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Try Hard Podcast
You know how the best conversations you have with your friends are when you're in a car driving somewhere for long distances? That's what this podcast is like.
Try Harder Podcast
Every other week Kelly, Grace, and Andrea will try very hard to discuss a wide variety of issues. Including politics, feminism, one night stands, and much more.
Try Hard
Try Hard with Tech Girl. Gaming, tech, Esports, music, fashion. Hosted by people you love to hate.
Try Harder Podcast
A self-help podcast for the self-helpless. Join comedians Justin Matson and Katie Low Strandberg every Wednesday as they discuss a new self-help book.
Try Hard Top 10s
Hosts Nick and Joseph bring you the top 10s everything. literally. in a comedic style.
Try Harder To Suck Less
The non definitive guide to family, business, life and authenticity hosted by Daniel Tyack.
Try Harder Is Not a Strategy
Try Harder Is Not A Strategy is a podcast for recruiting professionals who are looking for actionable insights into what works in the talent space. The team at Recruiting Toolbox – all former corporate recruiting leaders, who now work with some of the most interesting recruiting teams (clients include startups to well known leaders like PepsiCo, Uber, Amazon, GE, Adidas, Electronic Arts, Target, Disney, Google, Nestle, IKEA, and Bloomberg) – interview interesting talent acquisition and hirin ...
Every week (or two, or three, or seven) we'll talk about anything we want, including Call of Duty and other games, technology, and food (especially Chipotle). Hit us up on twitter @trybcast
Playing Rough
A gaming podcast about humor, tryharding, and still having friends.
VC Podcast
Here at Vertical Church, we try hard to be a relevant church offering Gods healing and deliverance to the hurting in our community
Welcome to the Better Than Us Podcast! This podcast is all about us try-hards becoming better at life in general. Join us as we explore all facets of life while trying to suck just a little bit less.
Kinfolk Chronicle Podcast
Kinfolk Chronicles is the place to come and shed your layers. Many of us are adult survivors of toxic and or narcissistic parents. We are Scapegoats, Black sheep and Golden Children but most importantly we are Survivors. We are Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Colleagues and Friends to many. We have to cope in this World just like anyone else but we face a rare set of circumstances. Some of us were physically abused, mentally abused and sexually abused. Some of us continue to suffer the abuse as adu ...
Chase Patrick Murphy
Husband, Father, Radio Host, Imagineer, blogger and Author of Pull The Trigger on Life Career and not being a D-bag, #Tryharder
Everyday Youth Ministry
Brian and Adam's youth ministry podcast. We share our thoughts and observations about ministry life as we learn and grow. We try hard, but we're no experts.
I'm a podcast comprised of lunchtime at the studio. Sometimes we're 4 people, sometimes we're ten. Usually eating sandwiches, salad, or a special homecooked meal from a tryhard employee. On really big days, we'll go out to eat. Come along, now!
Bludger Podcast
Here at Bludger we try hard to make the things we want to watch and listen to. We have so many ideas and one day we realised we can bring these ideas out of our individual brains, into the group brainstorm and eventually into the brains of others. Crazy right?
Grace Talk With Daveda
Messages of God's grace and unconditional love. Real, honest and raw. Grace Talk Podcast's are a mixture of Bible teaching, personal stories, interviews and the like. They all have the same mission, to help you live free from condemnation and usher you into a deeper revelation of God's love for you. You no longer have to live life feeling like you have to try harder to be pleasing to God. Jesus did it all for you, now just rest and receive. Learn to live a powerful life, confident in who God ...
Unholy Union
This is the Unholy Union where you will be subjected to highly offensive marital discourse. If you do not feel insulted during this week’s episode, don’t worry; we’ll try harder next week. And if you can relate to our ramblings then we want to be friends with you! If you believe that we take it too far or our mouths are too much for you then with as much love and sincerity as we can muster, you can suck it. Welcome to the Unholy Union. This weekly podcast is brought to you by Russ and Lindz, ...
