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The Goodie Goodie with Sabrina Jalees
Sabrina Jalees talks to her favorite comedians about the pursuit of happiness and healthiness. Each episode features sexy conversations about comedy and life’s eternal bitch-slap, as well as uplifting cameos by Sabrina’s very Swiss mother, Ursula, with tips on happiness, healthiness and reminders to do your taxes. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.
Race Wars
Hilarious, honest and unfiltered, Race Wars with Kurt Metzger, Sherrod Small and Keren Margolis delivers a brutally funny perspective that can't be found anywhere else. Kurt, Sherrod and Keren cut through all the layers of politically correct media spin to deliver hysterical and truthful opinions on social, racial and global topics.
Rantin' and Ravin'
Rantin' and Ravin' with Yamaneika and Friends is the incredibly funny podcast hosted by the hilarious Yamaneika Saunders.
Passed Podcast
Comedy Club Insiders and Comics talk about how to level up in the industry. Produced by Matt W (Stand Up NY Labs)
The Invasion of Privacy podcast breaks boundaries, as Kate Wolff combines her extremely honest and edgy humor with her spiritual beliefs to go deep into any topic. Kate manages to talk about the meaning of life, sex, and the daily struggles we endure in a way that is hilarious, digestible and entertaining. You will always be kept on your toes as she goes deeper and deeper in your soul with her big ol' energy penis.
Stand Up NY Labs presents Tuesdays with Stories- a fun weekly pod hosted by NYC comedians Joe List and Mark Normand. Luckily, Joe and Mark are funny (thank God) and have an endless amount of funny stories. They meet every week to spin a few hilarious yarns, sometimes with comedian friends. Give it a listen and be their friend too.
Stand Up NY Labs brings you Charlie Murphy Presents- the official podcast of Charlie Murphy. Comin' at ya every Wednesday with the biggest guests in comedy and entertainment, Charlie hosts a round table in front of a live studio audience in the Stand Up NY Lab above Stand Up NY Comedy club in New York City. Charlie Murphy's rapid evolution from "Chappelle's Show" cast member to top-billed international comedian, playing to sold-out audiences around the globe, has been remarkable. He has spen ...
Lust for Life
Stand Up NY Labs presents Lust For Life with James L. Mattern and Benjy Susswein, a podcast about the human condition.
Step into the creative process of stand up comedy in Moonlighting with Sam Morril. Each week Sam brings in a panel of stand up comics to riff the new bits that they’re working on, sparking hilarious and honest conversation about personal topics and current events. They’re like your friends, only way funnier.
The Mandatory Sampson Podcast covers current events, politics, media, and culture. Hosted by Chris Flannery and Joey Noe, MSP synthesizes real information and delivers it straight to your ears in a clear, honest, and unique package every Friday.
Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole is THE official conspiracy podcast. Hosts Mike Cannon and the Liberty Men will ruin your carefree days when you become obsessed with the reality that Rabbit Hole exposes.Topics Include: The 9/11 hoax. Vaccines, Crop formations, Extraterrestrials, Chemtrails, Mind control, Ancient technology and a crap ton of other subjects the Lame Stream Media won't tell you.
Free Speech
FREE SPEECHThe world’s most uncensored podcast is hosted by “Godfather of hipsterdom” and Fox News regular Gavin McInnes. Whether he agrees with his guests or gets in an angry screaming match, McInnes always seems to draw out an unprecedented level of honesty which makes for a conversation that is always controversial and never boring. The point of this show is to counter political correctness and the war on fun going on in America today. Though every single episode seems to spark some sort ...
Sole Men
Comedians Nore Davis and Derek Gaines, The Sole Men, come at you every two weeks to bring you into the conversation about sneaker releases, sneaker news and sneaker everything else.
Lust For Life
Stand Up NY Labs presents Lust for Life with Maddog Mattern, a podcast about the human condition. Each week comedian Maddog Mattern, Benjy Susswein and a rotating group of their friends talk to a guest with a unique story in effort to get themselves and their listeners closer to understanding this thing called life.
Jonathan Randall & Joe Harary are two Pot Head Jews who love talking out TV, Movies, Sci Fi, Superheroes, Star Wars, Pop culture, Comedy and other things. Tune in to hear their relationship blossom as they try to make it through a conversation before forgetting what they were talking about in the first place. This is what goes on in Your Mother's Basement! Check them out on Twitter @yomomsbasement @jonathanrandall @Ferris_McFly and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/yourmothersbasementpodcast
Rick Shapiro Diaries
Rick Shapiro Diaries is a glimpse into the mind of the ranting comedic genius from the Lower East Side. Recorded from Rick's home every week, each episode is an uncut stream of consciousness of hilarious and earnest thought.
