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Audio production tips, and tricks from the founder and creator of Get better at producing audio by joining us each Monday for a cool new concept that can be applied to any audio editing program.
Catching Wavs
The hottest mixes from some of the best artists around
KevLoe’s WAV.
Kevin aka KevLoe. Marketing/Salesmen/Musician from Minnesota. Speaking on music business and his experiences on the local scene.
A podcast dedicated to defining, inspiring and sustaining the authentic femme. Hosted by four queens, each episode delves into the waves of pop culture, current affairs and personal growth featuring a new guest and slaying DJ each month.
Dj Dogbone and guest DJs spinning retro alternative classics, new wave, darkwave, synthwave and new retro wave with special Vinyl Only sessions and DJ interviews.
This show contains house for your listening pleasures.
Ever wonder how Electronic Music is made? Each week on EMP see a live recorded studio session with Electronic Dance Music producer Marshal Arnold. Marshal will go from start to finish of an Electronic Dance Music track. Feel free to send in your questions or comments to
The Warp Factor is a web series/podcast created and produced by Marshal Arnold of WAV Net Radio.The show will feature video's and discussion of Star Trek, Sci-Fi, technology and other nerd topics. Be apart of the show, visit
Bringing you new electronic dance music one wav at a time.
Each Week we look at a new level in the Game Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST or Halo Reach. We talk about the game(s) the level and tons of other things revolving around the Halo universe. All shows are recorded LIVE and have no editing done.. so if we get stuck you will see our frustration! Find shows and updates at Send your e-mails to Call the Halo Nerds Voicemail with Skype - WAVNET
A series of video tutorials on how to record and edit audio files using RecordForAll audio recording software. These video tutorials cover a wide variety of topics from recording, transitions, file formats and podcasting.
Bringing you new electronic dance music one wav at a time.
New Age
Why Magnatune is not evil We work directly with independent musicians world-wide to give you downloads of MP3s and perfect-quality WAV files. We never work with major labels, and our musicians always get 50%. You can listen to every album in its entirety before buying or becoming a member.
Podcast of ongoing free legal music downloads composed by Steven Cravis. Free for personal, non-commercial use. Cravis composes and records both solo piano and ambient multi-track music. In 1997 Cravis started releasing his music to the world on the site formerly owned by Michael Robertson. By 2003, when Robertson sold to CNET, Cravis had received 1.2 Million unique listens to his music. By the time CNET ended the portion of it's site, Cravis had received a ...
The word psycho is not synonymous with lesbian, but we sure do have a few in our community. INCLUDING MYSELF….. Now I am not clinically psycho, but on numerous occasions I have been called that in a fit of anger usually from some psycho GF (at the time). I used to cry my eyes out about it, I hated being called psycho HATED it. So now I have decided to take ownership of it. I AM A PSYCHO LESBIAN!!!!!!!!!Do you want to tell me your psycho lesbian story. VERY SIMPLE, record your psycho story on ...
Something Global Radio with Steve'Butch'Jones: Syndicated on radio stations around the world and available as a free podcast. Past guests by year:2015: A-Mari, Alessio Lucca, Alex Sky Spirit, ASDEK, ASOK, Bordland, Chapman Musica, Claytonsane, Da Lukas, Dan McKie, DanSonic, Dario Girau, DJ WestBeat, Dubfire, Frenz(y), Geoffrey Huber, Halvy, Jockari, Joe Silva, John O’Callaghan, JunoJuno, Kirk Paten, Knoe1, Lenny Fontana, M-Capio, Maragakis, Mason, Mavee, Melina Kalcic, NinoBellemo, Phil Sore ...
Toolbox Digital is your one stop shop for exclusive hard house, hard dance & hard trance music. We sell singles & albums as high quality MP3 & WAV downloads.
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In episode 23, Audrey and Lindsay talk Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and John Rhys-Davies, and Audrey’s experience with Romanian cinema.
On the fourth week of May, in the year of the Dog, Will, Matthew, and Chris are now back for a slog through the movie a 5th time (for Chris, 32!) So to make it through this time, they knew what to do! They wanted to make their brains go straight ker-plank! So they drank and they drank and they drank and they drank! They drank til it ended and t ...…
Trey Biddy Of On Tuesday's DTS For His Daily Segment.
Trey Biddy Of On Monday's DTS For His Daily Segment.
Ray Tucker's Arkansas Outdoors - 05-23-18.WAV by 103.7 The Buzz
"Imagine that? God, imagine being forced to leave your home like that? Even if it’s flawed, even if you didn’t love it, it was home, maybe the only one you’ve ever known. And then not only are you leaving, but once you’re gone, they’re literally wiping it off the face of the earth. There’s no turning back, there’s no making things right." Belch ...…
Tap Time 5 - 21 - 18.WAV by 103.7 The Buzz
In this episode we discuss the newest party game from Quick Simple Fun Games, Muse. We talk about our experience playing it, and what we think about it. We talk about why art and the interpretation of art makes for such good games. We then talk to each other about our favorite pieces of art and some of our favorite artists!Game Talk - 12:06Top ...…
Trey Biddy Of Hawgsports,com On Friday's DTS For His Daily Segment.
