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Vikings Vent Line
Immediately following each Minnesota Vikings game, former NFL long-snapper "The Super Star" Mike Morris and 1500 ESPN's Phil Mackey dissect the action and take your phone calls. The ultimate Vikings rollercoaster ride!
Venting Viv
Listen to hear movie reviews and just everyday thoughts.
Giving extremely important opinions on just about everything!
VENT: To relieve oneself by venting something; inserting oneself into the conversation and life of ones peers.Two guys share their frustrations with the 21st century. Tune in for drama and conflict, as our hosts argue and define the rules for navigating the modern world. Come VENT with us.#ventwithus
Listen to Bryce and Graham talk about life every Monday. We talk about life, current events, and overall try and reach a hand of hope out to those who need to vent just as all humans need a good vent once and a while.
The uncomfortable truth
Creating a safe place for folks to release frustrations, concerns, maddening experiences and funny stories. Website: www.ventpodcast.comEmail: vent@ventpodcast.comFacebook:
Force de vente : Les experts offre aux auditeurs un accès exclusif et direct à des experts de diverses professions qui partagent leurs trucs, conseils et secrets sur un ou plusieurs aspects liés à la force de vente sans que vous ayez besoin de débourser leurs honoraires. Peu importe si votre rôle consiste à gérer ou à vendre, que vous débutiez votre carrière en vente aujourd’hui ou que vous concluez des ventes complexes depuis des décennies, que votre offre s’adresse aux entreprises ou aux i ...
A group discussion among firefighters and fire officer regarding several elements of the fire service.
Vent Bazemoor
Anything that comes to mind
Vent Radio
There will be no more shows for now guys.Thank you to all those who came and were a big part of the art and peace this show tried to create with you.
These Podcasts are for the people who were afraid to live the life they dreamed. The world you picture is really at your fingertips and no one can make it happen like you can. I too was afraid to jump. Here I will show the underbelly of my process. Discuss my plans, perspectives, lessons, failures, and of course accomplishments. I am no different then you. Well of course unless you didn't jump. But after a few of these playing in your ear I truly believe that you will. We experience life onc ...
Lets Vent.
Who knows what’s gonna happen
Three women venting about pop culture, current events, relationships, and everyday life after work over vino.
Can I Vent??™️
I’m just venting about life, and the things thereof™️
SelectSo :The Vent
The Vent: We allow people to Use our Platform to Express themselves, politics, relationships, entertainment and Realness!!
A podcast about living your best life. Helping you transition to or stay strong on your Earthly journey
I ramble about adulting, lessons learned,mental health, and relationships. FYI: I don’t sugar coat things. 💖
Can I vent?
Everyday sports debates, topics currently going on in the world
Time To Vent
This is for the politically incorrect because what you need to say need to be said
Podcast by Justin & Mia
Hot Air Vent
Podcast by Ricky Robert
Climbing on his digital soapbox, Andy Lurie uses decades of experience in comedy to dissect the stories behind the story
Big Brotha Trav Vents
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Bonnie Vent trance channeling The Connection with co-host John Streiff
The Duo from Newark, Don & Jaz, vent about their week with any topic that comes to mind: work, family, movies, music, gossips, dating and the infamous "what would you do" questions.
Think Stuff Podcast
Think Stuff is a podcast is hosted by Tim and CJ, posted every weekend. On the podcast we cover the least interesting things that have happened in order to serve as your vital weekly round-up. Missed that economy crash somewhere down your street? You can catch the summary here, if you can wade through the rest of the topics including milk, the apocalypse, and domestic animals with strange features.
All of the Above radio: saving the world two hours at a time since May of 2012.All of the Above radio is part music (indie and alternative at its best), part talk (Curb your Enthusiasm with a touch of Frasier), and full escapism (minimal politics, even less religion, just entertainment). Winner of Fishbowl radio's 2013 Red Bowl show of the year, its combination of music and talk is free flowing, fun and thought provoking. Your long commutes, house cleaning or workday is about to be made bett ...
Married comedians Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane bring you the podcast they swore they would never do. 'My Wife Hates Me' combines all of the bickering of a husband and wife with the sharp wit of two cutting edge comedians. Both painfully honest and brutally funny, Vos and Bonnie (Opie and Anthony, Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central Presents) give you a glimpse into their lives every week as they vent about the industry, every day life and each other. Subscribe now for free to get every epis ...
A young Sicilian Savage bringing you news, opinions, commentary and laughs in a raw, uncensored and blunt tone through full video podcasts.
