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Do you want to get your first job as a web developer, or level up in your web dev career?? Well, StartHere: Web Development is the show for you! Dain Miller is your new mentor as he shares his industry experience, insight, and resources to help get you from knowing nothing to becoming a full-time web developer. Everyone starts somewhere and you’re starting here.
Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski are two full stack web developers who like to break down complex topics and make them easy to understand.
Podcast by Mark Phoenix and Ben Hutchings
Keep up with the latest web developer technologies and news covering javascript, React.js, Node.js, HTML5. Learn the current best practices in web and mobile app development.
Web Developer / Trainer. Certified in Training & Assessment. Microsoft Technology Associate. Certified Google Educator. Google Classroom & Udemy. Sports fan. Podcasting about Careers in Web Development
Podcast by Mark Phoenix and Ben Hutchings
Hi, my name's Sean and I'm a web developer. I started developing about 10 years ago, just for fun at first. I thought I could stop whenever I wanted to, but pretty soon I found myself doing it almost every day.Hi, my name's Mark and I'm also a web developer. It's gotten to the point where I wake up and start developing even before breakfast sometimes. My family said I needed help, so that's why I joined Web Developers Anonymous.
How To: Web Development, Web Design, Content Management Systems, and more.
Interviews with Developers Who Build Inspiring Things
Tutorials on Web development and mobile app development
Small Business Specialists: Web Development | SEO | eCommerce | Social Networking
This Week In Web Development Covers News in the Web Developer community as well as web development techniques.
Web Development Fundamentals - SOFT6007 Dcom1
The Bike Shed
On The Bike Shed, hosts Derek Prior, Sean Griffin, Amanda Hill, and guests discuss their development experience and challenges with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and whatever else is drawing their attention, admiration, or ire this week.
Interactive Web Development - SOFT6008
SOFT6007 Web Development Fundamentals. Lecturer: Colin Manning. This course is being taken by Stage 1 students. The course covers primarily HTML, with introductions to CSS and JavaScript
The Web Ahead
Conversations with world experts on changing technologies and future of the web. The Web Ahead is your shortcut to keeping up. Hosted by Jen Simmons.
HTTP 203
Surma and Jake talk about whatever's going on in the world of web development.
ShopTalk is a podcast about front end web design, development and UX. Each week Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert are joined by a special guest to talk shop and answer listener submitted questions.
Developer Tea
Developer Tea exists to help driven developers connect to their ultimate purpose and excel at their work so that they can positively impact the people they influence.With over 7 million downloads to date, Developer Tea is a short podcast hosted by Jonathan Cutrell (@jcutrell), CTO at Whiteboard. We hope you'll take the topics from this podcast and continue the conversation, either online or in person with your peers. Twitter: @developertea :: Email:
All Angular podcasts produced by - Adventures in Angular - My Angular Story - Angular Rants
A weekly show covering the latest in browser features, standards, and the tools developers use to build for the Web of today and beyond. Each week, hosts Danny, Amal, Leon, and Justin are joined by a special guest to discuss the latest developments and features that you may just want to use in your next project.
Join us each week as we discuss all things software development. Frequently joined by a far more intelligent guest on the show's topic, we by no means know everything, but love what we do. Topics range from daily developer life, PHP, frameworks, testing, good software design and our experiences using many other programming languages.
Just4fun to podcast technologiczny ze świata JavaScript i frontend. dwa tygodnie zapraszamy do naszego studia gości i dyskutujemy o najnowszych trendach w świecie frontend-u.
The Big Web Show
The award winning Big Web Show features special guests and topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more. It's everything web that matters. Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman.
SOFT6008 Interactive Web Development Lecturer: Colin Manning. This an introductory JavaScript course.
Web Development Fundamentals - SOFT6007 Com1
Front-end Five
All of your front-end news in 5 minutes
A podcast from Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte, who interview the people who make responsive designs happen.
The Laravel News Podcast brings you all the latest news and events related to Laravel.
News & Information for WordPress Professionals. This podcast includes Post Status analysis, interviews, conversations, and editorial for the WordPress and web community.
The PHP Roundtable
The PHP Roundtable is a podcast of web developers discussing PHP, JavaScript, community, open source, and anything else PHP nerds care about. It is broadcast live from Google Hangouts On-Air. For complete show notes or to watch the episodes in video format visit And join the conversation live! Just subscribe to the newsletter at and never miss a live show.
Another podcast for freelancers? Yea, I know, but let me explain. Podcasts are an awesome way to learn from people that are where you want to be professionally and have the experience you can learn from. One thing I found is that some of the advice was a little beyond where I was at in my journey to make the jump to a full time freelancer. That is where The Freelance Podcast jumps in and tries to bridge the gap. I have talked with a lot of people that are in the position I was before I made ...
