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Going beyond the basics… Interviews and discussions with UFO researchers, authors, witnesses, scientists, and others to talk in-depth about issues related to this very real phenomenon. We bring together some of the best minds from multiple disciplines so that we can put our heads together to try to gain insight into this enigmatic issue.Music Thanks to:Caleb Hanks
Inception Radio Network is the “Voice of the Fringe Majority” with the most riveting live entertainment in UFO, Paranormal, Bigfoot, Metaphysics, and Conspiracy Talk Radio.
From the Genesis Communications Network: The Paracast is a paranormal radio show that takes you on a journey to a world beyond science, where UFOs, poltergeists and strange phenomena of all kinds have been reported by millions. The Paracast seeks to shed light on the mysteries and complexities of our Universe and the secrets that surround us in our everyday lives. Join long-time paranormal researcher Gene Steinberg, co-host Christopher O'Brien, and their roster of special guest experts and e ...
The best variety in News, Sports, Esoteric talk online and over the airwaves on Earth. The new learning channel
All Day Paranormal is an off-shoot of the popular paranormal blog, Get Spooked ( Every week, host Krystle Vermes dives into topics ranging from hauntings to cryptozoology alongside her co-host and husband, Manny Veiga.
iNTO THE FRAY features top-rated guest speakers and discussions in the fields of the paranormal, cryptozoology, UFOlogy, true crime and all other manners of the unexplained. Join Shannon every Thursday at 7pm PST as we examine the many oddities in our little known universe. Visit for blog posts, all archived episodes and sign up for the weekly guest newsletter.
The Grimerica Show is a podcast featuring casual conversations with people we find interesting. The podcast features guest from fields ranging from ufos to conspiracies to psychedelics, meditation, consciousness, folklore and more. Please contact us if your interested in appearing on the show.
Night Fright Show
Night Fright Show with host Brent Holland: your voice in the dark for paranormal & conspiracy broadcasting. Night Fright is the number #1 Canadian based radio show of its genre. It is syndicated across Canada and is available on a free syndication basis.
Hello friends, and welcome to UNKNOWN. Formerly known as UFO modPod, this show is a modern introduction to the UFO phenomenon for a new generation. This bi-weekly podcast is a round table discussion (or is it saucer shaped?) led by a team of UFO journalists and researchers who approach the UFO subject with responsible skepticism and the scientific, journalistic attention it deserves. Join this team each episode as they discuss current UFO stories, revisit the history of the modern UFO era, a ...
Blacklisted news, the news they don't tell you about and the news behind the news. Bible Prophecy, Bible Codes, and Current Events...did our ancient Biblical Patriarchs warn us of coming UFO and Alien invasions to earth? Martial Law? The New World Order? And why is America, the most dominant nation mentioned on the earth in the last days in the Bible, not being mentioned in the churches today? On this radio show I deal with the New Age Reptilian agenda aka the NWO taking over the earth and h ...
Discover the Hidden Truths Behind the World's Greatest Mysteries & Conspiracies.
The reporting and discussion of the paranormal, unexplained and just plain odd.
Alien abductions! Strange monsters! Paranormal encounters! Fringe Science! Myths and legends! Comedians Brian Frange and Phoebe Tyers explore the strangest, weirdest, and most unusual stories in our universe as well as the people behind them.
A weekly attempt to opening eyes, and shed some light on what's really going on in the world. All done by ripping apart the media madness that masquerades as news. All with a health dose of paranoia.
Weekly podcast with Michael Darkhallow and friends, discussing paranormal news and the secrets the government does not want you to know.
Join UFO enthusiast Aaron Moriarity as he discusses topics related to the UFO/Alien phenomenon from all perspectives. Known for his relaxed on-air style Aaron Moriarity has been a favorite of listeners and the guests he has interviewed.
