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A photography podcast for the urban photographer.
Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait, both successful journalists and authors, bring you the latest in news, opportunities, trends – and gossip – in the world of writing blogging and publishing. Whether you love the creative inspiration of Elizabeth Gilbert, the life-hacking non-fiction of Tim Ferriss or the phenomena that is JK Rowling, you’ll find it here.
Музыка для меня - это уникальное явление, которое проходит через всю мою жизнь. Начиная с самого моего рождения и до настоящего момента - это одно из немногих воплощений творчества, живущее внутри меня, бьющееся в ритм моего сердца, заволакивающее своими вибрациями всего меня целиком и полностью и создающее мой собственный клип длиною в жизнь. Впервые услышав звуки электронной музыки ещё в далёком 1987...
A personal, sometimes-profane primer on things particular to Toronto and Canada, from a radio refugee born in the USA but Canadian by choice.
Valerie Daigre reads some of her favorite nursery rhymes
Valerie Moss
Blogger | Podcaster | Mom | Wife
Valerie Voiceover
A podcast dedicated to newcomers of the voiceover industry! I am starting my career and want to help others like me. I start with my journey thus far and then will do research every week about relevant topics and report my findings.
Valerie VanBooven RN BSN takes a look at marketing online, SEO for home care, home care websites, home care social media, and home care lead generation. In a competitive market, your home care business needs every edge. https://www,
CURRENT with VALERIE HAYES is a no-nonsense current events show with facts and opinions. Youll find it to be both educational and entertaining.
Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker teaches her clients how to be physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually independent and empowered through her own Mindset of Independence Method.Coach Molone offers Life, Leadership and Business Coaching available either through individual or group coaching sessions or through her online programs. She is also the host of Leadership and Beyond Podcast and Asked - Coach Molone answers your questions Online Show. Valery Molone has graduated ...
Gina and Valerie
Gina hails from Southern Calif and is a filmmaker and Valerie from New York City. They love to travel, enjoy their families, engage in relevant topics
Podcast by Valerie Silveira
Leadership Coach Valery Molone helps people explore their motivation, and overcome the blockers that hold them back. It’s about both support and challenge that many people can tell you what to do, but few have done it themselves. Valery has a giving and generous attitude with a passion to teach others how to improve their lives and make their greatest difference in the world. Valery will show you the FAST TRACK TO SUCCESS in any aspect of your life.
Catch up with all the latest banter between Darren and Valerie.
Entrepreneur Power Hour is created for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners who are looking to grow their business to the next level. Valerie Shoopman takes a deep dive with guests into online marketing and thoroughly covers funnels, landing pages, and using Facebook ads to drive leads and sales and build your authority online. We'll also touch upon how important the right mindset is, along with self-care specifically geared towards today's busy entrepreneurs.
Welcome and thank you for joining us. Inside is brought to you by Jehovah-Rapha International Church and Ministries Inc., JR Media Ministries and The Healing Sanctuary, LLC. Your backstage pass and inside view into socially conscious community, religious and spiritual leaders, organizers and entertainers. We provide awareness, education, information, resources and entertainment.Become a fan on Facebook. We are Inside Social Work, The TV Show. On twitter we are @ValeriePersaud. Check out our ...
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from Zilver Realty Group - your professional Real Estate Agents.
Aloha !Welcome the "The Daily Love Dose" where magic is expected and BS is not tolerated.
Nonprofit "U" is an online forum where nonprofit stakeholders can discuss the latest developments in the sector and increase their capacity to serve their clients and build sustainable communities. Valerie F. Leonard, an expert in community and organizational development is the host. Topics include nonprofit management, community development, capacity building and organizational development.
The Sydney Writers' Centre podcast on writers and writing features interviews with best-selling and acclaimed writers in a wide range of genres including literary fiction, fantasy, children's books, non-fiction, business and much more. Founder of the Sydney Writers' Centre, Valerie Khoo, interviews successful writers on how they approach the writing process and what goes into creating a remarkable piece of work.