CTRL+CLICK CAST inspects the web for you! We proudly feature diverse voices from the industry’s leaders and innovators, who tackle everything from design, code and content management systems, to culture and business challenges. Our focused, topical discussions teach, inspire and waste no time getting to the heart of the matter. Formerly the EE Podcast, CTRL+CLICK is produced by Bright Umbrella and hosted by industry veterans Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis.
Boagworld is a podcast about digital strategy, service design and user experience. It offers practical advice, news, tools, review and interviews with leading figures in the web design community. Covering everything from usability and design to marketing and strategy, this show has something for everything. This award-winning podcast is the longest running web design podcast with over 380 episodes.
We sit down with instructors to talk about the latest and greatest in web development. These conversations will take you deeper into the human side of coding web applications and deliver insight that you might not expect.
Three friends talk about tech, culture and software development.
The Laracasts snippet, each episode, offers a single thought on some aspect of web development. Nothing more, nothing less. Hosted by Jeffrey Way.
This course is for React newbies and those looking to get a better understanding of React fundamentals. With a focus on React fundamentals, you'll come out of this course knowing what problems React can solve for you and how it goes about solving those problems. You will have a good grasp on what JSX is and how it translates to regular JavaScript function calls and objects.Each lesson in this course is just a single `index.html` file which will help you keep your focus on learning React and ...
Better Clients. More Money. A Happier Life.
Coder Catchup
Catching up with various web developers, web designers and unicorns. Stay Informed Find videos and more on YouTube Visit Channel
Two angry web developers complain about life in development hell
A short, weekly show about design and development hosted by Sam Soffes & Bryn Jackson. Each episode has five short segments comprised of listener questions, tech industry news, and other related topics.
A podcast for people learning to code.
Revision Path
Revision Path is an award-winning design podcast that showcases the world's Black designers, developers, and digital creatives. On each episode, host Maurice Cherry explores the stories, processes, experiences, insights and inspirations of these awesome creators.
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Hello Everyone! Hope you are enjoying the game! Game Development Worn Armor Monthly Livestream: R51 Rewards: Darkstarr Themed (cont.) The Making of Eastmarch (cont.) The Making of Penmawr Island (cont.) The Making of Tenebris Harbor (cont.) News Announcements Monthly Livestream: Release 52 Missed Questions & YouTube Store Credits Exchange to Go ...…
Top Links Hanselminutes – Inside the world of Star Trek’s Visual and Practical Effects with Dan Curry (Scott Hanselman) Building bots with Redux (William Wong & Matthew Shim) ASP.NET Core 2.1.0-preview2 now available (Damian Edwards) ASP.NET Core 2.1.0-preview2: Improvements to the Kestrel HTTP server (Sourabh Shirhatti) Web & Cloud Development ...…
Web developer and first time delegate Nick Janetakis shares his impression of Cloud Field Day 3 and which presenter made the biggest impression. Application delivery company Droplet Computing stood out to Nick. You can find Nick's courseware here. Audio Podcast - Subscribe iTunes | RSS
Welcome to the Euro Digital Partners Marketing Insights podcast. This is the first in a series of podcasts about Lead Generation.First, an announcement about Euro Digital Partners. We are looking for a few good business developers. People who have a little extra time in their schedule who can arrange introductory calls. We will take care of the ...…
Our first April Fool's special. Show topics include a mix of true and untrue stories about... Dunwoody Country ClubUndercover cops at the mallBridges to the mallElevated 285 lanes1200 new aparetments coming to DunwoodyThe Donaldson Bannister houseBackyard chickensLittle lending librariesAnd more! About the show: A weekly Dunwoody podcast from M ...…
“Whether you know it or not, you are a media company.” This is the fourth installment in the “You are a Media Company” series over the year and a future course for entrepreneurs and business owners. During this chat, Gresham Harkless spoke about the website, the parts of the website and how it's the foundation of your digital marketing strategy ...…
Tridib Roy Chowdhury talks about “The Future of ColdFusion (it is Bright)” in this episode of the CF Alive Podcast, with host Michaela Light. Episode highlights The state of CF 22 years old and it continues to do well Over last 8 years it is not dying Annual % growth 6-7%$ New releases every two years 18 quarters beat our sales goals Room for b ...…
In this episode, we talk to Bernie Monette, the program coordinator for the Web Development program at Humber College, about an experiment in multi-disciplinary learning in which students from two different programs take the same class simultaneously.
