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The Watch
Every week, The Ringer's Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan -- longtime friends and pop culture addicts -- break down the latest in TV, movies, and music.
Watching Westworld
The ethics of creating artificially-intelligent machines is tricky business and it’s quickly becoming our reality. How will society change to accommodate these new beings? Are they beings at all? And why do robots love milk so dang much?! Join us for a weekly, episodic recap laced with comedy, theories, and listener feedback as we dive deep into the important questions of HBO’s new science fiction series, “Westworld”.
A weekly podcast that revels in all thing Bravo. Join Ben Mandelker ( and Ronnie Karam ( as they praise, ridicule, and eviscerate the Real Housewives, Top Chef, and whatever other crap Andy Cohen throws at us. We mock because we love. Subscribe at for bonus episodes, ringtones, and live group video chat parties.
From the award-winning opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal, Paul Gigot and Kim Strassel discuss the latest political and government news from Washington. Get the critical perspective and analysis you need on developments out of the nation's capital.
Watch Out for Fireballs! is a game club podcast, focused on retro and non-current games. Every week, we play a game in its entirety, then discuss its merits and flaws at length. Most episodes begin with a short sketch, and we're pretty liberal about keeping tangents in. But it ultimately comes down to: Why do we like (or dislike?) this game.
We Watch Movies
Do you watch movies? We do. Join us each week for movie talk, movie reviews and other movie stuff.
Blizzard Watch
Podcast by Blizzard Watch
Lore Watch
Lore Watch is a new podcast from the creators of Blizzard Watch. Every two weeks we'll explore a single lore subject about the World of Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, or any other games that interest us. Join hosts Anne Stickney, Matthew Rossi, and Joe Perez for an indepth look at the evolving stories of the games we all love.’s Walking Dead podcast. Analysis and your feedback. For more episodes and other shows, visit
We Watch Bad Movies
This is a monthly podcast series called We Watch Bad Movies with John and Alex, two brothers who like to make fun of bad movies. We give you the link to watch along with us as we ridicule some of society's worst film failures.
Watching The Americans is a fan podcast dedicated to the FX show, The Americans. Send us in your thoughts about each episode by calling 919-907-0542 or emailing
Listen in to hear about the good, bad and ugly of how black women and girls are treated in the media and the world at large. With occasional guests and exploring other groups this show is for fans of black chicks and diversity in general.
Watching Your Wallet
It can be the little things that make a difference in your financial health. Jennifer Kushinka offers tips to stretch your hard-earned dollars.
Watching ID
We watch shows on the Investigation Discovery channel and talk about them!
We Watch Wrestling is Matt McCarthy, Tom Sibley, and Vince Averill. Three standup comedians who watch wrestling. Vince is an encyclopedia of wrestling knowledge, Tom just started watching at age 30, and Matt thinks wrestling is real.You don't even have to watch wrestling to like We Watch Wrestling, it's a celebration, an education, and an honest account of how it feels to be a professional wrestling fan, for better or worse.New episode drops every Wednesday at 3:16 AM!Email: wewatchwrestling ...
Derwin, Pat, Dick and Valerie are so conceited that they record themselves watching and reviewing movies. Hilarity will ensue and temper will flare. Well, hopefully the first part...
Media Watch
Media Watch is Australia's leading forum for media analysis and comment
Watching The Boxes
Watching The Boxes is a fantasy basketball podcast, hosted by Mike Catron and Tyler Watts, as part of the Hashtag Basketball Podcast Network.
Blacklisted news, the news they don't tell you about and the news behind the news. Bible Prophecy, Bible Codes, and Current Events...did our ancient Biblical Patriarchs warn us of coming UFO and Alien invasions to earth? Martial Law? The New World Order? And why is America, the most dominant nation mentioned on the earth in the last days in the Bible, not being mentioned in the churches today? On this radio show I deal with the New Age Reptilian agenda aka the NWO taking over the earth and h ...
Covering all the investment and retirement planning advice you need, the Watching Your Wealth podcast keeps you on top of your future. Join Veronica Dagher and other experts as they offer financial tips for building and keeping your wealth.
Watch and Talk
We watch an episode of The West Wing and discuss it, at length. We analyze the show as drama, historical time capsule, and use it as a lens to view our current world. Sometimes it's funny too.
Prog-Watch is a weekly podcast dedicated to bringing the listener contemporary Progressive Rock music and artist interviews from around the world.