GO BEYOND the 3rd dimension to explore all things Magickal, Mystical & Metaphysical as revealed in the Holy Kabbalah, Sacred Tarot, the Holy Bible, Spiritualism, Spiritism, Angelology and more.B.E.Y.O.N.D. is hosted by Rev. Valerie Love, Christian Witch, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Advisor and author of 11 books on practical spirituality. Visit her online at
Derwin, Pat, Dick and Valerie are so conceited that they record themselves watching and reviewing movies. Hilarity will ensue and temper will flare. Well, hopefully the first part...
The Orphans
A tale of survival on an unknown world. The Orphans is a cinematic audio drama chronicling the castaways of downed starship, The Venture - Stranded on a hostile planet, struggling to remember how they arrived and who they are.Mysterious creatures hunt them, and in this seemingly unpopulated world, a tower looms. The survivors: Nora, Richard, Olivia, Baz, William, Valerie and the artificial intelligence, GeoFFRy, must learn to live with one another and work together as they fight for their li ...
KumoCafe CWU
Cooking, eating, and filming it.
Solid Cat
Solid Cat is "The Slumber Party of Podcasts!"We're random; we're rowdy; we're righteous! If you're looking for a good time, slip into your jammies and dial us up!Starring Demosthenes and Valerie "the Space Cowboy"#staysolid
French for Beginners
We proudly present a one-of-a kind educational program for beginners that includes vocabulary, grammar, exercises, dialogue, and much more in the form of a theatrical performance! The plot of the play is simple. Valerie, our French tutor, gives one-on-one lessons to beginner students. Valerie has three rules for her students: 1. Complete the assigned lesson on the website and memorize new vocabulary on the flashcards before coming in for one-on-one studies. 2. You can talk about anything, as ...
Ham Nation (MP3)
Share in the excitement and importance of ham radio - from tossing an antenna wire into a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters with hosts Bob Heil, Gordon West, George Thomas, Don Wilbanks, Valerie Hotzfeld, Amanda Alden, and Dale Puckett.Records live every Wednesday at 9:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Pacific / 01:00 (Thu) UTC.
Leading celebrity and portrait photographer Gina Milicia discusses how to get the most out of your photography, including all the gear and gadgets you need. She chats to photography enthusiast Valerie Khoo on how to pose people, scout the best locations, and more. Useful tips, practical advice – and even some gossip – to help you get ahead, behind the lens!
Elijah's Fire International Church 607 Middleton Run Road Elkhart, IN 46516
Join director John Hillcoat (The Road, The Proposition) as he discusses his new film Lawless starring Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain, Guy Pearce, Mia Wasikowska and Gary Oldman. Lawless is based on the true story of the infamous Bondurant Brothers who find their bootlegging business under threat in Prohibition-era Virginia, by authorities who want in on their profits. Based on the novel by Matt Bondurant, the screenplay was written by Nick Cave who also scored the film’s soundtrac ...
Discussions on the latest Geek news and all things superheroes, fantasy, and overall just plain geeky
Join Glenn and Valerie as they review each episode of Star Trek: Discovery, invent Trek-themed cocktails, and play Smooch, Marry, Kill.
The Policy Shop
A podcast at the University of Melbourne, Australia. The Policy Shop is where national and global public policy is examined. Guests include Nobel laureates Sir Angus Deaton and Harold Varmus, writer Germaine Greer, author and academic Michael Ignatieff, former UN under-secretary, Baroness Valerie Amos, and Big Data entrepreneur Anthony Goldbloom. Listed by iTunes as new and noteworthy, subscribe for the latest episodes.
TOTM! Tea Talk
Live from various tea and coffee houses in the tristate area, Val Carey talks about TOTM! Discussing a range of issues that women experience during TOTM!
