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Welcome to the E Ticket Report. Join Derek, Tim, and Chris as we talk about the latest in theme park news. Strong opinions and objective thinking are on the menu.
Guided walks through parks and woodland accompanied by Ranger Dave Mee and walking companion Diane
Paul Wakefield is a UK serial entrepreneur and bestselling author who started out in business in 2006. Paul is best known for his first book No Excuses No Limits which is on sale in 27 different countries. He's known as a "UK Business Expert and Influencer" and has been awarded as a "StartUp Britain Business Champion." In this show, he discuses the truth about becoming a successful entrepreneur, the up's and downs of entrepreneurship and why it's not for everyone.
Sermon audio from Destiny Christian Church - Wakefield. Powered by
The latest and archived messages from Destiny Christian Church - Wakefield
Comedian. Chieftain. etc.
Published in 1766 'The Vicar of Wakefield' was Oliver Goldsmith's only novel. It was thought to have been sold to the publisher for £60 on Oliver Goldsmith's behalf by Dr Johnson to enable Goldsmith to pay off outstanding rent and to release himself from his landlady's arrest.It is the story of the family of Dr Primrose, a benevolent vicar, and follows them through their fall from fortune and their ultimate rise again. The story provides insight into family life and circumstances in the mid ...
First published in 1766, the loveable and innocent Dr Primrose and his family have given pleasure to all that have read it.The story opens with the vicar losing his fortune and moving to another parish. What follows is a tale of love, deceit, betrayal, humour and a hidden hero…..It was one of Charles Dickens favourite books and a source of inspiration to him. No further recommendation is needed. Enjoy. (Summary by Tadhg)
Audio of Sunday Sermons of the Glasgow Church of Christ
Elsie Frost was murdered on 9 October 1965 in Wakefield in the UK. She was 14. The murderer hasn't been caught. iPM investigates this unsolved case.
After years of wide-eyed blogging about the surreal 1980s perfection of Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High book series (and the surprising psychodrama that lurks below the town's perfectly-tanned surface), host Marissa Flaxbart is now forcing friends and family to read the series with her. Every other week, Marissa and a new guest – many of whom are new to the very idea of a "Sweet Valley" – unpack one of these soap-operatic tales, starting with book #1. It's all good fun for both die-hard ...
New Life Assembly
Weekly sermon podcast from New Life Church in Wakefield, RI.
Sweet Valley Why: the podcast that relives Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley Saga so you don't have to! Join us for burgers and milkshakes at the Moon Beach Cafe as Hayley and Sali journey through the many, many books of the Sweet Valley Saga and discover how Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield both enhanced and ruined their lives. Hosted by Hayley (@fatherbananas) and Sali (@magenta_galaxy).
West City Fellowship's archive of messages from our Sunday services
Double Love
Do you have sparkling blue-green eyes that are the colour of the Pacific Ocean? Do you have hair like spun gold? Are you tanned, energetic and a perfect size 6? Neither are we. Join us, Karyn and Anna, as we head back to the sensational1980s book series and explore the strange and terrifying world of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, one Sweet Valley High book at a time.
Uncubed connects doers and dreamers to exciting companies through content, conferences & education.Learn more by visiting
This podcast is to help you use the art and science of storytelling to help you be more effective in your sales role. What you’ll hear will come from two primary sources. Most will be stories that come from interviews I conducted with professional sales and procurement managers from over 50 companies around the world, including: Microsoft, Costco, Xerox, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hewlett Packard, Kroger, Cushman & Wakefield, Huntington Bank, Ghirardelli Chocolates, Amway, and Children’s Hospital, ...
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The Round, Seattle
Abbey Arts presents exclusive live recordings from THE ROUND, a music & arts event held monthly in Seattle since 2005. The Round's home venue is Fremont Abbey Arts Center, a nonprofit 501(c)3 venue for intimate concerts, literary & visual arts, storytelling with The Moth, modern dance, and more. Download new recordings including rare collaborations between musicians. Past performers at The Round include: Damien Jurado, Mary Lambert, Rosie Thomas, Jesse Sykes, David Bazan, John Van Deusen (Th ...
