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Best friends Rosellen Rother and Sharan Ghai bring you Twenty Something - a podcast where we chat about everything from politics to pooping.
Professionally, Phoebe's got it all... a fancy degree and her dream job. But her personal life... It's a train wreck.
Podcast by Justin, Ryan, and Matt
Podcast by Kayla Cheyenne
We got you covered when it comes to what happened this week in WWE programs such as Raw, Smackdown Live, 205 Live and NXT. So you can get caught up in roughly 10% of the time it would take to watch it all, so you're ready whether it be the next week of shows or the next PPV. We also discuss the most recent PPVs (occasionally NJPW and ROH) and what we thought. More is coming up on the horizon such as metal and video game discussions!
Podcast by Ama Nakuya
The Boundless Show is a fun and feisty weekly podcast for single young adults that gives a Christian perspective on dating, culture, career and faith.
Just 2 twenty-something girls giving you their truth on what they've learned in their twenty something years.
That Adult Feel
Your 20s are your hustle years, that time when you're finally out of school and entering the workforce and, if you're lucky, making enough to move into your own place. You're getting a lot of responsibilities, but you still don't feel like a real adult yet. This podcast is about that in-between feeling, about those in-between years. is an online documentary interview series that showcases young working men and women. Each episode focuses on one person, the work they do, and how the feel about what they do.
A weekly dose of four beautiful male New Yorkers gossiping about their sex-lives (or lack thereof) and finding new ways to deal with being a man in the 90's.... is an online documentary interview series that showcases young working men and women. Each episode focuses on one person, the work they do, and how the feel about what they do.
If you feel lost in a new city, overwhelmed by your taxes, frustrated by dating, or scared to switch jobs, tune in weekly to Adulthood Made Easy, where twenty-something host Sam Zabell works through listeners’ problems and questions about the sometimes-scary “real world.” Along the way, she addresses many of her own struggles with adulthood, resulting in a show any college graduate (and beyond) can relate to.
Mount Ararat Message Audio
Wine & YA
A podcast where two twenty-somethings drink their way through young adult novels.
DELIVERANCE, OH— Four unlikely twenty-somethings are thrown headfirst into the hidden underworld of monsters that haunt their rural Ohio town, policed only by an arcane sect of monster-hunters masquerading as a nondenominational youth group. THE UNEXPLORED PLACES is an actual play podcast about exploring weird worlds and making bold choices. We are currently playing Monster of the Week by Michael Sands.
Diabuddies Podcast
A podcast by Matthew and Mareike all about being a twenty-something type 1 diabetic!
Mount Ararat Message Audio
Mount Ararat Service Video - Stafford
podcast for twentysomethings everywhere.
Are you interested in traveling? Do you ever get the urge to get away? Did you just get back from a big trip and are struggling with post-travel depression (it's a thing!)? Are your dreaming of your next travel destination? Amanda & Ryan have been there. As twenty-something travel enthusiasts and world travellers, Amanda & Ryan share you with you what they've learned through their adventures around the world. Having traveled for over a year together to more than 40 countries, they have had u ...
It's a long road ahead, but these two twentysomething best friends are, well, getting there.
Two twenty something girls still haven't gotten over the hype of the Olsen Twins. Amity and Bailey analyze, reminisce, and discuss all things Mary-Kate & Ashley. If it's up to me, You'll R-S-V-P!
Podcast Goals
Welcome to Podcast Goals – where every week, two twenty-something gals, Amy and Sophie, will be bringing you ridiculous tales and words of not so wisdom as they try to navigate millennial life. From Tinder horror stories, to autocorrect nightmares and even saucy sex tech. Follow us @podcastgoals on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or just have a listen!
a podcast for people who can't afford therapy. Stephen is a twenty something's with opinions, not a therapist. duh
In 2005 a 13 year old Laura Kirk started writing a diary, chronicling her life in a small town just north of London famed for a beautiful cinema and a 12th century castle built by William the Conquerer’s half-brother. Her adolescence in Berkhamsted was a fairly quiet life of school, boys, MSN usernames, sport, growing up awkwardly and using words like 'phwoar' and 'lush'. Laura kept a diary for six years, right up until she went to university. Now, along with her friend (unhelpfully, also ca ...
Startup Stoners
Startup Stoners is comprised of Cody Chase & Brettski. Two twenty-something cannabis entrepreneurs with big dreams, bigger ideas, and even bigger personalities. Listening to Startup Stoners will have you find inspiration, learn insights about the cannabis industry, hear behind-the-scenes details about what it's like to start your own business, talks about cannabis, and of course, a bunch of interesting bullsh*t.
