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Ace Tucker Space Trucker is a serial science fiction comedy adventure podcast written, recorded, voiced, scored and edited by James R. Tramontana.
One driver's insights and sometimes humorous views of truck driving and the trucking industry… and anything else he feels like dumpin' on ya
Welcome to Allen Smith's: Ask The Trucker "LIVE", the #1 Trucking Show on Blog Talk Radio. Focusing on Driver Health, Careers, Regulations and the Important Issues facing the Industry.
Truckers Church
Trucker Radio News and Talk is a weekly transportation industry show featuring, news, views and interviews with industry professionals
From the Highway of your mind
Trucker Tech
From the Highway of your mind
James “Tex” Crowley is a Texas based trucking industry veteran and video producer who specializes in transportation related video content. Tex Crowleys popular series “Life of a Trucker” highlights real life experiences from a professional driver’s viewpoint and the series has generated tens of thousands of views on YouTube and Facebook.
From the Highway of your mind
Truckers 411
This is where Truckers can submit and get info on road conditions, construction, and any other info that may be relevant to transportation. Email us with your info or general comments,
From the Highway of your mind
Welcome to the Chicago intermodal Trucker podcast, where amazing things happen.
Experience something fresh with Dub Dub the Trucker! With anything from hot takes, stories from the road tips for new truckers and professional drivers and wisdom from a deep soul. He also features truck stop reviews.
For his second Podiobook, Bill Schmalfeldt goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. His follow-up to the non-fiction "No Doorway Wide Enough" is this fanciful, hilarious narrative, voiced by disgraced, former alcoholic truck driver Billy Big Rig (who can never reveal his real name because everyone wants to kill him) who -- if he is to be believed -- infiltrated a terror cell, went to Afghanistan, and single-handedly saved America from another terror attack in the days after 9/11. Along the w ...
From the Highway of your mind
Gospel 2 Truckers
Bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the trucking community.
We're a big happy family in the Trucking Nation, so we try and keep it on the lighter side of things. Now of course I will update you on important trucking news and all those fun FMCSA updates, as well as, any extra tid bits you all need to know. We have tons of guests lined up to interview and offer their expertise on financial topics, technology, compliance updates, and trucking business information.
Its all about PWP, Play With Player in these casts
The Newport Folk Podcast explores the inner-workings of one of America's most iconic music festivals.
A satire of Deep South Christian radio shows.
Trucker radio podcast for truck driver
Practical Miles
Covering all subject matters related to the trucking industry in a clean, professional manner.
TalkCDL is focused on providing entertainment for our fellow truckers! We cover everything in the trucking industry from current trucking laws, trucker surveys, and any other trucking news we dig up or a trucker throws our way.
A blog for the Women In Trucking Updates featured on THE DRIVER Audio Magazine. These individual audio podcast highlight what the Women in Trucking association is doing for women in the trucking industry.
Payload presented by Truck Driver Power offers interesting topics focusing on the people, organizations, and issues impacting professional truck drivers and the trucking industry.
The podcast for the business side of your trucking business.
Red Eye Radio
Red Eye Radio is the pre-eminent syndicated overnight radio show hosted by radio vets Gary McNamara and Eric Harley airing Monday through Friday, Midnight to 5am Central. Targeted at long haul truckers, Red Eye Radio has broadened its mission to include virtually everyone living and working non-traditional hours. The audience includes shift workers, travelers, truck drivers and others who embrace the new 24/7 lifestyle, with many restaurants, retailers and other business establishments open ...
Recent Atlanta transplants, Joe and Jonathan, share a drink and discuss life in the new big southern city and share other comedic stories about Trucker Jesus, girl crushes, and ladies under 23.
NeoScum is a future-fantasy comedy podcast featuring five Chicago improvisers antagonizing their way through the roleplaying classic, Shadowrun. It follows a group of misfits and outsiders: a chromehead decker, a teenage candy-junky klepto, a kid's show wizard with a petulant thirst for adventure, and the nastiest trucker this side of the robo-Mason-Dixon. Join the irascible NeoScum crew as they dole out street justice to every deeb they encounter -- whether they deserve it or not. Starring ...
two truckers talking craziness
The focus is truck driver health. It’s a big issue for today’s truckers. Join The Healthy Trucker hosts Mike Curts and Derek McClain as they discuss ideas and solutions for living a better, healthier life on the road.
The Show for the Australian Trucking industry& Today's Truckers who move the nation.
Volcano Radio
Just another WordPress site
Podcast by a Trucker for Truckers. Story Telling, Entertainment, News with Truckers and Various Characters from the Transportation Industry.
Progressive Commercial — Dedicated to helping the 3.5 million truckers who keep America moving.
Leah is riding her Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bike across Canada. Join her on the journey! Every episode brings us stories from the road from the unique perspective of a woman cycling across her country alone. She reconnects with the country she loves. Leah is an experienced cyclist but is relatively new to touring.