John and Stacey's Paranormal Sideshow (Your bizarre destination of macabre oddities and curious mysteries) John and Stacey Edwards, formerly of Haunted South and The Third Side, bring you interesting paranormal news and discussions. Ghosts, UFO, Bigfoot, conspiracy theories, haunted locations, psychics, evil spirits, possession, folklore, elves, fairies, and other paranormal topics are discussed seriously, but with humor. Be sure to subscribe and visit for m ...
A show about conspiracy, paranormal, psychedelics, alternative news, comedy, aliens, and ufos. A less Christiian Coast To Coast AM hosted by a more mellow Alex Jones.
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told is a live 1-hour radio/webtv show with myself and my co-host Captain Ron. We seek answers from the world's leading experts in the field of UFO investigations, abductions, the Paranormal, secret societies, and historical moments and figures in history. We invite our listeners to learn and create their own truth based on each show’s content.
Author and radio personality, James L. Paris, discusses news, politics, Bible prophecy, Bitcoin, UFOs, conspiracy theories, survival and preparedness, and a wide array of Christian financial issues. Paris' popular books are Executive Order 11110 - Did The Fed Kill JFK, How To Pray For A Financial Miracle, And Exposing The Ponzi Masters.
Tune in to America's fastest growing internet radio network covering current news, UFOs, strange occurrences, conspiracies, cyberspace & the unexplained.Join us on “Late Night in the Midlands” Every Week Night from 9pm-12am EST. Call-Ins are always welcomed by calling 803-317-2264. LNM Radio Network and “Late Night in the Midlands” offers a moderated chatroom for interested parties at on the chat & listen page.
Jason McClellan, Maureen Elsberry, and their pack of strange friends and acquaintances muse about geek culture, comics, movies, TV shows, outer space, UFOs, aliens, the paranormal, booze, music, and the future.
A weekly conversation about the supernatural - first part is devoted to talking about Paranormal in the week in news, the second part is a deep investigation into a specific topic.
Alt Models | Rock Stars | Conspiracy Theories | Paranormal | UFOs | Unexplained | The Universe
Australian UFO Wave
UFOs are being seen every day in Australia. Some are caught on video. We bring you the proof.
The wackiest Paranormal podcast yet! In depth discussions on UFOs, Cryptozoology, Conspiracy Theories, Ghosts and all other things Paranormal. Ron, Christopher & Jon-Mark welcome you into the disorienting, yet strangely comforting world of the bizarre!
Vortex Network News
We Talk About:Government Cover-upsUFOs & ET ContactSuppressed TechnologiesHealth Modalities
'SCARED?' podcast where REAL people from around the world tell us, in their own words, their TRUE ghost, paranormal, monster, alien and UFO stories. Plus! Listeners reply to a paranormal question, the week's best paranormal news and more! Hosted and produced by award winning English broadcaster, Phil Holmes. TO GET AD-FREE EPISODES, LISTEN TO PREVIOUS EPISODES, and get an EXTRA monthly show - AND even more really cool REWARDS - support the show by joining our Patreon campaign. ...
SkyWatchTV Podcast
SkyWatchTV is a new paradigm in Christian broadcasting, examining topics that most churches and Christian media prefer not to discuss. Ghosts, demons, giants, UFOs, spiritual warfare, conspiracies--topics that are driving Christians to look outside the church for answers.Featuring longtime broadcaster Derek Gilbert and bestselling authors and investigators Tom Horn, Cris Putnam, Joe Ardis, Josh Peck, and Sharon K. Gilbert, SkyWatchTV brings you new content five days a week: Daily news update ...
The Radio Disclosure Radio Show is focused on a wide area of subjects that range from UFO's Ghosts, The Paranormal, Hauntings, government coverups, medicine, business, ndustry and fruad. From the latest reported government cover up, alien ductions, medical problems, social problems, and the latest in the world of phenomenon. Radio Disclosure uncovers the facts and asks the questions that conventional main stream media refuses to disclose.Radio Disclosure is hosted by Ted Randall and Matt Aar ...
Eon K. Grissom and Dukey Royale "Question the Answers" on a wide variety of subjects! From UFO contacts to Bigfoot and Food Politics to Illuminati Symbolism. Nothing is off the table! Tune in weekly for our unique perspective!
