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Retire-To Volunteering
Host Ed Zinkiewicz uncovers engaging—sometimes surprising, but never dull— volunteer opportunities available to retirees. Interviewing volunteers and volunteer coordinators each week, Ed highlights the meaningful contributions volunteers make and also the rewards volunteers receive. Imagining a retirement that matters starts here. Sign up for Ed's free, weekly newsletter at and get listings of coming episodes.
Short Sanskrit Stories - read by volunteers of Samskrita Bharati
Sanskrit short stories read by Samskrita Bharati volunteers from the various beginner's books. To learn Sanskrit please visit To reach out to us please email us at
Sanskrit Vocabulary and Stories - read by volunteers of Samskrita Bharati
Sanskrit words and Stories read by Samskrita Bharati volunteers from the English Sanskit Dictionary. Visit To reach out to us please email us at
Leading Volunteers Podcast
Leadership is difficult. Leading volunteers is even more difficult. Listen in and learn the art of leading people when you don't have the salary carrot to dangle in front of them.
Therapy in Motion|therapy|depression|anxiety|trauma|healing|self-help|addiction|grief|hope|art therapy|perfectionism|shame|personal stories|volunteer|beliefs|motivation|coaching
Beth Franchini, LPC, Psychotherapist, interviews guests to discuss a variety of ways people transform struggle in their lives. This podcast was created to provide inspiration, hope and a sense of "me to." Listeners will get to hear not only about the end result, but the messy middle of struggles and motivating factors that led people to change the trajectory of their lives. Guests consist of other therapists, healers, knitters, musicians, coaches, and people just like you!
Sanskrit Stories and UpanyAsAH - read by volunteers of Samskrita Bharati
Sanskrit Stories and UpanyAsAH read by Samskrita Bharati volunteers from the various beginner's books. To learn Sanskrit please visit To reach out to us please email us at
I Will Volunteer
Listen to inspiring podcasts by some of Canada's leading innovators on volunteerism
Volunteer Youth Leaders Podcast
Equipping youth ministry volunteers to be the best leaders they can be as they invest in students lives. This Podcast exists to train, equip and encourage youth workers as they lead young people to Jesus.
Yellow Sheet (LibriVox NaNoWriMo novel 2007), The by LIBRIVOX VOLUNTEERS
An atomic bomb explodes in the mountains of Montana. But was there really a bomb? And was it really in Montana, or in Tokyo? Are Liz and Elizabeth the same woman, is she married with children, is her husband a spy? These and many other questions are constantly asked, and answered, in this round-robin small book written and recorded by LibriVox volunteers during the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) November 2007. (Summary by Gesine)
Volunteering's Voice
A programme from the Manawatu Volunteer Resource Centre featuring interviews with volunteers, and information about volunteering and the not-for-profit sector.
Volunteer Connection – WFHB
Find your cause, live your passion, make a differenceFind more podcasts in the WFHB Archive
LJNRadio: Volunteering At
If you're unemployed and looking to keep your skills sharp and resume full - you'll need to volunteer. Of course, you might be employed, but looking to give back or maybe you're a retiree trying to stay involved. Whatever your situation is, Volunteering At will take the listener into the organizations who are looking for volunteers!
Volunteering is Phenomenal!!!
"Volunteering is Phenomenal" showcases stories of people leading rewarding lives. Host Leontyne Anglin is a lifelong volunteer, former corporate executive who later landed in the media industry. She leads a nonprofit organization that provides teens with marketable life skills through media education and service leadership. She also serves as an Executive Producer consulting with other professionals to get their businesses on the map and their shows on the air!
CareerFYI - Volunteering Overseas
Live interviews with those working or volunteering overseas
Volunteering Without Boundaries
~ Every Wednesday 18:55 ATV (World) ~This is a series of 13 documentaries about volunteerism. Each episode will focus on one or two Hong Kong people who are doing different types of volunteer work in different areas of the world. By telling the stories of these HK volunteers, audiences will have a clearer picture on the different needs around the world, also one will know more about the in depth feeling of these HK volunteers.
Mystery (LibriVox NaNoWriMo novel 2006), The by LIBRIVOX VOLUNTEERS
The idea was to write a whole novel in the month of November, based on the guidelines of the National Novel Writing Month. The twist is that there are up to 30 people writing together, instead of one toiling alone. Each writer signed up to do one section of 1,700+ words, in English. Plot and particulars were agreed before the start. Each writer also recorded his/her own chapter, which can be downloaded here. The resulting novel is in the public domain. (Summary by Gesine)
Q-90.1 FM's Volunteer Voice
The Volunteer Voice features information on individual volunteer opportunities with non-profit organizations in the Great Lakes Bay Region. This program is a cooperative production of Q-90.1 FM and the United Way offices of Bay, Saginaw, and Midland counties.
