This Podcast was created using
Our feminist trivia podcast brings all the intrigue, mayhem, animal facts, and penis jokes you've come to expect from No Sports Trivia's live pub quiz, plus the most bizarre history, science, and culture tidbits we've found in our trivia research, special guests, and more!
A weekly twenty question trivia quiz podcast.
Trivial Warfare is the podcast that takes the pub quiz out of the pub and brings it home to you. Trivial Warfare is a weekly game shared by people all over the world that features all the same banter, jokes and fun that you share with your friends at your local quiz nights. TW is your gateway to a larger world of trivia and your invitation into an awesome community of people who love trivia games just as much as you do. Give the show a try and have fun with Jonathan, Chris, Carmela and Ben a ...
Trivia With Budds
Trivia With Budds is a weekly pop culture trivia show with two pals going head to head in a battle of topics, hosted by comedian and TV producer Ryan Budds. Play along with a variety of subjects and see if you could hold your own against comedians, actors, musicians, producers, artists, and Budds himself! Trivia With Budds is playable live at a handful of weekly LA locations. Check out for a full list and sample questions.
A weekly twenty question trivia quiz podcast.
Blazing Caribou Studios presents Trivia Geeks! The bi-monthly podcast game show that awakens your funny bone. It’s the internet’s most unpredictable game show, where anything can happen and usually does! Parental Advisory.
Welcome to our trivia podcast! In our laboratory-condition recording studio (not.) we borrowed (stole.) the best ingredients from other trivia podcasts to bring you what we like to call "The best podcast about trivia, music, and movies, from central Illinois EVER." We include two rounds in most episodes: General Knowledg, and Movies, plus a bonus Wikipedia Listener Challenge every week. Friend us on Facebook or send us comments at, and you can receive a shoutou ...
Can you arrange a list of Rocky Horror actors by age? Do you know who the first queer Nintendo character was? Or what’s in a Sex On My Face cocktail? Play along with Queers, Questions and Cocktails: the Pop Culture Trivia and Cocktail Recipe LGBT Podcast. SHOTS: Five questions that relate to alcohol, cocktails or our drink of the episode; NEWS: Three questions in Queer, Canadian and Cosmopolitan news; WHERE IN THE WORLD: Players guess which country we're looking for from facts and tidbits; P ...
A weekly twenty question trivia quiz podcast.
From the minds of Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis, this one of a kind WWE-style trivia competition, pits industry professionals against one another in an ultimate test of their movie knowledge. Every Tuesday and Friday, you’ll listen to these competitors as they create their distinct characters, record promos touting their superior movie knowledge and see if they can climb the rankings and win a Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship Belt in the Singles, Tag Team, Inner Geekdom and Star Wars c ...
Triviality is a weekly pub trivia style game show where a lack of seriousness meets a little bit of knowledge. Join our hosts every Tuesday to play along with our fast-paced game or simply enjoy the clash of intellect and personalities. This is TRIVIALITY. Hosted by: Ken, Matt, Neal, and Jeff. Sister podcast of MOVIEALITY.
Trivia Rogues
Have you ever seen or heard those people who are just unbelievable at trivia? Join Billy, Don, and Vinny in a journey to become those people. Whether you are a veteran looking for a refresher, an up and coming player wanting to expand your trivia arsenal, or even just someone who loves learning, then this podcast is for you! Trivia lovers can enjoy two shows a week full of informative topics and fun quizzes!
Two old trivia partners (Mike Fitzgerald and Eric Anderson) sharpen their brains and battle their wits in a weekly session of nerd trivia and pop culture conversation. Listen, laugh and play along.
Nintendo World Report (the site behind sister podcast Radio Free Nintendo) celebrates video game music in this trivia podcast! Listeners are challenged to identify video games from classic and modern Nintendo systems based on a sampling of their soundtracks!
Your daily dose of history, facts and tidbits
“It’s great fun! I recommend it” - James Carter, PodquizA bi-weekly, topical trivia podcast featuring the best of the Free Music Archive.
Stuff I Never Knew is weekly trivia game show recorded live online! Each week 4 players from around the world call in and battle it out over 3 rounds of trivia until 1 winner remains! We play different games and have different challenges each week. Check it out!
Beat My Guest. Beat My Guest. Put your knowledge to the test. Please don't use the internet, and we'll provide the rest.
