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AP US History Essential Content
The Essential Resources for SAT and AP Test prep
AUP US History
Podcast for United States History at the Academy of Urban Planning
AP US History Buschistory David Busch
American History is discussed and reviewed with cause and effect relationships and long term implications. This is part of a larger series of podcasts and videos available at and also available on You Tube under Buschistory.
In The Past Lane - The Podcast About History and Why It Matters
In each episode of In The Past Lane, the history podcast, we take up topics in American history and explore them through feature pieces, interviews, book and film reviews, and more. Our guiding philosophy is that history is not just about the past - it's about our world, here and now. History explains why things are the way they are, everything from our economy, religious practices, and foreign policy, to political ideology, family structure, and rates of poverty. Our aim is to be both infor ...
Ben Franklin's World: A Podcast About Early American History
Ben Franklin’s World is a podcast about early American history. It is a show for people who love history and for those who want to know more about the historical people and events that have impacted and shaped our present-day world. Each episode features a conversation with an historian who helps us shed light on important people and events in early American history.
DHS US History II
Podcast by DHS US History II
Mr. Graff's US History Podcasts
Lectures for Mr. Graff's US History class at Faith Academy
Historical Podcast
Throw open the doors of the past and explore the lives of those individuals caught in the web of the some of the most tragic, heroic, and bizarre events in history! The Historical Podcast, published bi-weekly, strives to tell exciting, narrative non-fiction history. Tune in for tales of unlikely people facing extraordinary circumstances.
Southern Hollows
Southern Hollows is home to the dark side of southern history. These true stories, often little known, take listeners into historical moments and introduce them to historical figures that are important to remember. We'll hear stories of the well-known history periods of Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Civil Rights, and Native American Removal, but also stories of individuals who oppressed and disenfranchised -- and the historical settings that made it possible. For listeners who love stories from ...
Mr. Smith's APUSH Podcast
History 7B - Jennifer Burns
lectures from a UC Berkeley introductory US History course, from Civil War to present
BHS Social Studies
Lectures for Economics 12, US History, Government & Law, and World Geography from Byron High School
HIST 2112 US Since 1865
Audio and video lectures from Hist 2112, US History Since 1865.
Mr. Stroud's History Class
Mr. Stroud taught US History at Kilgore College for 39 years and now brings his entertaining lectures to a broader audience via his weekly podcast.
Program Podcast: The Michael Slate Show: Wikileaks, the Gulf of Mexico and Arizona - Who's the Criminal Here?
Podcast for Program: Wikileaks, the Gulf of Mexico and Arizona - Who's the Criminal Here?In series: The Michael Slate ShowVersion: Daniel Ellsberg, once called the most dangerous man in America by Henry Kissinger for revealing the top secret Pentagon papers and the truth about the Vietnam War in 1971, talks about the Afghanistan War Log released by Wikileaks. Larry Everest, Revolution newspaper, reports live from the Gulf of Mexico on the continuing struggle around the largest oil spill in U ...
History Tech
In History Tech, Glenn shares the best social studies ideas, strategies, and resources – all designed to help you walk away smarter than when you walked in. A former middle school US history teacher and college instructor, Glenn writes weekly at History Tech and enjoys working with teachers around the country, leading conversations about social studies best practices and tech integration. Connect with Glenn:
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Kilos of Craic
In this epic episode of Kilos of Craic, we discuss everything from DACA to Kim Jong-Un. Topics: DACA was created on August 15th, 2012. In 2014, MPI published an article citing a 90% uptick in unaccompanied children cross the US/Mexico border. Matt O’Brien, a former manager of the investigative unit of USCIS, estimated that up to half of DACA ap ...…
About Trump’s Tax Cut PlanGuest: John Barrick, CPA, Professor of Accountancy, Marriott School of Business, Brigham Young UniversityPresident Trump has called for “the largest tax cut in US history.” His advisers and Republican leaders in Congress hope to release a framework of their plan in the next week. The hang up, according to many press re ...…
Sep 13 - FS Insider welcomes John Tousley, Head of US Market Strategy at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, to discuss the large number of countries around the globe currently experiencing positive growth, why they think...
Thaddeus Russell is notorious. He is unafraid to think or speak about the things that college professors aren't supposed to think or speak about, and is leading a revolution in having thoughtful conversations about off-limit subjects across the US. This is a colossal project that is becoming more necessary with each passing day. Among his growi ...…
Hurricane Harvey marks the first time in US history drone technology is used for accessing catastrophic damages. WTH: Ford & Domino Pizza partners self driving pizza delivery service. Cannabis Job Board, why not its a $7 Billion industry. The rise of VR and porn, men and women are jumping in. Police Helicopters to be replaced by drones by 2025. ...…
Welcome everyone and after a fun Labor Day weekend for all, today Father Anthony and Tony join us on the show today. First off, it's the Feast Day of Mother Teresa and Father Anthony shares with Tony, as well as all of us, history behind her and her importance. Mainly today, Father Anthony talks about the results of the First Healing Mass Saint ...…
Union City Advice Givers|Entrepreneurs|Business Owners|Interviewing our Community's Brightest Minds|Stories|Opinions|Remy Fortier
Getting to Know Our Union City Chief of Police I have interviewed a number of people in the past, and a few of them have suggested that I interview the Union City Chief of Police, Darryl McAllister. Chief Darry McAllister sure had a lot to say, right from when he was growing up till now. He was not shy to speak about his family, how they impact ...…
Hysteria 51
Remember in Ocean's Eleven when George Clooney boarded a plane wearing a dark suit and tie and opened his brief case showing a bomb to the flight attendant and hijacked the plane? Then he demanded 200K in cash, four parachutes and food for the crew before releasing all the passengers. Classic Clooney amirite?!? Then 45 minutes after takeoff, Cl ...…
Nick and Connor take an in-depth look into the events that lead up to one of the most destructive and deadly riots in US history, the 1967 Detroit Riots.
