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We talk the new Ninja Turtles show on Nickelodeon, sex with Wolverine, Hal Jordan being gay and more. Don’t forget to send us your own topics at and join us on Facebook at Jeff Reitman -
Wackygamer Podcast
We will talk about the Avengers movie including why Jeff had a far different experience than most + some other random junk. We apologize for the stereo sound issue on this one. Software malfunction :/ Don’t forget to email topics to podcast@wackygamer.comBy Jeff Reitman -
Adam goes through what he believes are crappy games in Jeff’s collection only to find out he has no taste and that Dragon Age does indeed still suck. As always, we talk a little about this, a little about that and then some of the other stuff too! Join us on facebook: And email Bud:…
Joss Whedon… again, Would Jeff Quit WoW for Morals? We question more cartoon logic, Adam doesn’t have the brainpower for Civilization, Korean Starcraft debacle, being a comedy write. NOTE: The Comic-Con show is confirmed. Stay tuned to or @jeffreitman for details.By Jeff Reitman -
Jeff and Adam return in the mighty 3rd episode of the podcast. This week we discuss why Jeff thinks Dragon Age is crap, the virtues of Captain America, and how JFK wouldn’t have gotten shot if he had just had his driver avoid major sniper thoroughfares.By Jeff Reitman -
Episode 2 of the podcast is live! This week we talk about the perceived need for strategy guides in recent games, why girly drinks are such a touchy topic, and the Tecmo Bowl tournament some of the comics are participating in. Contains adult language.By Jeff Reitman -
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