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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast
All the HDTV and Home Theater news and info you need, without all the reading.
AVexcel is your guide to the best in home theater gear and content - no matter what your budget is!
HDTV and Home Theater Podcast
All the HDTV and Home Theater news and info you need, without all the reading.
HDTV and Home Theater Podcast
All the HDTV and Home Theater news and info you need, without all the reading.
Wiesbaden Radio & Show
“WIESBADEN Radio & Show mit Enno Uhde | Beglückende Gespräche mit Wiesbadener „Helden“Von Enno Uhde - Wöchentliche Interviews mit Wiesbadener Persönlichkeiten. Inspiriert von Tim Ferriss, Malcolm Gladwell, Matthew Mockridge, Gary Vaynerchuk und Richard Branson!"WIESBADEN - Radio & Show" ist DAS Podcast-Format für in Wiesbaden geborene, lebende und arbeitende Lokalpatrioten, die mehr wissen wollen über IHRE Stadt und deren Einwohner und Individuen. Als Hörer blickst Du hinter die Kulissen der ...
I/K/P "Digital Film"
We discuss everything and anything in the "Digital Film" world, so sit back relax and enjoy our rambles. Thank you all you sexy ppl =)
Onyx Test Bench
Our tech is growing and moving faster than ever before—which is why smartphones, smart cars, and smart homes can make us all feel stupid. That’s why Onyx Test Bench is cutting thru the fog on what’s new, and how smart technology can enhance your life instead of the landfill. From UHD to virtual reality, new apps and cars that drive themselves, we’re telling the story of tomorrow’s future in a way we can understand it today!
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Frieder Reinhardt Wiesbaden Radio & Show - Business & Talk powered by Hochschule Fresenius und AStA Fresenius Idstein. Der Merkurist ist in aller Munde, was nicht zuletzt auch an den hochsympathischen Gründern und Geschäftsführern liegt. Mit einem von eben jenen, mit Frieder Reinhardt, hat sich Enno Uhde, der Moderator von Wiesbaden Radio & Sho ...…
LG-32UD99-W-4k Godot 3 daily builds GDQuest DriveHub discursive
Optimistic Gamers
This week Keefe and Jesse talk over if system-wars is dead, and how there's a whole generation of gamers who don't know SEGA made consoles. Jesse complains (AGAIN) about how he really wanted a UHD drive in the PS4 Pro, how many people missed playing L.A. Noire, and what titles would port over well to the Switch.All this AND MORE on this week's ...…
Disney Discussions - A weekly Disney podcast with a father and his 2 boys.
Tony the Disney Dad and his two boys discuss Play Fair NY Part 1, Disney News, The Lost Weekend, Disney Maps, and more on episode 11 of Disney Discussions. 00:00 Welcome! 01:24 Rebels episode 7 & 8 Review 03:40 Thor makes $$$$$ 04:52 Stitch is getting toys! News 05:37 Pirates of the Caribbean in WDW is closing in February - Source 06:20 Cars 3 ...…
Well the studio just about got gutted this past weekend and I had some fun at the beginning of the show. Things will get back to normal at the beginning of next week. For now though the studio upgrade process is going well. You have heard me talk about proximity beacons. I know now how … Continue reading Apple iPhone X Drop Test #1238 → Apple i ...…
STATE OF THE M.C.U.NION ADDRESS This week the crew of Red Six to Golden Corral peer into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to discuss the state of the MCU. The superhero movie juggernaut continues on as Marvel wraps up phase 3 with Thor: Ragnarok. It’s a radioactive spider bite of fun when Caleb risks creating Ultron in his home and Nick gives Beas ...…
It’s a 4K kind of day in the Stuff podcast studio, with Microsoft’s Xbox One X finally giving Rob Leedham a reason to own a spangly UHD TV - and giving the rest of us serious thought about upgrading.That's in addition to your usual Hot Five, and make sure to stick around until the team each names their Something For The Weekend picks. Just in c ...…
Having owned a Canon C100 Mark II for three years and having just bought a RED Scarlett-W, the Canon C200 is an interesting cinema camera that fits in right between the two. Check today's price at B&H » Shooting beautiful 4K/UHD footage, having the best touch screen autofocus features on the market, and the ability to s ...…