Jeff Blair Show
If Jeff Blair wasn't given his own show to vent about the Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, Raptors, Buffalo Bills, Argonauts, and Toronto FC, he would've ran for mayor of the city. The show originates from Toronto's sports leader, Sportsnet 590 The FAN!
From professional whiner and award-winning drunk Matt Bellassai comes Unhappy Hour, the podcast about everything we love to hate. Join Matt and his special guests as they vent about all things political, personal and cultural. Because nothing brings people together like good alcohol and good complaining.
Venez rencontrer des gens de passion qui mettent en action de grandes visions et de grands projets. Coach Davender Gupta vous presente des entrepreneurs de partout au Quebec pour discuter de leurs passions et de leurs projets. Ecoutez en direct ou par mp3 au site
Mischievous Radio
Mischievous Radio is a thought provoking show that focuses on the issues and politics that surround the LGBT community and the African American community. We strive to provide you with quality programming and outstanding guest and topics from everyday real life. This is not your parents talk show I we do recommend that the children aren't around cause we can be very "Frank" with our opinions. Welcome back to the show!
Fore Play
"Fore Play" is a weekly podcast by common golfers, for common golfers. Trent, Riggs and their wide variety of guests talk about everything golf like normal folks sitting at a bar watching coverage, venting about the game's difficulties, and weighing in on pro gossip. Your classic golf addicts, the "Fore Play" crew brings a young, unique voice to the rapidly-evolving game, discussing freely and openly everything golf. There's nothing like it.
This is a test to see if I can upload this to Itunes. I really Hope that I can. :)
Kill Me Now is a weekly podcast hosted by award winning comedian and writer, Judy Gold. Since Judy always seems to be pissed-off about something, she thought why not interview celebrities about what makes them angry - from the extraordinary to the mundane. Whether it's your cheap friend who always gets up from the table when the check comes, to injustices such as inequality & equal pay, Judy and her guests vent with wit, humor and passion while you laugh your ass off.
Anxious and Angry
The Anxious and Angry Podcast is a way for Ryan Young (Off With Their Heads) to get together with friends and talk about anything from music to the how our brains work in ways, which sometimes, aren't in our best interests. The podcast is a chance to contact Ryan and his guest(s) directly for advice, to share interesting stories, or to just vent. Email or call to leave a message that will be addressed in an episode. / 800-565-3250.
Since October 2009 when Rope-A-Dope Podcast hit the internet airwaves Bringing Boxing fans Round Table discussions, breakdowns, debate, predictions, along with interviews with top boxers, writers, commentators and trainers. The Rope A Dope Radio RoundTable Podcasts Go Live Every Wednesday Night! (9 PM est/ 6 PM pst) The Host of this Weekly Show is Chris Carlson (Carlito)Rope A Dope Radio has featured Boxing Iconic Figures like Floyd Mayweather Jr and Bernard Hopkins; Established stars like N ...
For a Bad Time, Call... is a podcast dedicated to women's anger. Our hotline voice-rage-box is open 24/7 at 669-BAD-TIME to receive any negative feelings you may want to vent. Each fortnight, we take the best of those calls and release a podcast episode filled to the brim with frustration, exasperation, and displeasure. It's fun, we promise! For a bad time, call 669-223-8463 (BAD-TIME).
Get on board! Team Dorset is all about helping Dorset benefit from hosting the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Weymouth & Portland and leaving a real significant legacy. What we do together before, during and beyond 2012 will shape our future. The run up to 2012 are undeniably dynamic times for Dorset - at Team Dorset we want life in our County to improve and progress for years to come. The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are a ‘once-in-a-life-time' opportunity to boost improvement an ...
Venting. Rambling. Life.
WYMS Radio
Why You Mad Son RadioHosted by Cha-Boogie - with Co-hosts Nik Fatale, B-Easy, Craig G and a regular panel of MadMen. We discuss the week's top stories in news, politics, current events and social ills from an Urban viewpoint.WYMS Radio is tapping into part of the angst of a generation and is the place for the progressive urbanite to vent. Every Tuesday at 10pm
Reviewables is a freewheeling anarchic comedy podcast. Every week our hosts Cian McGarrigle and Edwin Sammon are joined by special guests to improvise, vent and complain about the world around them but very rarely review anything.
Audiobook version of "Owning Regina: My Unexpected Passion For Another Woman" Genres: Lesbian, Romance, Fiction, BDSM, Erotica When television commercial production coordinator Meg Curtis gets stood up by her longtime boyfriend, she vents her frustration by feverishly writing in a diary. At a time when she is unsure about all things romantic, she encounters 5th grade teacher Regina Baker at yoga class, a free-spirited single mom who is beautiful, playful, and impossibly intriguing. What star ...
