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Facebook Ads with a Twang
Facebook ads with a Twang is dedicated to taking the often over complicated process of creating successful FB ads and breaking them down step by step in less than 10 minutes at a time.
Next BIG Twang
The most famous country singer that you've never heard of. Follow rising country music singer-songwriter, Jon Miller, as he works to bring himself into the limelight of country music stardom and chase his dreams. About the artist: Many people on the Gulf Coast have become familiar with Jon over the last few years from his many performances where he has opened for major country acts including The Charlie Daniels Band and Trace Adkins. Over the last few years he has played down in Gulf Shores, ...
DJ Daddy Bob presents Twilight Twang
Every month (or so), the funkiest and best house music, tech house, techno, breakbeats and more - selected by DJ Daddy Bob.
Honky Tonk Radio Girl with Becky | WFMU
Twangs of all stripes and stuff that ends in -billy.
GaragePunk Surfcast
The GaragePunk Surfcast features only the best in old and new surf and reverb-heavy instrumental rock'n'roll. Each episode is hosted by a different guest host! You never know who might be behind the mic next!!
The Shend's Radio Programme Podcast
Garb your ears in tunes from The Shend's garden shed. Piles of Punk, slabs of sixties psych, Rock and Roll rumblings, wodges of weirdness and steaming lumps of strange ranging from the forties to the day after tomorrow. Stuff you've heard and stuff you'll wish you hadn't. What the hell is going on?EMAIL:
The TopDollar Hour w/ Tunacan Jones
A delightful mix of power pop, garage rock, hillbilly, no wave, noise rock, twang and plenty of disinformation that will soothe the left elbow.
The Tavern Podcast
We are your friends at the bar, so pull up a seat and let’s have a chat about what's happening in our lives, our thoughts on sports, tv, video games. All in a drunk southern twang.
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Hallo FreundeBeach Podcast ist mit einem neuen Set am Start.....An den Turntables stand diesmal Produzent "Disco Ball'z" aus Budapest(Hungary)Beach Podcast is starting with a new set .....At the Turntables this time producer "Disco Ball'z" from Budapest (Hungary)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...…
Targeting is such a huge topic that I can’t cover absolutely everything. However, on this episode, I give you some practical tips on how to find interests to target that most of your competitors either don’t or won’t do. You’ll find out things like: How to identify, understand and reach customers that convert by answering these 12 questions. Wh ...…
This episode is actually quite a bit longer than the usual episodes. Mainly because there is a lot more to consider. Hiring somebody can really be a sigh of relief or a source of stress. I’m giving some practical tips as to where to find somebody and what to ask them when you do. I’ll be answering questions like: Do you see hiring someone to ma ...…
Music Talk iTunes Link! iTunes likes to take it’s time so if this podcast isn’t up now on there just listen here! Taking care of business: Long time no see! After a long hiatus, we are back! I decided to pick this podcast back up after recently reading a comment from iTunes and hanging with my buddy Damien and now this podcast is an excuse for ...…
The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast
Hallo! Guten Tag! This week there is a German twang to the podcast and it’s well worth finding out why… So feast your ears on this, ‘cos boy ‘o boy, it’s a good-un. Coming up this week: · We give Dom the surprise of his life reuniting him with his old foreign German exchange student, ‘Boring Boris’ · Wimbledon fever means more listeners are sho ...…
(from supplied release) HANCOCK, Mass.—Blend a country band with early R&B, throw in a hefty amount of vocal harmonies and witty one-liners, and rock out like The Band. That’s what you’ll get Thursday, July 13, when roots music maverick Western Centuries takes the 1910 hayloft stage at Hancock Shaker Village. With upbeat, bar room dance numbers ...…
Hotel Arizona en Radio Enlace
Plástico de la semana "California Sonic" THE POPRAVINAS! (Zesty Smile Music-2017) y "Hey Summer" LOST BALLOONS (Dirtnap-2017) "I Can Read Between The Lines" GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS cara B del single "Green Grass" (1966) "Think It Over" THE CONNECTION extraída de "Just For Fun" (2017) "Sent Callin'" THE POPRAVINAS! "Checked Out Love" THE POPRA ...…
