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Audio Dharma
Dharma talks given by Gil Fronsdal and various guest speakers at the Insight Meditation Center. Each talk illuminates aspects of the Buddha's teachings. The purpose is the same that the Buddha had for his teachings, to guide us toward the end of suffering and the attainment of freedom. To learn more about the Insight Meditation Center, visit our website at
Listen to the flagship daily evening newscast on your schedule. The CBS Evening News offers all the latest breaking national and world news and insight into all the stories that impact your world. Original reporting, now when you want it.
NASACast Audio
NASACast combines the content of all the NASACast subject area podcasts into a single omnibus podcast. Here you'll find the latest news and features on NASA's missions as well as the popular "This Week @NASA" newsreel.
Democracy Now! is an independent daily TV & radio news program, hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. We provide daily global news headlines, in-depth interviews and investigative reports without any advertisements or government funding. Our programming shines a spotlight on corporate and government abuses of power and lifts up the stories of ordinary people working to make change in extraordinary times. Democracy Now! is live weekdays at 8am ET and available 24/ ...
Mark Levin is one of the hottest properties in Talk radio today. He is also one of the leading authors in the conservative political arena. Mark's radio show on WABC in New York City skyrocketed to Number 1 on the AM dial in his first 18 months on the air in the competitive 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM time slot. Mark's latest book, Plunder and Deceit, debuted at number one on the New York Times Best-Seller list. When your books are endorsed by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, you know you have a winner ...
Tiny Desk Concerts from NPR Music feature your favorite musicians performing at All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen's desk in the NPR office. Hear Wilco, Adele, Passion Pit, Tinariwen, Miguel, The xx and many more. This is the audio version of the podcast. A video version is also available.
"The MMA Beat" is's latest web series where a group of journalists come together to break down the biggest headlines in the sport today. Think of it as our version of the famed "Sports Reporters" show.
The Economist was founded in 1843 "to throw white light on the subjects within its range". For more from The Economist visit
Welcome to The GaryVee Audio Experience, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. On this podcast you'll find a mix of my #AskGaryVee show episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, segments from my DAILYVEE video series, interviews and fireside chats I've given, as well as new and current thoughts I record originally for this audio experience!
Audio Book Club
Join Slate's critics for monthly discussions of new and important books. Read the book club selections and then listen in as our critics hold lively - and sometimes heated - debates about the works. Part of the Panoply Network.
The Young Turks is an edgy, funny, and informative talk show, which includes topics ranging from politics to pop culture. Whether you need an update on current events, or just a quick laugh, the Daily TYT Audio Podcast will always give you just what you're looking for, and keep you entertained. Catch the live show Monday through Friday, on
The Guardian's Audio Long Reads podcasts are a selection of the Guardian’s long read articles which are published in the paper and online. It gives you the opportunity to get on with your day whilst listening to some of the finest journalism the Guardian has to offer: in-depth writing from around the world on immigration, crime, business, the arts and much more.
Enjoying Everyday Life® is a daily TV and radio broadcast provided by Joyce Meyer Ministries.
Joseph Prince Audio Podcast
Life.Church is one church in multiple locations. Listen weekly to the relevant Biblical teaching from Life.Church that inspires and changes thousands of peoples lives. Visit Life.Church online at for additional messages.
Menlo.Church Sermon Audio Podcast
Northview Church sermons
Audio of the most notable HuffPost Live segments.
The hot topics that have everyone talking from the five voices that will have everyone listening. Don't miss 'The Five' as they discuss, debate and at times debunk the hot news stories, controversies and issues of the day.
Read along with the Sword and Laser book club! From classic science fiction to the latest gritty fantasy, we cover it. Subscribe for book discussions, author interviews, hot releases, and news from the genre fiction world!
Pastor Mark Driscoll is a Jesus-following, mission-leading, church-serving, people-loving, Bible-preaching pastor. He’s grateful to be a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody. This channel features audio content from Mark Driscoll, including sermons and event teaching. Mark preaches about Jesus with a skillful mix of bold presentation, accessible teaching, and compassion for those who are hurting the most. For more great teaching resources visit
Watch what you want, where you want, when you want on whatever device you please. Take control of your TV, Movies and more.