Q&A Trivia Podcast
Live from One Star Bar in New York City, the new Q&A trivia podcast brings you 30 questions a week, delivered live from the bar. Play along with the players in the room while hosts Tony Hightower (MC of TCONA, Jeopardy! & Millionaire Champion) & John Chaneski (NPR's "Ask Me Another") walk you through the most entertaining half hour of trivia you'll hear all week. Follow along on Twitter & Facebook @QNATrivia for the chance to win prizes!
A show that delves into topics that seem mundane, annoying and sometimes downright boring - to reveal that they're surprisingly awesome.
The Hard Rocking Trivia Show is part talk show, game show, and music show. Mostly 70's & 80's Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Hair Metal.
Me Like Trivia
The greatest trivia podcast since 1066.
Every #WineWednesday, we bring you a different topic in a show filled with history, fun facts, trivia and anecdotes, all while enjoying wine and cheese. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and neither should you.
Each episode, 3 players will attempt to name as many items as they can from lists in all categories ranging from TV, geography, movies, history, music, literature, and more!You too can play along at home to see if you can do better than our contestants!
A trivia podcast for ladies [and gents] who love cool trivia and sticking it to annoying teams at pub quiz.
Podcast by Sunday Morning Trivia
Your weekly music trivia podcast. 8 songs. You name the title, the artist, and the connecting thread between the tracks. Let me know how you do @RunTheStairs on Twitter!
TED Radio Hour
Guy Raz explores the emotions, insights, and discoveries that make us human. The TED Radio Hour is a narrative journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, and new ways to think and create.
Recorded live on Tuesdays at Dave & Buster's Hollywood & Highland, Aaron and Lance bring you questions about pop culture, history, sports, science, sexuality and drugs. Featuring their games, Name that Chiptune, Movie Mania and that one where you have to guess someone's facial hair. Damn hipsters.
Trivia Comedy Night, Recorded Live Twice A Week From The Northern Wastes Of Canada
How To Do Everything
We're half advice show, half survival guide. We answer all your questions, from how to find a date, to how to find water in the desert.
Trivia questions
Trivia Club Network is home to a variety of podcasts, including Trivia Club's Pause + Play which is a portable version of our live show, The Panel our comic book reading club podcast to astonish, as well as Deep Thoughts on SNL, which delves into Saturday Night Live by way of Trivia Club's very own Saturday Night Live Fantasy League!
A roundtable discussion of pop culture, movies, sports, TV and all things trivia.
Trivia Hotdish
Welcome to Trivia Hotdish - a pub trivia style quiz show with a hodge podge of questions that is sometimes cheesy but always satisfying.
Beat My Guest. Beat My Guest. Put your knowledge to the test. Please don't use the internet, and we'll provide the rest.
Every Little Thing
ELT is a factual answering service. Call with your question. (347) 464-9626. From Gimlet Media, hosted by Flora Lichtman.
Question of the Day
Question of the Day is the show for listeners who are short on time and long on curiosity. It is a fast-paced conversation between author and entrepreneur James Altucher and Freakonomics co-author Stephen Dubner: two smart, unconventional thinkers who have been talking together for years, often over a long-running backgammon match. Now they are letting you in on the game, too. You will quickly become addicted to their wonderful, wry observations as they ponder each Question of the Day. The a ...
A weekly lesson on a specific topic with some of Sydney's greatest teachers.
The Music Trivia Game Show hosted by Meredori and featuring Brian Ibbott of Coverville fame.
Futility Closet
Forgotten stories from the pages of history. Join us for surprising and curious tales from the past and challenge yourself with our lateral thinking puzzles.
Carl and Joe go head to head in an ultimate star wars trivia contest. They will be asked five questions a week and whoever has the most points at the end of the series will receive a prize from the other.Join us every Sunday and be sure to play along.Visit: www.hicklingpodcasts.comor email:
A positive and quirky twist on fun and interesting topics that make up past and present American pop culture. Exciting News! You can now get the Talk, Tales and Trivia App in the App Store:
The Week
The Week's podcasts swiftly and smartly provide busy people with the best arguments from all perspectives, super-helpful explainers, and terrific recommendations — all with concision, intelligence, and wit.
Who Said It? Trivia
Listen to a famous quote, then a backstory giving clues to the identity of the speaker. Play along by trying to guess who said the quote before the name is revealed at the end of the segment! New episodes of this fun and informative podcast are added weekly.