Share in the excitement and importance of ham radio - from tossing an antenna wire into a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters with hosts Bob Heil, Gordon West, George Thomas, Don Wilbanks, Valerie Hotzfeld, Amanda Alden, and Dale Puckett.Records live every Wednesday at 9:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Pacific / 01:00 (Thu) UTC.
Warring with the Word is a collection of teaching done by the Pastor Valerie Bratts with Demonstration In Power Ministries.
Brand Boost Podcast is here to bring you the latest Marketing, Vlogging, Influence, Social Media, Strategy & News as well as candid conversations with businesses, entrepreneurs, and brands inspired by entrepreneurs and podcasts such as: Residual Income Podcast, Mike & Matt, Marketing Secrets, Russell Brunson, Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, Amy Porterfield, She Creates Business, Jess Lively, The Lively Show, Valerie Howard, Marie Forleo, This Is Your Life Podcast, Michael Hyatt, Dave Ram ...
Michael and Ashley Valeri discuss everything that is Hulu's The Path.
Her Success Radio
Broadcasting feminist badassery. Self-made women get real and raw about their success journeys, the hustle behind the hustle, the dark nights of the soul, uplevel crises in their health, relationships, and business, healing and triumphs, and tools for the journey. Fueled by her over 20,000 hours of practice as a psychologist turned success coach, Dr. Valerie is on a mission of helping women recognize and heal what she calls the Patriarchy Stress Disorder (PSD) — the missing piece in self-hel ...
Michael and Ashley Valeri discuss ABC's The Crossing. They're husband and wife. They're vulgar. They talk about the show. Enjoy!
Share in the excitement and importance of ham radio - from tossing an antenna wire into a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters with hosts Bob Heil, Gordon West, George Thomas, Don Wilbanks, Valerie Hotzfeld, Amanda Alden, and Dale Puckett.Records live every Wednesday at 9:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Pacific / 01:00 (Thu) UTC.
Join spontaneity experts, Tim Wohlberg and Valerie McTavish as they explore how being just a little more spontaneous can help you gain more success in your career, improve your love life and relationships, tap into your creative genius and be happier. This isn't your typical self help podcast! Through inspiring conversations with people from all walks of life and practical exercises this podcast reveals the power of spontaneity. Have you lost your spontaneous spirit or don't understand how i ...
This Needs To Be Said... There is such a need for people to be able to be truthful. We have been tactful all around the world and in the midst of that we want to be accepted, so we conform. Then one day you ask yourself, "What is MY truth?" While digging through a lot of baggage gathered from wanting to belong somewhere and not sure of what you believe, there is a crying out for all those things that should be said that aren't. No longer will WE pretend that there are no issues to address! O ...
This is a show dedicated to helping you become a better editor. Each week Story Grid Editors Jarie Bolander, Valerie Francis, Anne Hawley, Kim Kessler, and Leslie Watts analyze a film from one of the 12 Story Grid content genres and discuss it using the Editor’s Six Core Questions as developed by Shawn Coyne.
On Rotation
On Rotation is Mixmag Magazine's weekly talk show bringing news, commentary, music and interviews to the podcast world that have been standard of the publication's electronic music coverage since 1982. Co-hosts Valerie and Harrison sit down for exclusive interviews with esteemed artists like Giorgio Moroder, Pete Tong, The Black Madonna, Gorgon City, Black Coffee and more, share sneak previews of premieres and discuss the most controversial headlines of the week. It's Mixmag's one-stop shop ...
The Lady of the Camellias (French: La Dame aux camélias) is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, fils, first published in 1848, that was subsequently adapted for the stage. The Lady of the Camellias premiered at the Theatre de Vaudeville in Paris, France on February 2, 1852. An instant success, Giuseppe Verdi immediately set about to put the story to music. His work became the 1853 opera La Traviata with the female protagonist "Marguerite Gautier" renamed "Violetta Valéry".In the English-speaking wor ...
Months after the end of a brief and bloody civil war, West Virginia is gripped by turmoil and violence. Valerie Murphy must come to grip with her own loyalties and principles as she fights to end the violence. Insurgent is the continuation of the story begun in the Amazon Alternate History bestseller Republic by Charles Sheehan-Miles.
