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Carolyn Godfrey comes back and updates us on her life since she left the show. Stay tuned after the end of this episode for an important announcement.By LoveBytes.
Our good friend Nathan Fleck joins us again as he updates us on his life since he left the podcast.By LoveBytes.
A friend of Neil Rodgers asks us to discuss his relationship. He is in a sticky situation with an ex he would like to continue dating. Can it work out? Tune in to find out more.By LoveBytes.
We have received yet another email from a guy asking for relationship advice. This time, he wants to know whether or not he is compatible with his ex. The LoveBytes team weighs in.By LoveBytes.
What do you talk about on a first date? These are our ideas. Thanks AskMen.comBy LoveBytes.
How old do you have to be to get married? Does it really make a difference? The LoveBytes team weighs in.By LoveBytes.
We have talked a lot about bad dates. Today we give you some ideas for good dates to go on.By LoveBytes.
The LoveBytes team receives an email from a man asking for relationship advice. We weigh in on his situation.By LoveBytes.
What are they, and how do they affect women?By LoveBytes.
This episode is for the ladies. We discuss noticing flaws in your man.By LoveBytes.
How much should you listen to your friends relationship advice? The LoveBytes team weighs in.By LoveBytes.
How important is it to “win” after breaking up? How exactly do you win the breakup? the LoveBytes Team weighs in.By LoveBytes.
This week, we address the concerns of a mother who just sent her daughter off to college. She is afraid that the boys who date her daughter may move too fast in the relationship. The LoveBytes team weighs in.By LoveBytes.
Today we follow up with a listener who has a few comments about one of our early episodes.By LoveBytes.
Today we revisit an old topic as we talk about signals. Mae isn’t quite sure how to interpret the signals she is receiving. The LoveBytes team weighs in.By LoveBytes.
Today we discuss an email from another Lindsey. She has an ex who just wont let her go. The LoveBytes team weighs in on her situation.By LoveBytes.
In today’s episode, we have a listener in studio. We talk about her situation with a man we call Richard. During the episode, we mention two articles. The first was published by Denver University. The second was published by Ohio State.By LoveBytes.
Happy Valentine’s Day! The LoveBytes team discusses past Valentine’s day experiences and gives some pointers about how to have a good Valentine’s Day every year.By LoveBytes.
Ever had an ex make an unexpected visit? Ever find yourself having feelings for that ex? The LoveBytes team discusses an email from Benjamin who had this exact problem. Also, to re-download our episode that didn’t work two weeks ago, delete the episode and follow this guide: ...…
Ever wonder what guys think about dating? In this episode, we dissect the male mind and what it is thinking in the early stages of dating.By LoveBytes.
Whether big or small, deal breakers end relationships. The question is whether or not your deal breakers are significant, or if you are a real life Jerry Seinfeld. The LoveBytes Team gives their take.By LoveBytes.
Feelin’ bromantic? Trying to break up a bromance? Learn more in today’s episode.By LoveBytes.
A follow up from a few weeks ago, we talk about how to keep a positive outlook on dating after being rejected.By LoveBytes.
Hotness Delusion Syndrome. It’s one blogger’s nightmare, and our topic for discussion today. Haven’t heard of it? Tune in to find out more.By LoveBytes.
First off, an apology: I have been pretty bad at getting episodes up. I did recently get married, and am using that as my poor excuse as to why I haven’t gotten any episodes up. So, without any further adieu, here is our episode.By LoveBytes.
Love or Lust? The LoveBytes Team gives their take.By LoveBytes.
This week, the LoveBytes team (still sans Neil) discuss those fights you never want to have.By LoveBytes.
How do you approach a long distance relationship? The LoveBytes Team (Sans Neil) weighs in.By LoveBytes.
Its time again for bad dating stories. This week we have two: A guy who shares TMI, and a bad on-line dating experience. Enjoy all and happy dating!By LoveBytes.
This week we respond to an update from Ruben. If you don’t know Ruben’s situation or don’t remember it, you can find it here: Episode 52 – Ruben’s in a Pickle. In this update, he gathers up the courage to talk the beautiful girl he’s been crushing over. Also, thanks the very few who have donated to help us stay on the air. If you haven’t donate ...…
This week the LoveBytes team talks about Gary Chapman’s 5 love languages . Find out which languages the team speaks, and hear their opinion about Mr. Chapman’s work. If you are curious about your own love language, you can take the quiz here: Happy Dating everyone!…
First of all, we apologize for releasing this podcast a little late this week. This week’s show is about being single and enjoying it. Neil announces his new singledom, and some of the factors that lead up to his relationship fizzling. In the second half of the show, we read and respond to an email sent by Chloe, who is single and having a hard ...…
What’s the best way to hope for love after a breakup? Beat down those negative feelings!!!! Just kidding…. I just thought this picture was awesome. Today we discuss the best way to hope for love after a breakup. And, we talk a bit about moving on…again.By LoveBytes.
This week we have a special guest Maddy who tells us about a bad dating experience she had. The LoveBytes team analyze some situations, and give some pointers so guys and gals can avoid some of the mistakes made on this awful dating marathon.By LoveBytes.
Congrats to Kirk on his engagement! (I know it seems we’re all getting married, but this is really legit). Kirk graciously shares how he proposed to his now-fiancee. Afterwards, Michael kicks off this week’s topic with one of his infamous sports analogies. This week’s topic: getting ahead of yourself in a relationship. More specifically, lookin ...…
This week, the Lovebytes team answers a email from Jessi. She is frustrated by the feeling that her relationship has fallen into a routine. We give advice about how women can give some subtle hints to men (hopefully they aren’t too thick-headed), and the men give some insight into the simpleton mind that is the male psyche. Enjoy!…
This week while Michael and Sara are on their honeymoon, Neil and Kirk produce a very special show dedicated to the newly wedded couple. We call up both of their parents and solicit them for marriage advice. Kirk and Niel even give some of their own advice (as inadequate as it is). Below are some of the links mentioned in the podcast: Talk: htt ...…
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