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You've been studying English for a long time. You already know that no matter how much you learn, it can be difficult to understand native speakers. They speak quickly, drop entire syllables, and stick words together. They don't speak exactly like the textbooks teach us, and in fact they make a lot of mistakes! In this video, I will explain cle ...…
“Try Hard” is a book authored by Em Rusciano, describing the different periods in her life and candid observations of herself. A book filled with stories about life to which a lot of people can relate to - an absolute page-turner. Em Rusciano is an Australian writer, singer, and comedian who is known for her performances on Australian Idol and ...…
Title: The Covenant Authority of the King Text: Matthew 9:9-17; Mk 2:14-22; Lk 5:27-39 FCF: We often struggle understanding the depth of our wickedness and the inability of right living to change it. Prop: Because we are wicked and no outward action can change that, we must have our hearts changed, not just our actions. Scripture Intro: [Slide ...…
You’ve managed to pick up the nasty cold that’s going around. Sniffling, headachy, stuffed up, and feverish, you feel awful. Seeking relief, you drag yourself to the store to pick up one of those multi-symptom relief medications. After taking the first dose, you start to feel better. Nobody likes to be sick physically. But have you ever felt sp ...…
Mill Creek Church
There are so many topics of conversations that can quickly turn awkward. We try hard to avoid them but they creep up on us. The conversations about faith and God are usually ones we try to stay away from but what if it doesn't have to be awkward?
Many of us strive to do good work, raise good children, and take care of our families. We endeavor to achieve perfection yet are frequently consumed with self-doubt and negativity. In today’s episode, we’ll take a look at one thing that will help us break away from the try-hard life and lean into who God Created us to be. Mentioned in the Show: ...…
Filling The Void Podcast Network
Holland and Kelsey discuss Season 9 Episode 5 "You Be Illin'." Johnny's junk illness incites a revenge streak in Alli, Peter is the ultimate tryhard and Jane will not play a tambourine.
When I begin to understand that many of the problems, hang-ups and dysfunctions I struggle with are not because I am failing as a Jesus follower; “I just need to try harder…” most of my problems stem from my thinking, my following my “un-renewed” mind. My poverty of ideas, my fear of change, my need to control and manipulate; those all come fro ...…
Sermons - Riverside Church
Read: Genesis 47:13-26 “The message of the Bible is never – you can do it if you try hard enough. God never says to us, “You can do whatever you set your mind to.” But he does say, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.” And he does say “His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to l ...…
We all face daily temptations to tap out. Our hearts are quick to grow weary. Religion often tells us to be stronger, be better, or try harder. Jesus says pray. Our hope and strength are not to be found in ourselves or our circumstances but in Christ alone.
sometimes i think it comes easy take it for granted the way it’s supposed to be for me and then or always there’s a bit more to be done to take easy and go pick up the litter polish the edges give up the glitter stop pretending not mind race and remember at the same time it’s not for you it’s not for you or you it’s for me not left behind the l ...…
Redeemer Fort Wayne Sermons Podcast
T-13 Sermon Outline September 10, 2017 A+D St. Luke 10:23-37 The Context and Set Up THE FIRST QUESTION. The lawyer stands up and asks: “What shall I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus asks him what what the Law says because he asked a Law question. He didn’t ask a Gospel ques ...…
Far too many people blame unhealthy habits on a lack of willpower. The truth is, willpower is only a small part of the story. Organization is actually a far more helpful trait to have than willpower, when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals. When you orchestrate your circumstances around the behaviors you’re trying to change, ins ...…
Pitching coach Rick Peterson knows how to help when the heat is on. His first trick is learning to "reframe." This means simply “finding different ways of interpreting a less-than-ideal situation.” In other words, every tough situation can be seen as an opportunity for making something great happen. For example, when a pitcher walks a batter, t ...…
Hiccups round out this episode and explain why it was so late. We apologize for the delay and bestow upon you Creature from the Tar Swamp. Orko can't get laid and it's mainly because he's a try hard. Let us know what matters to you @MattersPod on Twitter and Facebook.
A STAR IS BRAUN AND OUR SUMMERS GOT SLAMMED, BABY! Jake Krakovsky: actor, puppeteer, and Consumer of Galaxies, and an enthusiastic trooper who made it through all four hours of the PPV while host, Jamie Weiss, endured six. Listen as they discuss many title changes, the will-they-won't-they trope, tons of hot takes on Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Rabun ...…
For many of us, the spiritual life is all about rules and commands. If we can just get the right rules down, we’ll finally overcome sin. If we can just try hard enough, we’ll finally overcome sin. But what Paul’s pointing to here is something radically different. If we accept his reality, then what matters most is learning to do life with the H ...…
Episode 28: Our guest this week on the #Biz4GoodShow is: ALEXIS HAYES COURTNEY: Is franchising small business? Her Mission: To show the world how to overcome their fears and succeed in their own business, in order to create financial freedom for families. Live! Here on FB & YouTube this Thursday at 2pm #BeGoodDoGood B4G Stu ...…
Broadway Christian Church Sermons
Pastor Ryan preaches on Psalm 131, a short psalm with long thoughts. God gives us limitations; we try hard to step outside of them (as did Adam and Eve), but to live within these limits, that are a gift from God, will yield further gifts - - joy, rest, and peace.