SLP Trivia Fun
Trivia and fun with speech-language pathologists
Podcast by Trivia Lunch Podcast
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Originally recorded December 2017 Good answers for trivia nights, Kyle gets booed, and a bunch of subaverage white guys boo hoo about net neutrality going away. Thank god for evergreen topics. Speaking of evergreens, this very special Christmas-themed episode features a whole grab bag of forgotten script goodies! A white elephant party gone wro ...…
God Bless and Welcome to Sixeyes Gospel Wednesday Night Bible Study with Missionary Ken Wolfgang and Pastor Kenneth Bonnett, where you will hear the best in Gospel music from artist like Tamala Mann, Shirley Caesar, Erica Campbell, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Rance Allen Group, Dawkins and Dawkins, Detrick Haddon, Carlett Martin, Jamie Grace, ...…
On Episode 21 of the new season on ReVolver, Rachel goes nuts after witnessing her son being bullied for the first time. Jaime recaps his nephew’s baptism and how he feels about being a first time Godfather. After being forced to wait for a late bruncher last weekend, Juan Bago wants to know if there are brunch rules and how to enforce them. Th ...…
This movie was made on top of a party on top of a hurricane. We relive a brief history of the making of 1980's Caddyshack based on the book by Chris Nashawaty: Caddyshack A Cinderella Story. So much could have gone wrong, from it being Harold Ramis' first time as a director to Rodney Dangerfield not understanding how movies are made to Bill Mur ...…
Episode 46 Tim N' Tony Talk... Mild Mannered Movie Review Time Stamps Geek News: 5:19 Movie Mashup: 15:48 TvT Trivia: 20:06 Rogue One Review: 38:55 Top 5 Parts: 40:08 Problems: 49:38 Quotes: 52:07 Recasting: 56:53 Ranking Star Wars Movies: 1:00:39 We're working on getting our video and audio up to date and looking and sounding good for you all ...…
The Wake Up Call is playing another round of "Are You Smarter Than Katie" to give a listener that beats her in a 5 question trivia quiz $140 !By (107.9 The End).
Why so serious?! It's time for The Thing That Happened This Week! In this Eppy, Claire discovers the dark side of croissants, and Ian plays a special game of trivia. The duo also discusses shrimp scampi, Guilt Gut, FXX, sitting through the credits, and Kelly…
In this episode, Lee talks about AI, robots, androids, and technologically enhanced humans and a couple of her favorite characters in that vein. You'll also get nerdy news, recommendations, and some trivia tidbits. News: Twitter:
Mike & Brian go head to head in a battle of Disney movie trivia. See who comes out ahead in the first ever edition of Mike vs. Brian!!! Links Follow Us on Twitter Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Geek Out With Us On Instagram Like Us On Facebook
We kick off a division-by-division look at MLB, starting with the AL East, break down the East and West conference championships in the NBA, plus locks of the week, upset specials, trivia and for our GenX listeners, we share an all-new Maestro Decides that pits Mr. Roper against Mr. Furley. Brought to you by Sign up for our ema ...…
It's the Odd Valley Podcast! Listen to the debut episode of the show! Join your hosts Jacob, Kevin, and Mochi Squeeze as they talk about Las Vegas: Vegas Inspirations, Living in Vegas, Vegas Sports, and a little Vegas trivia.Follow us on twitter @oddvalleypodProduced by City Kickers : @city_kickers on twitter…
Andy and KJ are back to talk about the Ft. Worth Invitational to go over how ugly the course was last week, now ugly the PGA App is, and a potential $20 million dollar new golf league. They go over getting a hole in one when your 93, and getting held hostage in a bathtub by an alligator. Trivia this weeks shows what happens when random guys win ...…
How good are you at Trivial Pursuit? Are you the type that loves those trivia nights at your local pub? We delve into why these useless facts stay with us when other knowledge doesn't. But let's be honest, we also talk a bunch about the use of hankies, awkward conversations, and give a tiny review of Ready Player One. Let us know what thing abo ...…
OH GOSH, some big happenings in VC world lately inspired us to talk about BETRAYALS. We discuss some VC TV developments, Becket's vampire Alphabettery, and some absolutely heinous vampire drama that we're still not over and will probably never be over. We also attempt to feel better by quizzing each other on obscure trivia. Y'all like being in ...…
On episode 5, our hosts Grutz and F.U. Hunter invite Jodi (Yankee Blue Jeans) on to discuss the 2001 Kung-Fu/Action/Comedy/Horror/Musical "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter"Come out for Off-The-Wall Movies @The Circuit 5/31!! us on Facebook! Christ Vampire ...…
Come join in on some fun trivia with Chuckles!