A Podcast for jazzheads by jazzheads coming from the heart of the world famous Wakefield Jazz Club
The DDQ programme is UK based, sponsored by a partnership between Transform South Yorkshire (TSY), the Home Builders Federation (HBF), the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), the four South Yorkshire local authorities (Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield) and Wakefield in West Yorkshire.
Fillmore Christian
The weekly teachings from Fillmore Christian Church in Fillmore, MO. Most teachings alternated between Andy Barnes, Ken Mohn, and Wakefield Hare.
Learn tons of MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques from the Black Diamond MMA Academy of Wakefield, RI
In 'Q&A with the Coaches' you can ask the experts from Science2Sport your cycling training and racing related questions. The team at Science2Sport, which includes leading sports scientists, Dr Jeroen Swart, Dr Mike Posthumus, John Wakefield, and Benoit Capostagno, will be addressing the answers to your cycling related queries.
DJ Shane Dixon
DJ/Promoter from Wakefield, UK. KidPhunk started DJing at the tender age of 13 and has steadily progressed to DJ in some of the UK's biggest nightclubs & Bars as well as running and promoting various events.
Faith in the Valley is a weekly Christ-centered podcast. Faith in the Valley features the teaching ministry of Pastor Mark Jones. The show is recorded at Wakefield Valley Bible Church, which is located in New Windsor Maryland.
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Cedar Court Hotel in Harrogate is gearing up for its gin night on 31st May with a range of Yorkshire distillers including Nightingale Gins from Wakefield.
In this episode, two new Co-Hosts, Bee Wakefield and Ben Surratt, join the cast. Jake tells us a little about his latest find for his collection and we discuss the controversy around the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer. All this and your video game news too!
In this episode, two new Co-Hosts, Bee Wakefield and Ben Surratt, join the cast. Jake tells us a little about his latest find for his collection and we discuss the controversy around the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer. All this and your video game news too!
Southern Sense is conservative talk with Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis, as host and "CS" Bennett, co-host. Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey! Visit our website at Tamara Leigh is the Founder/Owner of Tamara Leigh, LLC. She is the orig ...…
MissEducated is a collaborative project at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia. The show is produced by Michelle Cottrell-Williams, a Sociology teacher at Wakefield and the 2018 Virginia Teacher of the Year. Each episode features different student hosts exploring issues they find most interesting or compelling. Ep. 1: In this episode, ...…
Shaan Joshi and Aaron Weaver talk to fellow comedian Brett Riley about the Toronto/Cleveland series, Lebron vs. Jordan, Allen Iverson's "We're talking 'bout practice" Interview, Ichiro, Lethal Weapon, and how sexy Brett Riley is at singing. Also Mike E. Winfield calls in! Produced by Tom Wakefield
In Episode 86 of Beer, Bros & BS we talked about a .5K race that a Texas town was having for underachievers, anglerfish sex, board games that the CIA made, the Avengers & Star Wars films plus the current (mis)adventures of Kanye West.We also reviewed beer from J. Wakefield Brewing, The Bruery, Prairie Artisan Ales, Odd Breed Wild Ales and Hoppi ...…
Enjoy another episode of The Roll Out Show. To watch the entire episode CLICK LINK
Enjoy another episode of The Roll Out Show. To watch the entire episode CLICK LINK
How much of themselves do poets put into their work? Are narrative voices just narrative voices, or are the outer projections of the inward mania of the creator? Jen Wakefield, comedian and star of Channel 4’s Riot Girls, joins us to discuss these tensions- artistic and psychopathic- in our very heated discussion of Robert Browning’s My Last Du ...…
One name thatmakes all the difference: Jesus! Executive Pastor Wesley Critchley looks at the difference the name of Jesus can make in your life. He preaches from all over the Bible showing how in 2018 Jesus’ name is still relevant and still transforming l Speaker: Wesley Critchley Tags: christian Jesus Wesley Critchley name of jesus Resources: ...…
What are some of the hidden hot spots for quick food places. In this episode, your host, Jim Hazelwood, takes you through 9 great places in Westerly, Charlestown, Wakefield and Narragansett. What's the best ice cream, Mexican, espresso in South County, Rhode Island.
