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Disco Volante
¿A que suena el cine? Aquellos momentos musicales que acompañan el cine de todas las epocas. Conducido por Adrian Garcia Bogliano.
Mouches Volantes
We make noise... and we like it.
Room in the Dragon Volant, The by LE FANU, Joseph Sheridan
J. Sheridan LeFanu's Gothic mystery novel is narrated by Richard Beckett, a young Englishman abroad in Napoleonic-era France. He falls instantly in love with a mysterious and imperiled Countess, whom he glimpses momentarily behind her black veil. In order to be near her, he takes a room in the Dragon Volant (the Flying Dragon), a haunted inn that has been the site of mysterious disappearances. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)
Einzelganger (Thijs Geritz) is a Dutch designer. His work varies from music and video-art to graphic design and illustration.
Food Is Not Love is talk comedy podcast. It's really very good, which is why you're here and about to listen. The show itself is taped in THE DIRTY ROTTEN SOUTH, although we don't pluke our sisters or make bongs out of chickens. This critically acclaimed PODCAST is hosted by Disco Volante from Brooklyn, N.Y and Robbie Danger from Atlanta, Georgia. Neither of them know how to dress themselves.
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La tête volante
01. Goda Brother - Only You (Original Mix) [Lincor]02. Ape Sapiens & Nico Serjanovich - Affected (Original Mix) [Electronic Tree]03. Shai T - Desert Story (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection]04. Julian Nates - Cydonia (Serge Landar Remix) [BC2]05. Neptun 505 - Disco Volante [Suffused Music]06. Stage van H - Beyond Sleeping (Ewan Rill Remix) [Just ...…
LALO Tactical Presents: WTF Podcast
This week on LALO Tactical Presents: Whiskey Tango FoxtrotRobbie Hill, Director of Mission Volant is on the show to talk all the things about his organization. After realizing a need for adventure therapy in the disabled veteran and underprivileged communities, the guys over at MV got to work and really developed a model for therapy that not on ...…
PURE FOUN 008 · DUBFLUSSWhy @Dubfluss?This great duo was born out of the great friendship between Mattia Bellon and Marco Fiuma, two great producers from Vicenz, close to Venice in Italy. They decided to join an artistic direction together and focus their sound on deep, tech and techno.Co-founders of @hundmusic, their name has been growing in t ...…
Episode 7 is our special Skyberry Summer Jam episode! Listen to our recordings from this lovely Portland festival, featuring music from Dapper Badger and Disco Volante, not to mention all the amazing stories from our festival friends. Enjoy!
South DaCola Podcast 004 News Media with Patrick Lalley. Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host. Guest Patrick Lalley Produced by Robert Mehling Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends Tags and Topics Scott L. Ehrisman, South DaCola, Robert Mehling, Patrick Lalley, Sioux Falls, O’Gorman Catholic High School, University of South Da ...…
FXF2005 Jim Jarmusch PT2: Jay Rabinowitz, Bob Hein, Tony Volante Coming together in the early 1980’s filmmaking scene of New York, picture editor Jay Rabinowitz and sound editor Bob Hein first met in collaborating on Jim Jarmusch’s film Mystery Train which led to multiple collaborations over 25 years of working with Jim Jarmusch on such films a ...…
Temple Of Boom Podcast
True Hallucinations 101 @ Dice RadioSaturday nights from 10 PM till Midnight (GMT +3) @ http://diceradio.grTunein @ @ॐOvnimoon - The Honest MeditationRelativ - Human BeingLaughing Buddha, Killerwatts - Nature Of Reality Martian Arts - Assagao Middle Mode - Lunar ...…
Smokingroove - The Underground Radio Show
London’s own sons of the underground House music scene, Smokingroove return to the radio airwaves with a new weekly show with their own brand of beats and some fresh tricks up their sleeves including their own multimedia-mashups, pulling samples, clips and breaks from everywhere and fresh, forward-thinking music to make a unique radio show cent ...…
Tracklist 00:00:42 Pegboard Nerds - Blackout 00:04:05 Tokyo Machine - BLAST 00:07:50 PIXL - Here For You (ft. Q’AILA) 00:11:52 Vicetone - I Hear You [Monstercat Exclusive] 00:13:41 RICCI - Boom 00:17:29 Hellberg - Synchronize (ft. Aaron Richards) (VIP Mix) 00:21:27 Slushii - Luv U Need U [Rocket League Exclusive] 00:23:35 Aero Chord - Kid’s Pla ...…
Extra! Extra! Listen all about it! This week the Sioux Empire Podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Emily Gheorghiu, and Natasha Estes) sit down with Argus Leader Metro Watchdog reporter and motorcycle rebel Joe Sneve. We talk with him about everything from Snapchat cabbies and rouge interns to goings on at Sioux Falls City Hall and lots o ...…
Spanish Wine Experience
This week sees Roque and Luke returning to the heartlands of Aragón for a bottle from DO Calatayud created by Scottish Master of Wine Norrel Robertson at his bodega El Escocés Volante: the Flying Scot. Aaaand there's the classic banter ranging from wine smells to godly abilities. Salud!