Trey Biddy Of On Thursday's DTS For His Daily Segment.
Today we are speaking with Eli Brown, CEO of Shine The Light On. If you are not familiar with them, they are an awesome clothing company that is tied to a pretty big cause. Eli has come up against amazing odds and he’s proof that there’s always hope. We hope you enjoy Eli’s story – in two years he has done amazing things. Your Browser does not ...…
Trey Biddy Of On Wednesday's DTS For His Daily Segment.
Ray Tucker's Arkansas Outdoors - 05-16-18.WAV by 103.7 The Buzz Thor talks to DeRay about black issues, Trump and much more.
Due to a lack of money Doc and Scott look to new ways of supporting themselves by taking a passenger, but is there more to Dr Andraza than meets the eye? This audio drama uses many sounds from alongside those recorded specifically for this project. For the full list see here: Downloaded on February 15th, 2018 S: village medium cro ...…
ListenBy (Daryl Zachman).
Trey Biddy Of On Tuesday's DTS For His Daily Segment. Welcome back to the latest cringe fest that is my podcast! It’s a hell of a lot better than my first episode, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. This week I got on a documentary kick and fell in love with the man, the myth, the Herzog!… Today we are going to be discussing the familiar story of Luke 10, where Mary sits at the feet of Jesus, from a more accurate historical and theological perspective. We are going to highlight the signific ...…
Trey Biddy Of On Monday's DTS For His Daily Segment.
Tap Time 5-15-18.WAV by 103.7 The Buzz
The CRP podcast provides an entertaining dialogue among professionals committed to guiding people in conflict towards a saner resolution of their differences. We hope you enjoy the topics, lessons learned, and intelligent insights for navigating life’s challenging dilemmas. Here’s an overview dialogue between Ken (psychologist) and Brad (attorn ...…
NeW!!! Друзья! WAV (Original mix) МОЖНО будет приобрести УЖЕ c 4.06.18 в магазинах ITunes , Google Play , Shazam и других... а пока - ПРИЯТНОГО ПРОСЛУШИВАНИЯ!!!By DIMA [PLAN].
don’t feel like you heard enough people on the internet share their thoughts about The Last Jedi? good news, three more people weigh in. We talk pacing, green milk, framing, and oh yeah- also Chocolate Cheerios.
Trey Biddy Of On Friday's DTS For His Daily Segment. Script Introductions Overview of retellings Mackenzie: 1001 Rabbit Tales Michael: Alladin Shannon: Sinbad Julia: Aladdin and The King of Thieves Discussion of archetypes Mackenzie’s analysis Michael’s analysis Shannon’s analysis: Archetypes Mackenzie: In the story ...…
Well, for this episode you finally ger to see me! It's chapter 67 of reZurXn Radio's The Second Wav and it's a good one - full of vinyl goodies. Enjoy new music from GGOOLLDD, Jack Simchak, and Lebrock, as well as classic vinyl tunes from B-Movie Poesie Noire, Eurythimcs and oh so much more... and all in an hour (more or less). Enjoy. As always ...…
I recently interviewed the CEO and co-founder of TransPod Inc., Sebastien Gendron. TransPod is one of the top four companies bringing ultra high speed transportation to life. You may have heard of the Hyperloop, and this is Canada’s version of that! Imagine being able to go from Montreal to Toronto in only thirty minutes. Sebastien’s story is a ...…
In episode 20…you know what, this episode isn’t great. You can skip it
Trey Biddy Of On Thursday's DTS For His Daily Segment.
The Recruiting Intelligence Report With Dr. Fitz Hill & Rev. ISO Marcus Elliot- 5 - 10 - 18.WAV by 103.7 The Buzz
We have a guest preacher today. Ann Krebs Byrne is a church council member talking about her personal faith experience at New Life. May 6, 2018: Something Was Different Here by Ann Krebs ByrneBy
Trey Biddy Of On Thursday's DTS For His Daily Segment.
Ray Tucker's Arkansas Outdoors - 05-09-18.WAV by 103.7 The Buzz Today on Fast Action, house keeping includes Cubs talk and the Players Championship. We recap one crazy and action packed Derby and talk NBA and NHL playoffs. Also, segments that include Compliment Corner, Walk of Shame, Bandwagoners, and of course, Cal’s Tweet of the Week.… A continuation of The Myth of Modesty Part I, we focus on modesty and how it pertains to men. It is assumed men are to be moral and not modest—how can we work towards a theology of modesty that embraces both men and women and affirms t ...…
Trey Biddy Of On Monday's DTS For His Daily Segment.
Trey Biddy Of On Friday's DTS For His Daily Segment.
The ladies sit down with mother of @Desboring and chat up our relationships with our mother and the misunderstandings of Autism. With a musical mix by @sashasashamarie and theme music by @fabriks Womyn's WAV is recorded and produced in the studios of @kucr-883 .
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