Live to Love - How do you Live to Love with Jesus - Full Service - Norm Wakefield podcast by Great Commission Church - Olive Branch
LivetoLove - How Do You Live to Love with Jesus - Sermon Only -Norm Wakefield podcast by Great Commission Church - Olive Branch
One name thatmakes all the difference: Jesus! Executive Pastor Wesley Critchley looks at the difference the name of Jesus can make in your life. He preaches from all over the Bible showing how in 2018 Jesus' name is still relevant and still transforming lives. This sermon was preached and recorded live at Destiny Christian Church, Wakefield in ...…
LivetoLove-Session6-Living to Love_The Key to Joy - Norm Wakefield podcast by Great Commission Church - Olive Branch
LivetoLove-Session5-Liberating Repentance - Norm Wakefield podcast by Great Commission Church - Olive Branch
LivetoLove-Session4-Loves Greatest Hindrances - Norm Wakefield podcast by Great Commission Church - Olive Branch
LivetoLove-Session3-What Kind of Love is This - Norm Wakefield podcast by Great Commission Church - Olive Branch
LivetoLove-Session2-Loves Foundation - Norm Wakefield podcast by Great Commission Church - Olive Branch
Men's Breakfast Series - Rhythms, Part 2 with Kyle Wakefield, April 28, 2018 by Hillside Staff
Apostle Ian Critchley gives insights into the Prophetic. He explains how EVERY christian should be putting the prophetic ministry into use in the everyday walk and witness. If you want to a make a difference for Jesus then watch this video. Recorded live Speaker: Ian Critchley Tags: Destiny wakefield Ian Critchley prophecy Resources: 22.04.18_I ...…
Rocket Radio is a brand new podcast featuring exclusive interviews with emerging artists from around the globe. Listen on Apple Podcasts.
In this episode of the Gentlemint podcast, Glen and Brian discuss a freaky deaky beer, an update on an amateur DIY rocketeer, a brilliant woman who humbly created the chocolate chip cookie, a person who had a job intentionally getting fired on a frequent basis, what in the world is wrong with Facebook, and what went wrong on everyone's March Ma ...…
Today, I’ll be going over everything you need to know about using Google-Pay-Per-Click to generate leads. Join Our Team Have you heard of Google-Pay-Per-Click? This advertising tool can help you convert web traffic into buyer or seller leads, but today I’ll be discussing whether I believe this resource is worth it. Let’s begin by discussing how ...…
Here’s your Headstart on the latest business headlines for Wednesday March 28th, 2018. Coming up: Global Commercial Brokerage, Cushman & Wakefield Plan to Move Forward with an IPO Jaguar and Google’s Autonomous Vehicle Company, Waymo, Partner to Roll Out a Self-Driving Car Facebook Plans to Delay the Launch of its Rumored Smart Home Products We ...…
Interview w/ Aaron Block, CoFounder & MD of MetaProp global real estate technology investment advisory and accelerator firm. Aaron is also on the leadership council at Tech:NYC and previously worked at Cushman & Wakefield winning awards including Top Producer & Most Creative Deal. Aaron served as CEO/Chairman of Chicago-based BayRu, LLC, the US ...…
On this episode of Beer Artisan, were exploring Miami’s famed art neighborhood, Wynwood, and the craft beer businesses that have popped up out of its art scene. The Union Beer Store was started by husband and wife duo, David and Cici Rodriguez. The pair had been close to the beer scene for years and one year ago decided to strike out on their o ...…
Talking about the launch of a new LGBTQ space for people with Learning disabilities in Wakefield
Join us as we talk with Dr. Christine Wakefield about the benefits of CBD and how it specifically helps with anxiety, depression and sleep. For those who didn't catch our first podcast with Dr. Wakefield, she does a recap of the endocannibinoid system and it's critical role in helping the body regenerate itself. She also discusses the nutrition ...…
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