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Our Cats and All About Them by WEIR, Harrison
The Englishman Harrison Weir organized the first cat show in England in 1871. In 1887 he founded the National Cat Club and was its first President and Show Manager until his resignation in 1890. Our Cats and all about them is concerned with cats and all about them. It describes numerous breeds of cats and what to look for in a cat show champion, and deals with the general management and common diseases of cats, as well as how to raise healthy kittens. But there is also a hodge podge of cat r ...
Bob Weir & Ratdog: Live in Athens
Live music from Bob Weir & Ratdog in Athens, GA.
One year in Bangkok - the Good, the Bad and the Weired
Studieren in Thailand, Traum und Herausforderung gleichermaßen! Ich stelle mich dieser Aufgabe und möchte den Daheimgeblieben ein genaueres Bild von meinen Erlebnissen bieten!
Golf Show
The Golf Show has been a staple at Sportsnet 590 The FAN from day one. This jam packed hour of golf - hosted by Scott Metcalfe and former Tour player Ian Leggatt - features interviews, a complete scoreboard, opinion, golf instruction, and a great prize every week!
Snowshoeing Song by WEIR, Arthur
LibriVox volunteers bring you 9 recordings of Snowshoeing Song by Arthur Weir. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for July 31, 2011. Snowshoeing Song is taken from A Victorian Anthology, 1837–1895, Edmund Clarence Stedman, ed. (1833–1908). Arthur Weir was born in Montreal. In 1895 he was selected to read the inaugural poem at the unveiling of the national monument to Sir John Macdonald at Ottawa. He also wrote the inaugural poem for the unveiling of the monument to Maisonneuve, dedicate ...
O Canada! by WEIR, Robert Stanley
In celebration of Canada Day, 2006, LibriVox volunteers bring you ten different recordings of O Canada!. If you prefer English or French, spoken or sung, you will find a version that suits you here! This was the Weekly Poetry project for the week of June 25th, 2006. (Summary by Annie Coleman)
The MichMusic Talk Podcast: Michele Weir in conversation with Singers, Players, Vocal Groups, Arrangers, and Teachers.
The MichMusic Talk Podcast goes straight to the heart with gifted artists and highly accomplished industry professionals. Take a glimpse into who they are on the inside, what thrills them, what annoys them, how they do that thing they do, and what they can share to help you on your path. Listen, learn, get inspired! | Michele Weir is an internationally renowned educator and arranger who has had a great impact on the growth and development of jazz education over a long career. Read more about ...
The Lost City: A Stargate Atlantis podcast
An episode-by-episode discussion of the sci-fi series "Stargate: Atlantis."
SSA Annual Scientific Meeting 2010 - Louise Weir
SSA Annual Scientific Meeting 2010 - Louise Weir
mvyradio Shakedown Stream (Grateful Dead) podcast
mvyradio podcast
The Martian
The Martian by Andy Weir
First Podcast, Includes this day in dead history, studio albums, upcoming news, much more
The Relationship Buzz is a show that brings you real talk about real relationships. So, whether you want advice, or have some to give, The Relationship Buzz is the place to keep it real.Join us every Sunday, at 8pm EST, as we bring it to you straight with no chaser.
Murder the Internet
Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka and Jonathan "No Nickname" Weir present a podcast about, uh, I'm not really sure what.
Tara and Johnny
Figure skating legends, turned commentators, now pop culture icons but more importantly, best friends. Enjoy the ride with Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir on NBC.
So Much Sky
Readings by Karen Weir-Jimerson from her book "So Much Sky."Visit for more information.
Hyperchannel: A Star Trek News Podcast
Hyperchannel is a bite-sized podcast from hosted by Luke Weir that helps you keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening in the world of Star Trek each weekday.
The Lowdown with Lowetide
Allan Mitchell - Lowetide online - is joining the TSN 1260’s weekday lineup. Allan's blog Lowetide came to prominence during the 2006 Stanley Cup, by posting a "lucky" photo of former Oiler, Stan Weir, which some superstitiously credited with propelling the team's amazing Stanley Cup run.