Let's Toast
Let's Toast is a bi-weekly podcast featuring Marci J and Adri, two magical and ridiculous twenty-somethings living in DC. Join us as we talk about the journey of young adulthood from the good, the deep, the messy, the marvelous, the bullsh*t and everything in between!
Two Awesome Twenty-Somethings With Fantastic Things To Say
Wiener Talk
Twenty-somethings talk about politics and culture and stuff.
Heroine Addicts
Four girls. One microphone. A whole lot of girl power. We are Miztli, Louise, Emma and Alice and we are addicted to heroines. Four twenty-something women looking for answers, stories, laughter and inspiration.
A World of Twenty-Something Figuring Out Life
Casa Del Queso
A group house of twenty-somethings in Pittsburg, Kansas is suddenly rocked when jealousy turns to grief and grief turns to streams of water coming from the face of a former housemate. Can Darrah, the itinerant lesbian, find a way to sto
The course podcasts for POSC-3916 Understanding the Global Economy. A twenty-something urban professional in India. A female factory worker in China. Coffee farmers in Peru. African children working in gemstone mines. Auto-workers in Detroit, Michigan. And you. All of them are connected through the global economy. They experience the impact of the global economy very differently, however. And the degree of control each of them have over the role they play in this global economy or how “it work ...
Elbow Rocket
James and Jim discuss their passions in video games, film, pop culture and the general experiences of two twenty-somethings getting by in the big bad world.Support us at
Two twenty-something women working, playing, drinking, laughing and humiliating themselves across Los Angeles.
A look into the lives of three twenty-somethings that are self-proclaimed spinsters.
Part Time Adults
A podcast starring a couple of twenty-somethings who love to hear themselves talk.
Skate The Podcast
My name is Skate and this a podcast where my friends, Kirstin, Jill, and I talk about boys we're dating, things we're hating, and mistakes we're making.
Hello! We're a podcast about life as a twenty-something in Melbourne.
Explain Like I'm 20 Podcast hosted by Rinaldo Ugrina is a #1 podcast for entrepreneurial and high performing twenty somethings. This podcast is all about passionately empowering college students, twenty somethings and young adults with overwhelming amounts of truth, enthusiasm and opportunity using the mediums of entrepreneurship and self-mastery! In your teens, you were a hopeless idealist. You had lofty goals with no foundation to support them whatsoever. Well, the 20s mark a phase when so ...
Twenty-somethings Olivia and Miranda revisit and recap the movies they were raised on.
Sex With Friends
Remember that guy who could only climax if you licked his earlobe while he barked like a dog. Or that time when you went on a blind date only to figure out it was with your best friends creepy cousin from middle school. Just when you thought you knew all about modern dating and sex, you talk to your twenty-something friends and realize that they have been through equally as unusual and hilarious adventures. What used to be private late night talks suddenly became a constant topic of everyday ...
Kels and Kayla are two twenty somethings living together in Stockholm, discussing dating, being expats and life in general.
Eyes Open
Conversations between twentysomethings packaged as a podcast. Hosted by Riley Zickel and Shannon Leonard.
A weekly podcast from the college and twenty-somethings ministry of Shoreline church in Knoxville Tennessee.
Two twenty-somethings navigate the world of adulthood in the D.C. Metro area. Politics, pop culture, and conversational gold all mix together into the audio masterpiece you've always hoped for.
Ask Amani Anything
Real Conversation from a chill twenty something! Tune in to stay up to date on pop culture news
april autumn
Talking about the life we all have. A twenty something talk. Fun and inspiring!! Will live you finally with a smile.
Twenty something year old artists navigating life, work and success, trying to create something meaningful along the way
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The name "Dumezweni" means "to be known in the world," which is fitting for this 2018 Tony nominee. Already a two-time Olivier Award-winning stage great in London, NOMA DUMEZWENI is now making magic in her Broadway debut in the acclaimed hot ticket Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Her portrayal of beloved character Hermione Granger earned her ...…
After one unsuccessful attempt 24 hours earlier, Chris Fairbanks picks up a changed, internationally traveled Karen Kilgariff up at LAX...right as a a thousand twenty-somethings have landed, to chase their creative dreams in Hollywood (...for 3-4 months till their parent's money dries up, or they get too many $82 parking tickets, and have to re ...…
This week it's time to dust off your rimless sunglasses and Rage Against the Machine Posters we're talking about 2003's The Matrix Reloaded! Listen as three twenty-somethings discuss what takes up more of this movie's 138-minute runtime, convoluted religious allegory or slow-motion wire work. Remember to Rate/Review/Subscribe/Like us on Faceboo ...…
Kent sits down with the Paul Sohn. Paul is an author, coach, and speaker dedicated to helping millennials discover their God-given identity. With that mission in mind, he founded the organization Qara, which exists to empower twenty-somethings with tools that help them live out their calling. He's been featured on countless influencer lists inc ...…
hey!! I m sharing with you with we shall write whatever our heart says and shouldn't have fear about what the world says. Just let your thoughts out.. That's it!! And this twenty something got graduate ...hurray!! Connect with me.. April_autumn12Spread love... Thanks..!!