MaulOver Rugby Podcast
It's with sadness in our voice and tears in our eyes that we have to say goodbye to the Lions 2017. This week we muse over the 3rd test and the tour as a whole, mentioning absolutely no refereeing decisions whatsoever. Doug has returned from a cold and wet Ireland after watching vast amounts of golf (he calls that work) and the rest of the guys ...…
This episode covers tracking your Facebook Ads: Why you need to track your ads What the Facebook Pixel Is Standard Event Codes Custom Conversions Understanding tracking If you have any questions email me:
Satan's Pilgrims bring us a track from their new album, Siniestro, this week plus we spin a new trak from Said The Ripper (covering Sir Paul) and rockers from The Long Boards, The Martian Denny Orchestra, The Kaisers, The Bangles, Bang Mustang, Deke Dickerson & The Trashmen, The Twang-O-Matics, our weekly trivia question and more!! Intro music ...…
TRANS-CANADA: An Exploration of Canadian Music
I’ve known Chuck for a bunch of years now, not well, but well enough to say hi when we see each other and see him perform a song or two. With his charcoal voice, acoustic twang, and a sound that was born in Ontario's punk scene, his jams could be placed anywhere in the past few decades - and in that sense, there’s a sort of timeless quality to ...…
Platinum Ranch
Platinum Ranch presents: Platinum TwangMix of twangs, slides, honks, tonks
No More Whoppers
Oh yeah, this thing! This week: a farewell to dumb; more travails of bar ownership; mistaken bikedentity; Jacko storms Toys 'R' Us-o; E3 brought to you by Car; porn huts; Krang twang; Wonder Woman's world war, and Crunch Tators lore. This podcast's colors don't run.
Learning how to budget for your Facebook ads is essential for a long term successful campaign. On this episode I discuss what variables there are and how to figure out what your budget should be.
RNZ: New Horizons
William Dart samples new releases with the twang of country in their veins… Reb Fountain, Hopetoun Brown and Grawlixes. There's also an overdue tribute to Donna Dean.
"Fill Me Up" Official Music Video's Description of Her Music"Red, Dirt, Noir"Introduction song "Harlan" by Amilia K Spicer This song is about a town in Kentucky called Harlan and it was not an easy song to write at first. The lyrics are based on the stories that Amilia's dad told her about when h ...…
Johnny Rocket Launch Pad-Libertarian Rock n' Roll Experience
Show Summary This week we drink …and boy do we drink, with Felony Friday creator, Lions of Liberty co-host, entrepreneur, and all-around great guy John Odermatt! John Odermatt comes to the Launch Pad to discuss his experiences creating The Felony Friday show (Lions of Liberty). John wants to bring justice back to the justice system, but has Joh ...…
In this episode we're featuring the album that cemented Alan Jackson as a bona fide 90s country superstar: "Don't Rock The Jukebox" (1991). It sold four million copies and four of the five singles went to number one - catapulting this quiet Georgia-native to the forefront of traditional country music - a place he stayed until well into the 2000 ...…
Jamie Roxx's Pop Roxx Talk Radio Show
Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx ( welcomes Sam Rochford (Americana Singer / Songwriter) to the Show! Sam Rochford is a 25 year old Connecticut native now living in Nashville where she was formerly an on-air correspondent for 650 AM WSM's "Nashville Today" show hosted ...…
The Marto, Ed & Robin Catch Up - 104.5 Triple M Brisbane - Greg Martin, Ed Kavalee, Robin Bailey
Dumb car damage Tim Glasby: Hero Sex Workout Socceroos Robert Irwin's twang Caboolture's reputation Robin’s Dog meme Gus Worland
AM1700 Presents: The Music And Arts Guild Showcase
From an old converted barbershop inside the area’s largest all-nude strip club comes the fifty-fourth episode of The Music & Arts Guild Showcase with your host, James McGee. AM1700 is joining forces with The Music & Arts Guild to form a supergroup not seen since The Birthday Party and members of Einsturzende Neubauten and Magazine teamed up to ...…
In this episode, we're featuring a Moe Bandy album from the height of his solo success: "Cowboys Ain't Supposed To Cry" (1978). Before his duets with Janie Fricke and later Joe Stampley, Moe Bandy was doing what he does best - making hardcore traditional country music. This collection of songs shows Moe's influences in very plain fashion: chann ...…