Trump Watch w/ Jon Wiener
Watch The Thrones
Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald join the Grantland staff to discuss HBO's 'Game of Thrones.' This podcast is part of Grantland, a sports and pop culture website founded by Bill Simmons and owned by ESPN.
Supernatural and Paranormal Topics with Biblical Perspective
Wherein Benjamin Light and Marco Sparks break down each episode of Pretty Little Liars in ever increasing detail.
First Watch
First Watch is an opportunity for listeners to catch up with James and Kat once a month. Sit with them around the campfire as they discuss comics, games, stories, and their lives. Our resident Knight and Witch will keep you entertained with esoteric knowledge and the power of friendship… at least until they have to wake the fighter.
Watch And Listen
Watch and Listen is a weekly podcast about watches, watchmaking, and the people that make the industry tick. Hosts Matt Farah, of The Smoking Tire ,and Cameron Weiss, watchmaker and the CEO of the Weiss Watch Company, Los Angeles, CA, will take you through the history of clocks and watchmaking, show what makes some of the most iconic watches just that, and discuss watch buying, maintaining, investing, and collecting at all price points. This podcast is available as a video as well, on YouTube.
Watching Westworld
The ethics of creating artificially-intelligent machines is tricky business and it’s quickly becoming our reality. How will society change to accommodate these new beings? Are they beings at all? And why do robots love milk so dang much?! Join us for a weekly, episodic recap laced with comedy, theories, and listener feedback as we dive deep into the important questions of HBO’s new science fiction series, “Westworld”.
We talk about Mysteries of the Unknown, Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects, Cosmic Duality, Dreams and Dreaming, Earth Energies, Eastern Mysteries, Hauntings, Mysterious Creatures, Mystic Places, Mind Over Matter, Phantom Encounters, Powers of Healing, The Mysterious World, The UFO Phenomenon, Time and Space, Witches and Witchcraft, Visions and Prophecies, Spirit Summonings. All with a Biblical Perspective.This Podcast was created using
A weekly deep dive into the newest season of Westworld, HBO's robot/cowboy/mystery show from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, featuring Vanity Fair critic Richard Lawson, senior writer Joanna Robinson, and a roster of guests, discussing the show's mysteries, twists, and turns.
Join Sasquatch Watch Radio hosts Billy Willard and the Creature Seeker as we bring you the latest news and information from the field of Bigfoot/Sasquatch research. We are back and ready!
Watch Battles
Listen to some of battle rap's most influential battles with our special guests!
We are a podcast doing reviews of Anime and though we may be explicit from time to time we try to have fun. Its three veterans who have watched way too much anime having fun talking about what we love and hate. Follow us at @TrashPandaAnime on Twitter or Email us at
Each Wednesday Ben Glover and Nathan Ryan are joined on Fox NRL Market Watch by NRL360 host Ben Ikin and other guests, bringing you all the breaking player transfer news from across the NRL.
Every night, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen brings you lively conversations about everything in the world of entertainment, politics, and pop culture. Now, get that same dose of celebrity (and Bravolebrity) fun as a podcast! Subscribe to hear every episode, plus the live after show and exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Join the conversation! Twitter: @BravoWWHL Instagram: @BravoWWHL Facebook: Bravo, WWHL, #WWHL, Reality TV, Housewives’s Walking Dead podcast. Analysis and your feedback. For more episodes and other shows, visit
Email/Sponsorships: contact@mcfcwatch.comRecorded in the heart of Manchester, the City Watch Podcast is presented by broadcasting legend Ian Cheeseman and he is joined by members of the City Watch team.Join us each week as the team discusses the latest events in the world of Manchester City!#mcfc #mancity #manchestercity
Watch Out for Fireballs! is a game club podcast, focused on retro and non-current games. Every week, we play a game in its entirety, then discuss its merits and flaws at length. Most episodes begin with a short sketch, and we're pretty liberal about keeping tangents in. But it ultimately comes down to: Why do we like (or dislike?) this game.
The ScreenJunkies small council will break down every episode of Game of Thrones Season 6. Every dragon, every death, every boob, for the night is long and full of comments.
Watch Jerusalem
Watch Jerusalem brings you news and archaeology from a Biblical perspective. Host Brent Nagtegaal is on location at Jerusalem to give you the most important developments happening on the ground—and emerging from beneath it. Brent Nagtegaal is a contributor for contributor living in Jerusalem.
Around the Watch
Around the Watch: the Overwatch esports and industry podcast hosted by CaptainPlanet, Harsha, and Pesto_Enthusisast. Guest spots from pros, managers, and more
Boldly going where one woman has never gone before
Wrist watch Bar Talk and Horological Shenanigans at their finest. A wrist watch podcast about two friends sitting down every week for an honest, foul-mouthed discussion about all things watch related.