Musician Anya Marina, and comedians Phil Hanley and Sam Morril, do their best each week to help themselves and the occasional caller make sense of relationships, sex, and romance. None of them know what the hell they're talking about, but through candid conversations and help from guests, they have as much fun as possible trying to figure it all out. Call in with your questions at 347-467-1240!
Comic Keren Margolis and homosexual Tommy O'Malley are both power tops who co-host Unhireable, the biological child of the podcast Race Wars. Every week, Keren and Tommy talk to fellow smart attention seekers about the culture. You're welcome.
"The Nick Vatterott Show" The show where each week Nick Vatterott can't make it, and some "guest host" takes over the show.
Universe City
A scientifically funny podcast (p<0.05); new episodes every Tuesday.Comedians Joe Zimmerman, Jono Zalay, and Raj Sivaraman (two PhDs and one NCAA athlete) explore a new topic in science each week, from evolutionary biology and particle physics, to political science and economics. They review the most exciting scientific findings and discuss the impacts for science, society, and their own personal lives. Listening to this podcast has been scientifically proven to make you a better citizen of ...
Vibeology Podcast
One of New York’s finest, Jennifer has been rocking dance floors in NY nightclubs since 2009. DJ/producer Miss Jennifer was born in New York City. She grew up a record junkie and underground dance music aficionado, which would then turn into an extremely fruitful music career. Before she knew it, Miss Jennifer was one of the pioneer female DJ's leading the music trend throughout the East Coast of the United States.
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Sherrod and Keren are joined by comedians Kevin Gootee and Drew Picklyk, as well as Standup NY chief of Staff Jon Borromeo as Drew breaks down the upcoming Canadian Election, Jon talks about the death squads in the Philippines, and Sherrod discusses how to deal with the NYPD.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreo ...…
It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for: Jordan Firstman (@jtfirstman) is back in the studio (aka. bed) in one piece after his epic ayahuasca journey in Peru. He takes us through the revelations of a three day adventure through his soul and the galaxy. If you’ve ever considered taking ayahuasca or are just interested in going inward this is ...…
Jon and Kevin come back from hiatus with their biggest guest to date, Artie Lange discussing doing comedy sober, getting paid $55k to perform one show, and what it was like trying to get passed int he 90's.By Passed Podcast.
Ali is away so Damien gets In the Conversation with Chris Lamberth to catchup on music and TV, they talk about the 20th anniversary of Black o Both Sides, and Damien discusses the struggles of cord-cutting.twitter.com/dlemoncomedy // twitter.com/mrmuhammadKeep up with the conversation on Facebook: facebook.com/intheconversation…
This week is the goodie goodie breaks new ground by interviewing Jordan Firstman (search party, big mouth) both before and after he flies to Peru to do an intense ayahuasca journey with a shaman. They chat about his previous journeys, what he wants to gain, relationships with mamas and what makes them feel sexy. Other topics include the scale o ...…
Yamaneika and Chloe Hilliard break down the scandal of Amanda Seales not being allowed into the black Emmy's party.By Yamaneika Saunders.
By Tuesdays With Stories.
Sherrod was at a memorial for chef Carl Ruiz this week so we've assembled some of Carl's best stories to pay tribute.By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Damien and Ali get in the Conversation about street photography, Joker, Power, and the evolution of the rap persona.twitter.com/dlemoncomedy // twitter.com/mrmuhammadKeep up with the conversation on Facebook: facebook.com/InTheConversationBy Damien Lemon, Ali Muhammad.
Damien and Ali get in the Conversation about street photography, Joker, Power, and the evolution of the rap persona.twitter.com/dlemoncomedy // twitter.com/mrmuhammadKeep up with the conversation on Facebook: facebook.com/InTheConversationBy Damien Lemon, Ali Muhammad.
Yamaneika is joined by Chloe Hilliard to discuss Botham Jean, Chloe asks Yam if she would go back to Africa given the chance, and they discuss the differences in Christianity for white and black people.By Yamaneika Saunders.
By Tuesdays With Stories.
