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Acts Waco
Videos of sermons preached at Acts Chuch in Waco Texas.
FBC Waco
Sermons from First Baptist Church Waco, Texas
People of Waco
interviews with the good people of Waco, Texas
Listen to Jimmy Seibert and other speakers from Antioch Community Church's Sunday message.
Redeemer Waco
Redeemer exists to extend the Supremacy of God by delighting in the Worth and Work of Jesus Christ in Waco and beyond.
UBC Waco Podcast
This is the official podcast of UBC Waco, TX. For more information checkout
The Worship of Calvary Baptist Church in Waco, TX on the corner of 18th and Bosque. We are a Baptist church affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.
Ecclesia Church Waco featuring speaker Joshua Rieff
The Waco Siege was a tragic event in American History in which many "innocent" people died at the hands of the federal government. However, most people don't know the long term effects that it had on modern society.
Texas Biker Radio
Sons if Liberty Rider Texas
Sit down with a cold one and join the Waco lads as they embark on random ramblings about all sorts of music and mischief...
WACC Podcast
The WACC Podcast hosts a selection of recorded guest talks as part of the WACC Research Group Activities at the University of Warwick
Grace Church | Waco, TX sermons
Welcome to The CEO Insider Podcast Powered by YTEXAS. The mission of YTEXAS is to accelerate CEO connectivity and corporate presence for companies that have relocated or expanded to the state of Texas. YTEXAS CEO Ed Curtis and executive producer CJ Niehoff host key players in Texas business to bring you insider perspectives on the Texas economy and up-to-the-minute news from the corporate relocation rumor mill.companies that are newly relocated to Texas as well as other companies that curren ...
Sibling Revivalry
Sibling Revivalry is the podcast about: things that give life, that take life, family, family systems and other vague descriptions that cast our net wide so that we can talk about whatever we want.
Stories worth telling by Emmy award winning Journalist Patricio Espinoza. News, features, commentary and live reports in English and Spanish. (audio & video)
Sermons from St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Waco, Texas. Proclaiming to all, through word and deed, the grace of God in Jesus Christ.
The podcast that looks at everything that is weird and wonderful about everyone's favorite DIY network. Host Rebecca Lavoie talks to all kinds of people (including complete strangers!) about HGTV shows and the trends they represent, from those awful Tiny House Hunters to Fixer Upper's miraculous re-brand of Waco to the never-ending controversy about which Property Brother *really* does the heavy lifting.Want to share your thoughts about HGTV? Call Rebecca's podcast hotline at 725-333-2241 or ...
Audio podcasts from George W. Truett Theological Seminary in Waco, TX.
These talks were recorded at the weekly gathering of college students in Waco, known as Vertical Ministries.
Weekly messages from Primera Waco.
Murder, Alaska
The Murder, Alaska podcast covers crime, law, and deep state events. In the words of John Judge, you might call me a conspiracy theorist, and in turn I'd characterize mainstream political pundits to be coincidence theorists. I am Leo Helmar, a paralegal currently working for the City Attorney in Juneau and previously employed in the same capacity at the Public Defender Agency. I have been doing long-term research into the Benolken murders, a 1982 double homicide in my hometown of Juneau, Ala ...
Pastor Dusty Rutherford's weekly Sunday morning message at New Horizon Worship Center located in Waco, Georgia.
These are sermons preached at Western Heights Baptist Church in Waco, Texas.
Antioch Community Church's college ministry vodcast in Waco, Texas.
Dot Org
Profiles of non-profit organizations in and around Waco, Texas.
Sermon on John 7:1-24 preached 9/6/15 at Waco Baptist Church
John Morris Show
The John Morris ShowWeekdays 2-3pmJMOJohn Morris“Voice of the Baylor Bears”In his 25th season overall broadcasting Baylor Bear Football, the 2011-2012 school year will be the 17th for John Morris in his role as the signature voice of Baylor Athletics. Officially, he is Baylor’s Assistant Athletic Director for Broadcasting following in the footsteps of legendary Baylor announcer Frank Fallon. The 52-year old Morris worked alongside Fallon for eight years on the Baylor football broadcasts (198 ...
