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An interconnected world of comedy sketches, serials and radio plays.
Podcast dedicated to the show Star Trek Voyager
To The Journey is a podcast dedicated to Star Trek: Voyager. Not an episode review show, To The Journey explores specific elements with hosts Suzanne Williamson, Kay Shaw, and Zachary Fruhling.
Monocle's editors and correspondents are your guide to the world's most exciting and dynamic emerging cities. Each week Monocle 24's new travel programme takes you beyond a great city's tourist traps and well-known spots to give you an insider's view of the very best in hospitality, culture, business and design.
Experience the healing power of the sacred sound current! Ancient yogis used mantra and music to create peace and well-being, and we can do the same! On Spirit Voyage Radio With Ramdesh, Ramdesh Kaur explores the world of mantra and other forms of spiritual music. Feel inspired, uplifted and enveloped by beautiful devotional music. Listen to interviews with spiritual musicians and learn about the ancient yogic science of Naad, the sacred sound current. Explore the ancient mystical world of K ...
The only Trek podcast in the galaxy that reviews an episode from all 5 live action series at the same time, and Treks newest series, Discovery! Each podcast we review an episode from The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. Jeremy, his 14 year old son Connor, and co-hosts Jordan & Melonie discuss each episode, provide insights, comedic takes, and fun facts, then score it on a scale of 1-10. The Overall score of each episode is determined by taking t ...
Trek Mate’s Continuing Missions: A Star Trek Voyager Novel Review Podcast. Join Sarah, Chris, Caroline, Melissa, and special guest Matt on the first Friday of every month as we review the Star Trek Voyager relaunch novels. Visit our website at
Code Voyagers
Podcast by Skyscanner
Sound Voyages
Musical journeys around the globe. Curated selectively for harmonious attunement.
Ecom Voyager
Do you ever wonder why you slave away at your 9-5 job, building someone ELSE'S dream? Do you want to leave it all behind and begin a lifestyle of complete freedom, adventure and flexibility? If so, then this podcast is for you! Follow the journey of a digital nomad who just recently took the plunge himself. Discover the travel destinations, the business successes, the unexpected challenges and the hidden blessings that come with a life of location independence and financial freedom.
Degrassi Voyager
Whatever it takes, we know we can make it through over 400 (and counting) episodes of Degrassi. Cover art by Cali Madsen Design
Armed with his father's knife, a riddling notebook, and a bracelet with a green stone, Astreya sails south with an adventurous fisherman, hoping that in the world beyond, he can find his father and discover the mystery of his enigmatic gifts. They voyage to a village where all the inhabitants have met a grisly end, and fearing this may be the work of the legendary sailors cursed to sail forever, they dare the open ocean. The journey is dangerous, and Astreya must navigate through betrayal an ...
Learn the exact steps on how to get started and run a successful online business. Listen to online business entrepreneurs share their digital journey to success. This show will help you gain the knowledge, inspiration and essential resources necessary to guide you through starting and building an online and remote business. Location independent entrepreneurs Rob Fortney and Nick Nimmin ask important questions and share stories from real life success stories and online entrepreneurs every week.
Ahoy! Beertastic Voyage is the tale of three intrepid drinkers exploring and rating regional craft beer from Long Island and beyond! New adventures set sail every Thursday!
Gaia's mission is simple: to voyage through the galaxy, to fight environmental disasters wherever they occur, to save endangered species, and to promote conservation and good will throughout the Confederation.
Los Angeles-based design and consulting studio
Voyager Sport
Tune in to hear insights from the world's top coaches, trainers, and health specialists. We take a sharp, no-nonsense approach to human performance—and our coaching reflects this. Voyager Sport has years of experience training professional, elite, and Olympic athletes at the very top levels, along with creating cutting-edge laboratory research projects in order to understand human functioning in-depth. (Note: Formerly the Well Traveled Wellness Podcast)
Voyage Funktastique is a radio show, record label, and monthly night dedicated to Modern / Future Funk. Based out of Montreal, Canada, Walla P & Dr.MaD founded Voyage Funktastique in 2013. The radio show, hosted by Walla P airs every second Wednesday.
To The Journey is a podcast dedicated to Star Trek: Voyager. Not an episode review show, To The Journey explores specific elements with hosts Suzanne Williamson, Kay Shaw, and Zachary Fruhling.
An interconnected world of comedy sketches, serials and radio plays.