Are your 20 somethings a good time to prepare for the future or should you live in the moment? Hear the girls thoughts.Plus Meek Mills is out! Article: Business:Follow our new insta at :melaninvoicespodcastAnd visit our new dope website at :melaninvoices.comHave an a ...…
Quin interviews Rachel Gilmore for the Fail Fast Podcast, a story of strength and determination to achieve success. Please listen to the Fail Fast Podcast and leave us a nice review The below is the transcript of the conversation between Quin and Rachel Quin Amorim: Okay everyone, welcome to the Fail Fast podcast. Today we have a special guest ...…
Bring on the bleakness. This week Rohan and Mariana discuss a trio of downbeat dramas and try not to tear up too much. Andrew Haigh's latest film Lean on Pete takes the Yorkshireman to Portland, Oregon in a coming-of-age drama about one lost boy and his knackered racehorse. Beast is the Jersey-set feature debut of Michael Pearce, starring Jessi ...…
This week we’re discussing the pros and cons of living at home as Millennial. Coming from experience with both of us, living at home as twenty-something year old, we want shine light on the pressures of renting, mental health issues as briefly cover why do we still shame adults who live with their parents? rather than uplight everyone for havin ...…
Today, The Kicking the Seat Podcast reconnects with nature and talks to writer/director Nick Alonzo, cinematographer Nicholas Daniel Sledge, and Assistant Director Greg Nico Garibay about their new film, The Art of Sitting Quietly and Doing Nothing (which debuts this Friday at Chicago's Nightingale Cinema*). The movie centers on Carl (Alex Serr ...…
Christian higher education has never been so religionless! In this episode, Drew Moser and Mason talk about Drew's new book, Ready or Not: Leaning in Life in Our Twenties. They talk about the ways in which millennials are engaging with the church and spirituality. Guest Bio/Info: Drew Moser is a Dean and Professor at Taylor University in Indian ...…
This is a podcast for all of the mamas out there. I absolutely lovely interviewing Penny and soaking up her wisdom. Wise words for motherhood, living within the seasons of your life, and raising children. Also nuggets of wisdom for balancing motherhood and careers and marriage. But what’s the bottom line -- Penny talks about it all. Penny Webb ...…
2 twentysomethings from the UK talk about stuff they find cool.In this episode we cover the likes of Marvel's Infinity War, Coke Zero, Industrial Metal bands, Polish Sausages and Graham Norton(?).
Find it on iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher The Guest Charlie Neagoy is the VP of Business Development at Librestream, a company focused on bringing the eyes and ears of remote experts into the field for rapid response to problems. They are coming at AR from a different angle than many. While they are focused on the remote expert use case, they ...…
A group of twenty-somethings travel to Isla Nublar for the rave of the century, but instead find it infested with zombies and light beer. Based on the classic arcade rail shooter and directed by Uwe Boll, even Clint Howard can’t save this movie. Pour one out for Das Boot, because this is House of the Dead. Theme by Protector 101. Listen at Band ...…
K&K return this week with a fast and loose episode recapping Season 1 Episode 4 of Sex and the City. They discuss how hungover they feel, how annoying most people at bars are and how fundamentally insecure Carrie is about Big.
In this episode of their zodiac series, Karina and Maria explain why Aquarius is such an awesome sign. If you want to get to understand an Aquarius or you are one, this episode is for you. We loooooveee Aquarius!
Get to know us! In this podcast, we interview each other. When we find new content creators we always want a little background on the person so we interviewed each other to keep it fun.
