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Killing Cable: Helping Media Companies Transition to Digital TV Services
Podcast by Tom Schaeffer - CEO, Software Engineer, and OTT Evangelist
Digital Punch TV
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_Shift Happens
From Celluloid to Digital
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HOW TO: Digital Performer-TIPs
HOW TO: Digital Performer-TIPs is a FREE HOW TO: podcast providing quick tips for getting more out of your Digital Performer rig. Beginners and advanced users alike will find value in these concise, informative, one of a kind tutorials. Are you using Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase SX, Nuendo, Reason, Abelton Live, or Calkwalk's Sonar for you audio production? If so, check out HOW TO: Digital Performer to see how DP stacks up to your DAW. For additional and full length tutorials including large ...
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NDA candidate, Ram Nath Kovind has won the presidential elections with a comfortable margin beating opposition candidate, Meera Kumar. After final round of counting, Ram Nath Kovind got 7,02,044 votes out of a total of 10,69,358. His opponent and former Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar won 3,67,314 votes. With the backing of the ruling National De ...…
The FIR Podcast Network Everything Feed
What can be better than combining two of your passions to launch a new business? That’s exactly what David Meerman Scott did when he opened the doors of Signature Tones, which he describes as a “sonic branding studio” that he started with his partner, musician Juanito Pascual. The agency, which lets Scott apply his marketing skills to his love ...…
This is another of those myth-busting episodes for you. This time we will take a look at the widely held investment principle that states ‘we make our money when we buy’. Whilst, it might sound rather obvious and a clear statement of the truth, is there more to it than that? Let’s see what gets my vote in truth or myth this time… Resources ment ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV — World Of Dance edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of NBC’s World Of Dance. In this show, hosts Kristyn Burtt, TK Trinidad, Amy Cassandra, and Becky Sattero discuss week 7 of season 1. RSS Feed: ABOUT WORLD OF DANCE: NBC’s new dance c ...…
"Stranger Things" is one of five Netflix series with big Emmy nominations.; Credit: Netflix Paola Mardo | The Frame Last week, Netflix picked up 91 nominations for the 2017 Emmy Awards — almost double the number it received last year. This week, it surprised Wall Street with a strong second-quarter performance. Netflix stock prices soared after ...…
Dave is back! If you’ve been listening to the show for a long time, you might remember our friend Dave. He was a regular contributor to the show before moving to Europe to become a Communist a few years ago. On this show, he tells us all about what’s going on in London and why the tube sucks. Don’t forget to send us your feedback and we’ll feat ...…
Suzanne Adams is a bestselling Author, Transformational Speaker, & Life Purpose Consultant that is sharing her zest for life with audiences around the globe. Suzanne was a Speaker at the 2016 Hay House World Summit and has recently been featured on TV on NBC and FOX. Suzanne is thrilled to be leading workshops and retreats around the world. She ...…
Will password-sharing kill streaming? Emmy’s make Brian fear Netflix. All the hot new trailer talk. With special guest Hammond Chamberlain. Download audio Download video CordKillers: Ep. 179 – My First Streaming Device Recorded: July 17 2017 Guest: Hammond Chamberin Intro Video Doctors yelling Primary Target Streaming TV apps grapple with passw ...…
MediaVillage's Insider InSites podcast on Media, Marketing and Advertising
I recently had the good fortune to interview Joe Baratelli – who knows a little something about evolving creative and agency offerings to keep pace with the times, and keeping accounts for the long haul! Joe is Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of RPA, where he has worked since the agency launched as Rubin Postaer 30-plus year ...…
Many online communities do not allow members to upload images to include in their posts. In such cases, members often rely on third party image hosting services. Among the most popular of these, for a long time, has been Photobucket. But last month, Photobucket made a change. After 14 years of allowing people to upload images for free and embed ...…
More or Less: Behind the Stats
Using statistics to prove or disprove the wisdom of tennis is the theme this week. In this digital age we are used to information at our fingertips. This week More or Less finds out how every rally, every shot at this tennis championship is counted and makes its way to our phones, desktops and TV screens. And once you have this information – wh ...…
Food Psych - Intuitive Eating, Positive Body Image, & Eating Disorder Recovery
Writer and activist Sonya Renee Taylor joins us to discuss why we need more radical body love in the world, how to deal with weight gain and weight stigma while learning intuitive eating, what mainstream body positivity gets wrong, why understanding oppression and intersecting identities is the key to creating a world that's *truly* body-positi ...…
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