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Turkish Tea Time
Join us at Turkish Tea Time ( as we chat about the Turkish language, its grammar, and how it's spoken in every day life. We're Turkish learners, Turkish teachers, and Turkish people ourselves - so we understand what it takes to get a grip on this amazing language. Published daily, each lesson revolves around a dialog that focuses on a single language point. There's something here for every Turkish learner: the difficulty level of each day's lesson rotates between four leve ...
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Today, we’re learning the different ways to say “when” in Turkish. When? Today. When? Yep. (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
Le, la, li, lu! Today’s suffixes make quite the tune. Join the chorus and come learn how to say “with” with us. (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
Today, we’re talking all about ourselves. And yourselves. And myself. Join us for some fun with kendi! (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
Dear Turkish learner – won’t you please join us for some tea and Turkish this evening? Sincerely, Turkish Tea Time. (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
Grab your fanciest hat and come learn about the Turkish hatted A in today’s lesson.By Turkish Tea Time.
We’re going back to basics in today’s lesson. Life is hard, but the accusative suffix is not. (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
Happy new day and merry salutations! Today we’re looking at the many ways in which Turks congratulate, well-wish, and console. (noobie)By Turkish Tea Time.
There’s a new lady in the Sultan’s harem and it’s causing quite the stir. Join us in the Ottoman palace today as we learn the elusive -esi suffix. (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
Bugün Türkiye’nin en popüler sahte haber sitesi Zaytung’tan taşlamalı bir makale okuyacağız. (advanced)By Turkish Tea Time.
Today, we’re reviewing all the major suffixes we think you should know as a beginner Turkish learner. (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
We’re taking today’s lesson all the way to the bank. . . literally. Join us today for some useful phrases for the Turkish bank. (noobie)By Turkish Tea Time.
Unrequited love is the worst. Luckily, you’ll always have a loving friend in us. Here, buddy, have a lesson on adverbial -dikçe. (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
Learning a language is so easy when you’re a baby. For all the non-teething users tuning in today that actually have to work for their language acquisition, join us today for a lesson on adverbial -erek! (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
Being in debt is no fun. But you know what is? Consonant mutation! Join us today as we pour radioactive waste all over some Turkish words and watch them mutate. (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
Sometimes, you’ll do anything for that special someone. Join us today for a lesson on love and the causative suffix. (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
Today, a couple of well-meaning vampires help us distinguish some basic verbs that Turkish learners confuse all the time.By Turkish Tea Time.
Alright guys, we gotta learn dates. Not the most exciting topic when learning a foreign language – but it’s important, you’ll use it all the time, and we’ll do our best to make you giggle. (noobie)By Turkish Tea Time.
Today, we’re looking at all the different ways the simple present tense is used in Turkish. If you do well, we’ll let you keep the kitten from today’s lesson. (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
There’s no better place to reflect than the Turkish bath – so join us at the hamam today as we go over the Turkish reflexive suffix. (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
Not many people know this, but I’m an aspiring Turkish pop star. I’ve got it all planned out, beginning with step one: learn how to say “as soon as” today on Turkish Tea Time. (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
The secret to a long and healthy life: plenty of fruits, an abundance of vegetables, and a daily dose of Turkish Tea Time. (noobie)By Turkish Tea Time.
Today, we team up with a couple of ghosts to plot how to scare the pants off the new family moving in. . . and to explain how to say “instead” with -eceğine. (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
Today, we’re talking about -mekte, which is really just a fancy alternative to -iyor. Sort of like the spinach and goat cheese pizza of Turkish present tense. (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
Hopefully you’ll never have to use today’s lesson, but join us for this one just in case you find yourself in less-than-ideal health while in Turkey. (noob)By Turkish Tea Time.
Why such the long face? Here, use this -mektense suffix to come up with all the things you can do instead of being sad. Like joining us for today’s lesson! (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
Bugün, Apple websitesinden yeni iPhone için yazılmış bir pazarlama metnini inceleyeceğiz. Bunun için bize bir ödeme yapmadıklarından emin olabilirsiniz: Türkçe öğreniminiz kullanmamızın tek sebebi. (advanced)By Turkish Tea Time.
