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The Wasps Report
A Unique View of the Black and Gold!
Decibel Geek Podcast
A podcast that features discussion of all things Hard Rock & Heavy Metal from the 1960's through today. Year in Review Shows, Top 5 Discussions, Radio Sucks Radio Shows and interviews with members of KISS, Alice Cooper, Ugly Kid Joe, Armored Saint, WASP, Great White, Vixen, Killer Dwarfs and many, many more!
Decibel Geek Podcast
An in-depth look at the louder form of the guitar-driven music genre that seeks to dissect and disseminate the cultural significance of the art itself......or, sarcastic jokes about bands that wear spandex and breath fire.
Pushing Hoops With Sticks
A podcast about pop culture and America with the artists and icons that both produce and consume the values broadly categorized as "American". What are the stories this country chooses to tell about itself, through whom, and why?
Bill Alexander's Wayback Machine......
Bill Alexander's Wayback Machine - This program gives me the opportunity to plays some of my favorite shows and interviews.----------------------------------------------Old Time Radio ProgramsCopyright Notice: I do not own the copyrights to any of the shows available on this site. I believe that many copyrights have expired, and that many of the shows are in the public domain because they were never copyrighted. I do not sell the recordings or charge for access to my site. The purpose of thi ...
A bunch of internet hero's solving the worlds problems one podcast at a time.
Rick and Paul Heal the World
We live in a time of hunger, pestilence, famine and wasps. So let us stick together. Join us, friends; two British men with fists full of emotion and a bucket full of answers. Recoil with us as we tackle the horrors of carpet shops, laugh with us as we skirt the issue of quantum mechanics and join with us as, together, we change the course of human history. For the better.
Dark Places Podcast
A weekly podcast touching on the hot topics of the day all the while bringing a special brand of levity to otherwise heavy subjects.
Females in Aviation, Past & Present
Retired corporate pilot, Karen Hawkins, interviews women from various aspects of aviation, be it private pilots, flight instructors, corporate pilots, airline pilots, astronauts, stunt pilots, military pilots, WASPS, air racers, bush pilots, helicopter pilots, crop dusters, air-traffic controllers, mechanics, dispatchers, aeronautical engineers and any other aviation professionals that come under the radar. Hear about the obstacle and successes of various women. Learn how they balance career ...
Insect Stories by KELLOGG, Vernon
These 13 essays explore the fascinating world of insects all around us. Vernon Kellogg, an eminent entomologist and natural story teller, and his little friend Mary, start by collecting Tarantula Holes and proceed to observe spiders, ant lions, ants, wasps and many other tiny creatures in their daily life. Each creature has a wonderful story and it is told most entertainingly. (Summary by Phil Chenevert)
Room 138 Podcast
A rundown for all the information you don't need. Host, Jack Mellon takes you through the pop culture and news of the weird stories that stood out in the week that was. It's not everyday that you get to here the perspective of a 20 something WASP, but the Room 138 Podcast is here to make sure that isn't the case.
We Will Fix You
We want to help you. No matter how big or small your problem, our experts have the research skills, the experience, and the good old-fashioned gumption to fix it in a short, snappy episode every week. It's a mixture of advice, comedy, foul language, and the song that keeps the wasps asleep. You'll like it. You have problems, we have solutions. New Episodes every Monday. Send us your problems at
Forgotten Planet, The by LEINSTER, Murray
The "forgotten" planet had been seeded for life, first with microbes and later with plants and insects. A third expedition, intended to complete the seeding with animals, never occurred. Over the millennia the insects and plants grew to gigantic sizes. The action of the novel describes the fight for survival by descendants of a crashed spaceship as they battle wolf-sized ants, flies the size of chickens, and gigantic flying wasps. (Summary by Wikipedia)
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Coffee And Bars
Coffee & Bars is back for Episode 38. Joe and Sylvia come together for a slow pour on the week of pop culture that was. This week: Emmys Recap Difficult People's "Sweet Tea" Broad City's "Sliding Doors"-style premiere RiotFest IT Bjork's new song And more! Intro music Pump It by Tyler Twombly is licensed under an Attribution License via Creativ ...…
Podcast Junkies | Interviews and Conversations with Inspiring Podcasters, Storytellers, Entrepreneurs [member of ⚡Podcastica]
Natalie Eckdahl is the host of the Biz Chix podcast, a business coach and strategist who also leads mastermind groups for women entrepreneurs. She was inspired to start her podcast in 2014 because the business podcasts she was listening to mainly spotlighted men and she wanted to listen from more women entrepreneurs who were balancing a busines ...…
A listener finds a caterpillar covered with fuzzy, white "stuff."