Apps4Truckers Podcast
The Apps4Truckers Podcast provides discussion, audio blog posts, tutorials and other content that applies to truckers and those in the transportation industry.
Truck Yoo
Trucker support, Owner Operators, Trucking Industry, Logistics, Transportation,
Ernesto Gutierrez Jr. was born in McAllen, Texas in 1971 and he is a third-generation Trucker with a passion for trucking. Ernesto enjoys driving a truck! It is his life and his passion. He also enjoys helping truckers with the resources to help them succeed. Ernesto remembers back in the early 60s and 70s when he used to ride along with his dad in his cabover. They enjoyed many trips together. He taught Ernesto a lot in his young life.
My daily experiences of being a OTR trucker.
Dump Stat Radio
Four guys inherit their uncle’s haunted tabletop gaming podcast. Can they save it with a trucker arm wrestling competition? Join us as we discuss the finer points of the Roleplaying hobby with the deftness of an Owlbear performing in the Bolshoi.
Radio Tatas!
Radio Tatas is a comedy, culture, and current events podcast based in Austin, Texas. Home of Trucker Porn and WTF Are You Listening To? Natalie and Lala are 2014 Summa Cum Loud graduates of Caca Academy. #Warrior fans of Dudley & Bob + Matt on 93.7 KLBJ-FM. Contact us at and 512 716 0773. Find us on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Twitter (@radiotatas), Facebook (Radio Tatas) and platforms yet to be invented.
A Podcast for Truckers, Travelers, and Drivers. Transport Industry Professionals are welcome!
Luxe In The Fast Lane
Jasmyn Luxe is a TV host and media personality from NYC. She’s fascinated by other people’s lives, which is why she wanted a career that gave her an opportunity to engage and connect with everyday people. She’s interviewed music artists, Hollywood stars, behind-the-scenes crew, entrepreneurs, and now she’s interviewing truckers here on Luxe in the Fast Lane
Fake Radio
It's like a parody of your wacky local morning radio show. Fake celebrity interviews. Fake commercials and fake songs. Fake callers. Fake life and love advice from Pat From Moonachie. And fake personalities of Mongo The Trucker and Struff and Shadow and Matty The Intern and more fake friends.
Women In Trucking
Ellen Voie founded the Women In Trucking Association in March of 2007, and currently serves as the nonprofit organization’s President/CEO. Women In Trucking was formed to promote the employment of women in the trucking industry, remove obstacles that might keep them from succeeding, and to celebrate the successes of its members. Ellen’s prior role was the Manager of Retention and Recruiting Programs at Schneider, Inc., North America’s largest truckload carrier. She was responsible for creati ...
Truck Tank
Truck Tank sponsored by Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc., is a Shark Tank style pitch contest that was recorded at GATS 2016 in Dallas, TX. We invited truckers from around the world to pitch our investors on their small business ideas at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, TX. 28 hopeful entrepreneurs applied and 10 were selected to pitch their idea in the Truck Tank. Judges included Matt Manero President and Founder of Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. and CFFNATION.COM, Bethany William ...
John Rich, most recently known as one-half of the Multi-platinum Warner Bros. Records duo, Big & Rich, has been honing his writing skills for years. He has made a name for himself as an artist in his own right, a producer, an award-winning songwriter, judge on Nashville Star (NBC), and host of the smash hit series Gone Country on CMT. As a part of Big & Rich and as a songwriter, he has garnered multiple Grammy, ACM, CMA and CMT Music Award nominations. He was also awarded the ASCAP Songwrite ...
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Robert Cline Jr. began his music career as a collaboration with members of The Subdudes, both in the studio and on stage. John Magnie, produced Cline's debut album "All The Right Reasons," which was released in March 2012. Cline recalls, "John and Steve Amedee really took me under their wing and have been an amazing source of support and inspir ...…
With consternation, a long-haul big-rig truck driver reluctantly picks up a young woman seemingly injured on the side of an interstate highway and against his will and judgement takes her home to his wife who receives the girl as the child she never had and irreversibly alters the trucker’s future. Award-winning short story in the William Faulk ...…
Parker's Party Games :: Venezuela Elections Results :: Sanctions vs Diplomatic :: Voting Dilemma :: Hungry People Can't Protest :: Mass. Cannabis Legalization Hoops :: Public vs Private Consumption :: Safari Helicopter :: Trucker's Code :: Rolling Road Block :: FBI Untrustworthy :: Amazon Crackdown on Serial Returners :: Edgington Post - Sevan ...…
Parker's Party Games :: Venezuela Elections Results :: Sanctions vs Diplomatic :: Voting Dilemma :: Hungry People Can't Protest :: Mass. Cannabis Legalization Hoops :: Public vs Private Consumption :: Safari Helicopter :: Trucker's Code :: Rolling Road Block :: FBI Untrustworthy :: Amazon Crackdown on Serial Returners :: Edgington Post - Sevan ...…
Just a bunch of random thoughts and topics for the day. Be safe.