So you’ve found yourself a charming Turkish man or woman to get hitched to. Congrats! Now it’s time to meet the parents. We’re here to make sure you don’t go in unprepared. (noobie)By Turkish Tea Time.
Join us today for a special Halloween episode of Turkish Tea Time in which we look at the Turkish tendency to express emotions in the past tense. Alright, it’s really not that scary. . .By Turkish Tea Time.
Today we take our relationship with -dir out of the friend zone and into something a little more intimate. Oh, and we call your grammar book a dirty liar. (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
If you’re reading this, we already love you and know how great you are. But in case you need to let somebody else know, tune in today and learn how to use the simple present to tell everyone how awesome your life is. (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
Alright champ – get a haircut, iron that suit, listen to today’s lesson, and go ace that job interview tomorrow. (noobie)By Turkish Tea Time.
Bugün, Türk pop sarkıcısı Nil Karaibrahimgil’in bir adam için aşkından deli olduğu bir şarkıya bakacağız. (advanced)By Turkish Tea Time.
Today, we’re looking at some wild verb on verb action. Saddle in and get ready for a crazy ride with infinitives and participles! (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
That beautiful young suitor might not be interested in you for just your amazing Turkish skills. Beware and join us today for a lesson on “o kadar. . .ki.” (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
Start here for your official Turkish Tea Time introduction to the Turkish language. (noobie)By Turkish Tea Time.
Get out of bed you lazy slob – how could you sleep when we’ve got such a beautiful day full of gerek constructions ahead of us. (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
Come take a dip in the sweet, suggestive waters of the suffix -sene in today’s lesson. (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
Today we learn how to reject offers, be they for cigarettes, tea, or a “friendly” chat (hint: they probably want to sell you something). (noobie)By Turkish Tea Time.
Bugün ünlü Türk yazar Sait Faik Abasıyanık’tan bir metin okuyoruz. Maalesef İstanbul’u bizim sevdiğimiz kadar sevmiyor gibi gözüküyor. (advanced)By Turkish Tea Time.
There’s just too much work to be done! Better do double duty and start cramming two verbs into one. More on that in today’s lesson. (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
Grab your Ottoman fez and dusty rug and join us for an old-fashioned Turkish lesson on artık. (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
Ready? Smile! One . . . two. . . three. . . roasted chickpeas! (noobie)By Turkish Tea Time.
Yo dog, today we’re getting down with Turkish slang and colloquial spelling in today’s lesson. Check it. (Beware – words are spelled strangely today on purpose.) (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
When I grow up, I’m going to be an online Turkish teacher. Whatever you’re going to be, you’ll probably need the -ci suffix to share your dreams with the world. (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
I missed my flight last week. It was really frustrating, so I wrote this lesson to turn my misfortune into your educational experience. (noobie)By Turkish Tea Time.
Bugün yine meşhur İranlı hikaye yazarı Samed Behrengi’den bir metin ile karşınızdayız. Küçük Kara Balık. Bu hikaye küçükcük bir dereye sıkışıp kalmış Küçük Kara Balık’ın hayallerinin peşinden gidişini ve özgürlük arayışını anlatıyor. (advanced)By Turkish Tea Time.
Today, turn down the lights, spray some perfume, and light the candles. We’re getting cooperative with the -iş suffıx. (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
Today we examine some funny-looking words in Turkish that magically rearrange their letters when you add a suffix to them. Don’t mind the title – of course, we’re not talking about you. (beginner)By Turkish Tea Time.
One of the joys of a city spanning two continents is traveling by ferry. It’s cheap, relaxing, and the view is gorgeous. Just be sure not to miss the last one or you might be stuck in Asia tonight (just kidding – there’s always the dolmuş). (noob)By Turkish Tea Time.
With a full-time job, a gym schedule, a social life, and your daily Turkish Tea Time lesson, who has time to cook? So go grab a quick simit and join us for today’s lesson on -ip. (intermediate)By Turkish Tea Time.
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