Doing Good Matters podcast helping charity donors and charity volunteers excel
This is THE podcast that helps you do good even better — regardless of which charities or causes you support.
Volunteer Death Penalty Attorney Experience and Advice
Our volunteer attorneys discuss their experience working on pro bono death penalty cases and provide advice for attorneys who are interested in getting involved.
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawaii
Our RPCVHI group was first organized in the late 1980s. After more than a decade of informal activities, we became a registered non-profit organization in 2004. We are now a 501 c(3) non-profit organization. We are actively trying to reconnect to RPCVs living in Hawaii through our local RPCV group. Currently, our database maintains more than 600 RPCV contacts and our email list maintains more than 350 local contacts.
Make This A School Year of Volunteer Service
The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program is a collaborative effort by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) and The Prudential Foundation. Launched in 1995, the program recognizes outstanding volunteer service by middle level and high school students across the country, and has honored more than 100,000 youth volunteers at the local, state and national level over the past 19 years. For more information, please visit
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NEW YORK (Reuters) - For many of us, the notion of being on a board of directors seems like the pinnacle of capitalist dreams. Meet a few times a year, stay at a luxury hotel, offer some pithy business advice, and cash a check. What is not to like? For volunteers on nonprofit boards, though? Life is very different indeed. Just ask Kelly Shikany.…
The idea is of how she discovered a life in running and enjoys to keep running even though she presumed she hit the wallThe running bug bit her sometime in 2012, which she attributes to her love for the outdoors. Since then, she’s run two full marathons and sixteen half marathons, in India and abroad. She is currently serving as Vice President ...…
Alex Eduque, at 19, founded Habitat for Humanity Youth Council and at 21, Foundation, Inc. In this talk, Alex speaks about how we can break the boundaries of inequality through charitable actions done through love.Alex Eduque, at 19, founded Habitat for Humanity Youth Council and at 21, Foundation, Inc. She achieved two global ...…
Weird Rodents! Varmints! podcast definitely has our fair share of rodent shows and many more scheduled in the future. But, we can hardly help it, as rodents comprise roughly 40% of mammalian species on this big blue blob we call the Earth. Today we’re going to talk about a few of the odder ones, come along with us on a rodent extravaganza! But ...…
For John Ricci, volunteering began nearly 20 years ago.
I speak with Joe Gallant of, a consultant agency for "Equipping UK churches and volunteers to communicate effectively". Joe helps church leaders think about improving their communications, especially focused on church communications in a digital age. Joe suggests that churches should ask three basic questions about all their comm ...…
Introducing Beth Soderberg Beth is a Washington, DC based web developer, digital strategist and activist. She builds websites and organizes around open source communities, feminist issues and the intersection of technology and empowerment. Show Notes Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience Blacksburg Belle Transcript: Tara: Welcome to Hallwa ...…
Our Town with host Andy Ockershausen - Homegrown History
Diana Mayhew on the National Cherry Blossom Festival ~". . .the festival's first and foremost the Washington D.C. springtime celebration that makes Washington the destination to come in Spring, but we always remember the roots and we celebrate the culture of Japan, because that's where it all started."A Ockershausen: This is Andy Ockershausen a ...…
Welcome to ‘Beery Good Entertainment’ episode #38. In this episode, Lola reviews 5 Rabbit Cervecería Chocofrut Guayaba while S0rceress0 tries Off Color Brewing’s, Dino Smores Stout. We bring you the latest info about this years Corvallis, Oregon’s Craft Beer Picnic. We find out that it could really be worth your while to volunteer this year. Lo ...…
Volunteers who used money to save themselves time were more content than volunteers who purchased themselves physical stuff. Karen Hopkin reports. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.comBy Karen Hopkin.
Volunteers who used money to save themselves time were more content than volunteers who purchased themselves physical stuff. Karen Hopkin reports. -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.comBy Karen Hopkin.
