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How do you choose safe AND effective ways to raise a healthy family? Do you know why vaccines are risky? Why is the relationship between mental, emotional and physical well-being so important for real health? Welcome to Healthy Alternatives to Vaccinations where Dr. Nancy Tarlow shares information to help you to make great health choices for you and your children!
Epidemics and Vaccines
Vaccination - for iBooks
Vaccine Research at Oxford
Vaccine Research at Oxford
Green Vaccine Podcast
Green Vaccine delivers your weekly dose of truth, environmental consciousness and electronic music. Hosted by Dan Finn & DJ Killa Kev.
Natural MD Radio is your place to hear the whole truth on health and natural medicine for women and children, and get the tools you need to take back your health starting now. The focus of this show is women's health, fitness, beauty, natural living, and natural medicine for children. Dr. Romm dishes on everything from thyroid and hormone problems to the truth about antibiotics and vaccinations.
In this four-part podcast series Dr Sean Elias and colleagues introduce and explore the work of the University of Oxford Jenner Institute in the development of new, innovative vaccines.
Join co-hosts Nick and Dayna as they explore the stories of how vaccines were developed and society’s current efforts to make new ones. These true tales are full of science, history, and innovation, so we promise you won’t be immune to their entertainment.
A Pediatric Podcast for Parents!
Propaganda Earth
Exposing and then clarifying biased misleading information; used to promote or publicize political causes and economic self interests. Revealing the phony distorted and hyped ideas and assertions that are spread in order to help one's agenda often at the expense of you and me.
Listen to Public Health
Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole is THE official conspiracy podcast. Hosts Mike Cannon and the Liberty Men will ruin your carefree days when you become obsessed with the reality that Rabbit Hole exposes.Topics Include: The 9/11 hoax. Vaccines, Crop formations, Extraterrestrials, Chemtrails, Mind control, Ancient technology and a crap ton of other subjects the Lame Stream Media won't tell you.
-★ Homeopathy World Community Creating Waves of Awareness. Promoting Homeopathy Around the World Through Education, Conversation and Discussion. -★ Wednesday Debby Channels Dr Herbert Roberts MD on Practicing Homeopathic Medicine. The 2nd week of the month Christina Chambreau, DVM talks PET HEALTH-★ Thursday at Noon: Vaccinations and Your Rights in the US with co-host Alan Phillips, JD and Greg Glaser, JD~✽~✽~✽~> SCROLL TO THE END OF THIS PAGE AND CLICK EXTRAS FOR A VIDEO
Welcome to Revolution Health with Dr. Jason Dean where we are Waking Up the World to the lies you are being told about your health and the hidden truths you need to save yourself and your family. You are blasted with propaganda everyday by Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex who are corrupt to the core and have invaded and bought out your government. We are exposing the deceit to help you free your mind and your health and leave the Sick Care paradigm for good. You are now entering ...
Getting it Right on Health and Politics
Kids Healthcast
A Pediatric Podcast for Parents
On Skeptic Coffee Break, I'll be covering topics in scientific skepticism, atheism, politics and much, much more. I hope you'll join me for a cup.
This is my personal journey for the truth, you are welcome to come along for the ride. Just remember truth is not determined by what you like, dislike, want, need, or majority opinion it just is.
Natural Dog Care as an alternative to continuous vet trips when you can take charge and nurture your dogs better health without drugs and expensive vet bills.
Welcome to the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians Podcast Blog. The NJAFP has been advancing the cause of family physicians and their patients for more than 50 years. Please visit our website at
Big Up Podcast
Dubstep, wonky, funky, whatever you want to call it.
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips discuss contemporary vaccine concerns -- the science, the politics and your personal right to refuse mandatory vaccines in the U.S.
From research on cancer vaccines to why we feel pain, Genentech scientists are tackling some of the biggest challenges in human biology. Want to find out what they’re working on? Pull up a stool with host Jane Grogan, Principal Scientist of Cancer Immunology at Genentech, for “Two Scientists Walk Into A Bar.”
What would it take to change the world? Rotary International is the world's first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto Service Above Self.
Your #1 podcast for health tips, tools and resources to help you and your family live the vibrant life you were created for! The Healthy Living podcast will cover a range of topics from digestive disorders to food sensitivities/allergies, nutrients/supplements and their effect on the body, herbs and their uses, sleep and improving energy, hormonal imbalances + much more! Host Angela Busby will discuss and dissect hot topics such as Paleo, vaccinations, GMO, gluten free, and bring you intervi ...
Ideas Start Here
Created by Phoenix-based Scientific Technologies Corporation (, the Ideas Start Here podcast will serve as an ally in the fight against vaccine-preventable disease by aiding, educating and uplifting those on the front lines through info bytes, personal stories, and qualified expert commentary.
