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These podcasts are aimed at Unit 3/4 VCE Psychology Students, they can be also be found in the itunes store. See my website for access along with other eresources for Psychology students:
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This podcast covers the key brain structures that cause P.D namely the substantia nigra & striatum as well as explaining the impact of depleted dopamine and GABA levels on the impairment if motor function experience by P.D sufferers.
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This podcast provides some parting advice for students on the 3 sections of the VCE Psychology exam on Friday. Good luck all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This podcast will help you clearly distinguish between Mental health & Mental illness c/o
The role of the central executive is addressed in this podcast, a future podcast will examine the functionality of the slave systems of the Baddeley & Hitch model of Working Memory.
This podcast addresses - causes for age related memory decline as well as the effects on different aspects of memory - such as retention, STM, LTM, etc.
The psychological and physiological effects of sleep deprivation are covered in this podcast. see facebook page for additional feeds for VCE Psychology podcasts and YouTube clips.
This clip goes through methods of sampling - convenience, random & stratified, it examines advantages and disadvantages of each type of sampling and briefly explains the process.
The 6 participants rights are covered: informed consent, deception, debriefing, voluntary participation, confidentiality, withdrawal rights - in terms of the conduct of a Psychological experiment. See for further VCE Psych resources.
This podcast covers the relevant components of a neuron for the Unit 3 VCE Psychology course. see website for additional VCE Psych resources:
This covers the fundamentals of writing a research hypothesis and is relevant to Units 1-4 Psychology
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