UFOGrid News Podcast
Your source for UFO News and conversation with leading UFO researchers,authors witnesses and investigators.
Spacing Out!
Jason McClellan and Maureen Elsberry host Spacing Out!—A weekly show exploring UFOs, space, the search for extraterrestrial life, and other mysteries.This show is also available as a video web series at
Fallout Radio
Join host Jack Biddy as he discusses a wide variety of fringe topics including government conspiracies, UFO disclosure, true crime, and all things supernatural!
"Thresholds Radio"
All aspects of the paranormal realm, UFO's & extraterrestrial life.
Reporting on all the earth changes this week be sure to check out the youtube channel at and like us on facebook at Thanks for listening please subscribe
Intrepid Radio
Broadcasting live from a hidden shack in the cornfields of Wisconsin, and some godforsaken holy of holies in the Theban Mountains of Luxor, Egypt, British archaeologist John Ward guide you through the Matrix of Confusion.From archaeological research to alternative history; culture and politics to fringe theory; spirituality to metaphysics, its intelligent talk in compound words, with world renown guests.
Erica Lukes talks with the leading researchers in the field of UFOlogy to gain perspectives into a complex phenomena. Hear stories from first hand witnesses and learn the latest UFO news.
Our Big Dumb Mouth
OBDM a weekly conspiracy, paranormal, news show. If you take Coast to Coast AM and mixed it with Howard Stern, you have OBDM. UFOs, Bigfoot and explicit content. If you listen to 3 episodes, you'll get it.
Want to find out the truth about aliens and UFO’s? Flying Saucer Radio has in-depth interviews with UFO experts. Hear things that have never been heard before. Hosted by Andy Nolch. Available in most podcast apps and Youtube: I don’t want to believe, I want to know.
Warfare Fire
Warfare Fire is a ministry focused on mind control, satanic ritual abuse/torture, alien/demonic abductions, military abductions, emotional healing, deprogramming, and the everlasting love of God Jesus Christ. Find more @
Join Investigative Filmmaker Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell on a journey to explore the EXTRAORDINARY BELIEFS of enigmatic people deep within the aerospace, military, conspiracy, extraterrestrial and underworld communities. The access is rare, intimate and humanizing. Topics explored include: Advanced nano-technology, non-lethal weaponry, all things conspiracy, off world technologies, space travel and extraterrestrial contact. Weaponize your curiosity and learn more at www.ExtraordinaryBelief ...
Hey Freaks, Its season 6. Mr E the Stranger will punish you just the way that you like it. Joined by August, Psycho Dave, & the rest of the gang, Mr E will bring the goods just like you have come to expect. Blending reality, comedy, smut, and science has been the formula for win over the years on Strange Visitors. Join us on webcam during the broadcast. On second thought. do not listen, run for your lives.. “I love you all, now go eat shit and die in a fire” Todd Anderson / Mr E
A show about paranormal skepticism -- with an appreciation for the entertainment that it brings us.
Cosmic News Nightly
Cosmic News Network with Dirk Bradshaw.All the News that no one else will Talk about!All the News THEY do not want you to know!Is right here nightly
Strange Indeed
The world of the weird with Chris N Dave--everything from UFOs to Bigfoot to Walmart shoppers in bicycle pants.
Project ETO
Project ETOWhat is it?Project ETO is designed to help bring the community and city official’s together on a positive platform. ETO is a social media application, designed for most smartphone, laptops, CPU, and hand held devices. In addition, the app gives both civilians, local law enforcement, and city officials a place to meet and communicate. ETO means Equality, Transparency and Obligation.Who am i?A hero... for fun..
The premiere outlet of Conspiracy audio and video content on the Interwebs.
WELCOME TO SECTOR FIVE And with those words we’re ready to lead you on an exciting, fun and unique adventure each Saturday from 9 to midnight on AM 630 K-talk radio and Since I began reading SF/fanta...
Whiskey Boys
"we're pretty much like the show the monkees without the visual effects". "in the year of our lord...we are brothers in christ".