Voyage to Valinor. The monthly podcast from one of Australia's best up and coming DJ's. Covering a wide range of genre's, you are sure to hear the best and freshest tracks in Ahmet Atasever's podcast. For more info go to All music played on Voyage to Valinor is for promotional use only.
Featured on public television since February 2010, the travel-based music series MUSIC VOYAGER features host Jacob Edgar exploring thriving, exotic global music scenes to discover emerging talent. Edgar — an ethnomusicologist, cultural musician and music critic — travels all over the world to hear cutting-edge musicians and immerse himself in their cultures. In the series' first episode, Edgar ventures to Mumbai, Delhi to create a hit Bollywood song with vocalist Sona Mohapatra and meet Kail ...
Doctor Dolittle and his friends travel to South America to meet the greatest naturalist in the New World. A note to listeners: This book was written in a different time, and as such, contains language and sentiments that are offensive to modern sensibilities.- Summary by Karen Savage
A Voyage to Arcturus is a novel by Scottish writer David Lindsay, first published in 1920. It combines fantasy, philosophy, and science fiction in an exploration of the nature of good and evil and their relationship with existence. It has been described by critic and philosopher Colin Wilson as the "greatest novel of the twentieth century" and was a central influence on C. S. Lewis' Space Trilogy. (Introduction from Wikipedia)
As a young man, Stevenson wished to be financially independent and began his literary career by writing travelogues. This is his first published work, written at a time when travel for pleasure was still a rarity. He and a friend traveled by canoe through France and Belgium and he relates how they were thrown in jail, mistaken for traveling salesmen and became embroiled in gypsy life. - Summary by Lynne Thompson
Weekly podcast– we read funny amazon reviews every Wednesday!IG: @VDTAmazon Twitter: @VDTAmazon Inquiries:
Baum Voyage
See the world through my eyes
Voyage Earth
Voyage Earth is about having fun while being educational. We let kids and families know about places to go around the world or even in your home town that you may not know about. We will tell you about amusement parks, water parks; historical places and for you mall rats, awesome malls to go to. We are not traveling the world alone but are taking you along our amazing and once in a lifetime journey around the world. Not only will we learn about what to do, but also more about the cultural tr ...
Voyagers World
Travels, adventures, cultural exchange, living life to the fullest, fun.
Maiden Voyage
Two guys listen to Iron Maiden, one a long time fan, the other on his Maiden Voyage.
Song Voyage
A Southern California TV Producer and a Bay Area political activist battle it out over their favorite music. Each episode, one introduces the other to a song they may have never heard before. Get ready to set sail on Song Voyage!!
Bon Voyage
Bon Voyage was a subset of Good Evening, usually taking up the middle third of the show, playing while we set up the live band that ended the show.George and Richard, in addition to their interviews and skits in the rest of the show, spent this time in a sci-fi fantasy comedy serial, testing and breaking through the limits of possibility, as could only be done on radio.The universe was regularly destroyed.
Celestial Voyage
The best electronic dance music to get you into the groove
BackPack Voyage
Podcast by BackPack Voyage
The Voyage Out is the first novel by Virginia Woolf, published in 1915 by Duckworth; and published in the U.S. in 1920 by Doran. One of Woolf's wittiest social satires. Rachel Vinrace embarks for South America on her father's ship and is launched on a course of self-discovery in a kind of modern mythical voyage. The mismatched jumble of passengers provide Woolf with an opportunity to satirize Edwardian life. The novel introduces Clarissa Dalloway, the central character of Woolf's later novel ...
Melville wrote of some of his earliest experiences at sea in the story of Wellingborough Redburn, a wet-behind-the-ears youngster whose head was filled with dreams of foreign travel and adventure. In Redburn, the protagonist enlists for a stint as a seaman aboard Highlander, a merchant ship running between New York and London. As with many of Melville's works, this one is as much about class and race as it is about the sea. (Summary by James K. White)
The podcast where every other week the team sits down to review, discuss, question, hypothesize. Join Dan Miller, Dave Scotland, Tom Magill and guests, as they explore classic sci-fi films, blockbuster movies, vfx, cg, animation, games, tech, music and gadgets, from their very unique industry perspectives. Enjoy…
Voyage and Verse
In Voyage and Verse, struggling writer Julia Norton documents the joys and pitfalls of being a young poet.
A Reading of the novel I wrote called Michael's Voyage
Listen to the Voyage Trekkers podcast!
