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The Lifegiver Podcast: For Marriages that Serve
Welcome to Lifegiver- A Marriage Podcast. This is a place for honest conversation about being a military and first responder family with hope that will breathe life into your marriage and home.
The Lifegiver Podcast: For Marriages that Serve
Welcome to Lifegiver- A Marriage Podcast. This is a place for honest conversation about being a military and first responder family with hope that will breathe life into your marriage and home. To include your own "shout out" to a military spouse, service member, or first responder family- record them from your personal device and email them to!
Military Mom Talk Radio
Military Mom Talk Radio starring Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd provides a powerful platform for women to discuss their ideas, issues, and concerns with respect to the military lifestyle. From navigating healthcare, to childcare, to eldercare to making the most of your military benefits and opportunities, we validate, comfort, educate, and inspire women to live their best life and lead their military families... for when one serves, the whole family serves.
Military Life Radio | Navy Wife Radio | The Military Spouse Show
Join us for a fun show of interesting interviews, candid conversation and timely resource information. Pour that cup of tea and keep us company! ...or listen in during your morning commute! Laugh, Learn, Relate! Notable: Selected as one of BTR's top 300 shows, top 2% (13')!
Semper Feisty with USMC Life
Follow Kristine, USMC Life's founder, and Jackie for a fresh and candid look at issues affecting military families and life outside the Corps.
The National Archives Podcast Series
Listen to talks, lectures and other events presented by The National Archives of the United Kingdom.
Family of a Vet - Life After Combat
Family Of a Vet is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families learn how to cope with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury) and life after combat through real-world, plain language education and resources for heroes, families, and communities.
Army Wife Talk Radio brought to you by Army Wife Network
Army Wife Talk Radio is the internet talk radio program for Army wives, by Army wives. Our Life. Our Family. Our Soldier.AWTR is brought to you by the Army Wife Network. Visit us for interactive empowerment for Army Wives! JOIN US at 8pm EST on Monday nights for our LIVE show and LIVE TWITTER chat #armywife!
In the Valley of the Shadow of Death
A Chaplain of Marines Speaks His Heart and Mind from the Front Lines of Afghanistan - Fr. David Alexander, an Antiochian priest and chaplain with the United States Marine Corps, gives us a window into life with his Marines as they battle in Afghanistan and his struggle to be a shepherd in their midst.
Air Force Family Network
Focusing on Air Force children and family awareness. Air Force family news and issues that matter on the home front. From parenting, deployments, and relationships; to finances, healthcare, and education. Hosted by Beth Mahoney, military children's Author, 30+ years Air Force spouse, and Founder of Kids of Americas Heroes Program.
Real Warriors, Real Advice
Real Warriors, Real Advice is a podcast series in which warriors, veterans and military families highlight the importance of seeking care for invisible wounds and offer tools and tips on building and maintaining psychological resilience. Access and download selected episodes here or subscribe to receive weekly updates automatically.
SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio
Rare offers original podcasts for the military community. Whether you're on active duty, a veteran, a spouse or family member, or just someone who’s interested in the military, you'll find a podcast here that’s a "must listen."
Tara's Tale
Monthly offers original podcasts for the military community. Whether you're on active duty, a veteran, a spouse or family member, or just someone who’s interested in the military, you'll find a podcast here that’s a "must listen."
Military widsters Deb Petty and LaNita Herlem host an engaging show for, about and by widows. These "Wise Owls" as coined by a fellow widster tackle the issues and topics faced by today's military widow. Join them in their new journey as BTR hosts.
Daily Grit Podcast
InsightC2: Bridging the gap between the Military and America by healing marriages, serving families, and connecting them to the community.
Road to Hope Radio
The Mission of Road to Hope Radio is to reach out to our Military and Veteran community and their families with real, practical help. We understand that when a person serves in the military, their family serves along with them. Our show is designed be both informational and inspirational. Road to Hope Radio is hosted by David Maulsby Sunday nights at 6:00 PM on AM 950 KPRC. You can also like, follow and send us question us on Facebook. Join us on the Road to Hope!