Diamyd Medical is a diabetes company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The Company develops the diabetes vaccine Diamyd® with the active ingredient GAD, which has the potential to become a key piece of the puzzle of a future solution to prevent, treat or cure type 1 diabetes and other forms of diabetes.
Vax Talk
Vax Talk is the podcast for people who want to do something about outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases and who understand that knowledge is power. We will discuss the latest news about vaccines and the impact they have on our communities, our families, and our friendships.
Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases
Phase Three of the Auxiliary Podcast. Featuring music from ASC, Method One, Sam KDC, Synth Sense, Vaccine and more.
Nana is an rising leader in the talk show industry with a charismatic power and unique style that inspires. This interactive format is empowering, entertaining and thought provoking. She will feature weekly guests with life changing success stories, chat about current events, and cover various topics.Nana is a lifelong Detroiter committed to using this show to explore the comeback of this great city. Stay tune to an exciting and engaging experience. You’re Talking With Nana! America's New Gi ...
Conversations with MIT Medical is a monthly series of 10-minute interviews with members of MIT Medical’s staff on a topic of importance to the community of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Topics range from travel vaccines and sexual health, to concerns about the affordable care act and how to cope with a lack of sleep. Curious about whether or not a specific primary care provider is the right one for you? One of our podcasts could help you decide.
Select segments from PediaCast. For full-length episodes, visit, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Tune-In, iHeart Radio, Spotify or wherever else podcasts are found!
The impact of modern medicine on the human condition can’t be underestimated. From antibiotics to vaccines, medicine has changed the way our bodies work, answered deadly questions, and promised faster cures. But it’s not simple. Drug development is rife with tension. It costs a lot of money, and takes a long time. Most things fail. But when they succeed, they can make a tremendous difference in people’s lives. Where will the next breakthroughs come from? How will we pay for them? Who decides ...
TruthStream Oasis
Deception is all around you.Vaccinate yourself with Truth.Help Keep TruthStream on Podomatic! Please see the note below on the right! TruthStream Oasis is a haven of rest for all those seeking refuge from the confusion of Babylon. Lies and conspiracies are entangling the world in the web of disillusionment. Vaccinate yourself with the Truth of God's Word. This podcast focuses on God's Word and it's power to protect you against the coming worldwide deception. TruthStream Archived Shows
Proof Negative
The Proof Negative Show will discuss Current Events everyone else is too scared to talk about: Microchips, Chemtrails, and Thumbscans. Mix in some comedy, sports, and the "Stupid News of the Week", and you have Proof Negative.Proof Negative ALWAYS has Proof.
The science podcast that'll eat your brain. Shabam! is a new type of science show that blends fictional stories with real science. If you love science but hate those awkward scientist interviews that involve graphs and confusing metaphors, you’re in luck. First off, Shabam! is an audio program - so no graphs. And second, through the magic of sound effects and music, you’ll hear stories that reveal the awesomeness in the world around us - like cellphones and vaccinations. In season one, our m ...
The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is a national, non-profit educational organization founded in 1982. The oldest and largest consumer organization advocating the institution of vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the mass vaccination system, NVIC is responsible for launching the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in America in the early 1980's. Think Globally; Act locally! Join us at NVICADVOCACY.ORG & Visit NVIC.ORG today! Your health. Your family. Your ...
We talk about Today's News, Conspiracy News & News you wont hear any where else. We also Interview guests from around the world in fields such as Geo-Engineering, Politics, Secret Societies, Black Op's, Vaccines, GMO's, Science, Future Trends, Religion & Spirituality.
The Expert Vet™
Donna Spector, DVM, DACVIM, is The Expert Vet! This show is for dog and cat owners as well as vet techs and other veterinarians, who need help diagnosing, understanding and treating complicated medical conditions and nutrition issues. The show offers detailed explanations of medical conditions and Dr. Donna’s opinion about chronic, complicated or unusual problems, advice about pain management, cancer diagnosis and treatment, and even how to avoid unnecessary vaccinations.Dr. Donna Spector is ...
Truth is trending on the Veritas News Network! VNN is an online publication featuring the news and is dedicated to in-depth investigative reporting with a consumer advocacy focus. Our Managing Editor is a veteran investigative journalist who has won dozens of awards. Several categories of news are featured on the Veritas News Network include Citizen Journalism, Consumer News, Ripoffs & Scams, Consumer Advocacy, World News, US News, Crime, Economic News, Editorial & Opinion, Education, Health ...
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Vaccines are one of the most significant public health achievements of all time. In 2006, we were dealt a game-changer. A vaccine became available that allows parents to protect their children against a disease that causes more than half a dozen different types of cancers including cervical, head, neck, anal, penile, vaginal and vulvar. This di ...…
An immunisation campaign aimed at stopping the spread of an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus has begun in the Democratic Republic of Congo.African competitors are among many athletes who have stayed on in Australia following the Commonwealth Games.And BBC Somali launches female poets' award.
