Best web comics podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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Knowledge To Draw From
Of Mics and Men
Webcomics Whenever
The podcast that updates when Webcomics Weekly doesn't
A podcast by webcartoonists, about webcartoonists, for webcartoonists. Featuring interviews and chat with webcomic creators and your friends in the webcomics community, past and present. Inspirational listening for when you are inking or coloring your comics. Edifying for the eager young creator, life-affirming for the aged has-been, and fun for webcomics fans everywhere.
Hockey Strike Webcom
No rules. No limits... no budget. Independent filmmaking meets podcasting in this syndicated sitcom. Join Scott and Dave as they deal with zombies, aliens, their inability to communicate with women, and even DEATH.
"Sometimes people ask us 'how do you guys write the comic?' The answer is that we sit around and look at game news and we talk about it until we start laughing at something. It sounds boring and I think it probably is. The writing process behind one of those comics is recorded and made available for your listening pleasure. We call this Downloadable Content." - Gabe (Gabe and Tycho create the web comic Penny Arcade 3 days a week. New episodes are released on Wednesdays)
A podcast discussing comic books, graphic novels, web comics, television, movies and other nerd culture media.
The Up Late Network
Podcasts from the Dead of Night!
Digital Strips
A series of podcasts for fans of webcomics, video games, wrestling, and general chicanery
Join host Tom Racine as he interviews cartoonists, artists, animators, filmakers, illustrators and musicians from all over the world!
Discussions about webcomics, animation, illustration and syndicated comics. Interviews with innovators from past and present. Round table discussions are the norm. Clever conversation is never expected but always appears.
Welcome to ComicLab: The podcast about making comics, and making a living from comics! If you loved Webcomics Weekly, you're gonna love this show: It's half shop-talk, half how-to, and half friendship. WE SQUEEZED IN THREE HALVES. It's tips and tricks and all the joys of cartooning as a pro. So pull up your drawing chair, put on some headphones, and join us while you draw! And if you like what you hear, kick in a dollar to help make more 'n better shows —
Crazy 4 Comic Con
Tips on the San Diego Comic-Con and other conventions
Open Panel
Indie comics collective Countershot Press discuss the tears, fears and joys of creating and publishing comics online. A new topic every episode, from website maintenance to worldbuilding, with a good dose of humour and friendship tying it all together. PLUS: all the advice and recommendations you could ever need to get your own project off the ground. Let's hang out and draw!
Crooked Comic Cast
Crooked Comic Cast is the podcast about webcomics, indie comics, and mainstream comics featuring creators, savants, and scholars who love comics.
Hamsteak Podcast
You know Homestuck, that notoriously huge webcomic by Andrew Hussie? We read it and try to make sense of it for you. Lydia's read it before, Alex hasn't. Read along at
#Subscribe to the channel. Like, Comment and SUBSCRIBE! The Hangin With Web Show is the internet's best web talk show. In this web series we interview celebrities, authors, filmmakers, artists and even cosplayers. While attending a writers conference, we noticed that many of the independent authors had never received any media attention. After many conversations, he discovered this was true of artists, indie filmmakers, and event YouTube creators. As a former newspaper reporter, G.W. Pomicht ...
Audio podcast from cartoonist Josh Way (
A Podcast detailing the rigorous and often delicate writing process for the Super Brophy Brothers webcomic. Tell your whores of friends that maybe they should show some class for once by listening to this. Rate us 5 stars and we'll love you long time. Check out the comic here:
Holy BatCast - The All Batman Podcast is a podcast and web-series by Bat-fans, for Bat-fans. Holy BatCast celebrates and dissects all aspects of the Batman legend and mythology and other DC Comics property from movies, TV, comic books, games, toys, and more. Put on your cape and cowl and join us in the Batcave.
Art journal podcast by Rob Stenzinger, sharing thoughts on his various creative projects and adventures ranging from creating comics, videogames, to interactive design.
Indeed Podcast
All in all, We are 4 guys who discuss the interesting things they find on the internet pertaining to geek culture. Such as games, movies, comic books and comic art, music, gadgets, science, pie and whatever else catches their 16 eyes.Please feel free to comment by sending us a message to Indeedpodcast(at)gmail(dot)com. We would love to hear from you.Thanks all who listen and keep us going, remember to email us with questions or comments at indeedpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com or find us on Fac ...