Another MMA Podcast
AMP Radio presents several podcasts with some of the biggest names in MMA Junkie Radio. Smack My Picks Up goes over some of MMA’s biggest cards with the likes of UFC, Bellator, Invicta FC, LFA, PFL & Titan. Another MMA Podcast interviews some of the industry’s biggest journalists & insiders, TV personalities, MMA fighters and artists. Our hosts Prodeus, Pam, Marco from Waco, Lerone & DJ Tony attempt to give their takes on the world of mixed martial arts with a sense of humor. We are fans who ...
Sermons at Lake Shore Baptist Church, Waco TX, an inclusive community of Christians, attempting to discover, articulate, and embody the meaning of the Gospel in the world today.
Likely Stories
So many books, so little time! Jim McKeown hosts this weekly review of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and biographies. Jim is a lifelong voracious reader who learned to read by the “rule of 50" - if he’s not engaged in the characters, the prose, or the plot by page 50, he puts in a book mark and returns it to the shelf. Likely Stories is a production of KWBU in Waco, Texas.
GP4MAN Ministries
Pastor Gaylon P. Foreman,senior pastor of the Carver Park Baptist Church in Waco,Tx.
Local news and feature stories from Waco, Texas, and elsewhere in Central Texas.
This is the weekly sermon podcast from Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texas. Visit for more information.
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Melyssa meets Bill Murray & is gonna meet the Beekman Boys. Paul Ryan can choke on a big one. There is no evidence that Syria gassed anyone. Check out Don't forget to support BrianWhite4Senate. Music: Lakecia Benjamin - March On The Waco Brothers - Building Our Own Prison Kiala and the Afroblaster - They Use Us The Bennies - Apat ...…
Sgt Chris Burley - Public Information Officer, Portland City PoliceDon Benton - Director of the Selective ServiceHaley Hartwick - Freedom Alliance Intern and Housing Intern at a Family Abuse Center in Waco, TXDEA Special Agent Cam Strahm
John Bolton is the new National Security Advisor, and the census is bizarrely in the headlines. Plus, we share some of the live recording from our day at Ripon College in Wisconsin. Thanks to our sponsors: Acer and EverlyWell Ripon College Keynote Address To support the show and get access to bonus content including our newest bonus episode abo ...…
John Bolton is the new National Security Advisor, and the census is bizarrely in the headlines. Plus, we share some of the live recording from our day at Ripon College in Wisconsin. Thanks to our sponsors: Acer and EverlyWell Ripon College Keynote Address To support the show and get access to bonus content including our newest bonus episode abo ...…
Have you ever been to Malibu? Turns out California is actually kind of as great as they say. What I want to buy but can't afford to buy, but will probably buy anyway: - Summer Friday's Jet Lag Mask- Anything from Target's Universal ThreadWhat are you eating: - Steamed rice... no... like... STEAMED rice (with sweetened condensed milk obvi) - Wha ...…
In this episode, I’m joined by Bob Smilie. Bob works with the Fully Informed Jury Association to inform jurors of their rights. The power you have when on a jury may surprise you! It’s far more than simply asking “Has this individual broken the law?” Join us as we go through history of jury nullification, how it works, and–most importantly–what ...…
Riverside Weekly Episode 29SHOW NOTESPastors Selo and Mia discuss relying on others and the internet to find your scriptures and getting bible our answers. They talk candid about believers being lazy when it comes to learning. For complaints, comments, questions and suggestions, hit us up at connect@theriversidewaco.comvisit us at www.therivers ...…
Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson take a look at the weekend slate of A-Tiers, including results from the Throw Down The Mountain VI (1:45), The Open at Flat Creek (10:32), and The Daniel Boe Memorial (19:07). 2018 Am Worlds Tournament Director Robert Leonard stops by to clarify rule 804.02 and how it pertained to a situation at the Waco Annual Cha ...…
Today’s episode is the conclusion of our series on Waco. Last week’s episode was my conversation with Gary Noesner who was the FBI negotiator on the case, so if you missed that, you definitely need to go check it out. On this episode, I had the absolute pleasure of getting the other side of the story from Branch Dividian and one of the few Waco ...…
The band is finally back together to talk Turtles! All the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles news with that special brand of commentary that only the Turtle Power Podcast can provide, including our early take on the new Rise of the TMNT! #PleaseBePatient ------------------------- New Acquisitions: ------------------------- How to Draw Eastman ...…