A.D.D. Podcast with Jason Barr
This episode of A.D.D. features a conversation with friend of the show Cosgrove! We discuss new streaming content from Amazon, Netflix, Showtime, HULU, and HBO! Content discussed like the Neon Demon, Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, Videodrome, The Volunteers, and the full frontal nudity in the Pest! It’s everything you can imagine and more. Introd ...…
COBCast - The Church of the Brethren Podcast
Land rights struggles, forging relationships in a tense racial climate, and a whole array of volunteers—this is the second part of Nathan Hosler’s interview with David Young of Capstone Community Gardens, and these are some of the elements that make up the day-to-day life at Capstone. Find out how in the latest episode from the Office of Public ...…
NHW Pro Podcast
In this episode Marcellus and Randall discuss the latest details surrounding the NHW Pro Power Rankings and the effects it will have on the over all landscape of New Heights. Former tag team champions The Arrogant Americans return to talk about their upcoming bout with current tag team champions The Hardway Brothers. This match is a non title b ...…
photo credit: Laura Emiko Soltis In this 12 minute bonus segment Arizbeth and Rafael respond to The New Yorker article by Jonathan Blitzer from May 22, 2017: “An Underground College for Undocumented Immigrants.” Rafael ends the segment with his poem, “The Monarch Martyr.” In this photo you see Freedom U. students at a University of Georgia clas ...…
This year, Carver and I spent a whole week together volunteering at a Summer camp. I have come to know Carver by his easy laughter, gentle presence and magnificent singing voice. In this episode he shares how music moves him and how he connects with empathy for others through exploring song characters. Also, velvet tacos.…
In this episode of the Champions for Social Good Podcast, Jamie Serino speaks with Gligor Tashkovich, retired minister of foreign investment for the Republic of Macedona and currently with Alpha Source Advisors, one of the only female-owned broker dealers in the United States. Minister Tashkovich relays the fascinating history of his family, st ...…
WordCamps are the weekend (sometimes 1 day) long conference that revolve around WordPress. Most “camps” are community organized and every speaker is a volunteer. Price point is set at $20 per day, typically $40 for the weekend including a couple meals (this may vary). Overall WordCamps are a great way to not just meet your local community, but ...…
Women's Wealth: The Middle Way
In this episode of Women’s Wealth: The Middle Way, CEO Susan Michel is joined by Marna McDermott, an active community volunteer. Marna finds joy in helping others and devoting her time to several local organizations. Listen in to find out about Marna’s busy and rewarding life! “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Kel ...…
Three children, John, Michael and Rebecca, in that order. Yet, for 24 years they have been working with Michael to control his seizures which are located all over his brain. Jim has been a 20+ year student ministry volunteer, community volunteer and church board member. He and his wife Marilyn own a major screen printing business and have trave ...…
WELSTech’s summer ministry resource focus continues, this week with a discussion of tech safety practices which churches, schools, and individuals would be wise to adopt. Other chatter covers ideas for working with volunteers, coffee-table ready photo books, and a Pinterest posting suggestion which has Martin dumbfounded. All this with a side o ...…
Podcast - Our Jackson Home
It ain't everyday you get the meet a pro athlete, but now that Donnie Nickey calls Jackson home, you can at least watch one coach a football team on Friday nights in the fall at North Side High School. Today on our podcast, Kevin Adelsberger interviews this former Tennessee Titan about his football career from childhood and Ohio State to the NF ...…
In this episode, Jeremy interviews Scott Magdalein, the founder of TrainedUp. This amazing website, TrainedUp, is now a sponsor for The Jeremy Roberts Leadership Podcast! Go to the site, look around at the videos, and sign up today! Also, don’t forget to let them know that I sent you their way. Scott and I interact about training volunteers, mo ...…
RTÉ - The Ryan Tubridy Show
Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind are looking for volunteers to foster and train puppies for a year. Stephen Kelly, a dog trainer and Laura, a puppy walker and Rory a black Labrador puppy, are in studio with more information
Valley Navel Gazing
The Seymour Fire Department teamed with a nonprofit animal rescue in town to produce a calendar that will raise money for the nonprofit.Click the play button above to learn more.The 2018 calendar features Seymour firefighters along with dogs and cats from “Coco’s Animal Rescue Efforts of Seymour,” a volunteer organization that operates an anima ...…
In this week’s episode we talk to Nicole Jensen, owner and Chief Experience Officer at the Austin Tour Company. From just helping friends and loved ones with their own events, to now doing large scaled outings and experiences for locals and tourists, Nicole certainly knows how to create a fun and fulfilling time for others. She shares some of t ...…
Central Colorado Springs Advice Givers | Business Owners | Entrepreneurs | Interviewing Our Brightest Minds | Lauren Collier