Veterans Benefits Made Easy
This show is to empower military veterans to raise their quality of life and keep their dignity and respect intact! It will attempt to educate and inform all U. S. veterans and their families about the benefits available to them! Danny Fleary, the host of this show, founded to help point the way to the benefits Veterans and their families deserve!
This video series will pull back the curtain on how auto transport really works. John Costelac, founder of Direct Connect Auto Transport, takes us on a journey through the growth of his company and how different customers needs have to be met with expertise and professionalism.Working with private owners, auto dealers and military families, you will learn about how this business comes to touch the lives of everyday Americans, every day!
Male Military Spouse Radio Show
Host Dave Etter moderates this open forum 120 minute weekly call-in web-radio show for Male Military Spouses, and anything goes! Military spouses - you have an issue? Let us explore it and have fun! Rated "R" when broadcast, downgraded if we play nice. If needed, a "scrubbed" radio-edit version that is family friendly will be created and two versions of a show may be present.
From Military to Mainstream – Jaynine Howard
Transitioning to civilian life requires adapting to whole new mindset. Finding your passion is only half the battle. You can love what you do but if that effort is not supporting you and your family, how long can you afford to do it? On From Military to Mainstream, Coach Jaynine explains the principles of success and how to employ tried and true tactics to boost your bottom line. Join us each week for some rousing support of pursuing your dreams while enjoying a profit.
SBG Podcast
Welcome to the Straight Blast Gym Podcast. SBG is a world wide organization of BJJ ( Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ), MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts ),/ Functional Martial arts, organization that was founded by Matt Thornton in 1992. Stay tuned in to the SBG Podcast for breaking news, concepts, interviews, and more covering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ, and MMA! As SBG enters into its 25th year, we are closing in on more than 100 locations. We can be found on every continent on the planet (except Antarctica). We ...
Erica Presents...
Military Family Radio is now Erica Presents...We cover the latest in travel & entertainment. As travel experts (and a military family ourselves), we bring you the best advice on where to go, what not to miss and how to save money while traveling. We also love TV and have many opportunities to interview your favorite TV stars. If it's fun, family-friendly, a destination you want to visit and/or on television and film, we want to talk about it! Join us weekly for some great interviews, travel ...
The Travelling Ronin Podcast
Legend of the Five Rings is a "Living card game" that 3 dudes from Melbourne - Merlin, Marc and Bayushi Rob - are anticipating being released in August of 2017.Join us while we speculate on the release information,art work, mechanics and general coolness of a card game set in an alternate universe depicting quasi-Japanese feudal struggles of military, political and family power struggles across the fictional lands of Rokugan.Based in Melbourne, Australia with a large play group and community ...
Adventure Highway
My family and I travel the Southwest US via backpack, motorcycle, 4X4 and high performance sport car. Soon we will begin construction of the Zombie Hunter. A military 6X6 that will be converted into the meanest motorhome to hit the backcountry. So come along for the ride. We have stories to tell and places to visit.
River House Podcast
The River House is a charismatic church family that was birthed out of the revival values of the Toronto outpouring and the Vineyard movement. Our desire is to transform the world the world with Jesus through the sharing of our values, equipping people and releasing them to bring revival to their nations. In Fayetteville, we have an exciting church family that is seeing God's supernatural love opening up revival in the US Military.