I vent about finding love in a techy world and other life issues that we humans have to face. Fuck my life. I'm just kidding.
Prophet Channel
Sometimes you just need to vent
Stay Woke Podcast
Follow two millennials, Olivia and TyLisa, during their bi-weekly vent session serving their truth on life, news and culture as they live it. #stayinformed #staywitty #stayWOKE
Edmonton's ultimate drive time sports show. If you want to vent or praise your favorite team, The Jason Gregor Show is the place to be. Jason Gregor is on top of the sporting world!
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show series
Adam Wylde & Steve Dangle host: Sportsnet's Sr. hockey writer Chris Johnston discusses the off-season thus far, and looks ahead to the year (17:20); Blue Jays broadcaster Mike Wilner looks ahead to tonight's resumption of the Blue Jays' season (47:33); Sportsnet's Canadiens beat reporter Eric Engels discusses the Habs' summer thus far (1:08:52) ...…
In Hour 4, we heard from BC Lions Quarterback Travis Lulay
In Hour 3, we heard from Complexity's Fornite Captain, Michael Hogman
In Hour 2, we heard from Edmonton Oiler Josh Currie, and Colin livingston from CanTorque
In hour 1, we heard from Michael Duarte of NBC Los Angeles, and Mark Zecchino from Golf Talk Canada
The NBA PLAYOFF BANTER PODCAST RETURNS to talk everything NBA! This episode begins with Breakdown of the Kawhi Leonard for DeMar DeRozan Trade yesterday which includes Danny Green & a 1st Round Pick to the Spurs! How did the Spurs do? Who is the best in the East now Boston or Toronto? Also, will discuss any moves from the last several days of F ...…
Adam Wylde & Steve Dangle host: Adam & Steve discuss the Raptors' acquisition of Kawhi Leonard, and their trading away of DeMar DeRozan (0:37); Sportsnet's Faizal Khamisa joins the show to provide his perspective on the trade (21:40); Jeff Blair joins his own show to discuss Kawhi, DeMar, Marcus Stroman, Manny Machado, and others (47:39)!; Stev ...…
This one will make you laugh out loud. Riggs, Frankie and Trent are back and we go through pre-British Open headlines and an arsenal of From The Galleries. From Tiger de-lofting his 2-iron for some sort of special stinger; to tips for playing with a caddie for the first time; to Riggs joining the Mr. Borrelli school of golf and snap-ordering a ...…
This episode begins with Recap from a steady weekend featuring Pacquiao, Prograis, & Lopez all scoring impressive KO's! Also, Preview & Predictions for upcoming weekend including Usyk vs Gassiev in the World Boxing Super Series Final & the HBO Doubleheader! Other Topics For Discussion: Eddie Hearn's DAZN Roster & Dates! -Wilder vs Ortiz 2 rumor ...…
In Hour 4, we discussed the Jets with Ted Wyman of the Winnipeg Sun, as well as Workout Wednesday with Paul Plakas of Custom Fit
In Hour 3, we heard from Calgary Hitmen Head Coach Steve Hamilton, as well as Struds on & 5 Question's
In Hour 1, we heard from Oilers First Round Pick Evan Bouchard, and Don Harris
In Hour 2, we heard from Sean Ramjagsingh of EA Sports, and Matt Eades of the Talking Reckless Podcast
Rob Wong & Brian Dunstan host: The Raptors acquire Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green from the San Antonio Spurs for DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl, and a protected 1st-round pick (0:51); SN590's Eric Smith breaks down the move (11:42); We open the show up for Raptors fans (31:22 & 1:56:09), and hear from SN590's Paul Jones (50:59) and Sportsnet's Jona ...…
In Hour 4, we heard from legendary Arizona Coyote, Shane Doan
In Hour 3, we heard from local Gamers Steve Cheverie & Mike Stuparyk
In Hour 2, we heard from Former CFL Offical Bud Steen
In Hour 1, we were joined by Louie & Jake DeBrusk in Studio
Sportsnet's Shi Davidi discusses Monday night's Home Run Derby, and Marcus Stroman's relationship with the Toronto media (6:03); Do you care about Toronto athletes' rapport with media members (25:43); Sportsnet's Faizal Khamisa comes in-studio to take a tour around the world of sports, including the World Cup, the Raptors' off-season, and his b ...…
Edwin and special stand-in temporary co-host Kevin McGahern are joined by Ireland's oldest and worst priest, Father Quigg. He reviews Bells, Make-Out spots in Ballinasloe and talks about his time working on the Bad Lieutenant movie
Golf Channel analyst and commentator Frank Nobilo joins the show from Carnoustie to preview the British Open. Frank discusses finishing top-20 at Carnoustie in ‘99, how incredibly dry the course is, and what kind of player he likes to prevail this week. The guys also get into some daily fantasy golf talk and dissect Tiger's comments about intim ...…
Turtle smuggling, clipping nails, and diving deep into Pixar movies. Then Emmy nominated comedian W. Kamau Bell joins the pod to talk about his new Netflix special, his new baby, and more.