A Final Voyage
"Are those places real?"The boy with the golden eyes nodded.Jax bit his lip, his mind suddenly whirling. "I want to see."And the boy with the golden eyes nodded again with a huge grin on his face.This is the home to A Final Voyage, a Podcast story that will be updated weekly. If you like this, please follow so you know when we update, reblog and share around!
The Voyage Report
The Voyage Report is where you get the scoop on travel. This podcast introduces listeners to globetrotters, explorers, current travel topics and trends, tips and tricks, and destinations around the world. Subscribe, review, and share to support our original journalism.
Voyage Calvary Chapel
Navigating peoole through life
Ayant découvert un manuscrit runique ancien, un savant, son neveu et leur guide entreprennent un voyage vers le centre de la Terre en y entrant par un volcan islandais éteint. (de Wikipedia) A Journey to the Centre of the Earth, also translated as A Journey to the Interior of the Earth, is a classic 1864 science fiction novel by Jules Verne. The story involves a professor who leads his nephew and hired guide down a volcano in Iceland to the "centre of the Earth". (from Wikipedia)
Voyage of Discovery
Healthy Voyager Radio
The Healthy Voyager has made it to the airwaves! Carolyn "The Healthy Voyager" Scott, hosts a show that is an extension of her popular web brand, bringing great guests and entertainment in studio to discuss all aspects of health. From vegan or special dietary food to eco fashion, holistic medicine to alternative music, Healthy Voyager Radio is the place to "healthify" your life and travels in a fun and hip way! Visit for the web shows, blog, recipes, resources, shoppin ...
Having, on his first voyage, discovered Australia, Cook still had to contend with those who maintained that the Terra Australians Incognita (the unknown Southern Continent) was a reality. To finally settle the issue, the British Admiralty sent Cook out again into the vast Southern Ocean with two sailing ships totalling only about 800 tons. Listen as Cook, equipped with one of the first chronometers, pushes his small vessel not merely into the Roaring Forties or the Furious Fifties but become ...
BrokenSea Audio Productions - Gaia's Voyages
.colorful dance music. with feeling.
Un nouveau cycle de conférences-débats proposé à Lyon par le Groupe de Recherches et d'études sur la Méditerranée et le Moyen-Orient (GREMMO)
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show series
We take a loose wander through one of the very most important – and yet confusing – topics in electronical guitaralisation: the interdependence of volume, tone and feel. Moreover, the difference between what you hear and feel in the room while playing… and what ends up hitting the recorder. This episode first aired on YouTube, March 16 2018 htt ...…
The duo usually exclusively perform live sets, but Alex Albrecht has provided an hour long mix for New Music Worldwide. The mix reflects their calm approach to music composition.Along with their self-released output, they have produced music for Voyage Recordings, Apollo and Night Tide.Tracklist: ...…
jazz has a problem and we are searching for a cure … here’s our baseline take on the situation.
Maiden voyage as I revisit the brightest and darkest memories I have from the 90s!!! (big purple guest)
In NVI’s maiden voyage into the podcast community Max and George speak to Matthew Jones (Director, Anthemis) about his personal career journey from traditional reinsurer to VC. They touch on many topics including the place for generalists in insurance, and perspectives on where the London market is heading . They also tackle the insurtech VC la ...…
Our first drink of the podcast takes us back to the first drink we had when we met. This, which also takes us back to the very first film we ever saw together; the groundbreaking, blockbuster hit known as Drinking Buddies! Drunkenly deciphering what point this movie was trying to make, we try to make heads or tails of the plot, awkward kissing ...…
Episode 2 Brandi, Jake & Mike Indy con Jake, Tom and Brandi Indy Con 2018 Cuba – 2007 OOP game by Rieneck and Stedler that we played and liked with the El Presidente expansion Play to Win First Class Pixie Queen The Gallerist Voyages of Marco Polo with expansion Agents of Venice Dominion Nocturne Rise to Nobility Feudom Lorenzo IL Magnifico Cal ...…
Will Thaxton (Impractical Jokers Production Designer) joins the guys to discuss Impractical Jokers, podcasts and podcasting, social media networking, John's worst Dyngus Day, going commando, wearing a bathing suit to school, a lady fused to a toilet seat, an unsavory local politician, the Staten Island Ferry, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Bill and Te ...…