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On today's program...Charlottesville Anti-Racist Protesters Charged with crimes. Covering a protest has become the most dangerous job for a journalist. Largest wildfires in California’s history are being fought with prison labor and minimum wage firefighters, Up to 30 percent of those fighting the wildfires are California prisoners. At this yea ...…
Friendly neighbors and wide oceans. That, in a phrase, is America's fallback security plan. It happens to be a very effective security plan, says Michael Desch, although you wouldn't know it by listening to politicians. Their squawking about threats to America are more the result of what President Eisenhower called the military-industrial compl ...…
Since the end of the Cold War, the US has been trying to create a liberal world order—and it's been a bipartisan effort, says Stephen Walt, Professor of International Affairs at Harvard University. The problem is that pushing democracy onto other nations is a "delusional" pursuit that destabilizes states in already fractured circumstances. Walt ...…
Fire Drill Podcast: Financial Independence | Early Retirement | Side Hustles | Real Estate Investing | Online Business
Today on the podcast we are going deep on tactical financial independence and retirement perks. Even deeper than usual.Our guest is Doug Nordman from The Military Guide, a former Navy nuclear submariner (um cool!) who has long since been "retired" and financially independent.FIRE status = pro.This episode is a bit longer than usual, but we go d ...…
Queens Of Crime
On this week’s episode, we interview a real life James Bond, Naveed Jamali. Find out how he went from an ordinary guy working in his family’s bookstore to working as a double agent for the FBI against Russian military intelligence. He is currently an intelligence analyst for MSNBC. Get his book “How To Catch a Russian Spy” out now! http://amzn. ...…
We invite you to listen to a conversation with decorated Special Forces Army Veteran, “JP” Juan Perez Jr. about his experience as a Green Beret, the real definition of terrorism, facing fears, parenthood, self-reliance, the right to bear arms, main stream media, the importance of conflict resolution, and what it means to be a patriot. About JP: ...…
How to Instructional Podcast on the Tech Podcast Network
Podcasting is a time-shifted media. While many subscribers will consume podcast episodes as they're released, some fans will binge on all your content, which can reveal some areas to improve your podcast. I use my own My Podcast Reviews account to automatically collect and notify me of reviews from all 155 Apple Podcasts catalogs. The reviews a ...…
Podcasting is a time-shifted media. While many subscribers will consume podcast episodes as they're released, some fans will binge on all your content, which can reveal some areas to improve your podcast. I use my own My Podcast Reviews account to automatically collect and notify me of reviews from all 155 Apple Podcasts catalogs. The reviews a ...…
Charlie Mike Podcast
Dwayne Paro welcomes Lane Beene to today’s podcast. Lane is a proud Ft. Worth native and product of a middle-class family. After graduating from high school in 1987, he attended the US Air Force Academy to pursue his dream of military aviation. From 1991 until 2001, he served as a pilot in the active duty Air Force at world-wide locations. In 2 ...…
The Future Is A Mixtape
For this episode of The Future Is A Mixtape, Jesse & Matt explore the paranoid dread and narcotic pull of Adam Curtis’ most recent documentary of political-noir, HyperNormalisation. In 2 hours and 40 minutes, it charts the globe-hopping travails of terrorists, bankers, politicians and America’s digital aristocracy--all of whom use humanity as p ...…
Imagine More Podcast
Mike Landman is the founder and CEO of Ripple IT. Ripple helps companies make the most of their technology with consulting, implementation and ongoing support. Mike founded the company in Atlanta in 1997 and today they serve clients across the country with offices in Atlanta and New York City. Mike lives downtown with his partner, Krystin, 2 do ...…
Sources & Resources #1: The Everyday War Presenter: Nicole Davis Further information and links: The Everyday War web resource Creature Feature #1: Frogs Presenter: Professor Andy May Interviewees: Associate Professor Andrea Gaynor, environmental historian, University of Western Australia; Associate Professor Kirsten Parris, urban ecologist, The ...…
Summary: Tim has spent the last two decades learning with and helping people navigate the hard times life throws at us. He has served as an advocate, representative, Airman, Sergeant, mentor, organizer, educator, and therapist. He uses his experience, passion, and education to empower people with the skills and knowledge needed to find the best ...…