For 50 years, Washington Week has been the most intelligent and up to date conversation about the most important news stories of the week. Washington Week is the longest-running news and public affairs program on PBS and features journalists -- not pundits -- lending insight and perspective to the week's important news stories.
Your Portal To The Best In Modern Audio Drama Suspense, Mystery, Horror, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Drama, Comedy, Halloween, Christmas And Special Features. The Best Podcast Provider of Modern Full Cast Audio Theatre / Radio Drama.
Live Audio Wrestling (LAW) features all the latest professional wrestling news and video content, including coverage of WWE, TNA, ROH and more.
Supporting entrepreneurs & inspiring innovation.
Exclusive audio, podcasts and interviews from, as well as flashback audio highlights and more.
The hall is dark and the overhead light flickers. Sounds echo, and there’s a creaking and clanging which gets louder as you stand there in the semi-dark.The elevator opens and you’re offered a ride. A dark place whose original luster is now lost to time. The unlikely, old Victorian building sits overlooked by most on the edge of Pittsburgh. Originally built as a luxury residence for some of the city’s most well to do residents, it now serves a different purpose. Within its dilapidated walls ...
Get the latest from the labs, doctors and medical centers at the University of California so you can make the best health care decisions. Visit
One year. Every day. 365 days through the Bible in community with tens of thousands of others around the globe following the same quest. Hand crafted daily from the rolling hills of Tennessee, Nashville based author and speaker Brian Hardin is your guide on the adventure of a lifetime. Visit us on the web at A YEAR CHANGES EVERYTHING!
The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Weekly Audio Summary RSS feed. NEJM ( is a weekly general medical journal that publishes new medical research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of importance to biomedical science and clinical practice.
Get stock, fund, and ETF picks, plus weekly market insights, investing tips, and exclusive fund manager interviews from Morningstar’s director of equity research, director of personal finance, and stock and fund analyst team. -- Chicago-based Morningstar, Inc. is a world-leading provider of independent investment research.
Podcast by TheAtlantic
Pastor James MacDonald preaches without apology straight from the pages of Scripture, provoking Christians to think and act on their faith. His Bible-teaching ministry, Walk in the Word, launched on as a radio broadcast in 1997, with the mission of "igniting passion in the people of God through the proclamation of truth."
TED Talks Audio
Lifted from - official audio versions of some TED talks from 2002 to 2010, possibly selective or abridged, and sorted by TED's own talk ID. Apparently not updated since 2010.
Twisted Audio
Melbourne's premier drum n bass events. Check out upcoming gigs, latest event photos, exclusive interviews and the Twisted Audio podcast.
Creflo Dollar's revolutionary teaching, Favor Revealed by the Cross, reveals the two aspects of Jesus' ministry. Many of the things Jesus said were directed toward the Jews, who were subject to the Law at the time. However, the second part of His ministry focused on the freedom we would all experience in the new covenant after His death. Be free because Jesus never intended a Christian to strive to live by law!
Browse, download and subscribe to official Podcast produced by and about the New York Giants. Content includes player interviews, press conferences, and game highlights throughout the season. For more information visit
A podcast by Cognitect, Inc. about software and the people that create it. We frequently talk about Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic, agile software development, distributed systems, functional programming, and lots of other wonderfully geeky things.
Featuring pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie's audio messages from Harvest Christian Fellowship and the Harvest Crusades.
Modern Audio Drama
Rick Coste Productions presents the best in modern audio drama. Shows include 'The Behemoth' and the all-ages show 'Bryar Lane'. It's audio theater for the 21st century mind.
Learn Japanese with Daily Podcasts from Tokyo Whether you are Japan-bound or a seasoned speaker, our lessons offer something for everyone. We incorporate culture and current issues into each episode to give the most informative, both linguistically and culturally, podcasts possible. For those of you with just the plane ride to prepare, check our survival phrase series at One of these phrases just might turn your trip into the best one ever! Yoroshiku O-negai Shimasu!
Fault Lines - Audio
Looking deeper into the US and its place in the world.
From UFOs to psychic powers and government conspiracies, history is riddled with unexplained events. You can turn back now or learn the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, an audio podcast from
The Best Stories in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Other Genres
Organic Chemistry - Audio
Americans enjoy a multiplicity of religious traditions. Explore both traditional religions, and what it means to be spiritual in a rapidly changing and diversifying religious world.