This week, we sat down with manga creator Jordan Troche. You can find his work at Fallen Manga Studios: Facebook: Twitter: Read the ...… sermon-7-30-17 Our Pentecost journey continues today with a series of three parables from Matthew’s 13th chapter. Today marks the 7th Sunday we’ve been on this journey. Which means there are only 17 more Sundays to go and only 21 more weeks till Christmas. We’re taking this journe ...…
This Freakin' Week, the fellas chat about a lot of nuthin'. As always, this episode was brought to you by Firepit Bar and Grill of Peotone, IL. Contact Us: Follow us on twitter @thisfreakinshow @geekcastjoe Find us on Facebook: This Freakin' Show Email us: Stitcher:This Freakin' Show Freakin' Cool Stuff: Check out Geek ...…
Everyone hates the middle child. They smell funny and try hard. Everyone thinks the oldest is fine, but now that the baby is here, its getting all the attention. So goes it in the Spiderman household and with Homecoming quickly becoming the favorite, we can all just forget about Toby and Andrew. So how was Homecoming? Listen and find out.…
This week, Joe's back in the Chicago area. There will be much rejoicing. As always, this episode was brought to you by Firepit Bar and Grill of Peotone, IL. Contact Us: Follow us on twitter @thisfreakinshow @geekcastjoe Find us on Facebook: This Freakin' Show Email us: Stitcher:This Freakin' Show Freakin' Cool Stuff: C ...…
Welcome back from the Fourth of July break! This episode is going to be the next-to-last one in our Colleges in the Spotlight series because very soon we have to get down to the serious work of where our new crop of high school seniors should be applying to college. So, today we want to take a look at a population that we don’t focus on as much ...…
Click "Play" to hear a Message Minute. Download the Podcast here: Google Music, iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM, mp3 Good morning, this is Topher from Washington Church of Christ bringing you a positive message minute. In just a little over 5 weeks, 3% of the United States will get the opportunity to see a truly rare event in our lifetime, a total s ...…
My friend ain’t got no genderThat’s why I wrote this poemI cannot help but wonder‘bout xir 23’rd chromosomeIs it X or Y or Z or pi or something else instead?Something in xir Levi jeans or something in xir head?My friend ain’t got no genderI guess it doesn’t matter… if xie would rather pitch the ballOr rather be the batter?Xie could be pan or bi ...…
Let's Hash It Out
The Let's Hash It Out crew is back at it with their ever widening understanding of dictatorship and child psychology as they try hard not to lose their faith in humanity! Join us, won't you?
All Women should read this guide or listen to this podcast. If you want a printed version, you can get it here. Here are the links in the show. The easiest place to start is with the government's own list of cancer-causing agents. They actually have 3 lists: 1) things that definitely cause cancer, 2) things t ...…
Justin invites special guest co-host Brian Rubinow to the podcast to discuss "the resistance" and Steven Pressfield's self-help book, The War of Art.
John Vlastelica interviews Roopesh Panchasra, VP of Global Executive Recruiting for SAP (and former recruiting director with VMWare, Expedia, Workday), about the keys to effective executive recruiting and the differences you’ll find recruiting in non-US markets.
Citylight Lincoln Church Podcast
Check out this weeks sermon from Pastor Austin on John 17 titled, "A Gracious Eavesdropping" "Jesus didn't say 'Hey world, I'm up in heaven and it's nice up here so be good and try harder'. No! He came down and got His hands dirty. He had dinner with notorious sinners and affiliated with prostitutes. And in the same way we GO into the world, ta ...…
High Ticket Sales Secrets | Coaching & Consulting Business / Personal Branding / Sales Training / Marketing / Get Clients
Some Traditional Sales Methods Out There Do Not Work on High-Ticket Today I want to teach you a very powerful concept that you need to master when it comes to high-ticket sales. Now when it comes to high-ticket sales, a lot of the traditional sales methods that you probably read from 99% of the books out there on sales or selling, they just don ...…
Finding himself at the right place at the right time, he used his MBA and military training to build Four Rivers a successful Myanmar-based consulting company. His view of Myanmar’s past is that it was a country that had so much going for it: location, resources, climate that the government had to try hard to get things to go wrong. Now, he see ...…
Well hello there. Look at how cute you are today ^-^ In this "re-do episode" we have a little dinner party at Mandy's with the travel mics and make our family favorite - Butt Cabbage! Take a listen as we stink up Mandy's house, talk about Toby Keith being the King of Try Hard Country, and play a lil Florida or Nah! Enjoy the show, my lil sausages!…
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