Blank Range is a Nashville rock n’ roll band -- which could mean any of a million things, but in this particular case, it means that this garagey rock band incorporates just enough classic rock (and twang) to give them an edge on other newcomers. Blank Range lands closer to Replacements territory than Johnny Cash, but the common thread is a wei ...…
Blank Range is a Nashville rock n’ roll band -- which could mean any of a million things, but in this particular case, it means that this garagey rock band incorporates just enough classic rock (and twang) to give them an edge on other newcomers. Blank Range lands closer to Replacements territory than Johnny Cash, but the common thread is a wei ...…
Art of the Song / Standing "O" Podcast
Our guest this week on the Art of the Song Coffee Break is Austin-based band Band of Heathens who just released their album Duende. Duende, the title of The Band of Heathens’ fifth studio album (and eighth overall), marks their tenth anniversary as a group, and it certainly applies to its overall theme about the collective search for connection ...…
Nashville Later with Jace Everett
An encore episode this week of the beautiful Ms. Leigh Nash! We will be ack with a new episode next week. Although best known for her stunning vocal work with Sixpence None the Richer, Leigh Nash has a voice that transcends genres. From her upbringing in Texas, to her time in Christian music, leading to the pop supernova of "Kiss Me", and "Ther ...…
Cigars and Sea Stories
Urban patrolling is the topic on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories. Urban patrolling, not ALLL MOUT or CQB… more like dealing with dense a population of humans that do not have a proper toilet or waste facility. Bennett’s urban patrolling experience is spread across a couple of continents. Every 3rd world nation has that vibrant puget twan ...…
Americana Music Show Podcast
Country rock from Vandoliers. Willie Nelson’s God’s Problem Child. Blues from Selwyn Birchwood. Soul from Don Bryant. Twang from Rachel Baiman & more. "Ep353 Vandoliers" originated from Americana Music Show.
Americana Music Show Podcast
Country rock from Vandoliers. Willie Nelson’s God’s Problem Child. Blues from Selwyn Birchwood. Soul from Don Bryant. Twang from Rachel Baiman & more. "Ep353 Vandoliers" originated from Americana Music Show.
We spin a couple of new tunes from Guitar Up and That Redhead as well as classics from Dick Dale, The Beach Boys, The Surfaris, Jan & Dean, The Challengers, The Super Stocks, Surf City Allstars and much more! Plus, we get our trivia question along with an interview regarding the question! Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave" The Surf ...…
You know what is music to your ears? Music. But also an incredibly satisfying sound! Whether is the crackling of the fire on a cold winter day or the swish of a basketball going through the hoop, we all have sounds that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Is our podcast on your Rushmore of Satisfying Sounds? Probably not! But we think you'l ...…
Mr. Media Interviews by Bob Andelman
Today's Guest: Lullwater, rock band < Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of local rock heroes who may want to quit the business after hearing Athens rockers Lullwater take center stage… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida! Order the the Lullwater CD, Silhouette, by clicking on the album cover abov ...…
VERY COOL! with Tyler Q
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Not sure my mom is ever gonna come on the show, but I have the next best thing, my buddy Cody! He's on loan from Austin, TX by way of the great state of Tennessee. I had the pleasure of living with Cody for about 5 years and we got to know each other real well. You'll learn what makes this big orange boy tick and why he ride ...…
Booze and Glues
This week we make string mason jars, become dead body buddies-or not, and discuss eyeliner problems (The struggle is real.) Jessye goes to a monster truck show and Tab's twang comes out just talking about it ... the whole bottle of wine she drank might have helped. Stay *tuned* for the surprise ending!…
Nakedly Examined Music Podcast
Lys is a Connecticut singer/guitarist with an eccentric country twang who's put out two albums, plus EPs and other stuff since 2003. We discuss "M.K." from the I'm a Boy EP and also get to hear "Nothing to It" and a bit of the title track from that EP. We also address "Silver" from Winged Victory (2013), and "When I Was a Tiger Lily" from Three ...…
Echo Sparks in Studio, why haven't you listened yet? Folk, Rockabilly and OC "Twang" Download this!
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