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It is essential that we maintain contact with the word of God every single day. The purpose of this podcast is to provide sermons/lessons which are an encouragement and a drawing to believers and nonbelievers alike.Visit my other Blog
Connecting the Ministers and Resources of North Texas District to reach the souls of North Texas.
At Greater Faith, we believe this is where you belong. We hope that you find restoration, peace, strength, comfort, and clarity from the messages we bring to you. Check us out on the web at God Bless
Turning Point Apostolic Church
A community of real people operating in the real power of Jesus Christ and offering individuals a real purpose in life.
First Pentecostal Church, we are a Multi-cultural, Apostolic, Pentecostal, UPCI Church in Palm bay, FL - Pastor David Myers. We welcome you to grow deeper in the word and in the power of the Holy Ghost!
Thanks for the listening to the POBC Sermon Podcast! This is an updated collection of sermons by our local pastoral staff. This podcast is typically updated three times per week. For more information, visit
Sharing the Gospel with Your Family
Without Walls
Services of the Apostolic Church of Salem
Newark UPC Podcast
Sermons and teaching from Newark United Pentecostal Church
New Life Church
United Pentecostal church located in NOLA.
A collection of sermons from Solid Rock UPC
Life Tab
Guide Pointe Church
Guide Pointe is a revival church in Bedford, Indiana, USA. We have a powerful ministry team of scholars, historians, ministry veterans, and evangelists, and we believe that you will be blessed by the Pentecostal preaching and teaching that can be found at Guide Pointe Church. Powered by
Listen to messages preached at Sanctuary Church.
Selected sermons and studies archive from River of Life - Muncie, Indiana
Haven of Hope
884 Grand Ave. - New Haven, CT - 06517
Welcome to the Lifepoint Podcast. Whether you are just wondering what Jesus and the Bible are all about or you are a committed Christian looking to deepen your relationship with God, Lifepoint wants to help you “Live Life On Purpose.” We hope that these messages will impact your life and challenge your faith.
Take AWC with you where every go.
Take AWC with you where every go.
We are a twenty-first century, Apostolic church, nestled in historic Albemarle County, Virginia (home to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and the University of Virginia). Our three-fold purpose as a beacon of hope in the Charlottesville community is, healing hurts, growing together, and changing our world.
F.E. Curts
More Life UPC
More Life United Pentecostal Church in Grand Bay, AL. Pastor Shirlon Davis
Messages delivered at new life tabernacle church by Pastor Goodspeed. Pastor Goodspeed is licensed through the UPCI. He has pastored our church since 2006.
UPC is a Christ-centered church in the Central Coast region of California. We are committed to faithfully communicating the Word of God to the glory of the Triune God: Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Grace and peace be with you.
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Darren Gilbert; 06.09.2017 AM NTY CAMP
David McGovern; 06.08.2017 PM NTY CAMP
Josh Youngblood; 06.08.17 AM JR. NTY CAMP
Josh Youngblood; 06.07.2017 AM JR. NTY CAMP
Josh Youngblood; 06.06.2017 AM JR. NTY CAMP
Cade Hendrick; 06.06.2017 AM SR. NTY CAMP
David McGovern; 06.05.2017 PM NTY CAMP
Donna Linville; 04/28/2017 Joy Conference
Thetus Tenny; 04/28/2017 Joy Conference
Janice Sjostrand; 04/27/2017 Joy Conference
Burkina Faso is a french speaking country of 17 million people in West Africa. It is about half the size of Texas. In this densly packed country, there are 13 UPCI churches.Zack and Jen Sportsman are missionaries appointed to this work. Tonight, Bro. and Sis. Sportsman bring us details about their work in Burkina Faso as well as a timely messag ...…
Adam Shaw; 03.03.2017 PM NTYC
Darren Gilbert; 03.03.2017 AM NTYC
Adam Shaw; 03.02.2017 PM NTYC
What do you do if you have all the passion, dedication, vision, and organization to start your own business but technical nuances can sometimes overwhelm you? Don’t give up! You need experienced and thorough experts that can help you navigate complicated waters. Scott and his team at The Amazing Seller have gone through all the tough and “in th ...…
Rev. Raymond Woodward -In The Name - UPCI General Conference 2013By (Apostolic Vault).
Kris Prince; 08.04.2016 AM Junior High Session
Josh Youngblood; 08.03.2016 AM Junior High Session
Cody Russell; 08.02.2016 AM Junior High Session
Darren Gilbert; 08.05.2016 AM NTY Camp
Jimmy Toney; 08.04.2016 PM NTY Camp
Jimmy Toney; 08.03.2016 PM NTY Camp
Rev. Doug White -The Truth About The Christian Rock Lie - UPCI Youth Congress 2001By (Apostolic Vault).
Rev. Jack Cunningham; 07/01/2016 NTXD Camp Meeting
Rev. Jack Cunningham; 06/30/2016 NTXD Camp Meeting
Rev. Jack Cunningham; 06/29/2016 NTXD Camp Meeting
Pastor J. Dan Gill was a third-generation Oneness (aka “Jesus only”) Pentecostal. He was content in that community and well versed in its theology. But he started to notice a disconnect between their ways of talking about Jesus and what we read in the Bible, and he began to investigate the matter. Decades later, he holds to what he calls a Chri ...…
For Mother's Day 2016, Beth Moore gave a sermon at our Cypress campus on growing up.
Tatiana and Josh interview Blake Miles of The Green Beret Foundation and Adam House.Topics of discussion include paying taxes, Green Beret operations, social engineering within Bitcoin, war veterans with PTSD, and foreign policy.Blake Miles is a former Army Special Forces soldier who spent time at 1st Special Forces Group and 20th Special Force ...…
Wednesday's Daily DevotionIf you want to be a guest speaker on the podcast and you have a message from God that you would like to share then please email me at and we will setup a day and time. The bible says that we are to share the gospel of the Lord to the whole world.If you have a prayer request or a victory report t ...…
The original post is not showing up. So I am reposting this awesome sermon! In this episode a woman's vital role in the body of Christ is expressly taught. Excellent sermon for those ladies (good for men also) who desire to live abundantly and with the authority Jesus has promised to us.By
Most Amazon Private Label sellers have heard the term “product hijacking,” but what does it mean and how does it happen? On this episode of The Amazing Seller you’re going to get the full story of this underhanded practice and come to understand why people do it, what they’re trying to gain, how it happens, and most importantly, what you can do ...…
In this episode we're trying something new. Everyone has requested more episodes of the podcast. In short, everyone wants a weekly show. So this week, we're introducing what we call a mini-episode ... or as we like to call them a "Fragment". Fragment episodes will be shorter in length but still packed with goodness. They will range from ~7-25 m ...…
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