"To Achieve Good Results, Work All Night and Eat Soup". Cedric Villani is the Field's Medal winning maths professor from Paris who changed the world by discovering a new theorem (by accident). He has since dedicated his life to communicating the beauty of mathematics and insists that "to achieve good results, work all night and eat soup". He is ...…
We’re baaaack! On this week’s episode: Phil and Tom are back together once again, discussing the first trailers for the Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish comedy, Night School. And Netflix’s father/son road trip drama, Kodachrome, starring Ed Harris, Jason Sudekis, and Elizabeth Olsen. The guys strap on their visors and haptic gloves and connect to th ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV — Terror edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of AMC’s Terror. In this episode hosts Danny Royce, Cherry Davis, Erika Edwards, and Krista Flentje discuss episode 3. ABOUT TERROR: A Royal Navy ship undertakes a perilous voyage in pursuit of the Northwest Passage, but treacherous conditions, limited resources, and low morale pl ...…
Goren Gordon directs the Curiosity Lab at Tel Aviv University. His background and approach is truly multi-disciplinary: Goren holds six academic degrees, including two PhDs, but none of them are strictly in computer science. We talk about his journey from quantum physics to social robotics, how he chooses which ideas to pursue, and how he advis ...…
In 1919 the Commonwealth Government of Australia offered a prize for the first person to fly from Great Britain to Australia. The prize could only be claimed if the journey was completed in less than 30 days. Of the six teams that took up the challenge only one made it home. The journey took 28 days and involved 14 stops along the way. Fast for ...…
Episode 06: My Itchy Valentine by Voyage Down The Amazon
Episode 05: Great buy! Great buy! by Voyage Down The Amazon
Show Notes Hey freeks and geeks!! Here we are with the new Threadraiders Podcast. Come along for a ride as we work out how we are going to do this thang. Any suggestions for guests or show ideas, hit us up @threadraiders on twitter or at the Website "Music:…
Welcome One and All to the Glorious Movie Show, the most Glorious Movie podcast in the entire galaxy. On today’s Episode, Two Fox Films have been pushed! Captain Marvel Begins Filming with some returning MCU Characters! We get our First Look at Tom Hardy as Al Capone! And Margot Robbie scares the crap of me & I’m OK with that! I am the Glorious ...…
Season 6, episodes 25 and 26: It's the end of the penultimate season! We're not all making it back for the final. WARNING: This episode contains a Voyager spoiler, kind of.
This is the inaugural episode of the show, aired on September 11th 2017. I'm so excited to share this with you and hope you enjoy listening. New episodes posted every week, and you can listen live on 89.1 FM KNSJ, stream on or listen using the Tune In app. A few things about the show: All music played is captured from Vinyl I am op ...…
Picking Your Fantasy Starfleet Assignment We all dream of serving on the Enterprise with Captain Kirk or Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. But the trio decides to pick their fantasy Starfleet assignments outside of the "main" ships and space stations. This leads to some surprising choices across time and space. Join the stranded team as they do a ...…
David Troy and Vincent Minnucci cover each and every episode of The Terror in depth. Inspired by a true story, The Terror centers on the British Royal Navy’s perilous voyage into unchartered territory as the crew attempts to discover the Northwest Passage. Faced with treacherous conditions, limited resources, dwindling hope and fear of the unkn ...…
We’ve got more Sea of Thieves to chat about as Ryan has made his way on to the high seas for some pirating adventures. Alongside those Game Pass voyages, he checked out Rime and brought Kayden along for the ride. Jocelyn booted up Planet Coaster again, this time with some fresh DLC: the Studios Pack! We close out the show with listener feedback ...…
What does David Bowie’s Space Oddity have to do with SpaceX, should we go back to the Moon or straight to Mars, and what is multi-messenger astrophysics anyway? All these questions and more are answered in our 2017 retrospective, in which we also talk Cassini, Voyager, exoplanets and Laika the dog.