Husband and wife watch The Tudors. He knows nothing about the 16th century. She has been podcasting about Renaissance England since 2009. In this episode by episode guide he'll ask her questions, and they'll discuss the stories behind the drama, looking at what really happened at the Tudor court. We think it's a fun way to make the 16th century more accessible, and any excuse to see more of Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a good thing. (She wrote that part). Learn more about us at http://www.watchin ...
Washington Watch Weekly Radio Show
Simply the BEST & most informative LIVE News-Talk Radio Show On Your Overnight Radio Dial! Listen To Tomorrow's News Tonight...Broadcasting from our Flagship salem Media group Stations: AM 860 The Answer Tampa FL, AM 930 The Answer Sarasota FL + FM 103.1 in Sarasota +FM 93.7 in Bayshore Gardens and AM 1380 The Biz in St Petersburg FL we are heard across America to our 64 radio affiliates in 29 States! Atlanta, you can hear us on Salem Media Group Station AM 920 The Answer. Seattle on MegaTal ...
The podcast that keeps you up to date on the latest happenings with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, AppleWatch, Apple TV, iOS and iPhone Apps . We have news, tech tips, hacks, App reviews and interviews all centered around the iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch.
J.R. and Jon are friends. J.R. has never seen Star Trek, while Jon is a fan. Now that J.R. is watching it all from the beginning, they're discussing it all.
Washington Watch
Washington Watch is a daily program hosted by Family Research Council President Tony Perkins that covers the issues of faith, family and freedom. Tony is your leading source for what is really happening in our nation’s Capital.
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Part 2 of the wild interview with Sam Houston is here! We chat about his GWF days and transitioning into his WWF run. Sam is incredibly positive and motivational, you'll be blown away by the things he has done to help others. We also talk about his new song about the night he found salvation along with his new wrestling company, APWL. See the v ...…
An informal video capturing the sounds and sights of being a spectator in a highly anticipated event. I wanted to share with everyone how it's like waiting behind the barricades, and how it contrasts to the experience of watching at home or being part of the guests. Everyone's watched how it is from a vantage point. This time, here's what it's ...…
Daily Tap is finally here for Saturday. Brewers remain hot in the Twin Cities (2-8 mins), how to watch all the sports on Saturday night (8-14) Quick thought on Budenholzer's comments about Jabari Parker (14-16). We chat about the Brewers remaining hot with the stick as they notch another victory on the road. Why Jesus Aguilar is proving to be o ...…
The release of ASCO's 2018 annual abstracts resulted in widespread media coverage of PERSEPHONE, the largest trial yet investigating 6 vs. 12 months of adjuvant trastuzumab in breast cancer. We get into the history of adjuvant trastuzumab studies and what to watch for going forward.
Welcome to A World Without Shrimp also known as If the Apocalypse Comes, Beep Me! This week we watched the penultimate "Becoming, Pt. 1." We talk plot, Whistler and missed opportunities, Buffy and Angel, and the vehicles of death used on the show.Show notes at and @beepmepod on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram!…
Horror Addicts Episode# 153 SEASON 13 “We’re CURSED!!!” Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe ——————— superstitious curses lori safranek, harry husbands, oculus, gris-gris gumbo ya-ya Find all articles and interviews at: 165 days til ...…
The Crypto Assets Conference 2018 was held in February 2018 at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The conference had the goal of bringing together technology experts and entrepreneurs with corporates and regulators. The conference was organized jointly by the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, a think tank concerning blockchain and ...…
Movies discussed: Marrowbone, The Monster Project, Berberian Sound Studio, Unwind (short) Woohoo! There’s a podcast! Also movies! Also we talk about them! Next weeks assignments: Revenge Downrange Fright Night 2 There’s a Man in the Woods (short) Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week! The post Episode 277 – Battle Angel Ti ...…
The NYC Edition speaks their thoughts on the trailer for the new upcoming Queen biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody" and discuss their favorite Musical Biopics of all time. Be sure to Follow us on all Social Media platforms @2ndRounds
To avoid being cursed, we watched episodes 7-13 of C3 CubexCursedxCurious. So many cursed items to collect but so few episodes left!
