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Mafiya mahimmacin mas alolin haji da umra
Mas alolin haji da umra mafi mahimmacin da yakamaci muslimin mai niyyar haji ko umra yasansu.
Hukumce hukumcen aikin haji da umra
Mas alolin haji da umra mafi mahimmacin da yakamaci muslimin mai niyyar haji ko umra yasansu.
Sharhin hukunce hukuncan haj da umra
Malan yayi bayani ne akan wajabcin haj da umra da fala larsu da siffufin haj da umara da wasu kura kurai da wasu masu haj suke fadawa acikinsu da sauran hukunce hukuncan haj da umra da wasu nasihohi ga masu niyyar haj da umra.
Souratoul Bakara koro (124-129)
Allah ye ibrahima – kisi nema ba kan -ladjarabi, Toyonli kelaw teke niemoko ye, allah ye alkaba ke mokow farayoro ye nioko kan ani U mafa yoro ye, ani hidji ni Umra keyoro ye , Ibrahima ka duwaou makah ye, Ibrahima ni Ismaila ka alkaba djoli ani uka duwaou ni allah niesira ya ye.
Sharhin Littafin Sahihul Buhari Kitabul Hajj
Malan Yayi Bayani Ne Akan Wajabcin Haj Da Fa Lalarsa Da Wura Ran Da Ake Kaukar Yiyyar Haj Da Umra Da Hukumcin Sayya Turare Da Abu Buwan Da Aka Hana Mahajjaci Da Hukunce Hukuncan Tal Biya Da Sauran Hukuncan Ahaj Dasuka Wajaba Akan Kowane Musulmi Ya Sansu
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Transcript: You have eight books on rational living. How did you, how did you get started in these kinds of conversations? What was your, was your, epiphany, your life lesson that got you here? JOHN VESPASIAN: Well with, um, what initially draw me to write was pure frustration. I have to say, frustration and irritation. Because for many years, ...…
BetterWorldians Radio
“From those to whom much has been given, much is expected.” That’s the motto of Safari Doctors founder, Umra Omar, our guest this week on BetterWorldians Radio. Omar will talk about how she left behind a career in Washington, D.C. to return to her homeland of Kenya to provide medical care to those who otherwise wouldn’t receive it.…
NameThe Surah takes its name Ar-Rum from the second verse in which the words ghulibat-ir-Rum have occurred.Period of RevelationThe period of the revelation of this Surah is determined absolutely by the historical event that has been mentioned at the outset. It says: "The Romans have been vanquished in the neighboring land."In those days the Byz ...…
DumTeeDum - A show about The BBC The Archers by its Fans
Andrew Horn returns as Roifield has headed off to Canada.Andrew Horn caused a heart attack as he repeated comments I had made in another forum about the anaerobic digester and the rest of Berrow Farm - I covered all of this in umra and I agree it was important. Andrew also raised the paternity test - I went back to the recording to prove that D ...…
Hukumce hukumcen aikin haji da umra
Hukumce hukumcen aikin haji da umra
Inviting to the Straight Path
Sh. Hanif and other believers from America recently had the honor of going to Iraq for Ziarat (visitation) and visited the shrines of Imam Ali (as), Imam Hussein (as), Masjid al-Kufa, Sahlah...etc just to name a few. In this broadcast we will discuss our experiences and the importance of going on Ziarat. We welcome everyone to join us and if yo ...…
Recitation of Holy Quran with Urdu Translation
Sura 2. al-Baqarah (the Cow): In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Ever-Merciful. 1. Alif, Lam, Mim. (Only Allah and the Messenger know the real meaning.) 2. (This is) the Glorious Book in which there is no chance of doubt. (It is) a guide for those who guard against evil and fear Allah: 3. Those who believe in the unseen, and establish pr ...…
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