Sherrod and Keren are joined in studio by Kendra Sunderland and comedians Riley Lassin and H Foley as Riley discusses Connecticut sorority life they discuss the connection between domestic violence and football, and Kendra talks about her creepy high school teacher writing her poems.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at ww ...…
The girls go in on race discussing micro and macro aggressions. Nicole tells the story of the worst most racist man in the world making her feel small and we hate him. Sabrina teaches a lesson on the benefits of saying the wrong thing and going immediately to sleep. Both Sab and her wife are on their periods at the same time and Nicole asks a r ...…
Ali gets in the Conversation with Potty Break's Toni Thai(https://www.instagram.com/tonithai/)about colorism, Amber Guyger's guilty verdict and Luke's Super Bowl beef with Jay Z.twitter.com/dlemoncomedy // twitter.com/mrmuhammadKeep up with the conversation on Facebook: facebook.com/InTheConversation…
Brenda Castano joins Kate, and they discuss how we are all unique vibrations desiring to bring the most of our truest, multi-facted selves down into the manifested world. They talk about how Brenda uses incredible crystal bowls to create vibrations that tune your body back into it's truer state. They also get into what Phoenix energy represents ...…
Yamaneika is out of the studio this week so we are rereleasing a classic episode with Chloe and Rosebud Baker. Enjoy!!By Yamaneika Saunders.
After Nicole sleeps through Sab and her original record time Sabrina barges into Nicole’s estate to press record. Nicole’s dog has broken into the pantry and is being punished and guess who else should be punished: everyone at the airport. They chat racism, pole dancing, insane rich white racist people and Nicole’s experience in a world obsesse ...…
The girls lay in bed chatting about when Patti realized she’d want to transition and her family’s support around it all. Patti discusses the burden society puts on trans people to outline their full identity before taking hormones. Do they discuss deals? Yes. Do they discuss safety? Of course. So they get into the misconception of the “complime ...…
Sherrod and Keren have a packed studio today with comedians Enissa Amani, Neko White, Mikey Mayes, Mike Brown, and psychic Natasha Leath-Hamilton as Natasha reads everyone in the room, Enissa discusses how Germans can be funny despite the lack of Jews and the guys discuss how white women are the biggest threat to black men.For the extended vers ...…
This week Damien and Ali get in the Conversation about Back To School, the Queens Night Market and of course, POWER.twitter.com/dlemoncomedy // twitter.com/mrmuhammadKeep up with the conversation on Facebook: facebook.com/intheconversationBy Damien Lemon, Ali Muhammad.
Kate talks about embodying ancient wisdom, and how there are symbols and hieroglyphs that have universal meanings throughout the cosmos. She gets into non-duality, and what it really means to include everyone's perspective and story. And how hard it is to see your own blind spots. She then talks about the Holy Grail, Twin Flames, Mind-Body-Spir ...…
Patti Harrison (star of Shrill, writer on Big Mouth) is as hilarious as she is gorge and having her on the pod is a delight. Patti’s sister has a horny thirst trap doppelgänger and we start our chat with that cold hard fact. The art of consoling people. We chat about how mom’s get blamed for everything (after Sabrina inadvertently and casually ...…
Yamaneika is joined by Pat Brown as they get into all the news from Shane Gillis getting fired to Antonio Brown's accusations and Yamaneika has a bone to pick with Popeye's Chicken.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Okay you are going to want to dive into Naomi and Sabrina’s deep dish family dramas (everyone’s got em honey). Naomi reminisces on getting made fun of for talking white in Detroit and Sabrina admits she didn’t send thank yous after the baby shower. Omg Naomi almost signed with an Australian agency called Chocolate Colored Characters. Australia’ ...…
Sherrod and Keren are joined by Aida Rodriguez, Sofia Samrad, Jax Dell'Osso, and Abby Lee Brazil where Aida breaks the news of Jesse Jaymes' death to Abby, they discuss the Shane Gillis debacle, and Abby talks about growing up in Brazil.@officialabbyleebrazil@funnyaida@jaxdellosso@sofiasamradFor the extended version of this weeks podcast subscr ...…
Damien and Ali get In the Conversation about Hustlers Ali discusses the Antonio Brown situation, and they discuss whether Shane Gillis should have been fired from SNL.twitter.com/dlemoncomedy // twitter.com/mrmuhammadKeep up with the conversation on Facebook: facebook.com/intheconversationBy Damien Lemon, Ali Muhammad.