From the policy debates to the political fights, today's top newsmakers make sure they sit down with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, which airs weekly on Fox News Channel.
Civil War Audio
The American Civil War.This podcast provides serialized audio books concerning the American Civil War and the its events. These books will include fiction and non-fiction works such memoirs and novels. The companion website at also provides songs from Civil War times. In addition, some Civil War-themed puzzles are also available.Produced by Civil War Audio -June 2010 - - Read by John A Bruzas.
Paranormal conversations with the world's leading researchers of the strange and unusual.
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Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Aprender Italiano | Textos Paralelos | F?cil de ouvir - F?cil de ler: Aprender Italiano | Aprenda com ?udio (CURSO DE ?UDIO DE ITALIANO) (Volume 1) (Portuguese Edition)Author: Polyglot PlanetNarrator: Eric Bianchi Rodolfo MartinsFormat: UnabridgedLength ...…
My guest is Zack Hanni, audio engineer and owner of Soma Recording Studios. He engineers/produces music so it was nice to talk with him about some of the production processes and tricks he uses. Fyi, he majored in Audio Production and minored in Entertainment Technology at Middle Tennessee State University. We discussed several topics in great ...…
Áudio deste episódio para download Neste episódio, Alexandre Costa fala sobre as novidades do mundo da tecnologia desta segunda-feira, 14/11/2016 Tema: Notícias para começar a semana iPhone cai de um helicóptero protegido apenas com um Bumper Watch an iPhone 7 Survive a 500 Foot Fall From a Helicopter ...…
Áudio deste episódio para download Alexandre Costa Responde a um áudio enviado via #Telegram por Eduardo Carlos, perguntando sobre #Apps para fazer #podcasts a partir do #Android.
Áudio deste episódio para download Alexandre Costa comenta (e sacaneia, obviamente) o fiasco da gigante sul-coreana Samsung com seu modelo Galaxy Note 7. Doe um café Gostou? Doe-me um cafezinho, ou compre ebooks sobre produtividade, para manter o iPhone hoje!
Áudio deste episódio para download Descrição de como uso o Evernote para gerenciar informações de referência em minha prática como psicólogo clínico Doe um café Gostou? Doe-me um cafezinho, ou compre ebooks sobre produtividade, para manter o iPhone hoje!
Áudio deste episódio para download Audible Desde 1997, adquirido pela Amazon em 2008. Em torno de 253.325 livros Assinatura dá direito a um livro por mês Lançamentos mundiais, às vezes simultâneos aos dos livros de papel/ebooks. Catálogo majoritariamente em inglês (com alguns títulos em espanhol) Preço: AudibleListener® Gold — $14,95 (R$ 47,29) ...…
Áudio deste episódio para download Neste Episódio, Alexandre Costa relata sua tentativa de substituir o Scrivener para Mac pela sua contrapartida iOS em suas tarefas do dia-a-dia, e também de sua (mais uma vez) lograda tentativa de largar o Evernote. Doe um café Gostou? Doe-me um cafezinho, ou compre ebooks sobre produtividade, para manter o iP ...…
Áudio deste episódio para download Neste episódio, Alexandre Costa conversa com Luiz Antonio Izidoro sobre Jailbreak no iOS e no Kindle. Links do episódio Sideloader Matéria no LifeHacker sobre Jailbreak no iOS Matéria no LifeHacker sobre Jailbreak no Kindle Doe um café Gostou? Doe-me um cafezinho, ou compre ebooks sobre produtividade, para man ...…
My guest is Mary Mazurek - audio engineer with 25 years experience, radio producer at WFMT Chicago including the “Live from WFMT” show, and instructor in the Department of Audio Arts and Acoustics at Columbia College in Chicago. Because she's doesn't host her own podcast show yet (coming soon!), she joined the show from her makeshift studio in ...…
Áudio deste episódio para download Links do episódio Interface gentilmente doada pelo amigo Gustavo Faria Microfone Audio Technica que uso nos podcasts Microfone Behringer que uso nos podcasts Gravador de voz Zoom H1 que uso nos podcasts Adobe Audition Audacity para MacOs Discussão no fórum de suporte da Apple, detonando a remoção das ferrament ...…