Bots, Barnacles, and Brigitte! This is how the latest B.E.S.T. can be summed up this week! We talk PUBG mobile, our maiden voyage on Sea Of Thieves, and the new hero of Overwatch. Plus, Jacob and Eagle take a...uh...time augmented journey into The Division, to see what the hype has been all about, lately, since the new content releases. THANK Y ...…
Featuring: Haley (Murder Road Trip), Mandy (Moms and Murder), Tawny (The Dirty Bits) In honor of April Fools Day, we share our favorite songs about fools. Plus: Tawny approaches PLAYLIST from a whole new angle. Haley spirits us all away. Mandy’s maiden voyage hits some rough waters. Haley and Tawny both experience triggers from previous PLAYLIS ...…
Voyager is split across 37 timelines (in a row???) and only Chakotay can navigate the ship, resulting in a Greatest Hits exploration of the show’s past. Lou makes unreasonable promises about merch. Show Notes Time Squad (just watch a bunch of episodes online, Cartoon Network doesn’t care) Adult Wesley Crusher Leeroy Jenkins! Memory Beta – Imzad ...…
Episode 04: Slides well on carpet? by Voyage Down The Amazon
Episode 03: 1...2...3...Crickets! by Voyage Down The Amazon
Music behind DJ: Johnnie Bismarck and the Fillings - "Do The Jelly Donut" - Audio Cookbook [CC0] Shaolin Dub - "Concrete Worries" - The Urban Chronicle [CC BY-NC-ND] los tu.l.a - "la masacre del rama" - Miente, miente, que algo queda [CC BY-NC-SA] Manta Espectra - "Wetripantu (excerpt)" - Live at Café Milleplateaux 24JUN2017 [CC BY-NC-SA] Echo ...…
Last session, our adventurers began to plan their heist to help Leila in stealing the priceless gem called the Tear of a God from a nobleman and magic user, Ejal. But now they have to put their abstract plans into action
One hundred years before Kirk, there was the NX-01 Enterprise and its crew of scrappy humans, a Vulcan, and an alien witchdoctor. This week, the podcast team discusses the maiden voyage of that illustrious crew. Join us on the journey where a lone Klingon visits Oklahoma and is promptly shot for it. It's up to Captain Archer and Lady Spock to g ...…
We all learned in grade school that the Pilgrims sailed to North America to escape religious persecution. That's wasn't necessarily the case, explains author John Butman. At least, it certainly isn't the whole story. In fact, the Pilgrim's voyage to the New World was a seventeenth-century entrepreneurial start-up. It was funded by nearly one hu ...…
Around the Sound is a podcast hosted by Irish-born Americana singer/songwriter Megan O'Neill and Digital Marketing chancer Eoin Sandford.Each week Megan and Eoin sit down with friends and colleagues in the music industry from all over the world - singers, songwriters, producers, radio presenters, artists, etc. to talk all things music industry. ...…
Dan finishes up his brief, anthropocentric history of Jupiter. All of which serves as a prelude to some recent news from the Juno mission. All Sources: http://adsabs.harvard.e ...…
How much spiritual practices should you do to get you enlightened, transcended, purified, [fill in the blank of other lofty spiritual goal]? This episode of the True Voyage helps you break down what a spiritual practice is and what it should help you accomplish. I also propose five questions you can ask yourself when you're consider whether you ...…
Matt summarises some of the complicated history between France and England, and how that has impacted the English language in very dramatic ways. He also covers a few French words and phrases that we use in day to day English:-touche-bon voyage-mousse-carte blanche-entree -cul-de-sacBe sure to submit your questions to ...…
In episode 4 a sister reminisces, and an ambitious voyage goes awry as Jackson and Alex welcome Alaina Dean and Alex Epstein to the studio for discussions about 'Arc', written by Alex Epstein, performed by Alex Epstein and 'Sister (missed)', written by Alaina Dean, performed by Alaina Dean (content warning: sexual harassment, alcohol abuse). Yo ...…
This week is inspired by the Dirae Ring with Opal. The color is so transfixing. Nature is the most inspiring thing to me! 1. Bonnie Raitt - I Ain't Blue 2. Lewis Baloue - Bon Voyage 3. Enya - Only Time 4. Dear Nora - Girl From North County 5. Bonny Doon - A Lotta Things 6. Bart Davenport - Euphoria Or Everyone On Earth Is So Beautiful, Even You ...…
This week, Kelly and Emily discuss C. S. Lewis's "The Last Battle". Wait... I mean, "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe". It's just really hard to talk about one of these books without talking about ALL of these books, okay? So this podcast contains spoilers for "The Last Battle", "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader", "The Magician's Nephew"... A ...…
Our "Scenes in Trek" series continues this week with the Top 5 Scenes in a Shuttlecraft. Whether it be the classic TOS shuttlecraft or Enterprise's shuttlepod or Voyager's Delta Flyer, our TrekRanks crew navigates through it all and dives deep into their selections. Host Jim Moorhouse is joined by Thad Hait and Matt Hansen to break it all down. ...…
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