Download Transcript This week, Taunalyn Rutherford of LDS Perspectives, reviews the historical background of the Joseph Smith Translation (JST) and its presence in the Doctrine and Covenants with Dr. Kenneth (Ken) Alford. This episode is part one in a special first anniversary double episode on the Joseph Smith Translation. In his days as an un ...…
Once again the Avengers must square off against the Living Laser. This time however, the Living Laser has turned his sights on the small South American country of Costa Verde. With Wasp as his prisoner, the other Avengers must act quickly to save their teammate and protect this innocent nation from the machinations of the Living Laser!…
Rambling With Friends
On today's show Rubi and Gema do a commentary track over the 2006 movie The Queen. We put into context the monarchy, British folks, and what a beloved figure Princess Diana was. Gema is a bit of an anglophile and really impresses Rubi with her knowledge about British things. There are some tears. A lot of fun facts. And over all a very informat ...…
I was not raised in religion. My interest in spirituality is entirely self-motivated. When I was seven years old, I asked to attend a Vacation Bible School, so I could ask questions like "Is Mother Nature God's wife?" MENTIONED IN THE SHOW The Magicians Drawing Down the Moon - Margot Adler The Jungle Book (1967) God’s Eye Trust in Me - Siouxsie ...…
He also tried to stick $100 bill into a credit card reader.
Shot of History
Devin takes on the historian duties this week to talk about the Women Airforce/Army Service Pilots, a.k.a WASPs.
What I'm Looking At
This week, I look at a wasp that died in my house.
Greg Wyshynski, Editor of Yahoo Sports Puck Daddy Blog and co-host of the Marek vs Wyshynski and Puck Soup podcasts, came on the KossTalk podcast ahead of the Puck Talks event in Toronto to talk about his career. As a person who has been in the industry for over a decade, we went over a number of topics including his writing style; what makes a ...…
Once More With Commentary: A Buffy Podcast
Get these mother effin snakes out of this mother effin school! The Scooby gang encounters a Poltergeist who just wants to take his honey to the Sadie Hawkins Dance without shooting her, while Buffy overcomes snakes and visions and wasps to reach a sort of catharsis with a possessed Angel. And in a final side trip before the finale, Buffy must f ...…
Who is helping you find and follow Jesus? Who are you investing in regularly? Bite 2 Go } Transcript September 16-17, 2017 Pastor Joe Wittwer Think 3! Lessons from Paul and Timothy: Part 2 Introduction and offering: Last weekend, I gave a Think 3 talk about Paul and Timothy. Think 3 means that we think 3 generations into the future, and one on ...…
One of the Fittest Women I'll ever meet. I'm not just talking physically either, Bec Wilcock is as mentally tough as you'll find. In this show we dive into many of her engaging stories of tough times and how come she takes on life with such a positive, energetic outlook. Bec's essay questions was: You've done some crazy shit. You've attempted s ...…
In the end, she only remembered that husband and son-in-law. Until the last days she’d score them with her wasp tongue. Wasp Tongues by Chaille Bos This story is in response to the death of my grandmother. It was my way of working through the reality that I never knew the real her and never had a chance to, and yet I found myself in a part of h ...…