Kristen Bailey is a Colorado native who now works as the Outreach Specialist and Volunteer Coordinator for the Homes for All Veterans Program of Rocky Mountain Human Services. She attended the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology in 2011. After graduating, she became interested in working with the ...…
Original air date: 07/26/2017 Olivia Ness never considered herself a dancer. It wasn’t until she arrived at Indiana University that she ever saw the opportunity to dance – and to move – as one that was available to her. In her role as a volunteer for the IU chapter of Movement Exchange, Olivia has been able to share the life-changing power of d ...… In the July 20th meeting of the Monroe County Election Board, Democratic representative Carolyn VandeWiele sought to reassure voters that Indiana law protects their private information VandeWiele’s statement came after a request last month by the Presidential Advisory Comm ...…
Daily Local News – WFHB Monroe County Election Board representative Carolyn VandeWiele seeks to reassure voters that state law protects their privacy; The city will close the B-Line Trail on Tuesday to apply herbicide along its path; INDOT narrows I-69 Ohio River bridge crossing options to two. FEATURE Indian ...…
00:00 - Shocking & violent road rage incidents in Ontario -- In Peterborough, a 74 year old cyclist was pinned and beaten by a man with a club (fish bonker), while in Toronto, a brawl ensued in after a dispute over a parking spot 18:34 - A Winnipeg family is speaking out after their stepfather took his own life just hours after being released f ...…
Big moments from this episode: Even people who make movies and TV for Netflix aren't really sure what success looks like in the Netflix age. How boxer Lil B Hop went from living in one of the worst neighborhoods in America to acting in a movie with Alec Baldwin.Why skateboarding in Iran matters to US international relations. This one gets a bit ...…
Baseball Outside the Box - Coaching Podcast
Norm Ordaz joins Coach Caliendo on this episode of Baseball Outside the Box! Norm Ordaz On this episode of Baseball Outside the Box, ‘Coach Caliendo’ welcomes the host of Clubhouse Chatter, Norm Ordaz. Norm Ordaz has coached 5-18 y/0 baseball for the past 20+ years and currently coaches his nephews, ages 5 and 8, as well as working as a field s ...…
If you are involved with Agile, the biggest event of the year is the conference hosted each summer by the Agile Alliance. Agile 2017 ( kicks off on Sunday, August 6, 2017 and that means 2,500 Agilists will be descending on Orlando ready to pick up new techniques, share what they’ve learned and catch up w ...…
In this latest episode, we had the chance to chat with Conor Mc Hugh, an Irish physiotherapist who has been working in Singapore for the past 4 years or so. He shared his experience of doing voluntary work in Vietnam for Operation Walk Ireland, along with his day-to-day work as a physiotherapist. His perspectives as an expat in Singapore and he ...…
Recently some climate communication experts have been freaking out about freaking out. In reaction to a New York Magazine article, The Uninhabitable World, by David Wallace-Wells, a big debate is raging about fear tactics when talking about climate change. We look at the different sides and some of the social science around fear and rhetoric. J ...…
The Daily Drive Podcast
Listen to the full show podcast with Nick Bennett and Sam Stove: - Nicole Gorton - Director at Robert Half Australia - outlining the seven signs you're a workaholic. - Gary Brook is the Vice President of the Birdsville Race Club and he chats about making the pilgrimage to the Birdsville Races. This year the organisers are calling for volunteers ...…
Charlie Mike Podcast
Dwayne Paro welcomes Rick Yost to today’s podcast. He is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of VeteransList.US, a service disabled veteran owned small business that provides the most comprehensive Veteran Owned business directory available. They help Veteran Owned Businesses be found. A service disabled veteran himself, Rick brings his mi ...…
Gary Brook is the Vice President of the Birdsville Race Club and he chats to Nick Bennett and Sam Stove on The Daily Drive about making the pilgrimage to the Birdsville Races. This year the organisers are calling for volunteers to be a part of a once in a lifetime experience.
Some people marry for love. Some people marry for money. Some people do not marry and instead have a more fluid relationship dynamic that involves multiple sexual partners. Kendra Holliday joins us again with her partner Matthew, this time to discuss their unique relationship that involves polyamory, BDSM and oooohhh so much more. These two hav ...…
Kenai New Life
Serve-Awana VolunteersNL Family PicnicYouth Anchorage TripYoung Adult Gathering Ladies Night of Encouragement
Neelsville Presbyterian Church
July 23, 2017 Pastor Jeff Struecker Sermon Notes Today, we’re going to talk about transition. We’re going to talk about leadership transition. We’re going to talk about how an organization, a church, or corporation goes from one leader to the next. I started working on the sermon 4 weeks ago, and 4 weeks ago, I read a book called Next. It was w ...…
Eemaan Thind was born and raised in Punjab, India. Her family moved to Ontario during her last year of secondary school; she started her BSc. at McMaster University and then transferred to Physics at Memorial University in 2013, when her family moved to Newfoundland. A self-taught artist from a young age, Eemaan picked up the medium of henna bo ...…
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