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TRT Revolution Podcast
TRT Revolution podcast is your definitive resource for all things Testosterone, Anti-Aging and Life Optimization. Hosted by Jay Campbell, a champion physique competitor, 16 year TRT patient and author of The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual. Featuring interviews with top experts in the fields of life optimization, hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging and esoteric research into mankind's true ancestry.
Daily News Brief
A summary of the today's impactful news stories hand picked by our staff at TRT World
Testosterone Reality Radio
Expert Medical Discussion regarding Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) by host Dr. Thomas O'Connor. Caring for men on Testosterone since 2005. Learn More: Dr. O'Connor's Testosterone Replacement Therapy Practice - you are interested in a one hour consult with Dr. O'Connor (over the phone or in person) Call 860 904 6779 or email
Business in 60 Seconds
Business and financial news of the day from around the world in 60 seconds from TRT World.
Total Running Time -- A podcast series
Total Running Time (TRT) is podcast series where we review films that are both new and old. Check back weekly for new episodes.
Everything Testosterone
Expert Medical Discussion regarding testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) by host Dr. Thomas O'Connor. Caring for men on testosterone since 2005!Learn More: Dr. O'Connor's Testosterone Replacement Therapy Practice - you are interested in a one hour consult with Dr. O'Connor (over the phone or in person) Call 860 904 6779 or email
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In this totally tubular episode, we return to the 2003 era of the TMNT and share a mega slice of cheese steak pizza! Here's what's on the menu, dudes: April's Antiquities - 2003 Playmates Raphael Figure (Josh's Pick of the Week)Casey's Comic Classroom - Mirage, Vol. 4, Issue 9 Green Screen - 2003 4Kids Cartoon, Season 1, Episode 10 "The Shredde ...…
Expertera'nın partneri olduğu global network SMW ile birlikte düzenlediği Uluslararası Geçici Yöneticilik Paneli İstanbul'da yapıldı. Şirket ortağımız Hayal Koç TRT Radyo'nun sorularını yanıtladı.
After I turned 60, a routine checkup showed that I had lower-than-normal free testosterone levels. I hadn’t noticed anything that would have alerted me. No symptoms. No indication. Everything worked well. But it nagged at me. I knew testosterone did much more for a man’s health than just “build muscle”—which I had no real interest in at this po ...…
The Fighter & The Kid
The guys talk Jay Schaub's early DJ dreams, west LA serpent lisps, Seinfeld, The Confession Tapes, Deontay Wilder, Tom Cruise, TRT, taking knees, Chinder gains, last minute breaking news and much more.
A bipartisan effort in Congress may not work on DACA. But it has worked on winning a Congressional Gold Medal for all Filipino Veterans of World War 2. Emil Guillermo talks with Ben DeGuzman about how the resolution was passed and approved Oct. 25 as the day the first 1,000 vets get medals. As many as 250,000 medals may be given to military per ...…
The Fighter & The Kid
Bryan's back from Florida and Brendan starts a new fad diet. The guys talk custom suits, Showtime, Conor's legacy, pooing on floors, glove sizes, statue removals, TRT, Tinder dates, slumpbuster's and much more.
Ketogenic is the buzzword of the day, but most people who think they are on that diet actually aren’t. What is true ketogenic dieting and who is it for? How do give your body enough carbs for training days? What’s the right attitude to have about gaining muscle? On this episode, Jim Brown answers these questions and shares on latest development ...…
Increasing your testosterone levels is the goal for many people these days, but are we going about it the wrong way? Is there such a thing as too much exercise, too much time in the gym? And what can a good night's sleep do to help you? In this episode, we sit down with star coach Taylor Robbins as he shares his thoughts on efficient training a ...…
When you get off to a bad start in life, it can sometimes feel like you were destined for defeat. How do you overcome this? Is it possible to live a happy and fulfilled life with what you've learned from your misfortunes? And what's the way to personal and professional success? In this episode, we sit down with George Cordova to talk about the ...…
Simon's live report on TRT World about another unprecedented dawn outburst by the President of the United States. The host is Andrea Sanke.
Beat Latino with Catalina Maria Johnson Download this Episode of Beat Latino (MP3) It’s time to head to NYC! The LAMC 2017 is celebrating it’s 18th year, and the music is lit! From Ife’s electronically-infused Yoruban beats to R&B soul via ...…
In the 21st century world, people make the mistake of not wanting to be vulnerable, and they miss out on so much. How do we overcome this and get the most value out of life? What is the ecstasy of a sore toe? How do you keep your skeletal system balanced? On this episode, Jon Turk shares his amazing life story and talks about how he stays in fl ...…
Simon's report on President Trump's speech in Warsaw via TRT World. The presenter is Andrea Sanke.
In this episode of Supergirl Radio Rebirth, your hosts Carly Lane, Morgan Glennon, and Rebecca Johnson are joined by Jamie Druley of Holy Batcast to discuss Supergirl’s team up with Batgirl in Supergirl #9! Official Description for Supergirl #9: “Escape from the Phantom Zone part one! Trapped in the Phantom Zone, Supergirl and Batgirl must face ...…
Join us for a lengthy discussion on Yeerk politics, Rachel's leadership skills, and the kinds of foreshadowing taking shape with her character. [TRT 57:45. We do not own Joan Jett's Bad Reputation, the song or otherwise.]
It is said experiences stick with you and events we experience early-on shape our adult lives. A Baby Boomer, Gen-Xer and Millennial may have widely varied risk awareness, tolerance and concern thresholds. Our guests discuss this generation gap and its implications for those working, serving or traveling abroad. Guests: Trevor Thrall is a Senio ...…
The gang returns to discuss the Fire's 4-0 beatdown of Orlando City, update the Supporters' Shield table, preview the mid-week Open Cup game against FC Cincinnati, preview the weekend game against Vancouver, and review the Red Stars' 2-1 home win against Sky Blue FC. Also, Nick continues listing things he doesn't like in the intro, Rudy has run ...…
Steroid Abuse and TRT, How To Do It Safely! Jim, Jay & Dr. Grossman GSD Mode Podcast. Steroids get abused constantly by Athletes, Bodybuilders and just those looking to improve the way they look. In this episode we discuss how to do it safely and how not to abuse it! 0:01 - Introduction 2:50 - Debunking the myths behind TRT & steroids 10:00 - T ...…
A 'special election' for a vacant Congressional seat in Georgia has become a referendum on President Trump's young Presidency. Simon's preview aired on TRT World with presenter Juliet Mann.
Vicki Abelson's BROADcast: The Road Taken
Guido the killer pimp. Ralphie, the killer. Period. Joe Pantoliano, aka Joey Pants, scared me. Joey's appeared in innumerable iconic films of varying genres. His work includes : The Idolmaker(a personal favorite), Risky Business, The Goonies, La Bamba, Midnight Run, Bad Boys I and II, Empire of the Sun, The Fugitive, The Matrix, Memento, and Da ...…
Sales Babble Sales Podcast | Sales Training | Sales Consulting |Sales Coaching
Memory Hacks for Sales Professionals with Brad Zupp #169 In this episode we have a returning guest Brad Zupp. Brad is a memory whiz and author of a new book Hack Proof Password System. He shares memory hacks for sales professionals and tips on how to remember names, how to remember passwords and how to look like a superhero when working with pr ...…
The gang returns to discuss the Fire's 2-1 win at New England, take a look at the extremely relevant Supporters' Shield standings, preview the home match against Orlando City, give a mention to the Red Stars' 1-1 draw against the Washington Spirit, and quickly talk about Mexico in the Confederation Cup. Also, Nick revisits a delectable snack, G ...…
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