Hiya! This installment marks my 22nd episode of VideoFuzzy, my twice-monthly progress report on archiving more than 2,700 VHS transfers and digital recordings. In this one I respond to some listener feedback, and in my Friday Night Feature, I look at the more theological entries in my collection, discussing an MSNBC presentation called "The Gos ...…
Riverside Weekly Episode 28SHOW NOTESIn this episode Pastors Selo and Mia talk about what it means to be a part of team and how not to always just think of yourself.For complaints, comments, questions and suggestions, hit us up at connect@theriversidewaco.comvisit us at www.theriversidewaco.comDownload The Riverside Waco App. on Itunes and Goog ...…
Episode 003 - The crazy finish in Waco Texas, Simon's bad luck, and the future of disc golf live coverage
Episode 003 - The crazy finish in Waco Texas, Simon's bad luck, and the future of disc golf live coverage
There are many sides to every story, so just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you better keep digging. We’ve talked about and speculated the Waco incident at length recently here on The System is Down (Episodes 40 &43) but our research and speculation is only as good as our sources and presentation and we thankfully weren’t present ...…
This week on the What's In The Queue podcast, Cults Month continues with the ABC special Truth and Lies: Waco! We're stepping out on Netflix for one more month so we can discuss this look at the infamous 51 day standoff between David Koresh's Branch Davidians and the Federal Government that led to a media circus, an embarrassing black eye for t ...…
Dave talks to Scott Horton about the most recent changes in the Trump administration, if we will end up in war in Noth Korea, Syria or Iran and U.S. Domestic terrorist events like Waco that took place in the 90's. @ComicDaveSmith @ScottHortonShow Sponsors: Check out the The Soho Forum Upcoming Debate is on if Rape Culture exists on College camp ...…
Hour #1 The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song” Chibi Kodama - “My Way” [Persist] The Amoeba People - “The Man Who Measured the World” Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies - “Call of the Wild” [Going to a Party] KWMC show ID Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke - “Bigga Bagga” [Pleased to Meet You] Dan Vapid - “The Grass is Green” [All Wound Up Vol. 2] Jelly of the Month ...…
Could Black Mirror’s Metal Head be the worst episode of the series so far? Plus we say a fond farewell to Romper Stomper and Waco. Star Trek Discovery S01EP15 - 0:1:30Black Mirror S04EP5 – 0:31:00Black Lightening S01EP6 - 1:02:00Romper Stomper S01EP6 – 1:13:00WACO S01EP6 – 0:1:36:00
1st set They Might Be Giants - It’s Spare the Rock ID They Might Be Giants - Alphabet of Nations (in-studio) JareBear - in-studio 123 Andres - Benjamin (premiere) ID Elizabeth Mitchell & Suni Paz - Tu eres mi sol (new) [KUTX - Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - This Land is Your Land (in-studio) [WJFF/KCMJ - Natalie Merchant - Bleezer’s Ice Cream 2 ...…
Rise of the Planet of the Apes did something the rest of the Apes movies have failed to do: make us eager to see the next in the series. Along the way the brothers also discuss Rebecca De Mornay, Dirk Gently, the Autopsy of Jane Doe, Mercedes Benz ass fires, Kevin Smith’s heart, Bruce Willis’ Death Wish, Stephen King’s Drunken Fireworks, Waco, ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Guns of Wolf ValleyAuthor: Ralph CottonNarrator: George GuidallFormat: UnabridgedLength: 7 hrs and 52 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 06-04-10Publisher: Recorded BooksRatings: 4 of 5 out of 26 votesGenres: Fiction, WesternsPublisher's Summary:USA Tod ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The Oklahoma City BombingSubtitle: The History of the Deadliest Domestic Terrorist Attack in American HistoryAuthor: Charles River EditorsNarrator: Scott ClemFormat: UnabridgedLength: 1 hr and 13 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-21-17Publisher: Cha ...…
In Episode 109, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky jump right into the business to discuss: The aftermath of the 90th Annual Academy Awards (0:50), the low ratings and the future of the awards show… The Season 2 premiere of Donald Glover’s FX show Atlanta (14:00) and all the things that make it the best show on television right now… Another FX show, ...…
For the first episode of Crimecast, I will discuss the controversial siege between the Branch Davidians and the Federal Government in Waco Texas from February 28 to April 19, 1993.