Exploding Dinosaur
Josh Walthall and Josh Cash talk about comics, life, and the pursuit of crappiness. Check out the comic at Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter @ExploDino!
Webcomics artists talking about webcomics (and other stuff too)
Golf's Next Wave
Monthly+ Tour digital producers Kevin Prise and Matt Cochran provide a colorful window into the lives of golf’s next wave of stars, visiting with players as they navigate the challenging-yet-rewarding path toward the PGA TOUR.
Be it Webcomics, Print, visual medium, podcasts or reviews, Moonhawk Studios covers it all. Join Mac Paladin and Shard as they dive head-first into the business of entertainment online and off with their zany cast of extras! {pca-170ef06a94171e4118347785a4849abe}This Podcast was created using
"Sometimes people ask us 'how do you guys write the comic?' The answer is that we sit around and look at game news and we talk about it until we start laughing at something. It sounds boring and I think it probably is. The writing process behind one of those comics is recorded and made available for your listening pleasure. We call this Downloadable Content." - Gabe (Gabe and Tycho create the web comic Penny Arcade 3 days a week. New episodes are released on Wednesdays)
your comics, movies, news and revelation outlet.
K. Xelcast
Kxela here, a webcomic artist. I luv anime and manga, videogames, nintendo DS, and DDR d like me to discuss, contact me! :D
Panel Beat
A webcomics podcast in which Greg Greenwell and Jon Levi discuss nothing at all, occasionally webcomics
Falcon Twin Podcast
Audio commentary podcast for the Falcon Twin online graphic novel
A Free Comics Celebration!
All things indie comics.
Two guys with PhDs talking about comics! The Comics Alternative is weekly podcast focusing on the world of alternative, independent, and primarily non-superhero comics. (There's nothing wrong with superhero comics. We just want to do something different.) New podcast episodes become available every Wednesday and include reviews of graphic novels and current ongoing series, discussions of upcoming comics, examinations of collected editions, in-depth analyses of a variety of comics texts, and ...
Jerkcity Hi-Fi
Noise diarrhea (audio productions of Jerkcity webcomic strips) every Tuesday and Thursday
Video Games, Movies, Web-comics, Conventions, Cosplay an more!!!
The FXL Network
The FXL Network Feed is home for all podcasts current and future hosted by Bob Fournier and Rick Pivin
Harknell and Onezumi make Webcomics,,, and Our geekery is also Haunted Attractions and Dark Rides.
Luke and Ashley (or Ashley and Molly (or Molly and Jules) read the webcomic Homestuck together, adding commentary, annotations, random tangents, and terrible voice acting. For more great shows, visit us at
Radio Free Housepets! (Formerly Housepets! Radio) is a Semimonthly PG-13 webcast for the webcomic Housepets! by artist Rick Griffin.
A very nerdy show featuring discussion about TV shows, movies, the almighty Internet and technology among other things.
Chris Daily and John Troutman interview cartoonists and other luminaries from the world of geek culture. The official audio podcast of Keenspot, the world's largest source for webcomics. Email us at
Cartoonists Jerzy Drozd and Dave Roman connect the worlds of comics, graphic novels and kid lit. Join the Kids’ Comics Revolution!
Secret Stage Podcast
The Secret Stage Podcast is the show that started it all! Every week, Zachary Davis is joined by members of the Secret Stage crew to discuss the latest happenings within the channel and the world at large. Catch us LIVE on Youtube every Monday at 8PM, or on podcasting services every Wednesday.
An irregular audio companion to Irregular Webcomic! Read the comic at
FWACATA's Podcast
From the Mind of Juan Navarro: a Podcast on Art, being an Artist, and making the most of it, while talking comics, politics, philosophy, and the general awesomeness of being someone who creates.
Two Players and Up
We are two Israeli gamers who enjoy various creative activities. We're located in London, making a weekly webcomic about gamers and games. If you're in one of those groups, you should check it out.