The Wake Up Call play another round of "Are You Smarter Than Katie" to give away $120 to a listener that can beat her in a 5 questions trivia quiz:By (107.9 The End).
Chase Parham and Neal McCready hit some major baseball points prior to the beginning of the SEC Tournament and then Neal relays his experience with the state of Michigan on Monday. We play some trivia at the end of the show and discuss writers with certain votes.
Chase Parham and Neal McCready hit some major baseball points prior to the beginning of the SEC Tournament and then Neal relays his experience with the state of Michigan on Monday. We play some trivia at the end of the show and discuss writers with certain votes.
This week on Getting Sports With Drunk...we gave the reigns to Brotha Soules to create the show. He gave us a few games to play across all sports. Coming from the mind of was alot of fun. As always we have Shot Trivia, Toast to Excellence, Starting Lineups/Beer Reviews. Be sure to follow us on all social media: Facebook – Getting Sp ...…
Ben and Kris discuss animation and the arrest of two black men in a Starbucks. Also: fun trivia about Walt Disney takes an unexpected turn. The Sublime Combination of Butter and Soy - The New York Times “It’s Okay to Be White.” Yes, but… - Teaching Tolerance Starbucks C.E.O. Apologizes After Arrests of 2 Black Men - The New York Times Kanye Wes ...…
This episode we watched Deadpool 2! and we review it, along with some news, Bad reviews, and Trivia as always! if you enjoy the show and would like to support they show please leave us a review! and share on facebook or tell your friend about us !
Marty and Dan take on two more of Season 1's finest, episodes 13 "Mayberry Goes Hollywood" and 14 "The Horse Trader".First up, the glitz and glam of the movies arrives in little old Mayberry... in the most boring, monotonous way possible. Marty gets to share some classic and modern film trivia, and Dan tells us of the time Rob Schneider irritat ...…
A GEEKS UNDER THE INFLUENCE weekly "Pre-Cap."The Bruce fills you in on must see TV shows and movies for the week of 05/21/18!_________________________________________________Come out for Off-The-Wall Movies at The Circuit 5/31!! Us Every 1st and 3rd Monday at Fallout, and every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at ...…
Ken Napzok is a former radio DJ turned online broadcaster who is the Host of "The Napzok Files" Podcast, Co-Creator & Host of "Force Center" Podcast and an active Streamer on Twitch. He has a passion for broadcasting as seen in his work as the producer/ newsman of the "Schmoes Know Movie Show", Co-host of the "Jedi Alliance" vodcast, and the va ...…
Emma tells Emlyn about the "Mother of Chromosomes," and Emlyn tells Emma about the Bajau people and why male fruit flies like to mate. This episode gets a bit raunchy when we talk about fruit flies. You have been warned. Sources: Main Story - Barbara McClintock A Feeling for the Organism by Evelyn Fox Keller The Tangled Field: Barbara McClintoc ...…
There are classic country radio shows, and then there is Country Legends Jukebox. Longtime radio host Jay Dean plays you the classic country you love from George Jones, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty, Patsy Cline, and others. Jay brings the listeners back to hear from artists that they may have forgotten about. We guarantee this sh ...…
At Wit Without Wisdom we’re all about interesting facts and getting to the truth. In fact, one might even say that we are a bit too obsessive in our pursuit of interesting knowledge. And based on this episode it is kind of hard to argue such an observation. Because we’re doing a brain dump episode where we’re sharing a plethora of tidbits, snip ...…
Sam and her friend Meghan nerd out on all things FRIENDS trivia. They also do their best Monica and Rachel impressions. It's true love. Instagram Facebook Twitter Make sure you check out Meghan's "I Like That" Instagram series.
In episode 40 of The Simon Time Trivia Show, Simon kicks off round 2 of the Tournament of Champions with returning winners Dan, Drew and Cheryl! This episode brought to you by Devaney's Pub!
This episode is our review of Deadpool 2. We also try Bud Light Orange… We review a Blahdios, Boingo and Chaki show at the Whiskey. A trivia rematch… Grab a beer and enjoy it!