Tom has succesfully survived his surgery! We hear all about his procedure this week as well as our take on the best TV shows to binge watch, what lite beers Joe is drinking while on his diet, the whole Laurel/Yanni bullshit, and that whole wedding thing thats going on today. It's your favorite Saturday morning cartoonish guys coming at ya!…
Hundreds of hours of video (and audio) tales can be found at Watch (or listen) as various groups of people explore an interesting, interconnected multiverse! See them take on a variety of exciting problems and foes! Observe them do great and horrible things! Every day, a new hour of humorous adventure and mayhem is made ava ...…
It's Friday and we have seem to figure out the BUG to our problems with recording and downloading the podcast thanks to our friends at Guitar Center! Quad City legend Jim Albrecht is back at the Hassle Palace to join us to talk about sports, preview the Preakness, and play "Horse. Not a horse." Have a HASSLE free day! You can watch us live ever ...…
Good god almighty! In this week's podcast, the boys talk about their time watching wrestling, more God of War and they discuss the latest news on Sony's E3 schedule.
This story is all about an indian settled in the USA. He is working over there but his heart is in india ,Want to know more about his story.....Watch complete video. Eenadufm is about to launch FM stations soon in Warangal, Rajamahendravaram, Vijayawada, Tirupathi. EFM is an absolute Telugu FM station with more nativity. Eenadu which is a very ...…
Thoughts? Comments? You can contact me by calling or texting 201-429-0274. If you leave a voicemail please be aware, you only have 3 minutes. Email me at ..Join the conversation on the blog (and find the full show notes)by going here ..Thanks for watching/listening! HERe's the video version of ...…
Live on Twitch VOD on Youtube Welcome to Early Late Nights, the show that is late enough to get you into that juicy news, but early enough you don’t have to stay up on a school night.Join Ciaran Marchant as he dives into the latest games news, eSports stories and shenanigans galore live every Tuesday and Friday at 6:30 PM AST at https://twitch. ...…
Selections from New York Dolls, Booker T and The MG's, Chicago Afrobeat Project, Tony Allen, Endless Boogie, Aesop Rock, Gorillaz, Meat Beat Manifesto, Steve Martin/The Steep Canyon Rangers, Glen Campbell, Drive-By Truckers, Goat, Weird Al Yankovic, Monty Python, Marika Hackman, Tops, Beck, John Maus, The Watch, Busdriver, Reggie Watts, Bill Hi ...…
Its the start of a series. Slurred Thoughts introduces their new Comic Series. We'll start a new series as they come and continue the series as it goes on. Grab each issue and join us as we review each issue in traditional Slurred Thoughts fashion. Issue 1 begins with Avengers #1. Released May 2, 2018. Written by Jason Aaron. Art by Ed McGuines ...…
eenadu E FM Attakodalu funny conversation between andhrapradesh atta and telangana kodalu. In this video attakodalu discuss about radio jockey auditions.. Eenadu which is a very famous publication house of south india which has several tv channels like Etv, etv plus, etv telangana, etv andhrapradesh, etv abhiruchi and many more, it has done sev ...…
Kelvin Gregory, Dillon Matheny and Jordan Tinker sit down to discuss Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War and the insane direction the movie took, as well as what made it stand out from the mass of superhero movies in this day and age. Watch the video version here:…
This is our latest installment of Reading, Watching, and Listening where we also discuss a few royal wedding predictions ahead of tomorrow's big day. We cover NINE books, 4 TV Shows, 2 movies, and lots more. Tell us what you're RWL over on Twitter and Instagram @idodeclarepod!
Coming back to the Tribeca Film Festival every year is Home. My backyard from New Jersey and access to some of the most interesting, spine tingling and controversial work programmed for eleven days. As always, we take in as many films as we can; however, this year I had broken my wrist a few weeks before Tribeca and after the surgery had only a ...…
Not just on memorial or veteran’s day but daily I would like to extend a special thank you to any of you who may be members (active or retired) of the Armed Forces—or loved someone who was. Not just on memorial or veteran’s day but daily thank you for your service and thank to your family members as well: There are times in military service, as ...…
Friday May 18, 2018. Join Michael and Anthony this week as they give their opinions on the all new Rolls Royce Cullinan and compare it to the Bentley Bentayga. They also go over the cars and watches of the royal family in anticipation for the upcoming royal wedding, and review a new watch brand from the Richemont group "Baume".…
Chris and Jen review the new marvel movie in-depthy, that means lots of spoilers. Enjoy! This episode can be found on all podcasting services and iTunes. You also watch this episode with video on
In today's episode I go over how magic in games is an important piece to a setting. I go over how to ground it into your experience and some of my ideas on free form magic. Remember to call in through the Anchor app and thank you again for listening. Watch. Listen. Learn.
