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Best Twisted Minds Inc podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Twisted Minds Inc podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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A show for men, by three guys.
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You may remember these gentlemen from such shows as GuyCast. Tristan is back with a new show called the Last Call Podcast. For this episode (and one more to follow) Sports Bird Fenix and Other Jeff come back to remember the bygone days. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for everything.
"A man's got to know his limitations." -Clint Eastwood, Magnum Force. A man has to know when it's time to let something go. And our time has come. Our appololgies for our long absence, and for the much longer absence to come. It's been a great ride. We'll see you for our final episode in a month or so.…
4 More years. That's how long it felt like it was going to take when I was sitting in line at the Special Collections Unit at the Maryland DMV. Also, what would you give to go back and do your 4 years of High School all over again? And, oh yeah. Obama.
Sorry for the delay. Between a baby, a lost episode and general ineptitude, we have been gone for a while but we hope to be back on a more regular basis. This episode deals with sophisticated topics like blowjobs from two headed girls, and mentally challenged people fighting lions for your entertainments. It's good to be back. Side note: the embedd…
Sorry about that folks. We had to take a little bit of time off for the arrival of a new member of the GC family. But we're back now and the episodes will hopefully continue to flow. Not much else to say here. But I hope you enjoy.
Today is a day of a couple of hypothetical scenarios. Also, we posted a picture of an apparently "innocent" young American girl that one of our European listeners happens to have met. $30K for doing nothing? Maybe not as easy as it sounds. Wanna see the original Reddit thread where this came up? You can find it here: http://tinyurl.com/7ejfbtf…
Other Jeff joins us for what turns out to be a review of some of our Vegas exploits. What would you give up to hang out with a group of 5 girls for several hours? Good question.
Work on your cardio gentlemen. The end is near.
The title kind of said it all doesn't it? This is from night 2 of Anonymous' bachelor party from Las Vagas. It's got many of the characters you know and have come to love, and a new one who fucking hate's his new nickname. Fair warning, it was recorded via voice memo into open air through the iPhone, so quality isn't as good as usual, but I was fai…
This week, we open with a few items of note and then get immediately into some of our nominations for the The Team. You guys came up with some great ideas for our international death squad, what was most suprising was how many similar nominations there were. We'd love to hear any other ideas that you have, send them on to email@guycast.net.…
We open with some sports. NHL Playoffs, NFL Draft, America's wild and uncurable addiction to racism. Well, that's not technically a sport. Yet. But give fox a few years. They'll figure out a way to format it. Also we crown a GuyCast Ultimate Guy of the Week (Which is long. Excuse us on that one) and talk about reason's women don't like you. Or us, …
We would like your feedback on a hypothetical question contained within. E-mail us your response at email@guycast.net. Need clarification? Drop us a line. Enjoy.
So this is the first episode from the sixth official Guycast Studio. So it's cheating a little. Same house different room. But this does mark the beginning of a new era here. The new studio has a new layout and a different vibe. Also we saw Hunger games at midnight because we're teenage girls.
It's always been a dream of mine to hold a competition in which people come from around the world to compete in events of the upmost sexual depravity. That's probably because I'm a weirdo who things about these things. But tell me that wouldn't at least get a few million hits on youtube. Also, finding an image for a show about "Sex Records" is real…
We go through our 2011 GuyCast Fantasy Football champion's final email, and talk about some of the issues that came up and might be fixed next year. If you're interested in this, please enjoy. If you don't like sports or are from Europe, feel free to skip this one.
First thing's first. New Website! Guycast.net . That it all. Anyway, other Jeff joins us to discuss male birth control, Snookie (kinda), The 2012 Oscar winner for best picture (SPOILER ALERT: It sucks balls). Full Metal Jousting, banging hookers, porn staring cops, and probably some other shit I don't even remember. Enjoy.…
It's amazing how this show has remained a constant in our lives over the last several years. I can't even imagine what it's been like waching from the outside. Anyway, contained within is yet another step on the path that has been Guycast. Enjoy.
This may be the most absurd sketch, and I use that term very loosely, that we've ever done on here. There was rum involved, and I appologize in advance for the results.
It's what has become a semi-annual tradition around here where we spend the better part of an hour droning on about this years movies. This is the one where we talk mostly about movies that suck.
The final results from the 2011 GC Fantasy Football league are in. And we may have an upset. Other than that, it's mostly Tristan screaming about Tim Tebow. Mostly because he's dissapointed in his idiot friends. Can you guys see through the thin guise of my writting these in third person yet? You can, can't you. Shit.…
Other Jeff joins us for what could have easily been a trip down memory lane, had we done massive doses of cocaine and been unbeleivable retards in our youth.
Let's put this on front street: Skyrim may not help the delivery rate of this show. But you get this one, at least, so be thankful for that. YOu ungrateful prick. Also, we talk about the raddest innovation in future gaming we've seen in a long time. Any a guy who injected roofing tar into someone's ass. That too.…
So Skyrim came out last week, and I'm gonna be up front on this one: This may be the last one of these. Cause it's really good. In other news: Penn State. Ugh.
Sometimes you gotta take it upon yourself to take the whole party up a notch. Some people call that Charisma. Other's call it alcoholism. Whatever it may be, the GuyCast heroes have it. It's frankly amazing they made it back from New Orleans alive.
Lets play good news bad news. Good news is: the iPhone 4s is out. The bad news is: It's battery life is less that half of the previous generation. It will require twice daily charging. Just kidding. But wouldn't that be awful? Seriously though, Steve Jobs is dead. That's the bad news. But it doesn't seem quite as bad now right?…
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