Somethin About Nothin – Sports with Scott & Tim Episode #16 “Where is The Drink Cart?” 5/19/18 In this bonus sports edition of the show, Scott & Tim come to you live from Manhut Studios talking about Seattle Sports, national sports and oh yea why there needs to be a new app that brings your drinks and food to you anywhere on the golf course. We ...…
“The Cad and the Hat” (Season 28, Episode 15) It might be a weird one but this week’s episode was definitely watchable, and that’s something we can all be happy about. Plus Craig unearths some choice trivia about Michael Richards’ failed solo sitcom. Win-win! Hosted by Patrick Brennan & Craig Mazerolle Research by Craig Mazerolle Produced by Pa ...…
Lev interviews the grand poobah of trivia, Josh Ellis, of Uncle Barry's, Moot Bar and Watershed fame. We also hear a previously unheard story from Japan and learn about a troubling radio station rebrand. Plus sponsors and as always, Josh's trivia question. Theme song, sponsor song and trivia song by Alex Schiff.…
Donna helps Dave go into 'trivia training' in anticipation of a possible face-off with Stephen Colbert. The prize? Ric Ocasek's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame award.COLBERT! I WANT COLBERT!Plus, an email about Noel's sweet Cars swag manipulation,bitter GIFs, and Elizabeth remembers how Benjamin SAVED TACO TUESDAY.…
God Bless and Welcome to SIXEYES GOSPEL RADIO SHOW with Missionary Ken Wolfgang, where you will hear the best in Gospel music from artist like Tamala Mann, Shirley Caesar, Erica Campbell, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Rance Allen group, Dawkins and Dawkins, Detrick Haddon, Carlett Martin and Fred Hammond. If this is your first time, please come ...…
The Talk'lit Shoppe - Episode 7 This week Olena, Steve, Nikki and Amanda discuss the final four episodes of Riverdale Season 2: Episode 19 ("Prisoners"), Episode 20 ("Shadow Of A Doubt"), Episode 21 ("Judgment Night") and Episode 22 ("Brave New World"). These four episodes have more going on than most entire seasons of TV shows, and we try to m ...…
How well do you know your movies, tv shows, & music? This week we brought back the random trivia, but stuck to the entertainment category. Check out the trivia generator we used here:
By (
By (Steve Rimmer).
On this week's edition of The Weekly Podioplex, Thanos gets turkey status as Infinity War reigns supreme, but this week sees another Josh Brolin baddie in another Marvel release vying for audience wallets with Deadpool 2. Marvel on Marvel, Brolin on Brolin... Deadpool is one happy (and filthy) anti-hero. On the home entertainment front, Marvel ...…
Joey and Robert takes the Give You Aural podcast on the road once again, this time at to the barcade hotspot "The Grid". The duo discuss film trailers and the history of the trivia team "What Would Jeff Goldblum Do" while joined by guests Michael and Chris.
Friday Night Trivia With Stephen Kearney Topic: Questions Leftover From The Last Few Trivia Shows
In this episode we talked about the popcorn mania - PIXAR ALIEN BUCKETS ARE BACK, PIXAR PIER PREMIER & MICKEY'S NOT SO SCARY HALLOWEEN PARTY!We also answered tons of questions from our Instagram Live and announced this week's TRIVIA winner. See ya next week!
After 5 months of episodes, 10 years of waiting, and 19 movies of non-stop action, we are taking a quick look back, a big look forward, and enjoying a nice little breather between seasons. Enjoy! Vote at the link right here to see what we do after our Countdown to Infinity! Please like, share, comment, and ...…
Talking Points: smoke detectors, bad driving, clone crime, ugly t-shirts, when little things attack, outback trivia, internet shopping, fast acting viagra
Former Auburn DB Rob Pate discusses why Rick Trickett was so difficult to play for and other college football discussion
Steve needs drugs for a regular cleaning at the dentist, road teams continue to rule Capitals and Lightning, trivia and wrenches.
After Dubs chats about the recent Supreme Court ruling in sports betting, play a new trivia game, and answer listener questions.
Tony Hartman joins the pod this week to talk Kris Humphries love (2:02), feeling about the Cavs and LeBron (4:30), Cavs vs. Raptors (6:00), the future of the Celtics (8:00), nostalgia vs. optimism for the Cavs (10:15), LeBron vs. Dan Gilbert (13:00), LeBron owning the Cavs (14:00), offseason moves for the Cavs (17:20), Sixers recruiting pitch t ...…
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