Considering becoming a Realtor? THE 4 MUST HAVES TO SUCCEED So you’re thinking about getting into real estate or perhaps you’re already in the process of getting your license. In this blog we’re first going to talk about WHY agents get into the real estate business and then we’ll talk about what it takes to actually succeed in this industry. Af ...…
This week Matt and Justin sat down at Moondog Growlers in Dunwoody to talk with operator Trey Various and owner Tommy Burda. Show topics: Dunwoody's only "to go" bar, and the uniqueness of a place where you can sit down, have a few pints, then walk away with a to-go growler of your favorite beersome of the history of Moondog GrowlersThe tech be ...… Connor Gillivan Co-founder, CMO – FreeeUp FreeeUp – Hire Top Online Freelancers and Land New Freelance Projects Online FreeeUp is the hands-on solution to hiring remote workers online. The marketplace recruits and interviews hundreds of freelancers every week only allowin ...…
Mix #313 we bring you DJ BEAR COLE from Arizona. He started his DJ career with two cassette players, two CD players, and a Tascam 4 Track Recorder. The year was 1993. He worked up to his first pair of Technics, and then his first professional gig in 1997. Quickly gaining speed and playing clubs, bars, concerts, and events all over the Southwest ...…
How much information does Google store on its users? Web developer Dylan Curran found out, and the truth is quite disturbing.
“There’s no secret sauce to overcoming imposter syndrome, or feeling like you know how programming or web development works. It’s honestly just grinding it out year after year.” Today we have Jessica Oei who is a Full-Stack Web Developer. She was in a rut, and feeling directionless in life. Most of her jobs had been temporary office jobs, and s ...…
In part three we talk about actually building a website in WordPress. Long Form pages, short form posts, cornerstone pages, keywords, meta data, & more. WordPress Web Developer
This episode is about keyword research, site structure, head terms, long tail keywords, tools, nd other resources that making your own website easier. Web Development/SEO
Learn about WordPress, hosting, SSL, plugins, Themes, and more - we know you want to DIY your website, so here are some clues and resources on how to do it. Web Development
Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by Donna Galassi of Blue Zenith in Denver, Colorado. Pulled into branding via the Web Development world, she now supports subject matter experts designing their web presence as well as their back-end operational systems to support a compelling online, revenue-generating platform. Listen to her talk ...…
Biztech is an enterprise solution provider, catering solutions for web & mobile. Finf the brief detail of our successful journey of 10+ years in web development and mobile apps development with customized solutions:We at Biztech Offer:- Web App Development - Mobile App Development- Ecommerce Development- Odoo Development- CRM Development- CMS D ...…
intro [0:30]The purpose of the podcast [0:48]We have two new team members Jhub welcomes [1:30]Yehuda - blogging/content writerGary waller- web developerWeb of income [4:28]We are implementing the 4 hour work week Optimization [6:00]As far as our productivity is going we have decided to meet and work together more often throughout the weekAlso b ...…
This week in Dunwoody News: we discussed Hobnob Restaurant replacing Mimi's, Nancy's Pizza, Big Dave's Cheesesteaks, how come there are no Dunwoody roof top bars, Bitcoin sold in Dunwoody, the best Emmissions place ever, Ozark season 2 casting in Atlanta, how to get a permit from the city of Dunwoody to close off the street. About the show: A w ...…
About this Episode Yoni Reinberg is chief technology officer and web developer at Social Ink, a Brooklyn-based web design and development startup that serves educational, artistic, and purpose-driven nonprofit institutions. Yoni is a graduate of the Anthropology PhD Program at the Graduate Center. In this episode, Yoni tells us how his disserta ...…
Host Nicole Archambault learned to code in 2015 with Treehouse, one of the most popular video-based web development e-Learning platforms. Hear more about why she chose Treehouse over other platforms, how she got the most out of Treehouse's videos and community, and her own personal advice for leveraging Treehouse to land your first web developm ...…
We’re back with our last deep dive into Robert C. Martin’s latest book, Clean Architecture, while Allen suffers from sleep deprivation, Joe shows us his dance moves, and Michael’s mind is blown on how to unit test. Sponsors – Use code “CODING BLOCKS” in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section Survey Says It’s time for ano ...…
I met 12-year-old web developer, Obaloluwa, at WordCamp Lagos 2018. He learnt how to code from the internet at 11, he has built quite a number of websites and also the founder of King O Designs ( Don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you won't miss any updates Connect with me on Facebook: ...…
Conference held in Orlando Florida at the Nationwide PrimeTime show on February 27th 2018. Presented by Olivier Bridgeman, VP of Web Development at Tailbase Below is a link to the presentation