Top Ten with Micah & Ben
Welcome to Episode 29! In this week's episode Micah and Ben take shots at many states and the people who live there. Delaware? Sorry. Texas? You had this coming. Florida? You know you agree. Nebraska? Don't even. Join them as they discuss the Top Ten States if the Alternate History of the USA was Crafted by Us. Ben actually gets a little deep w ...…
Lost in Criterion - With Two Brains
In 2003 the US Department of Defense held a screening of Gillo Pontocorvo's 1966 film The Battle of Algiers at the Pentagon. A flyer for the screening read: How to win a battle against terrorism and lose the war of ideas. Children shoot soldiers at point-blank range. Women plant bombs in cafes. Soon the entire Arab population builds to a mad fe ...…
Guest: Doug McCullough Doug McCullough, newly retired North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge and formerly a federal prosecutor directly involved in the pursuit and prosecution of the principal players in the largest drug smuggling ring in US history, gives us the inside story of bringing drug kingpins and low-level operatives to justice and even ...…
A few months back I shared with you a panel convened by comix creator, TV writer, documentarian, and filmmaker Brandon Easton from the 2016 San Diego Comic Con Writers' Journey panel full of the specific how-to advice become a professional writer in comics, TV, and film. In today's episode of MF GALAXY, Brandon Easton is back from the 2015 Wond ...…
We are super pumped to introduce you guys to Lynda & Kevin Malleck, our Flip Your Life community members and wonder couplepreneur behind the healthy lifestyle kitchen website - themalleckfamily.comKevin & Lynda live just outside of Washington, DC in northern Virginia. They have been married for over 17 years and are the parents to a sweet teena ...…
misconduct. a true crime podcast
In 1979 three brothers and one young accomplice terrorized Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas for 7 months; leaving in their wake 12 victims where only two survived. Once captured and sentenced, two being sentenced to death and sent to death row, they orchestrated one of the biggest and most sophisticated prison escapes in US history. Tonig ...…
Roland Guidry is a retired Air Force Colonel, who led an extraordinary career in air special operations during two very volatile periods in US history. The first was Vietnam, flying special "Buffalo Hunter" missions to launch photo reconnaissance drones into enemy territory from his DC-130 aircraft, in support of special missions like the Son T ...…
N All 50/90 Demos
Finally got something done. This music came on its own, and it didn't match lyrics I had going separately. So I wrote some new (possibly meaningless) lyrics that are possibly political. This lyric depended heavily on Inspirobot and the Lyricloud tool to get some direction. At least I've officially started writing for 50/90. Started with a chord ...…
Manhattan Church of Christ Podcast
Patriotism, Authority, Rebellion It’s 4th of July weekend. Memorial of the beginning of rebellion, 241 yrs ago, 1776. The colonies rejected “the Powers that be” (Rm 13:1 KJV) and began a war for independence. US history is long & complicated, with great advances and profound problems that we still wrestle with. It’s one of many nations, empires ...…
This week the adjuncts dive deeper into Reagan's secret astrologer and Pluto's possible influences on five generations of Americans. Send questions, concerns, and corrections to
Going Gay: A Beginner's Guide
On June 12th 2016, 49 people were shot and killed inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. 53 others were wounded. It was the largest mass shooting by a single shooter in US history, and the worst attack on the LGBTQ+ Community ever. To mark the one year memorial, I sat down with Dr. David Baker-Hargrove and Hannah Willard. Dr. David is ...…
Me & Paranormal You
Zeta Reticulans also known popularly as the The Greys are an alien race that originate from the Zeta Reticuli binary star system. They have mentioned by one of the earliest alien abductees in US history, by the man who brought the world's attention to Area 51 and by many, many more people who claim to have had interactions, contact, and been vi ...…
SPECIAL TRUE CRIME TUESDAY EDITION! Paul Fronczak is a man who recently discovered that he was not who he thought he wasand set out to solve two fifty-year-old mysteries at once. Along the way he unearthed his familys deepest secrets, and broke open the second longest cold-case in US history, all in a desperate bid to find out who he really is. ...…
After the very British flavours of the Cornetto Trilogy: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End, director Edgar Wright has made a very American heist movie. Baby Driver tells the story of a young getaway driver who listens to music constantly to sound track his great escapes and combat tinnitus. The cast includes Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm ...…
After the very British flavours of the Cornetto Trilogy: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End, director Edgar Wright has made a very American heist movie. Baby Driver tells the story of a young getaway driver who listens to music constantly to sound track his great escapes and combat tinnitus. The cast includes Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm ...…
Professor Buzzkill: History 101
Professor Jeremy Young joins us to discuss the Age of Charisma (1870-1940). It was an exciting period in US history: industrialization was in high gear; railroads and telegraph lines were spreading widely; mass media was born; and increased concentration on charisma, magnetism, and emotion in politics, religion, and social reform. Styles of pub ...…
The ancients had abilities that have fallen into near-complete disuse in the modern age. Consider memorization. The average peasant of 1,000 years ago had 10x more memorized than you ever will. They cultivated the skill in the ars memoriae, who were living databases of information. Plus they were infinitely more handy than us. Can you sew your ...…
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