The Orphans
The Orphans is a cinematic sci-fi audio drama chronicling the castaways of downed starship, The Venture - Stranded on a hostile planet, struggling to remember how they arrived and who they are.Mysterious creatures hunt them, and in this seemingly unpopulated world, a tower looms. The human survivors and the artificial intelligence, GeoFFRy, must learn to work together as they fight for their lives in this alien wilderness and uncover the truth of what lies beyond.
If we're being honest with ourselves, don't we all just really want to know what the fucking point is of any of this? Hosted by paradoxically nihilistic + eternally optimistic psychotherapist and yoga teacher Valerie Martin, this podcast features conversations with a wide variety of guests who offer thought provoking perspectives on the ultimate question of humanity.
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A rousing discussion with Boocock's "greatest fan" the Christian Libertarian, Lomax Christiansen, who demands an explanation of the Boocock blindfold iconography. Typically, it dissolves into aggravated verbal assault on Lomax's part and an idealistic expression of ethical restraint in public discourse by Boocock. All of which somehow leads to ...…
Tracklist:Marcus Worgull - Seen M. Caporale - Wind Dance (feat. Coflo)Common Edits - Project PabloFolamour - OnenessRon Basejam - After The SunMassiande - Yesterday, Today, ForeverSoul Reductions - Got 2 Be LovedAroop Roy - Save Our LoveRon Basejam - After The Rain (Original Mix)Benjamin Fröhlich - Drawn From Memory (I_Cube Remix)Art Of Tones ...…
Welcome to the #1 podcast in iTunes in the category of Fashion and Beauty where you can always count on Danielle, Val, and Ani to be real, raw, and highly entertaining. This week’s conversation of Profit is something many artists feel uncomfortable talking about, saying it’s not about the money, it’s all about the art – yet most artists are lit ...…
To learn how to reach greatness download this FREE PDF! iTunes Podcast: ...…
A New Jersey lawmaker has recently introduced a bill that bans children under the age of 12 from playing tackle football in the Garden State. Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri-Huttle points to studies that show brain injuries at a young age can have devastating effects later in life. Her legislation would limit children under 12 to just flag or to ...…
Be careful not to believe everything you see! Reality becomes distorted when we watch other people's lives on social media or in any other way. Help keep proper focus by listening to this message.
On location at the 2018 Moontower in downtown Austin, Valerie Lopez sits down with the legendary Scott Thompson of Kids In The Hall. Having a celebrated stage, TV and movie career, Scott shares how he has grown and learned to accept and celebrate himself. Be sure to catch his Après Le Déluge: The Buddy Cole Monologues if it comes to a city near ...…
Hello, I’m Peter Anthony Holder. Welcome to this week’s edition of Your Health.When you or a loved one initially falls ill, the first debate is whether or not the illness in question is serious enough to require a visit to a hospital ER, or should you go to a neighbourhood clinic. So what’s the right answer? Hopefully this week we can give you ...…
With more photographers being asked to shoot short video clips, we’re definitely seeing a trend that you need to uplevel your skills to include video. While this may seem daunting, Gina and Valerie discuss the basics for you to consider to explore this exciting new side venture. From frame rate, to shutter speed, and everything in between, list ...…
Honoring another fallen service member, USA SPC Joe Kennedy of Inver Grove Heights, killed in Afghanistan 15 APR 2011. Hear from his mother Valerie as she talks about Joe, his life story and what they are doing now to honor him and all those that have served, especially Gold Star families.
With Seattle adding tens of millions of dollars to fight homelessness, people around the city want to know: Is that money being spent effectively? Valerie Nagle is one of them. She lives in her van.By (Gil Aegerter).
