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Neon Tundra
What are “video games?” Join Matt and Eric as they cross the Neon Tundra to find the answer.
The Tundra Transition Zone
Triathlete news and views on gear, nutrition, events, core-work and training from amateur age-grouper.
Mile High Tundra
Your Safe Place To Geek Out
Outside the Tundra: The Packers Podcast
Mitch and Pierce discuss the Green Bay Packers for your listening pleasure. Tune in for great Packer related conversation.
OFFROAD SPEED 4K29 is an editorial video feed of short cinematic stories on offroad vehicles, races and the racers and drivers of these rugged machines.
Rick Huseman Racing
Toyota Racing
TRD Pro Presents “Challenge: Baja” - Buckle up for the first installment in a series of unthinkable challenges for the TRDpro lineup of trucks. In this three-part mini-documentary, we followed the stock Tundra’s transformation into a TRDpro race truck that took on the Baja1000 and emerged victorious. MOBILE640 version.
Zoe Nightingale
You're Welcome is a satirical improv comedy show that is a hybrid of Howard Stern and Prairie Home Companion. Our goal is to find and share peoples stories, from all over NYC. ABOUT YOU'RE WELCOMELike most brilliant ideas, this show was started over a molotov concoction of alcohol and various illicit substances. Zoe had given up on her life long dream, of being the female Howard Stern years ago but finally set out armed with a folding table, a couple lawn chairs, and a foam board sign that r ...
TRD Pro Presents “Challenge: Baja” - Buckle up for the first installment in a series of unthinkable challenges for the TRDpro lineup of trucks. In this three-part mini-documentary, we followed the stock Tundra’s transformation into a TRDpro race truck that took on the Baja1000 and emerged victorious. 720P version.
TRD Pro Presents “Challenge: Baja” - Buckle up for the first installment in a series of unthinkable challenges for the TRDpro lineup of trucks. In this three-part mini-documentary, we followed the stock Tundra’s transformation into a TRDpro race truck that took on the Baja1000 and emerged victorious. 1080HD version.
The Tokyo Hotel
Check yourself into The Tokyo Hotel. An eight-part comedy radio series.Situated in a neglected corner of LA, time has been unkind to this once-iconic establishment. No longer do A-list Hollywood celebrities hob-knob under the chandeliers. Check-ins are down and-long term squatters are up.Staff and guests are continually misled by the magical thinking of the hotel’s well-meaning leader, Con Cierge. Jive-talking Latino-lover Carlos plays jazz in the lobby. They also employ bears, a cranky Span ...
In this epic journey through the harsh volcanic landscape of Chile, pro-off roaders Ryan Millen and Andy Bell put the Tundra TRDPro to the ultimate test.
In this epic journey through the harsh volcanic landscape of Chile, pro-off roaders Ryan Millen and Andy Bell put the Tundra TRDPro to the ultimate test.
In this epic journey through the harsh volcanic landscape of Chile, pro-off roaders Ryan Millen and Andy Bell put the Tundra TRDPro to the ultimate test.
My Broadcast From Space
Hear the winner's of our 'Broadcast from Space' competition on Fun Kids.Hear what we can learn about other planets from deserts and tundras on Earth!
Purple Flame, The by SNELL, Roy J.
Two years after the conclusion of "The Blue Envelope", Marian is crossing the frozen Alaskan tundra alone with three reindeer in order to greet her unknown cousin in Nome. Patsy has traveled from Kentucky. Kentucky! How will she adapt to a frigid winter in Alaska? Will the girls get along? Will the two girls manage the reindeer herd in Marian's father's absence? Who is following them? And just what is that purple flame in the old abandoned scow? (Summary by Lynne Thompson)
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Today we’re going to take a trip up north to visit our Canadian neighbors, but then we’re going to hang a tight left and travel back west back to land of the free, and the home of the brave. That’s right, Willy, we are going to visit the vast, untamed state of Alaska, so put on your parka and your ski pants and an extra pair of socks. You didn’ ...…
We’re back! That’s right, it’s a new NFL season and Erich and Joe are back for more Broncos and Packers fun. ‘Nuff said.
Sessions From Studio A
Tundras performs "Beyond the Tombs pt. 2" in WNIJ's Studio A. Tundras performs "Swirling in Obscurity" in WNIJ's Studio A. Find Tundras at Bandcamp and Facebook .By (Carl Nelson).