DJ Mo Radio - Fresh New Music & The Hypest Throwbacks! - WRSG 91.5FM Middlebourne, WV - WASP 104.5FM Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY - WYPW 90.1FM Brandon-Tampa, FL Website: Facebook: Twitter: DJ Mo Booking: 407-501-6345 Email: Playlist: Lo ...…
The Keith Larson Show
"The Week That Was" "My News and You Are Welcome To It" Jake Delhomme on Panthers-Buffalo and Jake's Rushing Prowess Other Ways to Book Airline Flights
USS Wasp, USS Kearsarge, USS Oak Hill Support Relief Mission in Virgin Islands, Florida Bases Prepare for Irma
Movie News It opening weekend predictions/Thor trailer comic-con impressions/Black Panther comic-con trailer impressions/Justice League comic-con/ready player one trailer/Spawn remake/Star W trailer impressions/Star Wars Han Solo director change/RIP George A Romero and John Heard/Lion King opening scene news/Hell Boy actor drops out/Neil Armstr ...…
This week, Michelle, Emerald, Joseph and Jasmine cover Antman and The Wasp production, Venom Delay, WestAllen and more Rating: PG13 for Language Warning: Possible Season 4 Flash Spoilers Topics discussed: The Wasp Costume Change Venom Delay Sailormoon Cafe Flash Season 4 plot and West/Allen relationship You can listen to this podcast and more o ...…
Fellowship Reformed Church of Holland
September 10, 2017 Genesis 1:1 - 2:4a Lindsay Small This morning is a new beginning of sorts. Summer travel is over…kids are settled back in school…some of you have taken your kids to college…some discovering a new life in retirement. But whatever your stage in life, this Sunday serves as a second ‘new year’s day’ in the church. Often called Ra ...…
Who is Taylor Bradford? Taylor Bradford has been many things: Personal trainer Landlord with some rental houses and commercial property Motorcycle business owner Used car lot owner Petroleum Landman Blogger Podcaster Founder of Boss Girl Creative She’s also a speaker, creative entrepreneur, blogging and social media consultant and coach as well ...…
Coffee & Bars is back for Episode 37. Joe and Sylvia come together for another week of dishing out hot takes on the week of pop culture that was. This week: Margot Robbie not knowing Tonya/Nancy existed Leslie Jones at #NYFW AHS: Cult Marc Maron And more! Intro music Pump It by Tyler Twombly is licensed under an Attribution License via Creative ...…
Some Assembly Required
A bank robbery takes an unexpected turn when the Avengers show up. On seeing the beautiful Wasp, Arthur Parks, the Living Laser, falls instantly in love and will stop at nothing to win her heart. Can the Avengers stand against the power of love?
In this episode of the National Talky League, we’re chock full to the brim of our licorice All Sorts with talky. We talk about Innovation in Calgary, and Circle the Wagons. A lengthy discussion of the hatred we have for wasps pops up. What are wasps good for, anyway? Dave drools over the best chicken sandwich he’s had in ages. Somebody wrote th ...…
Wasps are becoming a BIG nuisance lately... and its going to start getting colder which means other pests are going to be looking for shelter for the winter. Perhaps looking at your house, it seems warm and dry. We're Having Coffee, Talking - Pests!
Feel Good Mornings with Samantha Stevens
There's a new makeover app that Bubba takes a run at... what's up with all the wasps... The Chainsmokers make a faux pas and Bachelor In Paradise is finally over.