After a 4+ month hiatus (darn day job!) Natalie and her dad are back for more of their standard antics: show-and-tell, dancing, and singing! Watch Natalie groove to Zedd and Imagine Dragons, perform two songs from her upcoming preschool concert, and start things off with another "outrageous" segment of show-and-tell!---------------------------- ...…
The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle is almost here . This week Les and Kurt watch the Meghan Markle Hallmark Channel movie " When Sparks Fly . " Both Les and Kurt had so much to say about this movie that it actually turned into a two part episode . Kurt actually likes Meghan Markle because he thinks that she is hot but did he lik ...…
Jeff Ritter is a local hero that aims to inspire the world through kindness. He does that through his nonprofit organization, Jeffros Heroes, a Non-Profit organization that inspires kids in the hospital who are sick and have terminal illness by bringing hope and happiness to those kids and their parents. He uses the power and positivity of supe ...…
This the audio recording from our webinar on How to Build a Value Proposition that Generates Leads. If you would like to see the slides that go with this podcast, you can watch the video recording of this webinar on our website here…
In this episode, Dan and Static talk God of War, Beyond: Two Souls and Destiny 2's latest expansion ''Warmind'' and their views on these amazing games. They talk about free games on PSN and Xbox Live this fortnight and a whole bunch of great games at great prices.Strap in and hang out with two dudes who have no place talking video games to your ...…
Set list: "Slow Down" - interview - "Lives for a Season" "The Morning" “Created with love in Over-the-Rhine.” That’s how Jess Lamb’s music is described on her website. If you’re thinking it might sound more like the description of a piece of art than a style of music, you probably haven’t heard Jess Lamb’s music. And if you’re in Cincinnati and ...…
FEATURING C. C. Hennett | Alexander VinciniLive Performance By I Roots We don’t often embrace the opportunity to engage the people introduced through life’s kaleidoscape-esque experience, but taking the dive can be extremely rewarding occasionally. Meeting C.C. Hannett was one of these moments. A potential guest suggestion from close collaborat ...…
Raid Like a Boss Shirt! Channel Videos out the Youtubers belowLets get Jay Kim to 4K subs! Videos Only: ...…
Here go watch the trailer. (
Raw and Real talk about the struggles and triumphs of the streets.
First times behind the F! Wheel Angry dad podcast can be found on Facebook Twitter Snapchat Tumblr @b2the4thpower You can email angry dad podcast at if you want my advice or thoughts and opinions on the subject situations or on what’s just going on let me know. I’ll ...…
Still reeling from the shocking fall of former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a bipartisan group of legislators in Albany held hearings to find his successor. Acting Attorney General Barbara Underwood appears to be the favorite to fill the role until the end of the calendar year. She has already stated she will not seek election to the pos ...…
Listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!…d1289558221?mt=2Watch & Subscribe to us on Youtube! us on Facebook! us at:
We got a full house on this episode of Boys In The Studio. There are laughs, there are sports, there are boys and those boys are dropping some serious knowledge on y'all. Make sure to watch the next episode of BITS for all those fun segments we know you enjoy.
Daxy here, what’s up yall! To see the full video of me walking through how I make my probiotic beverages with 1 probiotic pill, go HERE. Recently, I was asked what are my daily habits to keep a strong gut wall flora. This person was coming off of antibiotics and had tons of problems with their metabolism. Your gut bacteria are directly connecte ...…
You don't have to be a writer, designer or artist to be creative. If you've ever come up with an innovative solution to a problem, congrats, you are creative! This episode of Un.Branded by Unknown.Studio shows you how to use our Creative Flow to harness your creative ability. The Creative Flow Objective - Define what you need to accomplish Educ ...…
Hannah and Sam are all over the place this week talking Pop Culture and whether the show 13 Reasons Why is good for kids to watch
We're back! (Yes, again. And yes, for real.) We've been gone for over a year now, and there are going to be some changes. Untethered has a new look, new art, new music, a new co-host and, most importantly, a new mission. As Taylor and Nick set out on their new journey of full-time RV living, they hope to help you learn through their experiences ...…
Stop watching the lives of celebrities and build yourself a life worth celebrating....
Pasor Kevin Daniels kicks off Faith on Film early for Monther's Day with Mother (1996), where John Henderson discovers his mother's unfullfilled ambitions. Similarily, women have had to struggle for Women's Sufferage and equality in the church. If we look at scripture and Jesus' own beliefs, we find that women are in no way inferior to men. All ...…
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