Burundi backs reforms to extend Piere Nkurunziza's rule +++ Ebola vaccinations begin in the DR Congo +++ Demands for Dates spikes in The Gambia at the start of the fasting month
Dogs and horses can be vaccinated against Lyme disease, but an inoculation for humans was taken off the market in 2002. As the ticks that can cause the disease become more common, some researchers are saying it's time the vaccine made a comeback.
From why a viable vaccine for Lyme disease has been sidelined in Canada, to the business and politics of moderating content on social media, and how beatboxing skills are being used to help people with speech impediments... This is The Current with Gillian Findlay.
we invite you to come and listen to reality radio. its deep, straight forward and hard hitting. we do not pull any punches or try and butter up the story. we just give you the hard core facts as we see them from our years of experience in life and living. much of what we cover is beyond shocking and can make folks afraid, but that is the way we ...…
This week on our Public Affairs Program, Sunday at 5a:As Memorial Day gets closer we offer an encore broadcast from several years ago with two veterans of World War II that have since passed away.Roscoe Mitchell and Art Shipe served on opposite sides of the globe during World War II. Roscoe was a nose gunner and bomb toggler in a B-17 with the ...…
Today’s movie is “Day of the Dead: Bloodline” (2018), loosely based on George Romero’s classic “Day of the Dead” (1985). It was written for the screen by Mark Tonderai and Lars Jacobson, and directed by Hèctor Hernández Vicens. The film follows Zoe (Sophie Skelton), a medical student working at a refugee camp five years after the zombie outbrea ...…
When it comes to influenza A virus in swine (IAV-S), the relationship between the sow’s immune status and piglet protection remains perplexing. In a recent research project, Fabian Chamba, DVM and University of Minnesota PhD candidate, investigated the impact of sow vaccination on piglet immunity and virus transmission. In the study, Chamba seq ...…
Anchor lead: As global warming expands mosquito territory, a vaccine for Dengue virus is a worldwide concern, Elizabeth Tracey reportsDengue is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes, and it can result in serious illness and death, especially if someone is experiencing their second infection. That’s because there are different strains of t ...…
With Mother’s Day just passed on the weekend Lewis has an encounter with a room full of ladies who had enjoyed a Long Mother’s Day Lunch. Robbie discusses colour blindness in dogs and cats and realises that his research may have come up short when he can’t quite answer how Guide Dogs know when the little green man at the traffic lights say it i ...…
Speaker(s): Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala | Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s new book, Fighting Corruption Is Dangerous: The Story Behind the Headlines, draws on her years as Nigeria’s Finance Minister to provide practical lessons on the difficult, sometimes-dangerous, always-necessary work of fighting graft and corruption. Determined to root out the fraudulent ...…
Dr. Campbell McBride is not only the author of the Gut & Psychology Syndrome, she’s also the author of Vegetarianism Explained. In this podcast, she talks about both of those topics. She covers everything from how the GUT is responsible for a whole slew of conditions that likely affects every one of us, or someone we love, in some way. And she ...…
Science commentator Siouxsie Wiles reports on the retraction of a paper that claimed a link between the HPV vaccine and neurological damage, using satellite technology to detect nuclear tests, and turns out the Apollo astronauts were right - moon dust really can cause "lunar hay fever"! Associate Professor Dr Siouxsie Wiles is the head of Biolu ...…
In this episode we talk vaccinations, nhs and conspiracy theories.(This episode was recorded before Ramadhan)
Drive Live Talks Vaccinations. We’re speaking to Dr. Fatima Al Attar, Director of International Health Regulations at the Ministry of Health and Prevention, about the importance of getting vaccinated before traveling.
Honk, honk...I'm Moist... - Drones - Vaccines - Mars Helicopter - Ducklings
Courtney is back and she’s running for Lawrence City Commission next election! We talk about her platform of development equity, robot valets, and sidewalks, and also give some love to the only sitting Commissioner to appear on the Deuce: Matthew Herbert. We also talk about how City Commission meetings and the movie Deer Hunter totally sync up, ...…
The nature of that experiment can be heard once I finish rambling at the start.This 50 milestone has snuck up on me, so I have nothing particularly special prepared other than to say THANK YOU to everyone who has played a part in the creation of this thing. I'll try my best to keep going.That George Ezra podcast episode that I am talking about ...…
He spent 8 years living among some of the poorest people in the world — without knowing their language. How Father Patrick Posey, traveling by mule, was able to vaccinate hundreds of villagers and share the Gospel in the Dominican Republic.