Valerie Morehouse is a vocal expert and coach to artists and actors including Hunter Hayes, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelly of Florida Georgia Line, Michael Ray, Sia, Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, Avril Lavigne, Noah Cyrus, Rachel Platten, Ruby Rose, Jeff Bridges, and cast members of the Nashville TV series including Connie Britto ...…
Playlist: Lifus Gibson - Banjo Solo The Louvin Brothers - I Wish You Knew T.J. Lundy, Danny Paisley, & Ryan Paisley - Cherokee Shuffle Jose Gutierrez Y Los Hermanos - Balaju Ry Cooder - Feelin' Like a Submarine (Kentucky Blues) The Buckaroos - Cajun Fiddle Buck Owens - Think Of Me Gitkin - Cancion Del Rey Strange Creek Singers - Today Has Been ...…
Meet Provence Rose ambassador and expert Ms. Valerie LeLong and the husband and wife team behind Washington State's Virtue Cellars. #MastersofRose #DrinkPink #WAWINE
¿Embarazada y con ansiedad? ¿O quizás sientes algo de depresión después el parto? ¡Estos síntomas son mucho más normales de lo que te imaginas! Se le llama etapa perinatal al tiempo entre el embarazo y el primer año de vida del bebé, y al menos un 20% de las mujeres sufren un desequilibrio emocional en esta etapa tan importante de sus vidas y l ...…
Matt Murphy and Andrea Lindenberg discuss the upcoming events, including this week's Regions Tradition in Birmingham and SafeHouse of Shelby County throwing a party June 14. Then, our own Valerie Vining joins the studio, and everything starts to get weird. #talk995 #realtalk
Bio: Mike graduated with a degree from California State University at Chico, where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Construction Management. After over 5 years of success as an engineer and Project Manager for Rudolph and Sletten, Inc, a few Life Coaching calls with James, founder of OPEX (Formerly OPT), highlighted his true values. Then h ...…
PODCAST NOTESTITLE: Cultural Stew PodcastEPISODE: 0012SUBTITLE: DATE: 05/12/2018TIME: 9:30am (9:30-11)LOCATION: GFMEDIA StudiosToday's podcast is brought to you by audible - get a FREE audiobook download and 30 day free trial at . Over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player ...…
The New England Revolution recently traded their best player, Lee Nguyen, to LAFC for 700k in Targeted Allocation Money. Which prompted us to ask, WTF does that even mean? Lee Nguyen’s production — 54 goals and 56 assists in 211 league and cup appearances — is among the best in MLS. Nguyen’s combined goals and assists rank fifth league-wide, wi ...…
When Val makes a charge of rape against Noah, how do her friends react? Well, inasmuch as they are generally terrible friends to her, they're pretty much all awful. Kelly is sure Val's only in it for the payday. Steve ties the incident back to her fake-pregnancy extortion scheme. Brandon's not sure what to think, but believing a woman isn't exa ...…
Sometime the simplest strategy is the most effective that can change your life! Journaling is your world of imagination where you can be yourself, be vulnerable and be none judgmental toward yourself. It is the best way to align your thoughts with your emotions. Your journal has the potential to be both a therapist and a dear friend who listens ...…
To learn how to transform past trauma into future happiness download this FREE PDF to learn how! iTunes Podcast: ...…
Angela and Tatiana give Valerie her well-deserved break this week, instead recruiting Alice and Judy to talk about our favorite podcast topic: kdramas! First, we discuss the shows we are currently watching, including Hyori's Bed & Breakfast, You Drive Me Crazy, Signal and Just Between Lovers (1:00). Then we gossip about all the dramas we have n ...…
Tim and Jim discuss the Matt Patricia allegations and are joined by guest Valerie Bordeau who gives her viewpoint as a sexual assault victim. Tim and Jim also give their take on Detroit vs. don't want to miss this heartfelt rant!
Guest Speaker Valerie Lewis-Coleman, Founder of Pen Of The Writer, LLC and Queen V Publishing talks about her experience as an GM Automotive Engineer, the obstacles of being a woman in the IT field, and how she transitioned over to writing and publishing books. She is also the author of several self-published books.…
May 6, 2018, Sunday Worship Deborah is a judge, a prophet, and a military leader. In other words, she is a woman of capacity, but what is perhaps most fascinating about Deborah is the tender way she uses her capacity to help someone else become his deepest and truest self.