Strangers in a Cinema
On this week's show Paul, Pete and producer Jack stumble through the Wyoming tundra as they search for truth within Taylor Sheridan's hotly-anticipated directorial debut 'Wind River' as well as looking Pennywise straight in the eye and floating through a review of 'It'.Running OrderIn the Foyer - Employment Not Guaranteed: Colin Trevorrow gets ...…
VOX # 151, September 1996 Playlist: Modest Mouse - Tundra/Desert Melvins - Bar-X-The Rocking M Throwing Muses - Ruthie's Knocking Glider - Brooklyn Bridge Pluto - When She Was Happy Cub - Magic 8 Ball Beck - Novacane Cool Blue Halo - Throw Me Down Sloan - The Lines You Amend Tristan Psionic - Air Traffic Control Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs - ...…
Eagle Sessions by AlBird
Eagle Sessions 133 with Hannes MatthiessenThis is Eagle Sessions episode No. #133 out and about ready for take-off.Loads of cool new stuff is coming up!Big ups to my buddies at Criminal Bassline. Mastermind Mike Book and his crew finally started his own label. And they’re doing it in style. Premiere release is a compilation packed with original ...…
Today on Fort McMurray Matters we speak with YMCA Aquatics & Preschool Child and Youth Advisor Kendra Bergum Young about the YMCA Opportunity Fund and their upcoming event Doggie Dip for YMCA Strong Kids. It takes place August 24 from 4-8 p.m. at 221 Tundra Drive.
Anput in the mix! Playlist: rRoxymore - Ask Iru Isis Graham - You (JHNN Remix) Caribou - Leave House (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix) Harvey Sutherland - Rumble Strip Dorisburg - Tundra Miniski - Distant Suns (Johnny Posh Remix) Ouri - Maze Esette, Krown & Lock - Chameleon Norma Jean Bell - I'm the Baddest (Moodymann Mix) T ...…
The KTR crew has a lot to discuss after an extremely eventful Game of Thrones episode. “Eastwatch” picked up after a battle of fire and left off in the icy tundra north of The Wall. Nick and T.J. talk about everything that happened, starting with… — Is the show moving too fast? — Gilly’s shocking revelation and its implications. — The confusing ...…
This week’s episode features long time Edmonton musician and arts administrator Brent Oliver chatting about the legendary Edmonton act Wilfred N and the Grown Men and the song ‘I’m In Love with the City’ as found on Capital City Records. Edmonton’s Wilfred Kozub has a long history of making rock and pop music sprinkled with innovation and elect ...…
The guys reconvene in the Frozen Tundra studios to QUICKLY pump out another ep. Topics discussed are: Work fitness challenges and assumptions, songs with filler lyrics, Real World/Road Rules & more!Big thanks to Audible for bringing this episode to you! Go to for your free 30 day trial and audiobook!As always, RATE, REV ...…
Marcus and Nate call in local nature expert, Schuler, to set the record straight about one of their least favorite topics. Then the guys get to see first-hand what spinach dip addiction can do to the human body.This episode is brought to you by The Don Chairlioni's Lawn Chairs & Such.
The guys are back in the Frozen Tundra studios with a brand new episode full of all kinds of topics. Some examples include: Zach's sand volleyball mistake, Paul McCartney's death in 1966, the Christmas classic Die Hard, bears and more!As always, RATE, REVIEW, & SUBSCRIBE!Giant thanks to our sponsor for this episode, Audible! Go to audibletrial. ...…
Blush Response is joey blush, a cuban-american artist and sound designer hailing from nyc who now resides in berlin. blush cut his teeth doing programming work for artists such as fear factory, rhys fulber, cristian castro, and as a touring member of joey jordison (slipknot)'s alternative rock project scar the martyr. a fascinating, vibrant new ...…
The guys (and Moby) are back in the Frozen Tundra Studios with a brand new episode! Topics covered are celebrity Guess Who?, Sharks, being pulled out by the tide, winning the lotto and more!Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this week's podcast! Head over to to claim your free 30-day trial and free audiobook!As always, RA ...…
This week, the guys are back in the Frozen Tundra studios to discuss a variety of topics including: video games, star wars, street tacos & more! As always, please RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!A big thanks to our wonderful sponsor Audible! Head over to for your free audiobook download and 30-day free trial!Intro/outro music: ...…
In the 21st century world, people make the mistake of not wanting to be vulnerable, and they miss out on so much. How do we overcome this and get the most value out of life? What is the ecstasy of a sore toe? How do you keep your skeletal system balanced? On this episode, Jon Turk shares his amazing life story and talks about how he stays in fl ...…
A Kanada ginn et wäitleefeg Gebidder, wou d'Natur nach onberéiert ass. Dicht Bëscher, Tundra- a Prärielandschaften an de Biergmassiv Rocky Mountains bedecke ronn d'Hallschent vum kanadeschen Staatsgebitt, ronn 417 Milliounen Hektar. Op dëser Fläch fënnt een eng immens Aartevillfalt vun Déieren a Planzen. D'Bëscher sinn iwwer Joerdausende gewues ...…