¡Muy buenos días! Bienvenidas y bienvenidos a PractiSpanish News, el podcast donde repasamos las noticias del día en un español accesible para estudiantes y practicantes de español. LOS TITULARES DE HOY: La presión por la trama rusa obliga a nombrar un investigador especial ...…
80 Days: An Exploration Podcast
S02E04: Newfoundland Audio In this episode of 80 Days: an exploration podcast, we return to the north of North America and explore Newfoundland, a Canadian island in the North Atlantic. At over 100,000 square kilometres (40,000 sq mi), Newfoundland is the world’s 16th-largest island, and Cape Spear, just south of the capital, St Johns, is the e ...…
Радио-шоу «Эклектика» | Eclectic Radio Show
1. Kyson - A Song About The Future (Dave DK Remix) 2. HRRSN - Signs 3. Lexer, Paji - Red Puddle (Original Mix) 4. Matthias Vogt - Nostalgia (Original Mix) 5. Yamil - Luna (Original Mix) 6. Robin Fett - Oscuro (Original Mix) 7. Hernan Bass feat. Alya UA - Feeling wrong 8. Caleb Calloway & Vincenzo D’Amico - Madame 9. Sven Tasnadi & David Jach - ...…
Drunk Bond Podcast
St. John Smythe and Francis discuss Thunderball. Topics include dipshit Kevin McClory, underwater music, and all things Disco Volante.
The Bellingham Podcast
AJ finds an oasis in the desert, and has a few interesting news tidbits from BaselWorld. And we both take a look at our three favorite letters: EDCAJ's TravelFlew back from first time to Vegas baby! ....oh Vegas* The Nerd ( you are the goods * The Venitian: Horologio (http://www.ho ...…
Lumberjack pres. RELOAD Radio
RELOAD RADIO 015 01. Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (David Pietras Remode) 02. MOGUAI – Tinhauser (Extended Mix) 03. Corey James feat. Santez - With You (Original Mix) 04. Wess & Galoski – Brate (Original Mix) 05. Adrien Toma x Alex Van Diel - Lake (Max Parker Remix) 06. Boy Tedson - Spin Me Round (Alexander Som & Gerox Remix) Lumberjack Worldwide Exc ...…
Easyfrench, le français facile!
une région viticole: a wine region l'apéritif: pre diner drinks discuter: to chat le chômage: unemployment l'alcool au volant: drink driving ivre mort: very drunk Le Ministère de la Santé: ministry of Health Appeler un chat un chat: to call a spade a spade
La bataille sur le service public est ouverte : portraits croisés d’un partisan, le socialiste Matthias Aebischer, et d’un détracteur, l’UDC Gregor Rutz. Devenir chauffeur Uber, c’est simple mais ça rapporte peu, entre 12 et 15 francs de l’heure sans compter les frais de la voiture, nous avons tenté l’expérience. Symbole du futur, la voiture qu ...…
Here's the recording of my set for a special event this weekend with Shinta / Psilocybe Project broadcasted @ Psyndora Radio on 05-03-2017.Enjoy 🚀Tracklist:01. Flowjob - Instant Enlightenment [Iboga]02. Zyce & Sonic Entity - Tidal [TesseracTstudio]03. Neelix - Wherever You Are (Mystical Complex Remix) [Spin Twist]04. Future Frequency vs Vertica ...…
Todo mundo que já dirigiu uma vez na vida, passou pelo processo de tirar sua licença para dirigir ou pegou alguma carona, tem histórias para contar. / Participantes: Rafael Oliveira e Matheus Luiz. / Atualizações do podcast também através da nossa página no facebook e do twitter @r94oliveirade. / Críticas, sugestões e comentários? mikefitapodca ...…
Dans le contexte d'une série de workshops organisés récemment à l'Erg (École de Recherche Graphique) à Bruxelles, les étudiants ont activé une Zone de Radio Temporaire afin de couvrir l'événement. Grâce à un studio construit pour l'occasion (incluant également une petite structure volante), interviews et captations diverses se sont succédé à l' ...…
For our first episode of season seven, it’s a requested review thanks to a Patreon subscriber. We’ve talked about Mike Patton previously on the podcast, but never actually revisited an album from one of his many musical outfits. For the first week of 2017, we’re checking out the 1995 sophomore album Disco Volante by Mr. Bungle. Although Faith N ...…
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