Here we go folks, the first proper episode of Friend Quest, Season 2! We start off with character introductions: Peter takes on the role as our fearless leader and game master, and sets up the new world that we are entering; Mikkel re-introduces us to Valerie Whitmore, the do-gooder project lead; Paula tells us about OSLO (short for Model # 051 ...…
Danny & Pat are back again on the Netil Radio interwaves with your monthly dose of the freshest new tracks and all things SlothBoogie.Danny's Hour:(Intro)I can feel it down in my plums...C. Scott - City StepsCassius - Little ChildLetherette - PiantoDJ Koze - Lord KnowsGlenn Astro & Hodini - Ze RegalMoodymann - Got Me Coming Back Rite NowValerie ...…
SON ch 15 Hello, Elizabeth's London! We begin with Gallowglass sailing it like he stole it (well he did, kind of!), and end with some really big news! Join us if you have time to put your new copy of The World of All Souls down! Truncated show notes this time, because ... LIFE, but the episode is packed with the normal Daemon ditch-diving that ...…
Valerie interviews Jeff Burch, NDP candidate for Niagara Centre.
Recorded live May 8th at New Braunfels Church of Christ. Grace Preparatory Academy Choirs under the direction of Mrs. Valerie Lietz.
What kind of person provides rides on UFOs? Tries to build Tesla free energy towers? Counts herself among Space Kids? Join us for part 2 of astronaut Gordon Coopers story where Darek and Rozie discuss Valerie Ransone. Opening music from Zedidiah Word. Thanks Zed! check out his music on Bandcamp Special Guest: Terry Catlett.…
On today’s episode we’re still talking all about Amy Schumer’s new film, “I Feel Pretty” – this week we get into some of the film’s supporting characters and that bikini contest scene. Plus, Nervous Breakdowns! With special guest, Helen and Valerie from the Falling in Love Montage Podcast.
Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there! This episode I've brought together the moms of my office - my assistant, Carla, my head nurse, Valerie, and my chemist, Kim! We're all busy moms but we still make sure to take care of ourselves and treat our skin correctly. Listen in for lots of tips on how to find the best skincare and find time t ...…
Ivy overhears Boocock on the phone working overtime at his day job head-hunting corporate assassins. Confused, she confers with Dennis who tries to talk Boocock into using his podcast to explain world history. Meanwhile, Boocock ponders certain interesting contemporary creative activities being perpetrated around the nation. Special Guest Appea ...…
a new podcast review beer tidbit Sunday’s at National alarm clock for a 6 year old We’ve been steeling away lately -now that our daughter is 6 and can be dropped off at a left at a birthday party – and heading to The National for a couple hours of adult time it’s been fabulous – We start with x6, 3 each oysters east coast is our favourite serve ...…
Marvel Studios has three big movies coming out in 2018: Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp (in that order). Of those three, Infinity War and Black Panther recently got big distinction. Full breakdown on Media Fury Radio, tonight at 7p EST. Studio Line : (515) 605-9376
It's a journey into the mysterious world of voodoo in the Amazon as Jim takes a look at 1959's horror/mystery "The Four Skulls Of Jonathan Drake," starring Eduard Franz, Valerie French, Henry Daniell, Grant Richards and Paul Cavanagh. The remaining male descendant of a cursed family fears he will be the next victim. Is there magic in play? Find ...…
The Moonshine Revival Tent combines the dynamic storytelling of Bret Fetzer with the lush choral compositions of Sari Breznau and Eric Padget! They are joined by Christine Longe, and Jillian Vashro, with the occasional participation of Lara Paxton, Mike Gilson, and Valerie Moseley. On Wednesday nights beginning May 9th, they will pitch their Mo ...…
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