Gluten free condoms are now a thing, Waterfront restaurant now arming patrons with water guns to repel the seagulls, Trucker on PCP was driving nude and going the wrong way on road in Tulsa, Bear researcher who landed 'dream job' is mauled by grizzly, Man stops on busy S. Florida bridge to do donuts causing traffic to be blocked and back up…
As Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Industry Affairs for the American Trucking Associations (ATA), Elisabeth Barna develops strategic direction and communications. Other duties include image and outreach advocacy for ATA, the lead organization that represents trucking industry's interests in the United States. Recipient o ...…
Enjoy our Tuesday Podcast of "The Captain's AMERICA Third Watch" with Retired Captain Matt Bruce heard LIVE 2-6 AM ET across America from Tampa, FL..."The Captain's AMERICA Third Watch" is on the Radio with Breaking News from across America & around the World as it happens! ***Tomorrow's News, TONIGHT!*** Where it's ALL about America & WE the P ...…
Ben and Amanda watch the trailers for Duel, The Car, Christine and Maximum Overdrive. They talk about when it was cool to be a trucker, their own road rage, car chase experiences and the terror that lays waiting in the garbage disposal. The couple caps it off by writing a possessed car-teen comedy on the fly.…
Bunch of questions and lots of rambling. Do you have any questions? Make sure that you ask me. Your questions will be answered. Ask questions on any of my platforms or here on anchor FM best radio ever. Love you all good-night. Be safe.
Michael and Ryan talk about Naruto, 13 Reasons Why and hosts.
It’s a sad and happy day for me. I have to say goodbye to a great friend but it wont be all bad. I am saying goodbye to Clifford tomorrow. His last ride was last week and I am cleaning him out this afternoon and taking him to the yard for the last time. Sadly he his going to be put out to pasture. No more pavement pounding for him. He’s too old ...…
Acts 19:3-5 King James Version (KJV) 3 And he said unto them, Unto what then were ye baptized? And they said, Unto John's baptism. 4 Then said Paul, John verily baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying unto the people, that they should believe on him which should come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus. 5 When they heard this, they were ...…
Selections from New York Dolls, Booker T and The MG's, Chicago Afrobeat Project, Tony Allen, Endless Boogie, Aesop Rock, Gorillaz, Meat Beat Manifesto, Steve Martin/The Steep Canyon Rangers, Glen Campbell, Drive-By Truckers, Goat, Weird Al Yankovic, Monty Python, Marika Hackman, Tops, Beck, John Maus, The Watch, Busdriver, Reggie Watts, Bill Hi ...…
Enjoy our Wednesday Podcast of "The Captain's AMERICA Third Watch" with Retired Captain Matt Bruce heard LIVE 2-6 AM ET across America...***We're In It For Bill Bunkley ***"The Captain's AMERICA Third Watch" is on the Radio with Breaking News from across America & around the World as it happens! ***Tomorrow's News, TONIGHT!*** Where it's ALL ab ...…
Mt P. Wando Bridge Cable Gate Day #2 - Traffic delays after a cable broke + Trucker Dale + Mt. Pleasant Will Haynie + SCHP Trooper Bob - What's Up Wednesday Powered by Matt O'Neill Real Estate
Rob Hatchett has served as Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Covenant Transport since September 2012. Covenant Transport Services operates under three lines: Covenant Transport, Southern Refrigerated Transport, and Star Transportation. This program focuses on some of the recruitment efforts he has been involved with at Covenant, ...…
2016 Existence Is Not A Scripted DramaBy (Thomas R. Wiles).
2016 Existence Is Not A Scripted DramaBy (Thomas R. Wiles).
2016 Existence Is Not A Scripted DramaBy (Thomas R. Wiles).
2016 Existence Is Not A Scripted DramaBy (Thomas R. Wiles).
2016 Existence Is Not A Scripted Drama
Remember that show where they threw Pimp My Ride at the Jeff Foxworthy crowd? C'mon, you remember! The show where they pretended to steal big rigs from trucks to fix them up and then the trucker would show back up with his trucking lap mic and transmitter! It. Just. Made. ...…
Michael and Ryan talk about purple bacon, FMKs and getting switched on.