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Join Dr Brian D. Parsons for Episode #357 of the Paranormal News Insider. All of the NEWS in the Paranormal, Cryptid and UFO fields PLUS all of the stories of the strange and anomalous. Stay tuuned for Dr Brian's Book of the Week! The passing of Art Bell.
Jim Bentley (@jimbentley22) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! Surprise call to Tommy Chong, HBO premiered a new comedy on Saturday: Paterno, nobody understands Cardi B, the Menendez brothers reunite & we check in with “Vacation Maz”. The Detroit Tigers are actually winning games, but here come the Indians this week. Cleveland fans ...…
The Triggered Warning Podcast is here to defend liberty, to speak about American exceptionalism, and to push back against the narratives pushed by the libtard forces throughout this great nation.Join host John a& Reggie as we discuss the the big stories in the news, our personal lives, and the craziness we see around us. On this episode we exam ...…
Interview Starts 31:40 Gian Quasar - Independent Investigator of the unknown joins us for a fascinating chat about his decades of work. He is apt to piss off the sketpics and the believers with his no nonsense, follow the facts approach. He’s dug deep into the Bermuda Triangle, true crime serial killers, UFO’s, Sasquatch just to name a few. We ...…
What's going on universe, I'm waking up to news of TWO AMERICAN AIRLINES PILOTS saying they've seen a UFOs flying over ARIZONA 👽🚀, and I love it! 🖤
In today's broadcast, we discuss how a very taboo and controversial subject regarding UFO's and unexplained events that have taken place over the years and how they can be explainedRicky Scaparo is the pastor and founder of the International Ministry End Time Headlines. This ministry was launched in 2010 and has exploded attracting hundreds of ...…
Links for Mp3/Download of P2BP: Contact Email: ""Conversation starts @ 3:05 – Greg Carlwood "the host with the most" from the Higherside Chats joins me. We continue the discussion on censorship and the alternative media community. We also touch upon dealing with trolls and the unexpected ...…
On March 13th, Twitter user Ty received a very chilling voicemail that has since gone viral. You may have heard the original voicemail but there appears to be more to the story. Many shows have covered this but they seem to be fixated on a certain subject regarding the voicemail that reduces the credibility of Ty's claim. Listen to this voicema ...…
Ok, so the very 1st episode is finally airing! I am super excited about this podcast out of all I do!Why? because it will cover odd news, paranormal news, strange news, ufo news, ghost news and more! My 1st podcast in this line will cover The cover-up behind Las Vegas Mass Shooter Stephen Paddock! Hope you enjoy this podcast! already recorded 2 ...…
Interview Starts 29:05 Clif High joins us again for a fascinating chat about predictive linguistics and the emotional reduction engine, Cryptocurrency, spirituality and our energetic bodies and karmic load, and alternative social media. He’s forecasting the future via radical predictive linguistics from the slightly tilted planet scene from the ...…
The weekly all-things-geek-podcast is back and we go as low as we've ever gone on this show with a rousing game of F M K: Power Rangers edition! 0:01- Week-in-Geek: (contains some spoilers) Intros where we chat TV anime Dragon Ball Super, HBO series Crashing, things going on with Sonic the Hedgehog, crazy cool mobile game Part Time UFO and the ...…
Join Host Dr Brian D Parsons for all of the news in the Para, Cryptid, UFO fields and his 'Book of the Week' Episode #354
(Recorded on March 14, 2018) It's Daylight Savings Time and time to file your income taxes (KING KONG). The guys cover the likelihood of Spurs making the playoffs, Kawhi (again), March Madness (our brackets are already fucked), and NFL free agency. In News Blues, Louis and the gang cover the recent bombings in Austin, Texas, the Tillerson firin ...…
Interview Starts 44:45 Rob and Trish MacGregor join us for a great chat about Synchronicities and their writing about this fascinating topic. We also chat about their other writing, about UFO’s, ET’s and abductions, and writing "Anti-matter" for Omni mag in the 90’s. We also chat about other paranormal topics and the link to synchronicity, crea ...…
In case you missed it here is the UFO Headline News for today The post UFO Headline News Tuesday March 13th, 2018 appeared first on Inception Radio Network | UFO & Paranormal Talk Radio.