Episode 106 of Suburban Underground, WBNH-LP Bedford 105.1 FM's alternative mixtape show with hosts Drew Cline and Steve Poschmann. This week we give you The Wallies, The Vaccines, Shame, Florence & The Machine, Yachts, The Evil, Dream Wife, R.E.M., Oasis, The Motels, Devo, The Smiths, The Willowz, Boy Hits Car, Spoon, and Chvrches. Originally ...…
Episode 106 of Suburban Underground, WBNH-LP Bedford 105.1 FM's alternative mixtape show with hosts Drew Cline and Steve Poschmann. This week we give you The Wallies, The Vaccines, Shame, Florence & The Machine, Yachts, The Evil, Dream Wife, R.E.M., Oasis, The Motels, Devo, The Smiths, The Willowz, Boy Hits Car, Spoon, and Chvrches. Originally ...…
Feature Interview (12:45) – Dr. Patrick Yeung, an OB/GYN from St. Louis, discusses so-called “medical use” or “non-contraceptive use” of oral contraceptives, especially whether the common practice makes medical or ethical sense.Also in this episode:News (01:00) – Ethical and unethical official positions of professional health care organizations ...…
Toxins are everywhere around us and they cause inflammation and degeneration of the brain. In this episode you will learn how to reduce toxins in your life and help your body better adapt to the chemical stress on your brain. For more information visit or To join us for the Detox Project Heal ...…
Hello and Welcome to the Veterinary Secrets Podcast! My name is Dr Andrew Jones and This is episode 53 In today’s episode I am going to talk about vaccines- should or shouldn’t you? Plus The current ‘vaccine controversy’ here in BC. Laryngeal paralysis in dogs- what is it and how best to naturally treat. What you need to know about this increas ...…
Yellow Fever Vaccine On Back Order But Needed To Go To #Cameroon and other countries
Think insurance is boring? Well, Mary Stucko makes it exciting. Listen to how this former insurance agent turned LCC faculty member is developing a program to help people prepare for a career in the insurance industry. You'll also learn a little about the rabies vaccine. Host: Brad Wever and David Aldrich Recorded at Blue Owl Coffee on April 24 ...…
Do dogs get autism through vaccines? China school starts a new sport,and we share what NOT to do while getting your toes done. Be sure to connect with us on our socials and see more notes on our website! Follow us on TwitterFollow us on Instagram Find out more on the Pour Me Scotch Weekly website.
Bob and co-host Kevin talk about recent surge in rattlesnake bites; a rattlesnake venom vaccine for dogs; recent hikes; Bob's list of 10 hard hikes; hiking apps that Kevin uses; Duluth Trading opens a store in Colorado Springs
Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam *Modesty and the Will of God *How to discern a vocation of celibate, religious life *How do we deal with immoral vaccinations that our children need *Marriage vs. Civil Unions
The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is heading to BREC, Allan catches up with one of the comedians, Ben Knight. The Budget has finally been announced Money Expert Olivia Maragna goes through the good and the bad. Dr Braden chats about the importance of vaccinations for your pets, Annetta from Consumer Protection has a warning for people ...…
On todays dear science with AUT's Allan Blackman, we talk about the amount of New Zealand medical proffessions who oppose vaccines, we talk about how mathematicians have worked out the straightest lines you can sail and drive in, and finally we talk about a chance to bring back the Tasmanian Tiger!
On todays dear science with AUT's Allan Blackman, we talk about the amount of New Zealand medical proffessions who oppose vaccines, we talk about how mathematicians have worked out the straightest lines you can sail and drive in, and finally we talk about a chance to bring back the Tasmanian Tiger!
Join Lance and Hali as they discuss buying toys for kids, autism and vaccines (again!), mental health issues parents face, and what they struggle with as parents. Music Attribution: Intro/Outro Music: Other Side by Lame Drivers Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License…
Meningitis is a severe infection of the brain and spinal cord. It is a life-threatening condition. There are different types of meningitis. Viral causes are mostly treated with supportive care and may not require hospitalizations or extensive treatment. However bacterial causes are very serious and oftentimes lead to death. The early signs of m ...…
Rotavirus has gone from a condition affecting thousands of Australian babies each year to barely having an impact.But the story is not the same in the developing world, where the gastrointestinal condition is killing tens of thousands of children. Australian researchers have now developed a new vaccine they hope will help the most vulnerable. - ...…
We discuss the awkward and necessary job of disclosure--how to tell someone you've been tested (and come up positive) for something. And why it's so important to show that level of care for another person.Need to get tested?…
New shingles vaccine Shingrix does not have many risks of the old vaccine; The benefits of the probiotic bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila; Review of Dr. Dawn’s advice for heartburn; More about avoiding proton pump inhibitors -- the case of erosive esophagitis; Using methylated B12 and folate vitamins to treat thrombocytosis; The effects of the ...…
April 19 was a busy day on the Starr Ranch north of Hershey; calves were being vaccinated and branded, to protect the health and safety of the animals. The scene is repeated every spring on ranches all over western Nebraska, shortly after calving.
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