Áudio deste episódio para download Links do episódio Franceses reclamam do serviço de entrega rápida da Amazon porque ele funciona Google+ faz cinco anos Scrivener para iOS será entregue em julho Amazon anuncia nova animação de virada de página nos tablets, smartphones e Leitores dedicados Kindle em uma próxima versão dos softwares Amazon anunc ...…
The 555th show of Midnight Snacks, and the 545th archival and podcast. November 11th, 2015. Featuring co-host mixes from MItomoro and Skylar Spence. This show has been tagged with the following: co-hosted by Mitomoro, acid, anniversary show, club, co-hosted by Skylar Spence, disco, hardcore, hip-hop, house, juke, jungle Playlist Audio Download ...…
This week we talk some Back to the Future, the new Star Wars trailer, South Park, and have some pretty banged up weeks. Woo! Don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes or gives a thumbs up on Stitcher - BE AWESOME! MUSIC: “The Signal” via Night Gallery – The official band of EPQ or something… HEADER IMAGE: via Pixabay INTRO: via Audio Network…
Alright, this is it: the second-to-last episode of Trekabout where we talk about Star Trek: The Next Generation–I bet the writers have got some awesome episodes for us! So, why did they give us “Emergence” and “Preemptive Strike”? Also! Where the hell has Ro Laren been? iTunes Google Play RSS
Esteban J Girn, guitarrista del grup Toundra i delegat expert a Madrid, connecta amb nosaltres per saber el que passar aquest cap de setmana a la capital. Noms us diem els dos hits que sentireu en aquest udio: "Como una ola" de Roco Jurado i "Gotta go" d'Agnostic Front. La resta, a cop de clic.
Click here for part five of the series, audio Haga clic aquí para parte cinco de la serie, audio Descargue las notas de este sermón, haga clic aquí Download the notes of this sermon, click here. And now, the last quality is, "Running without fear. This stage is important and is the last action of the faith of a conqueror. It is the true liberat ...…
Click here for part four of the series, audio Haga clic aquí para cuarto tres de la serie, audio Descargue las notas de este sermón, haga clic aquí Download the notes of this sermon, click here. There is much teaching about faith, but very little understanding of how faith really works. Many believers think of faith as a way to get what we year ...…
Click here for part three of the series, audio Haga clic aquí para parte tres de la serie, audio Descargue las notas de este sermón, haga clic aquí Download the notes of this sermon, click here. En mundo donde todas nuestras batallas son libradas con la sabiduría humana y donde tantas maravillas han sido creadas por la tecnología, es muy fácil ...…
Click here for part two of the series, audio Haga clic aquí para parte dos de la serie, audio Show romanization Descargue las notas de este sermón, haga clic aquí Download the notes of this sermon, click here. The second quality of a winner follows in the footsteps of the first. It is "Fervor to Defend." Fervor to defend what? It is the fervor ...…
Djalma Côrrea – Piano de cuia Luiz Cláudio Ramos – Ladeira do Tambá Robertinho Silva – Bionico Célia Vaz – Mar á tona no Leblon Nelson Ayres – Mientras Marcos Resende & Index – Macacheira Aécio Flávio & Quartesanato – Zero grau Túlio Mourão – Barro doce Octávio Burnier – Aproximação Nivaldo Ornelas – Ninfas Stenio Mendes – A barca dos homens, A ...…
Djalma Côrrea – Piano de cuia Luiz Cláudio Ramos – Ladeira do Tambá Robertinho Silva – Bionico Célia Vaz – Mar á tona no Leblon Nelson Ayres – Mientras Marcos Resende & Index – Macacheira Aécio Flávio & Quartesanato – Zero grau Túlio Mourão – Barro doce Octávio Burnier – Aproximação Nivaldo Ornelas – Ninfas Stenio Mendes – A barca dos homens, A ...…
Rod B. & Alvaro Garfunk bring you the premiere of "Miami Underground Movement." Tracklisting: Michal Ho - Take Away (Original Mix) (Tuning Spork) Elektrochemie - Get Yourself (Original Mix) (Get Physical Music) Son Of Raw - A Black Man In Space - (Original Mix) (Objektivity) Wollion Harada - Rushhour (Original Mix) (Blun Fin) Agaric - Goose Ste ...…
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