Nate and Francis discuss the toxicity of the military and how there really needs to be a block of instructions on how to turn off your dickishness and casual racism when you’re out in the real world.Then the pair talk about just how we’re fucking over immigrant soldiers once again by removin the immigration services from military bases, making ...…
This week! Video game violence is back in the headlines, Nintendo announced a whole buncha stuff via a Direct, Fortnite goes mobile, Microsoft tries to do their own Direct, and we talk about Crackdown, Metal Gear Solid Game Boy Color, Burnout Remastered and a whole bunch more. Join us, won’t you? Links of interest: Ready Player One promo poster ...…
In Episode 44, we discuss the most talked-about new band in two decades...possibly since The Strokes. Is Greta Van Fleet really the next Led Zeppelin as critics suggest? Are they the swift kick in the ass the music industry needs to bring back rock and put it front and center again? Or will this all just amount to short-lived hype? We thank all ...…
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Does Bigfoot Have a Soul? A Radio Hosts Audience PondersAuthor: Jonah Engel Bromwich, Bonnie WertheimNarrator: Keith Sellon-WrightFormat: UnabridgedLength: 9 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 02-22-17Publisher: The New York TimesGenres: Newspapers & Magazines, News & ...…
There was a snorlax sized load of news this week, time to start digging through it. Cast: Christian Humes & Tom Caswell Pokémon: 105 - Marowak Gaming Discussions: The Hunt: Showdown, Part Time UFO, Fortnite, PUBG, Nintendo Direct, Super Smash Bros., Into The Breach, Battlefield 5, COD: BLOP 3.1 & MORE Etcetera: Customer Service, Alex’s Dinner D ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Opie & Anthony, Jim Jeffries and Jeff Ross, April 2, 2008Author: Opie & AnthonyNarrator: Opie & AnthonyFormat: Original RecordingLength: 3 hrs and 50 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-02-08Publisher: XM Satellite RadioRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 6 vote ...…
On this episode of The Existence of Strange Things we sit down with Larry Arnold of ParaScience. Larry will will discussing Spontaneous Human Combustion. There are some accounts of this phenomenon. Larry has been investigating the phenomena for many years. Larry has a book out and available through his website and on Amazon. Join us every Frida ...…
Man with middle name 'Trouble' is arrested on multiple charges. Another KFC catastrophe in The UK: No Gravy!! Famous singer sentenced to prison in Egypt for insulting the Nile River, Local news crew in Milwaukee tries to explain slew of 'UFO's' that appear in one of their liveshots
Bret Lueder received his Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Chico State University in 2000. Since then, he has gone on to write roughly 700 articles on music, alternative history, spirituality and UFO’s for such magazines as Magical Blend Magazine, UFO Magazine, Reggae Festival Guide and the Chico News & Review, among many others. He has writ ...…
Video Games and Movies. Two of the Joes favorite forms of entertainment. But what happens when they cross over and attempt to adapt from one to the other? The Joes talk about both industry long history of failure in these ventures as well as get a little heated over James Cameron, and Alien Pocahontas. News Links:New Lando Comichttps://www.cbr. ...…
Mike Clelland’s follow up to ‘The Messengers’ is our feature this week as we delve back into the strange synchronistic connections between owls, UFOs, and a deeper reality. The high strangeness continues in our Plus+ extension with the work of Keel and Fort, the flying porcelain phenomenon, and laser beam toting MIBs. Sponsors Squarespace – Mak ...…
Aliens are all the rage and Caitlyn’s Conspiracy Corner tackles all of the latest UFO news and updates! This week we cover everything from Tic-Tacs zipping around the sky and giant turd rocks in space to Tom Delonge and purple vibrators. Caitlyn is the host, Shannon is the Lead Conspiracy Investigator, Zach is a true believer, Cullen is a naysa ...…