Naomi Ekperigin (Seth Myers, Broad City, Search Party) stops by the dressing room to talk about career, love and muting the ‘gram to thrive. Sab and Naomi debate when it’s appropriate and when it’s psychotic to ask for job recommendations. How did Naomi break into the business? What was it like being one of these things is not like the other on ...…
Yamaneika is alone this week sharing an important message with black men.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Kate discusses the holographic nature of reality, and that what we experience in the external world is a reflection of our inner world. She talks about how we are all connected, and certain issues are surfacing in every fragment/fractal of reality. She also gives her opinion on medical marijuana, and how she won't work with a psychiatrist who d ...…
Starlee and Sabrina continue their deep, vulnerable dive into their hearts and minds. Have you been frozen by fear? Listen! Starlee looks back at the time where she was given a book deal but couldn’t bang it out because of the pressure she stacked on herself. Wanna know how to break into the TV writing biz? Take a listen baby! Starlee talks abo ...…
F*Ck It Up by Kate Wolff& a producer with a 2nd high end job who can't be tagged in this song bc I rap a lot about my balls. Enjoy! <3Also Avail on #itunesFollow IG & Twitter: @thekatewolffBy Kate Wolff.
Sherrod and Keren are joined by comedians Ryan Long and Rick Younger as Rick discusses being in Mean Girls on Broadway, black people with anxiety, and Ryan discusses his recent move to America.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreon.com/racewarsFor video of previous weeks extended episodes and more check us out a ...…
Damien and Ali get In the Conversation about the new iPhones coming out, the Antonio Brown Drama, and they recap both Power and Snowfall.twitter.com/dlemoncomedy // twitter.com/mrmuhammadKeep up with the conversation on Facebook: facebook.com/intheconversationBy Damien Lemon, Ali Muhammad.
This episode starts out in the backyard and gets dog-chased into Sabrina’s bed where both Sab and guest Starlee Kine (Mystery Show, Search Party, This American Life) dive deep and get vulnerable. They discuss the inevitability of comparing and despairing and the fiction around it all. Starlee feels she needs to reignite her sense of hope and th ...…
Yamaneika is joined by comedian Christina Galston to break down their relationship situations, their dating struggles, and how to handle a breakup.By Yamaneika Saunders.
Liz Samuel joins Kate, and they talk about opening up to ones psychic gifts, and how beautiful it is when you start to truly claim them. They also discuss the rise of the divine feminine within every man and woman, and freeing it is to let the masks fall off. We all truly just want to be our truest selves; We ache for it. They also get into gun ...…
Emily just got s new dog and the girls discuss how that’s helped with breaking her indie-indie walls down. They also bond over the goofy make up and styling people instinctively put on on-camera women. All these and more AS WELL AS a chat with Ursula about her favorite new app and doggy potty training tricks. Emily Hellers comedy special Ice Th ...…
Sherrod is back from Vegas and joined by chef Carl Ruiz and comedians Kareem Green and Victoria Arnstein as Sherrod and Carl discuss drinking in the south, they discuss middle eastern women, and Nazi's in Argentina.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreon.com/racewarsBy Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Damien and Ali get In the Conversation about Ali's son going back to college, Damien's trip to the dentist and Damien finally watched Dave Chappelle's new special.twitter.com/dlemoncomedy // twitter.com/mrmuhammadKeep up with the conversation on Facebook: facebook.com/intheconversationBy Damien Lemon, Ali Muhammad.
Sherrod and Kurt are reunited for a live episode in Las Vegas!!By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small.
Emmy award winner (Barry) and very goodie goodie friend Emily Heller slips into Sabrina’s dressing room and the girls take off their bras for a comfy catch up. What did they catch up on? Would to you like to know. Full stop. End. JK! Here are some topics: starting in a multi cam (Emily was on Ground Floor), gardening and gardening hats, body im ...…
We’re back in the Carol’s Second Act dressing room just in time to find out Ashley’s tips on Instagram success. Sabrina trades her meeting Susan Sarandon story for Ashley’s meeting all of Brad Pitt’s exes stories (Jen Aniston AND Angelina Jolie). Ashley reminisces on the early days of High School Musical and shares the story of how she fell in ...…
Kate talks about her most recent visit to the ER, and how scary it is to have an allergic reaction to something. She also discusses how we all desire to be our truest selves, and this journey is about going deeper into who we truly are with love and compassion. She then gets into Bachelor finalists Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolf, and how b ...…
Damien and Ali get In the Conversation about the culture of young athletes, they catch up on Snowfall and Power, and Ali shares some wisdom regarding conflict resolution.twitter.com/dlemoncomedy // twitter.com/mrmuhammadKeep up with the conversation on Facebook: facebook.com/intheconversationBy Damien Lemon, Ali Muhammad.
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