Today’s Guest, Rejoice has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen and she is an amazing person, she is a graduate of management information systems, versatile in computer administration, networking and web-development. She is value driven and passionate about being an asset to her society, nation and world at large. Rejoice is a community de ...…
In this Hasty Treat (Short episode) we answer your questions about Freelancing - how to charge more, building a portfolio, finding clients and our thoughts on using pre-made WordPress themes. Sign up for the Value Pricing Bootcamp - Sponsor Get Jonathan Stark's free 6 day email course on value based pricing for freelancers over at valuepricingb ...…
Amara Omoregie is the director of marketing for Amara Reps, a digital agency and consultancy. Having spent 14 years in sales and another ten years in marketing, Amara helps clients by focusing on inbound leads, social media, web development, and advertising. Jason Swenk helps marketing agencies grow their businesses faster. Having worked with b ...…
It’s time for another deep dive into Robert C. Martin’s Clean Architecture as Joe puts us on the spot, Allen has a new mission, and Michael shares his Easter eggs. Sponsors – Use code “CODING BLOCKS” in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section Survey Says While we patiently wait for Spring to arrive, we ask: When you’re no ...…
Steven is a web designer in Brisbane, Australia and curator of You can commission him for web development work via his website at video describes the changes that I made to my development and deployment pipeline. I wanted to move away from Visual Studio because it was becoming too d ...…
Ed Finkler, also known as [Funkatron](, started making web sites before browsers had frames. He does full-stack work in Python, PHP, and JavaScript. Ed is the founder and chairman of [Open Sourcing Mental Illness](, a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to raising awareness and supporting those with men ...…
Bruce Chamoff, CEO of hotwebideas ( joins InureSocial to speak about his journey into Web Development, the impact of social media on his business, and his new podcast "The Web Design and Technology Coach."
Guest: Steven Hicks @pepopowitz Steven Hicks talks with Dave Rael about conference speaking, solving problems, JavaScript, and Steven Hicks is a full-stack web developer with nearly 20 years experience. He believes in clean, readable, and maintainable code. Steve likes to use the right tool for the job, especially if the right tool is JavaScrip ...…
Support the show, consider donating: BTC: 1CD83r9EzFinDNWwmRW4ssgCbhsM5bxXwg ( 1M4dvWxjL5N9WniNtatKtxW7RcGV73TQTd ( 0x8cdb49ca5103Ce06717C4daBBFD4857183f50935 ('re joined by Jeff Garzik, who was among the very first developers to work with Satoshi in th ...…
I just love getting to know fellow students from diverse backgrounds, who taught themselves web development! This week's episode is a Self-Taught Student Talk with fellow self-taught web developer Kalalau Cantrell (or "Kal", for short). Kal entered the web development industry from a background in sound engineering, and teaching physics (!). I ...…
Is WordPress the best tool for the job? Join us in our discussion. This episode is brought to you by EDD, WP Engine and php timeouts Liquid web offering eCommerce Hosting Solutions Shopify Liquid Web 15 day trial from Bobbie Jason Cosper: Scaling WordPress With Load Testing Jason Cosper Flood – Load Testing for ...…
Matt Bradley is a web developer and a (self-confessed) "armchair activist". In this episode Matt and I talk about politics, technology, and the Paul Chambers Twitter debacle from quite a few years ago. Follow Interesting Conversations on Twitter.
I joined Facebook in 2011 as a business intelligence engineer. By the time I left in 2013, I was a data engineer. I wasn’t promoted or assigned to this new role. Instead, Facebook came to realize… Homepage Home Dev Design Data Learn to code for free Maxime Beauchemin ETL ...…
Theresa Condict is a marketing professional and account manager at Idea Agency. She has proven success in building brand recognition and customer engagement through her knowledge of best practices in web development, SEO, digital advertising, email strategy, there it is, and database design. Her work for Idea Agency includes development of stra ...…
Michael can’t tell higher from lower, Allen puts his views where he wants them, and Joe snaps it to a Slim Jim as we discuss how to make our architectures scream while discussing Robert C. Martin’s Clean Architecture. To read these notes on something other than your podcast player, you can find these show notes in all their big screen glory at ...…
Ian Plumlee is a web developer turned data-driven digital marketer. After honorably departing the Marine Corps in 2010, Ian pursued a degree in web development and interactive media while he started his first business: providing and managing digital growth solutions for businesses across Southern California. On top of his "nine to five" as the ...…
What is google tag manager and how can it save you money or make your life easier?
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