More about Butch WitkowskiI’ve been an Independent Researcher since 1989 when I, along with 4 other people, witnessed a UFO of unbelievable size quietly hover above a mountain in Tucson, Arizona. It was totally silent. Burn Copper in color and at least three football fields in length. It moved slowly up and down, then rose upwards, moved forwar ...…
On this week's episode of the podcast, Laura is joined by her first guest UFO No More Blog Editor Brittani. Laura and Brittani discuss Henrik's health situation, royals and the Olympics, Harry and Meghan's wedding details, Madeleine's decision to give birth in Sweden, and Kate's fashion for the BAFTAs and Scandinavian trip. They wrap up answeri ...…
238 – summan av de 13 första primtalen. Men 238 är också det antal avsnitt som hittills utkommit av din bästa podcast Kvack!. I detta tvåhundratrettioåttonde avsnitt snackar Henrik och David om platt jord och Frida imponeras över hundoptiker. Dessutom: kvacksalvare, utomjordingar och ekologisk mat. Nu kör vi! Fil! Mjölk! ...…
WMAY morning news • Ray Lytle and Greg Bishop talk about what was found at the state capitol on WMAY • Ray Lytle and Greg Bishop talk about what was found at the state capitol on WMAY • Ray Lytle and Greg Bishop talk about what was found at the state capitol on WMAY • WMAY morning news • Ray Lytle and Greg Bishop talk more about UFOs on WMAY • ...…
Episode 40 starts with many listener emails about last weeks show and how Dad can be so flippant about prostitution with Dan. Dan talks about ‘The Bigger Dick Theory’, and the guys then discuss a recent news post about a UFO Sighting and what their take on what it’s all about.
Sermon PDF iResolve Part 3: To Address the Problem of Prejudice Mark 7:24-30 January 21, 2018 Pastor Morris Brown In 1945, as WW2 was coming to an end, President Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote a speech reflecting on the tragedy of the war. “If civilization is to survive” he wrote, “people of all kinds must learn to live together in the same world, ...…
This week on Middle Theory, the looming threat--or promise--of advanced A.I. in our future is discussed. We turn our attention away from politics to focus on other less agitating but equally important things. We start with a weather update to see what the stormy conditions look like at President Trump’s Ireland golf course, and then the equally ...…
Jan Harzan of MUFON joins the Fringe to duscuss the recent revelations of a secret UFO program at the pentagon and the recent wave of UFO related news coverage by the main stream media. We also discuss Tom Delonge's involvement as a spokes person of sorts for the government.Is this a step closer to disclosure? Or are there other agendas to be s ...…
Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: I don't like cheese. Long lost brothers are best friends. Max's museum of notorious cars. Morons in the news. Hour 2: Sports Confuse Me with Jim Szoke. Loudfeet could be the new nickname. Habits to break to keep the relationship alive. Jimmy is fuming about her returning the gifts. Hour 3: Hailey's boyfr ...…
In this episode of Paranormal Anxiety, Aaron discusses some paranormal news including secret, government UFO research.
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: In a Chinese Enclave of Canada, the Sweet Escape of KaraokeAuthor: Dan LevinNarrator: Keith Sellon-WrightFormat: UnabridgedLength: 7 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 12-27-17Publisher: The New York TimesGenres: Newspapers & Magazines, News & Culture ...…
@MrMoKelly fills in for Gary and Shannon, Today is the 4th busiest shopping day of the year, Pot legalization brings a lot of new rules, Top trending news, Mnuchin gets mailed manure, Trump says parties will unite over healthcare, SciFi edges closer to nonfiction as UFO existence proven beyond reasonable doubt…
It’s Episode 155: a surprise Christmas episode about aliens! Woodzick reads the following articles: ...…
It’s Episode 155: a surprise Christmas episode about aliens! Woodzick reads the following articles: ...…
This week Morty talks about the government program that looks into UFO's. What have they found? Remote viewing? Are you a believer? And of course paranormal news of the week.
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