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show series
This week, we discuss the March 2018 Diamond Comics sales charts, X-Classified, super hero insurance, Spider-Man's webbing, Justice League Odyssey, the next Thanos, our best-selling comics, Magic: The Gathering, the Blackhawks, Tyler's gifts, and ancient Egyptian mutants. Starring Ryan Higgins, Jim Jokisch, Bryce Larsen, Brock Sager, Scott Shea ...…
Welcome to the For Whom The Dice Roll Podcast! Our party finds themselves in strange place, in front of some unfamiliar (to them) faces, and with some uncertainty as to what to do next. Just as they decide to leave, some people arrive to take Doc’s lunch order! Or do they? Also, everyone levels up! Doc whispers sweet nothings. Ruby channels an ...…
Hyper RPG and Saban Brands present Power Ranges HyperForce, a brand new RPG show on Twitch! Subscribe on YouTube ► live on Tuesdays at 6pm PT ► the Conversation in the Discord! ► Follow us on Twitter: us on Facebook: ...…
This week's episode was recorded at Toronto's legendary Royal Academy of Illustration and Design with writer/illustrator Kyle James Smith ( Scare Tales, RAID One anthology). Check out his brand new web comic Blackmouth.
Jake Streiff has been going to DIY punk shows in Kansas City for several years now, but he didn't play his first show until last year. Since then, he's dropped demos with both of his bands, Liquid Swords and Nitecrawlers, and playing multiple shows every month. We talked about how those bands came together, as well as his work in comics and vis ...…
Happy Easter AND Happy Birthday to Aussie comic book legend, Gary Chaloner!! Paul and I sat down with Gary at ACAF to have a chat about his life in art/comics, going way back to his early art school years, newspaper strip ‘Jeff Little the Smiling Policeman’, his run with imprint Cyclone Comics, learning on the go with the development of the dir ...…
On this episode of TransMissions Alt Mode, we go into detail about the universe-ending Transformers news out of WonderCon, review Transformers vs. Visionaries issue 3, you won’t believe what people are saying about the Bumblebee movie! All this and more! Thanks to Jason Kirk for joining us this week. Check out his podcasts Podvocacy and Everlas ...…
In the Creator Series, we interview people who make comics about the comics that inspired them. This week, Justin and Jacob talk to Steven Andrews, production editor for TO Comix Press about webcomic Demonology 101—a young adult fantasy by Faith Erin Hicks. They chat about the form, its drawbacks and how Steven was inspired to become a self-pub ...…
The Lizard returns as the Amazing Spider-Man comic ties into the Amazing Spider-Man movie with a story that is much, much better. Spider-Man is back from the Ends of the Earth and he's moderatly more violent? Morbius is also in this, but no one cares. Discussed: Whether or not a child's body is digested. Morbius gets away with a fashion faux pa ...…
Show Notes: Intro - ~Welcome new members who've introduced themselves in our Ravelry Group On the Needles - Dami - ~tickled pink wrap on US 3 (3.25mm), Seven Sisters Arts Meridian C.C. - ~When you think I'll zig, I'll zag. Then when you think I'm gonna zag, I do zag, just to mess you up for the next time, when I might zig Blanket on US4 (3.5mm) ...…
Hello, welcome to the Korean American Heritage Podcast (KAHP) brought to you by we are three fellow history and culture seeking enthusiasts. Hoping to provide a deeper analysis into Korean American History and Culture. Come seek this rich history and heritage together with us. Our Main Hosts:Philip “Flip” Cuddy is the ...…
Risen from the dead, there was a flash, lantern & a podcastEpisode 13March 6, 2018Welcome to the 13th episode of Tomorrow Comes Movies! The podcast that talks beyond movies! We talk VG, Music, Comics, television, SW, pop culture, funko and much more! We’re FINALLY back from a little hiatus! This episode your hosts talk Flash & Green Lantern mov ...…
This week, Kat and Jocelyn discuss David Fincher's Fight Club! We talk about satire, the genesis of the alt-right movement, and Helena Bonham-Carter's best attempt at an American accent. This episode is also brought to you in part by TeePublic. Check out and discover your next favourite Tee. Psst... they also have nerdy hoodie ...…
We've got another one! We're back again talking with comic artist, Stan Stanley! We talked about webcomics, fandom, diversity, and food. It was a good time. We had some technical difficulties in the middle but we made it work...our apologies.Check it out! Explicit language on this one. You can find her on Twitter: @Snakewife Check out her websi ...…
Episode 31: The Sexy Brutale Nate and Nick both manipulate time to find their way through the “Groundhog Day”-esque puzzles of March’s Patron Pick. E-mail us with your thoughts on this game or an upcoming review: Vote on what we play next for just $1 — and get a bunch of other cool rewards by becoming a patron! www.patreo ...…
Welcome to the For Whom The Dice Roll Podcast! Having vanquished the “Big Bad”, our party decides to ransack the holdfast for loot and glory! In doing so, however, they may have gone too far! Doc attends a fire sale. Ruby presses buttons. Chadwick holds up a wall. Two-Swords does leg day. Like what you heard? Please consider rating us! Also, su ...…
For our third episode, Jean MacDonald talks to @kimonostereo about discovering, differences with Twitter, the old days of blogging, and creating a web comic.