Join Michelle & Rich as they relive the 90s and talk about Nickelodeon's hit TV show The Adventures of Pete & Pete, the infamous Waco siege and the fallout from the controversial event and R.E.M's 1991 hit "Losing My Religion"
Is Captain Lorca’s ability to summon an instant army some sort of hidden superpower? Has Black Mirror’s mandate changed? What was with Lady Eve’s Zombie powers in Black Lightning? All these questions answered and more on this week’s episode.Star Trek Discovery S01EP13 - 0:1:18 Black Mirror S04EP3 – 0:14:50Black Lightening S01EP4 - 0:46:45Romper ...…
Topics include avocado proposals, the Hobby Lobby challenge, Snapchat, Vegas, millennials, mental health, Fixer-Upper, Waco, drones, fashion week & motivation
Dale and Randy sit down with Executive Director Suzanne Hack from Christian Women's Job Corps of McLennan County. CWJC helps women get the education and training they need to find quality jobs and realize their dreams. Find them online at: More about CWJC: Since its formation in September of 2003, Christian Women’s Job Corps of Mc ...…
Tonight we talked about Randal having a rough week with trying to fix some stuff around the house, we recap This Is Us and Waco, and relationship advice about never breaking the fart barrier. We also answer some questions from Facebook :)
Panelists- Dale Durchholz, AgriVisor LLC - Bloomington, Illinois- Ray Jenkins, @IowaCornGuy - Melcher, Iowa- Joe Vaclavik, Standard Grain - Chicago, Illinois- Dan Zwicker, Zwicker Consulting - Waco, Texas
February 25, 2018Hosea 10:12-13Matt Snowden
hiya gang, got a fun one for ya this week. recorded the episode on a greyhound bus from vermont to new hampshire. i get into my obsession with waco, sing a lil bit, and then i call gail at a bus stop & we share some giggles. thanks for listenin & hope ya'll enjoy this one! for for que ...…
Riverside Weekly Episode 25SHOW NOTESIn this podcast, Pastors Selo and Mia bring a fresh view to the common phrase, "The Struggle is Real". Through both comical and biblical perspectives they help us understand “The Real Struggle”. For comments, questions or suggestions, hit us up at connect@theriversidewaco.comvisit us at www.theriversidewaco. ...… Stacy Bender interviews André Watkins, restorative justice coordinator at Waco High School, about his interesting career path. Their conversation includes fun nuggets about how students should be well-rounded. When he was in high school, ...…
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February 18, 2018Acts 3:19-21Matt Snowden
February 11, 2018Acts 28:31Matt Snowden
We Talked: *Silicon Valley, Black Panther, Gilbert, Mute. *Jessica Chastain is in talks for IT chapter 2. *Lauren Cohan leaving the walking dead? *Joss Whedon walks away from Batgirl. *Transformers is getting a reboot. Trailers: *The Outsider. *Jessica Jones season 2. *Incredibles 2. *Lost in Space teaser. *Krypton. T.V: *Legends of Tomorrow, Waco.…
We talked: *Downsizing, this is us, Cloverfield Paradox, Waco. *Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to play the Joker in origin film? *Game of thrones creators are heading to a galaxy far far away. Trailers: *Mission Impossible: Fallout. *Solo. *Avengers Infinity War t.v spot. *Skyscraper. *Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. *Deadpool 2. *Venom. T.V: Cw su ...…
Covering movies from yesterday, today and tomorrow! New Releases for 2/9 and 2/16 Box Office Numbers for 1/28 and 2/4 What we saw – The Phantom Thread – Waco: Madman or Messiah – Nocturnal Animals
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