What a damn TREAT for have for you today, Clams! The fabulous Erin Gibson (Throwing Shade) joins us to discuss the evolution of her feminism, abortion rights, talking politics with your family, and some of her favorite badass women who are currently running for office. Some names to watch out for: Stacy Abram, Laura Moser, and Dana Nessel - amo ...…
John 8:56 “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad.” King James Version (KJV)
Pop Garden Radio May 11, 2018 Woody Radio #006 George Harrison - When We Was Fab Caper Clowns - The Way I Dream Kai Danzberg - Too Late Trysette - The Magic in You (ft Rob Bonfiglio) Trysette - Fall for You The Well Wishers - Gravity Waits The Well Wishers - New Fade Out Ringo Starr - Private Property Ringo Starr - We're On the Road Again Steve ...…
I sit down with business owner Randy Wee of Wee's Tees to talk about his entrepreneurial journey. PHR 185 Pharmacology at DMACC now has a 2nd section as we quickly filled the first section. It's completely online, a 10-week course, and you can find more information here: ...…
WMSE’s Local/Live once again returns to Club Garibaldi’s for another awesome Local/Live segment that YOU can join!On Tuesday, May 1, we welcome Milwaukee’s Buffalo Gospel for a live show and interview on-site and over the airwaves.Buffalo Gospel will be celebrating the release of their long-awaited sophomore album, ‘On the First Bell’, official ...…
This Week's Playlist!Alice In Chains-The One You KnowJudas Priest-FirepowerSons Of Apollo- Coming HomeJoe Satriani-HeadrushRed Devils-AutomaticNRBQ-Puddin'TruckMother Truckers-Streets Of AtlantaElf-Hootchie Cootchie LadyLittle Caesar-Time Enough For ThatShinedown-I Dare YouRobin Trower-Won't Let You DownStoryville- a Good Day For The BluesTesla ...…
Brian, Joe, Rebekah and Rod are talking about some new #1's: Death Or Glory, Avengers, Red Sonja and The Mainstream. (Rod's Pick) The Mainstream from ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT Written by Michale Dolce and art by Talent Caldwell There are people on this Earth that do not belong. It's up to a Chicago detective and a covert, interdimensional police ...…
In part two of Colin's interview with Steve Bassett, the two talk about Steve's career after the success of "Sweet Virginia Breeze." In the late 70s, Steve began writing jingles and working with session musicians across the country. He talks about meeting and touring with Delbert McClinton, opening for Steve Ray Vaughan and B. B. King, touring ...…
This week I talk about music that draws up imagery and feelings of regional isolation. Music from way out west. Trucker speed, desert mirages, mountains, tundras, long drives, twangy guitars, splotchy radio, folklore, tumbleweeds, peyote, Interstate 8, Joshua Tree, miles of nothing, lizards, saddlery stores, Bozeman Montana, Palm Desert, cacti, ...…
Luke 9:23 “And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” King James Version (KJV)
WE are BACK! Well. . .we never left. How could Chris or I leave you wonderful poeple? This time we dicuss deadly chemicals, seasons beyond seasons of My Little Pony, Chemicals that will definately kill you, the Battle of the Bald bad boys, and of course. . .the world will come to an end. We Promise, the world will really end this time. Have I e ...…
WE are BACK! Well. . .we never left. How could Chris or I leave you wonderful poeple? This time we dicuss deadly chemicals, seasons beyond seasons of My Little Pony, Chemicals that will definately kill you, the Battle of the Bald bad boys, and of course. . .the world will come to an end. We Promise, the world will really end this time. Have I e ...…
S7E3 - "Truckers." Today on QTWFT, we learn . . . three is a magic number.
Recorded: March 11, 2018 / Published: May 2, 2018Rules to Love by:Safe, sane, consensual, and informedKNKI: Knowledge, No Intolerance, Kindness, Integrity“Submission is not about authority and it’s not about obedience; it is all about relationships of love and respect.” -Wm. Paul YoungWhat is polyamory?Broken down into its two parts, poly simpl ...…
Steve has the latest industry headlines and weather in your area. Steve talks about an alligator named George that caused panic on the roads. Steve talks about drug tests for truckers.
Starting out as a complete beginner in a competitive industry like real estate can be quite challenging. Is there a way you can both work on your real estate agent and work towards becoming a team leader? Should you start a business right away or join a team first? How do you pick the people you should have on your team if you decide to build o ...…
S2E3 of The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu's got jokes! But not as many as your messy co-hosts Kelly & Molly, who are crackin' wise on June's fire hazard/shrine, spoilers for mother!, the return of Shhh!, ham-fisted metaphors (get it?), straws of plastic and hay, ice road truckers, serial killer boards, and driving hands. Also, seriously, when is Sami ...…
I reveal the big news from last episode. Review a truck stop and tell some stories.
On this episode of Faith, we have the whole gang here (Craig Dickerson and Deb Carriger) and we look into the old and the New Testament: Zechariah 7: 9 and Luke 11: 51 (to be honest, we go all over Luke 11, exploring Jesus casting out the demon and chastising the Pharises over focusing on the superficial (like the washing of hands) over being t ...…
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