In this episode of the Vet2BizLife Podcast, my guest is Ryan Guina, a military veteran and founder of popular personal finance sites The Military Wallet and Cash Money Life. These sites focus on helping people make smart financial decisions and improve their quality of life. He has written articles for multiple online publications, including US ...…
Natural Solutions with Dr. Jay
NSDJ63 Father Richard Mapplebeckpalmer Conversation Father Richard Mapplebeckpalmer Interviewed by Jay Sordean. In this freeranging and yet structured interview and discussion, old friends –Father Richard Mapplebeckpalmer (aka Father Richard) and Dr. Jay –have a chance to muse and ponder on many topics that may or may not have anything to do wi ...…
27th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Mt 21:33-44) “Martyred In The Lord’s Vineyard” PDF Version Blessed Stanley Rother, priest and martyr, pray for us! Homily for 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year A (2017): Mt 21:33- 43 When we think of the Holy Martyrs of our Church, there ca ...…
Landaas & Company Money Talk Podcast
Landaas & Company newsletter, October edition now available. Advisors on This Week’s Show Brian Kilb Kyle Tetting Art Rothschild (with Jason Scuglik) Week in Review (Oct. 2-6, 2017) Significant economic indicators & reports Monday U.S. manufacturers reported a 13th consecutive month of expansion in September, at the fastest pace since 2004. Pur ...…
Cassaundra Melgar-C’De Baca knows the value of our military better than most people. Raised in a military family, she went on to serve in the Air Force before she became a military spouse. Her extensive and diverse roles within the military and veteran community qualify her as an expert on the highs and lows of that life. Her drive, business ex ...…
What kinds of stories are being told in your organization? Do these stories lift people up or criticize and belittle? How can storytelling be used to help teams perform better and even reduce employee stress? We recently chatted with Julia Lee, assistant professor of management and organizations at Michigan Ross. She studies relational self-aff ...…
LAS VEGAS SHOOTINGA day after the worst mass shooting in modern US history, police are now trying to figure out the killer's motive. Authorities found 23 guns in the hotel room used by 64-year-old Stephen Paddock to carry out his deadly rampage. Police found 19 more at his home. So far, investigators say they haven't found any political or reli ...…
Harvest Indy South
Brock Graham - 10/1/17Responses tell us a lot. Search Youtube for reactions to the Cubs World Series win and you'll find grown men crying and adults running around houses like kids. Watch a dad surprise his family by coming home earlier than anticipated from a military deployment and you'll see a reaction that is fitting for the occasion. React ...…
We watched Marvel's worst reviewed property since maybe Corman's Fantastic Four or Generation X in the 90's. The show sat at 0% for long enough that it counts. At recording time the only positive review was from common sense media and they just rate movies based on how appropriate they are to christian audiences so screw them its 0% to us! We a ...…
Christ Covenant Church Sermons
Pastor DeYoung: Let’s pray. Oh, great God, give us now eyes and ears that we may hear your word and see your Son. Be gracious to us and bless us. Help us to listen and understand, to trust and obey, to see and to savor Christ. We want to know Him who is before all ages, world without end. In Jesus’ name. Amen. We turn this morning to John, Chap ...…
(Insert music track # 1 – “Horror Game Menu” by Eric Matyas) Due to mature subject matter, parental discretion is advised… The New Britannia Theater Troupe Presents Hungry Eyes in the Darkness Directed and produced by Asclepius Written by Gabriel Nightshadow with additional writing by Amber Raine and Jakdaw Foxlauden Director of Public Relation ...…
It’s easy to be inspired by our active duty and veteran community. Our military personnel have been engaged in over a decade of war, often with multiple deployments. They sacrifice time with their families and place themselves in harm’s way so that the rest of us may pursue our own paths, secure in the knowledge that they are on the job. It’s e ...…
PsiOp Radio 192 – 170927 Mack and SMiles discuss the Gulf Crises (from Mexico and Texas to Florida and Puerto Rico), the NFL controversy diversion, the Cuban Embassy Health Mystery, and more. Local MP3 Archive / AFRN MP3 Archive Outro music: Shredded Trauma by Soft and Furious Puerto Rico’s National flower: Maga! Puerto Rico’s national flower i ...…