John Kheit is a New York attorney and a regular Contributing Editor for The Mac Observer. We share many common interests, including the 4K/UHD TV revolution, and have recently been comparing notes on that technology. So, for this edition of Background Mode, we just geeked out, chatted about his acquisition of an LG OLED 4K/UHD TV, compared OLED ...…
Obed reviews Death Note on Netflix and the UHD Blu-ray version of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. We talk about this week in Street Fighter news, Fist of the Northstar for PS4, more Secret Empire updates and some Han Solo rumors.Song of the Show: from Street Fighter V - Suzaku Castle
Should the Nikon D850 Be Your Next Camera? The Nikon D850 is a beast of a camera, packing a lot of specs into one package. A lot of people were waiting to see what Nikon announced and many believe the Nikon D850 raises the bar for the competition. Can you handle the Nikon D850? More importantly, should you bother with it? While I think this is ...…
Hey Techies Show
Show Notes – Michael, Bruce and The Guru discuss Taylor Swift’s new release, Eclipse wrap up, lotto payout, Gurus CrashPlan issues, Verizon changing plans again, Backing up: what to use, What streaming boxes do we like, UHD 4K players, Google and Walmart voice ordering, Android O, Gurus Apple Watch issues ...…
Larry, Eddie V and Corey In UHD are back this week and they are talking about the mountain of underwhelmingness that was Microsost's Gamescon 2017 presentation.By Larry Giver.
Hi everyone, Bryan here…. If you missed our radio show on the air and can’t catch our video show on our YouTube channel, please catch our full show in podcast form by Subscribing to iTunes or Stitcher Radio. At ‘The Entertainment Answer‘, we have a ton of fun talking about movies, television, Blu-rays, and anything pop culture that comes up, PL ...…
Justin Rexing, AV Design Engineer at Western Kentucky University joins us to share his AV career story. His experience as an enduser in higher education gives him the right perspective to get the project done well as a systems integrator. Show Notes: Special Guests: Justin Rexing Release Date: August 1, 2017 Running Time: 50:39 Intro http://www ...…
PC Perspective Podcast
PC Perspective Podcast #460 - 07/27/17 Join us for ASUS Max-Q, Surface vs. iPad, AMD Q2 Results, and more! You can subscribe to us through iTunes and you can still access it directly through the RSS page HERE. The URL for the podcast is: - Share with your friends! iTunes - Subscribe to the podcast directly through the i ...…
It's semi final time in Super Rugby and the Crusaders remain our pick to win the title. What is going on with the Wallabies fitness? Taping up their mouths while running up gentle hills. Is it all for show? We make our assessment. Thanks to our sponsor STRIKE – leaders in mobile phone cradles for vehicles. 4K UHD VIDEO WALL BY SAMSUNG.…
This week, it's all about TVs and media streaming. Marc tells us about his brand new 4K TV, the pros and cons of various streaming services and technologies are discussed, and Mike talks about his new favourite show: The Man In The High Castle. Twitter: Facebook: Links: Amazon ...…
Oppo 205 UHD Blu-ray player and ATC speaker reviews, gaming news, movie news and more...
Ya Shoulda Seen This by Now
I know you yearn. Yearn for return. Return of the boys that's what I learned. Boys what you need. Them boys is these. And finally I can present new episode to thee. It's the return of the boys and you know what that means... It's Frank and Dan doing what they do. They talking Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, War f ...…
Joel shares the hype and reviews Spider-Man: Homecoming and Obed took his time with the new Castlevania series on Netflix. We talk about 4K UHD Blu-Rays for Guardians Vol. 2 and The Dark Knight Trilogy, Evo 2017 and more!Song of the Show: from Bayonetta - Fly Me To The Moon
Samsung UHD Blu-ray player, Chord Hugo 2 and Hisense N5800 TV review, movie news and more...
The Lions series is over but controversy rages after a refereeing backflip denied the All Blacks a shot at a series winning penalty in the drawn third test. We look in-depth at the incident and Ben names his players of the series. In Super Rugby the Waratahs are thrashed again and there's movement north for two South African teams. Thanks to ou ...…
Two Petes In A Pod...Cast - Bull Butter Radio
This week Josh and Gary abandoned Bryan and so he got himself a special guest! Hear them talk about Diablo, Disney joining the UHD master race and the #PLLFinale!
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