In episode 5, Madelaine and ST discuss their reservations about Ruby going exclusive with the Brit. “One way or another, you always pay for sex,” says Madeleine. She discusses her approach to cash and we catch up with her about her sugar daddy experiences. Check out these articles, which we discuss: Vanity Fair - 'Tinder and the Dawn of the “Da ...…
Mr. Big and Carrie continue to bump into each other during social events, which leads them to try to organize their first "drink thing". On a night out, Carrie meets twenty-something Sam for a fling, which turns out not to be so glamorous in the light of day. Charlotte despair over the possibility of having anal sex. Samantha dates a younger ch ...…
The murderous attack at a Florida school dominated early. Conversation over the looks of NRA spokesperson then the Broward Co Sheriff and his outspoken views. A Sacramento teacher weighed in on arming teachers. Syd and Joe not gun fans, Albert ok with it, wants to arm kids.Two twenty something year old journalists dig in and bring down corrupt ...…
Is it really March already? Dang people. 2018 is flying by. Anywho. Y'all- today's chip chat is one for the books. I actually have never shared so much of my opinion on this podcast as much as I did on today's episode and my only prayer is that whoever is listening can hear my heart through it all. Really, I'm just a twenty-something, single, j ...…
Episode Notes First Minisode of 2018! Aly talks about her thoughts on love: what it is, types of love, how we define it and more! Find us and subscribe! ...…
Episode 45 features an interview with Paul Sohn. Paul is a leadership coach, speaker, and author. Formerly employed by both a Fortune 50 company and a Top 100 Great Place to Work Company, he the founder and CEO of QARA, an organization committed to empowering twenty-somethings to discover their God-given identity and calling. Paul is the best-s ...…
In 2005 a 13 year old Laura Kirk started writing a diary, chronicling her life in a small town just north of London famed for a beautiful cinema and a 12th century castle built by William the Conquerer’s half-brother. Her adolescence in Berkhamsted was a fairly quiet life of school, boys, MSN usernames, sport, growing up awkwardly and using wor ...…
In the first episode of Keeping Candid, Hannah, Kara and Lauren talk about how going on a first date has changed now that using dating apps have become the norm. Also find out where it all went wrong for six twenty-something women who have shared their real life first date nightmares with us (thanks for writing in guys!), and the answers to all ...…
How To Be More Productive read it here: though the title suggests I’m about to try to save you from the depressive depths of creative misdirection by showing you how to be more productive, I’m actually not.Not really.You see, I realise there are far too much productivity and time manageme ...…
As a top executive at a scrappy tech start-up, Sharon Graves learned how to make tough decisions, manage a twenty-something staff and multi-task. She transitioned into full-time motherhood after the company was sold and was surprised to discover she loved it. But as her kids got older, Sharon realized it was time to make a move. Learn how Sharo ...…
Joel Lovelien took his fiancee to a Halloween party at the Broken Drum bar and grill in Grand Forks, North Dakota on Saturday, October 27th, 2007. The party was big, and a bus pulled up pouring out 40 to 50 twenty-somethings making it even busier. Joel took a call outside, and when he returned, explained to his fiancee that he was going to chec ...…
The boys get together to celebrate the 25th episode of the show!! Just kidding we talk about David Cage drama and a twenty-something getting arrested for harassing a twitch chat. Discussion Topics: Accusations of Quantic Dream being a toxic workplace. Getting arrested for spamming a twitch chat with abuse and harassment. The Nintendo Labo. Work ...…
Upcoming Writer and Director Victoria Perry and Amanda Mandii sit down with Ellen Karis to talk about their TV Dramedy Pilot "Greek Honey", that Ellen has a principle role in. These two young spitfires talk about how their creatives sides always existed even as children, how they met and became best friends, manifesting their goals and the proc ...…
See Hear Podcast comes to the end of its fourth year of existence. Slowly but surely, we’ve been bringing you discussions about all manner of music-related films since January 2014. To celebrate, Tim, Bernard and Maurice want to party like its 1986. We are joined by one of the two creators of the film / time capsule known as Heavy Metal Parking ...…
The Vanguard podcast series is the audio journal of GrowHouse NYC, an arts and technology incubator for creators of color. This season focuses on 8 twenty-somethings living in NYC, pursuing their craft.
Aly takes her passion for singing farther than before, and discusses her decision to perform and record music professionally!
The Vanguard podcast series is the audio journal of GrowHouse NYC, an arts and technology incubator for creators of color. This season focuses on 8 twenty-somethings living in NYC, pursuing their craft.
FLY 108 | Marielle Kehoe | Getting Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis Fueled Her Purpose and She Is Fulfilling Life’s Yearnings Because of It Fulfilling Life’s Yearnings Is Finding Something That Makes You Want To Get Up Every Day. - Marielle Kehoe What’s up FLY Fam®! Today’s FLY guest is Marielle Kehoe and she’s a Holistic Health Coach out of B ...…
What does it mean to be confident? Matt gives a brief overview on the importance of believing in yourself, and how to continue in spite of yourself.
Guys, there’s a dismantled treadmill on East Side Drive, a little north of Dodson Street here in Geneva, Illinois. I’m assuming it’s free since it’s resting comfortably on the curb. Whenever I see a treadmill or a stationary bike on the side of the road I think about the soul who drug it out there. The man behind the space-saving but typically ...…
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