Caissie St. Onge continues her conversation with Judy Gold and Hennessy on the latest Kill Me Now with Judy Gold! Find out how she lost her job with David Letterman...but then DIDN’T. (Hint: It has to do with being a pu**y).
In Hour 4, we heard from Tri City Americans Head Coach, Kelly Buchberger
In Hour 3, we heard from Michael Tash for another segment, and discussed the rise of ESports
In Hour 2, we heard from Professional Gamer Michael Tash
In Hour 1, we discussed the Blue Jays and Major League Baseball with Andrew Stoeten of the Athletic
The Blue Jays have hit the All-Star Break (0:51); What do you expect from the Blue Jays when play resumes (12:05); Honda Indy Toronto winner Scott Dixon joins Jeff in-studio to discuss Sunday's win, and to look ahead to his push for the Verizon IndyCar Series championship, for which he currently sits first in points (44:20); Sportsnet chief soc ...…
Ryan takes the time to go annoy his old pal Sergie. Perhaps some good came out of it? Most certainly.
The crew discusses the role of the fire officer and tips for upcoming officers.
Hey Ventors: Having audio issues again this week. Sorry! Will fix for next. Here's what's on this episode: Weird stuff of the week, young son drama, comforting loved ones, exciting new chapter for my girl!!!
In Hour 4, we previewed the Eskimos and Argonauts game with Matthew Iwanyk
In Hour 3, we heard from Allan Mitchell of the Lowdown with Lowetide
In Hour 2, we discussed the Blue Jays with Scott Mitchell of TSN
In Hour 1, we discussed the Toronto Argonauts with the voice of the team, Mike Hogan
Michael Traikos co-hosts: We discuss the continued buzz behind the Raptors' interest in acquiring Kawhi Leonard (0:33); Blue Jays Central analyst Joe Siddall on the team's rough 4th inning in Boston (13:21); Local photographer Joe Howarth on his World Cup In Toronto project, and the city's passion for World Cup soccer (35:40); We preview Sunday ...…
In Hour 4, we heard from TSN's Raptors reporter Josh Lewenberg
In Hour 3, we heard from Ken Wiebe of the Winnipeg Sun
In Hour 2, we heard from Canadian Cyclist Alex Stieda, and Colin Livingston of CanTorque
In Hour 1, we heard from Edmonton Eskimos Quarterback Mike Reilly
All of the Above radio is here and is bringing a great cohost. Degenerate X returns and we talk movies, cookies and gender specific toys. Follow me on Instagram @hanktoldyouso Previous episodes are on Apple Podcasts.
Michael Traikos co-hosts: John Tavares pens a letter to The Islanders Faithrul (3:00); Sportsnet's Dan Shulman on the Blue Jays ahead of this weekend's series in Boston (12:43); Premier League on Sportsnet's James Sharman on England's exit from the World Cup (33:03); Yahoo! Sports national baseball writer Jeff Passan on his in-depth piece on th ...…
The whole gang is back together with lots of news to talk about. Should Phil and Tiger have to put up their own 10 million dollars? Did Phil violate a new rule on purpose to save face? Is an LPGA player whiffing on the tee box good for golf? We also take a handful of From The Galleries including a listener's wild dream about dining tables on te ...…
This episode begins with a quick Recap segment for the Top Rank/ESPN card last Saturday! Also, Preview & Predictions for Manny Pacquiao vs. Lucas Matthysse on ESPN+! Other Topics For Discussion: Reviewing Year 1 of the Top Rank/ESPN Deal! Has it been Good, Great, or Disappointing? -Preview Friday & Saturday ESPN Cards! -James Degale vacates IBF ...…
July 11 - Hour 3 - Marshall Ferguson & Jeff Woods by The Jason Gregor Show
July 11 - Hour 2 - Dan Robertson by The Jason Gregor Show
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