Listen to the full 1 hour and 7 minutes at... Extra Stuff Extra Spoils - Episode 37 preview (23 mins 47 secs) It's WonderCon Anaheim 2018, and Albert once again gets to attend the event. From a "cool" presentation by AMC networks, a decently long conversation with cosplayer extraordinaire Joanie Brosas, to exhibit ha ...…
Hangin With Web Show host G.W. Pomichter introduces his team, including Christian Basel, Sage Ia and Deanna Marie, as well as gives some pop-culture and science fiction news about upcoming shows, movies and gadgets. The team talks about SyFy's The Expanse, Dr. Who and the new Doctor, the new SyFy show Krypton, and FreeForm's Sirens as well as t ...…
EditShinney’s Shenanigans Show (feat. Sigler) Episode 7: Utilize The RaccoonPosted on October 7, 2016 by The_Best_JasonBill Murray lets the groundhog drive in Groundhog DayOur first theme episode! Steve spends the time he should be using to find new webcomics, edit podcasts, and take care of his family instead thinking about animals and whether ...…
Matt and Marc bring you Comic Book News, the Convention Report, The Comic Watch and the Free Lunch Menu where we keep track of upcoming events for Free Lunch Studios. Topics: Comic Book News, Convention Report, Comic Watch, and Free Lunch Menu #ComicBookNews #ConventionReport #ComicWatch #FreeLunchMenu #FreeLunchComicNews Check out Cliff's Con! ...…
Who doesn’t like Spider-man? You know, besides JJ Jameson and a hoard of villains and whatever friends he’s blowing off without a good explanation because secret identities need to be protected? Join Chris and special guest Paul Csomo from Varmints as they look at The Amazing Spider-Man for the Nintendo Gameboy and some of the comic background ...…
For this episode, our hosts sit down with Marvel artist, Nate Stockman and chat about his memories of the animated series along with how he became a professional comic book artist. Nate talks about his journey from being an indy artist to then drawing Spider-Man for Marvel, and some of his favourite moments and people he's worked with along the ...…
The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Director SP, Agent Lauren and Consultant Michelle discuss the Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. season five 12th episode ”The Real Deal,” the series’ 100th episode!!! The reporters also run down the Marvel news roundup and discuss listener feedback. THIS TIME ON LEGENDS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. “The Real Deal” Ma ...…
Spider-Man is gaslit by a new villain in this episode of Swinging Through Spider-Man. He also shoots his webbing at a wall, and helps J Jonah Jameson LOSE IT. We end on a not-so-surprising reveal, as the day is also saved by the least suspecting person of all time. Our read through of the Amazing Spider-Man continues! Also - some links below to ...…
Daily balance in the Student Ministry world is a pipe dream, but balance can be found over a span of time. This episode draws from a blogpost you can read here: Time for some giveaways! 1st, if you submit a question (submit it here: and I read it on the show, you get a free download of th ...…
The Trashmash boys return from beyond the grave with their friend Hale to discuss (and ridicule) the right wing on the internet! Topics include: Sargon of Akkad, The Golden One, Paul Joseph Watson, Ben Garrison, and web comic artists. We also introduce a new segment where we recommend something good for once! This episode was originally recorde ...…
Join Marknado, Revenant Vin and Mr. Venom as we give our lists of the most under-appreciated, under-seen and under-rated horror films. Get ready to take some notes as we mention over 60 films in this episode!! Email us Interact with us on Twitter at: @thehcast Join our active Facebook group at: https://www.facebook ...…
Welcome back to the Hardly Awesome Podcast! Each week, Chris, Anthony and Brandon get together to sit around and discuss the things that interest them most - comics, movies, TV, science, history, and more. If you already know the guys from Back Issues Comic Book Podcast, you know what you're getting yourself into. If you're new to the show, wel ...…
Mitch interviews actor/singer/songwriter Vic Mignona at Blazing Desert Comic Con in San Luis, AZ. Vic Mignona is known best for all his voice over work, like Edward from Full Metal Alchemist, and also his personal passion project, the web series Star Trek Continues.
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