Dermot Cosgrove from Ennis, who know lives in Kilkee, is a veteran of the Foreign Legion and has spent two decades working in remote parts of the world. Now, he's days away from travelling to Greenland to trek 250km - 170km of which will be across the open Arctic tundra. He spoke to Pat about why he's doing the hike.…
The British Automobile Racing Club Podcasts
NASCAR star Mike Skinner revels in the FoS atmosphere as he prepares to wrestle his ToyotaBy
Rocky Mountain National Podcast
We join ranger Cynthia Langguth to learn about the incredibly unique world of the alpine tundra: the land above the trees. Marmots, pika, and ptarmigan... oh my! #rmnpod
Solitude Studios Podcast
01. Electrooby, Fajar J - FOB 01 (Original Mix) - 00:00:00.000 02. DJ Hero - Heads Up (Original Mix) - 00:03:00.000 03. Reece Low - Bounce That Ass (Original Mix) - 00:07:07.500 04. Jaggs - Doinkey (Extended Mix) - 00:09:30.000 05. Skrillex, Wiwek - Killa' (Hasse De Moor Remix) - 00:12:07.500 06. Distort - Badman (Original Mix) - 00:14:52.500 0 ...…
Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe discuss the ongoing happenstance of faulty plugs and cable connections in their lives, cows in a warm rain, reinvigorating the myths surrounding Bag Balm, Emily’s fear of thunder and lightning, new uses for the word “donkey”, a trick for cutting glass, the US Treasury’s preparedness for nuclear disaster a ...…
The Comics Alternative - Smart Discussions on Comic Books and Graphic Novels
Time Codes: 00:00:27 - Introduction 00:02:57 - Context of the 2017 Eisner Awards 00:06:14 - Best Publication for Early Readers (up to age 8) 00:57:02 - Best Publication for Kids (ages 9-12) 01:49:53 - Best Publication for Teens (ages 13-17) 02:52:17 - Wrap up 02:53:05 - Contact us This month, Gwen and Paul discuss the three Eisner Award categor ...…
Legend of the Innkeeper : A Hearthstone Podcast for Casual Players
News Announced today, Twitch Prime benefits (source) Immediately you get a Golden Overwatch Loot Box, which guarantees a Legendary item for one of your heroes. Later you will get 10 loot boxes for Overwatch. Later in the year, there will be similar offers for both Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. Espo Mode Cart Crash [...] The post LOTI 146 ...…
Holy Christ, happy one year anniversary to the podcast! @KevinGootee and @jeffreypaul17 can't thank you enough for the support. We celebrate by having back @lzd325 talk NBA playoffs and the upcoming NBA draft. Of course, we talk about how the Mets have taken a big, steamy dump and how the Yanks went from sizzling hot to arctic tundra. Coinciden ...…
Oil started flowing down the trans-Alaska pipeline forty years ago, transforming Alaska into a wealthy oil state. But if it weren’t for a few determined individuals, the giant oil field that started it all might still be hidden under the tundra today.
See and hear the difference the K&N 77-9036 will make on your Tundra. This intake features an aluminum intake tube with a polished finish, a custom heat shield, and a reusable high flow cotton air filter that can be used up to 100,000 miles before servicing is required. The K&N 77-9036 air intake added an estimated gain of 7 horsepower at 5490 ...…
Add horsepower and torque with the easy to install Spectre 9055 on the 2012-2016 Toyota Tundra with a 4.6L or 5.7L engine. This intake system includes an application specific powder coated heat shield, a polished aluminum intake tube, and a reusable Spectre synthetic air filter. 9055
Catalog of Interviews and Bits
About Richard Kuritz:Richard Kuritz Is a Political Scientist, Writer, PR Strategist and Carpenter.He is an unapologetic New Yorker who transplanted his tribe from the NY tundra to SanDiego sunshine over three decades ago.His background includes securities, finance, construction and elected office.Currently, Rich works as a Media Relations Speci ...…
When the world cried out for a film to rival Tom Cruise's 'The Mummy', we answered it. We didn't answer it well, but at least the film wasn't called 'The Daddy'. Given 3 random prompts, on genre, location and a title word, they have an hour to come up with the next Hollywood Blockbuster. So sit back, relax, and put on your snow jacket as we hit ...…
Klaus has just returned from addressing the highest body of the United Nations. The General Assembly - on Earth Trusteeship in April of this year. He is a Professor of Law and Director, New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law, University of Auckland; Chair, IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law Ethics Specialist Group. With all the mounti ...…
Episode 4 of Masters of the Forge: Altar of War brings you the second part of a 4-part campaign sponsored by Tablewar. Bill has brought a Canoptek-themed Necron army to play against Adam’s in a narrative battle over one of the Necrons’ forward positions. This was a great game played on the new Tundra FAT Mat using a really fun ruleset. Masters ...…
The Thought Knot Seers Podcast
I owe you two apologies: one apology for a late episode this week, as our attempts at recording earlier did not get recorded by my recording software, and for a shortened episode, as our second try had our call dropped by Skype and starts in medias res. (On the plus side, our bit where we vehemently claim, “I am not a crook,” have been redacted ...…
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