There are 115 days between September 1st and December 25th! It is time to make sure your business is ready to kill it this holiday season, but what should you not be doing? 74% of marketers are increasing their use of social media through the holidays you can beat that your business will be under a microscope as well. While you may not be a ret ...…
Jennifer Hancock, President and CEO of Volunteers of America Mid-States, helps us explore the world of non-profits and how millennials can give back to their communities. Ever want to get involved in your community but didn't know where to begin? Check out this episode to learn what you can do as a millennial to make a difference. Want to learn ...…
On this edition of our show, we welcome the bestselling author and former editor-in-chief of Simon and Schuster, Michael Korda. He has a new book out, which he tells us about; it's called "Alone: Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk: Defeat Into Victory." As was noted of this title in a starred review in Kirkus: "A swiftly paced, illuminating accoun ...…
Meet Wendy. Wendy’s main concerns, in her own words: If we were to stay in the Midwest in our current jobs, I wouldn’t be worried about our financial future at all. However, my husband, who is active duty military, is going to separate soon and we plan to move back to southern CA where both of our families live. We’ve both been applying to jobs ...…
Guard the Guardians with Sean Hansen is the show with one mission: help active military, veterans, first responders, and their families live better lives. You served us, now let us serve you. Please subscribe and share with your friends and family. You can reach out at: Guard the Guardians Website Facebook - Guard the Guardians Instagram - Guar ...…
In this episode of the Vet2BizLife Podcast, I talk with Eli Crane, Co-Founder and CEO of Bottle Breacher. Eli Crane is a patriot, family man, philanthropist and Christian, but is most notably known for being a Navy SEAL turned entrepreneur. Eli and his wife Jen founded the small business success story Bottle Breacher, which started in their gar ...…
DTHT Episode 6 - Trump And The NFL Are Proof Freedom Is Ugly by Jason Archer | Do The Hard Thing Podcast Subscribe Now! Podcast Opening: Welcome to Do The Hard Thing Episode 6. I am Jason Archer… creator, freedom seeker and leader of self | full time student ...…
We recorded this on 9/11 after Adam and Shawn's drill weekend so we talk about the Army. We want to thank everyone in the military for their service and their families for their sacrifice. We would also like to honor and remember everyone who gave their lives for our country because thank you is not enough. Like us on ...…
Key Performance Indicator [ 10:40 ] 1. Manage the Number of Patients That the Doctor Must See Per Day 2. Identify Their Biggest Limiting Factors A. Phone Scripts B. Checklists C. Pick Out Frames D. Turn-Key Marketing E. Conversion Numbers F. Number of Leads 3. Automate Your Saving Money – Save 10% of Your Gross Revenue 4. Set Up a Consistent Ma ...…
SoundCloud subscribe itunes Google Play COL (Ret.) Inès N. V. Beautiful Bald Eagle White Ines N. White is a research staff member of the Strategy, Forces and Resources Division (SFRD) of the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), Washington, DC. She provides logistics expertise to the US Department of Defense and Department of State. Ines was bo ...…
Daniel Boone is one of pioneers and heroes of the United States of America. He happens to also be related to Jeff. Andrew joins Jeff and they speak about the history of Daniel Boone in part 1 of Changing Hearts & Minds Podcast first 2 part episode. IN THIS PARTICULAR EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: The history of American pioneer Daniel Boone Jeff Adam ...…
Diva Tech Talk interviewed Dr. Rita Barrios, Chair for the Department of CyberSecurity and Information Systems, and Associate Professor, at the University of Detroit, Mercy ( graduating approximately 150 trained technology professionals each year. Rita said: “My Dad was always my biggest supporter.” The 7th child of 8 si ...…
Tell me a little about yourself and what did you do in the military? What was your trade? How long have you served? I spent my childhood and teens playing in the great outdoors with maps, compasses, traps, dens, and fires. I always had a burning desire to play soldier, like my grandfather who was a Commando during WWII. He led a troop of Comman ...…
Today's guest is a project management and career transition expert. He is a Navy Veteran and host of The "Extra Tap Class" Webinars. He is the Co-Founder & CEO of Vets2PM. I would like to welcome Eric Wright. ----more---- Hi this is Pete Blum bringing you another episode of the Veteran Connections Podcast where my mission is to help transitioni ...…
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