Episode 430 Topics Include: - Another director chewed up and spit out by the Star Wars movie machine - Another director unfortunately gobbled up by the DC movie machine - Warner Brothers dreams of Leonardo DiCaprio - Our first look at Evangeline Lilly's Wasp costume - Nick Pizzolatto invites Jeremy Saulnier to the True Detective party - What we ...…
Dit is aflevering nummer 8 met Rutger Steyerberg waarin we praten over Performance Management. Mijn naam is Magdalena Kusik en deze podcast wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Top Employers Institute. Een wereldwijde organisatie gericht op het certificeren en erkennen van werkgevers die uitstekende arbeidsvoorwaarden bieden. Het onderwerp van ...…
Bill O'Brien is handling quarterbacks like a college coach and Mike Meltser is annoyed it and wonders what in the heck the point of training camp was.
Kenobi's Corner
Episode 75:This week we take a break from the big screen and review all things small. Antman and Wasp, CW’s viewers, and of course Star Wars! So, none of that was really that small, but we do cover all the interesting Fall Shows about to drop and some that already have. But first some news we missed from last week and the latest Star Wars buzz. ...…
Beefy wasp by Mike Newton
Noodle Mash
THE VELVET UNDERGROUND01. We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together02. Sweet Jane03. Femme FataleTHE DOORS04. Back Door Man05. Five to One06. Back Door Man (reprise)07. The Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)08. Hello, I Love YouJIMI HENDRIX09. Stone Free10. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)ALICE IN CHAINS11. No ExcusesNIRVANA12. About a Girl13. Du ...…
DJ Mo Radio - Fresh New Music & The Hypest Throwbacks! - WRSG 91.5FM Middlebourne, WV - WASP 104.5FM Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY - WYPW 90.1FM Brandon-Tampa, FL Website: Facebook: Twitter: DJ Mo Booking: 407-501-6345 Email: Playlist: Ke ...…
Watch. Review. Repeat.
Welcome to Watch. Review. Repeat. This is the podcast where two best friends discuss the latest in film and television and then do it all over again the following week! On episode five, Colton and Andrew dissect the IMAX debut of Marvel's latest television offering, Marvel's Inhumans. 00:00:00 - Intro 00:01:35 - Ed Skrein Exits 'Hellboy' Reboot ...…
Quack 12 Podcast
It has begun! Oregon is back and quacker than ever. Join us as we review the Pac 12 Football teams and review Oregon's high-scoring win as well as their looming corn loving opponent. Also we revisit how truly brutal 1890s football was.
This week, the guys wax poetic on all things Parisian, oh and talk some pop culture: Ed Skrein does something right Han Solo gets the Vision Bad Boys 3 back on? Lord Lady of the Flies? Drew Barrymore getting scary again? True Detective, season 3 confirmed Starsky and Hutch may or may not be a sasquatch and an alien Netflix heads to Paris with T ...…
Growin' Up Rock
In the latest Episode of GUR, we talk with Restrayned guitarist and singer Tony Musallam.Restrayned is a hard and heavy unsigned band from the west coast.This band is a great example of fantastic undiscovered music that exist out in the world today. Is Rock is dead? I sure as hell don’t think so, and you won’t either when you hear this cool con ...…
This week's episode is brought to you by Loot Crate, visit and enter promo code weeklyplanet for $3 off. More like Loot Great AM I RIGHT?!? This week we talk two TV shows on the opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of quality, The Inhumans and Game of Thrones. Plus news of the Joker origin film, Luke Cage, Justice ...…
The Cross - 101 How did we ____________ _____________? Why doesn’t God ____________ _____________? Didn’t God ____________ _________ _____________? Why would God do that to ____________ _____________? Why is it important that Jesus be God? The Cross was _____________. The Cross was _____________. The Cross was _____________. What is our response?…
If it is in the world of Strength & Conditioning, Tex McQuilkin knows about it or better yet, is teaching it. Known for his Power Athlete HQ fame - Tex travels the globe teaching S & C seminars and we were lucky enough to snag him on the WWO Podcast during his recent trip down under. My Specific Essay Question for Tex was: I don't know any High ...…
Last in the summer yellow jacket wasps become aggressive. Todd Gleason talks with University of Illinois horticulture specialists Chris Enroth about how to deal with the insect.
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