New Books in Science Fiction
Take a journey into contemporary science fiction with our interviews of today's bestselling and award-winning authors. In recent episodes, we've discussed the science behind The Martian with Andy Weir, reincarnation with Claire North (The First Fifteen Live of Harry August), classic short fiction with the legendary Robert Silverberg, nanotechnology with PJ Manney ((R)evolution), what keeps people motivated when the world is coming to an end with Ben H. Winters (The Last Policeman), the chall ...
Mystery, Outsiders, and Abs
Every week, Kevin and Erin Weir watch teen dramas and discuss life, high school, what Erin is drinking, and how these shows relate to them as fully grown adults.
Jodie Jenkins The Golf Guy
The hottest golf blog on the planet!
Harknessian - modern musical musings from Fife, Scotland and beyond!
Harky - the musical Tom Weir, travelling around Fife and Scotland's musical highways and byways.
Tunnel Vision Television
Tunnel Vision Television is the official podcast of Each week, Sara Linn Weir and Isabella Garcia go into depth to discuss characters, plot, and what makes a great TV series.
CampHacker Podcast - CampHacker.TV
CampHacker aims to create great camp communities so that camps are inspired to change the world. Featuring hosts Travis Allison, Dan Weir, Gabrielle Raill, and Joe Richards. CampHacker is brought to you by summer camp consultants Travis & Beth Allison.
Man Up! the Podcast
Man Up the Podcast! New topic each week regarding things guys like. Weezer Weir, Fred Veinfurt host.
World's Almost Finest Podcast
Jake Johnston and Travis Weir talk all things pop culture - movies, comics, TV shows, music and all things entertainment and nerdy. Join special guests including notable wrestlers, stand up comedian, YouTube stars and the friend and family of the FNX Network.
Level Zero Podcast
A biweekly podcast where Kevin Weir leads four RPG newbies through a world full of magic and whimsy. Erin, Jenny, Leah, and Jade have no idea what they got themselves into.
Craftsman Founder with Lucas Carlson and Eliot Peper
Every week we will talk to authors and entrepreneurs Every week we will talk to different entrepreneurs like Andy Weir, David S Rose, Neil Patel, Hiten Shah, Joanna Penn, and others about taking the long view on startup strategy and writing books. We interview TED speakers, NYT Bestselling Authors, and Successful Entrepreneurs.
In season 1 of CXYZ, TaskUs’ co-founders – Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir – will explore all things customer experience (CX) with some of the industry’s foremost thinkers. Every episode will feature an in-depth conversation with a top executive who will share not just their successes but also their hair-raising failures with their CX strategy today. Jaspar and Bryce will be connecting with leaders in the startup space who are putting the customer first as a growth strategy as well as other en ...
Moe Train Eats Podcast (Food, Beer, Wine, Drink, Art, Music and Lifestyle Show)
Moe Train Eats is a food, wine, beer, art, lifestyle and interview show hosted by Monty "Moe Train" Wiradilaga. Moe Train is a podcast personality, renowned celebrity interviewer, and competitive eater who resides in the Philadelphia area. The first three-epidode series of Moe Train Eats takes place in beautiful Southern Chester County Pennsylvania's Kennett Square. Follow Monty as he takes you to many of the best restaurants, wineries, breweries, shops, concerts and local businesses in Kenn ...
Sir Thomas More by MUNDAY, Anthony
Sir Thomas More is a collaborative Elizabethan play by Anthony Munday and others depicting the life and death of Thomas More. It survives only in a single manuscript, now owned by the British Library. The manuscript is notable because three pages of it are considered to be in the hand of William Shakespeare and for the light it sheds on the collaborative nature of Elizabethan drama and the theatrical censorship of the era. The play dramatizes events in More's life, both real and legendary, i ...
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Making It with Terry Wollman
John Carruthers has established himself as a leading expert on guitars and amplifiers as a designer, builder and repairman. Working along side Leo Fender at Music Man, John helped improve the quality of the product line and years later helped establish a series of instruments for Yamaha including their electric bass and acoustic guitar line. Jo ...…
Hello and welcome to this week's edition of the Herald Sport podcast. For Episode 17 Scott Mullen was joined by Alison McConnell, Stewart Weir and Stewart Fisher to revel in Scotland's 1-0 victory over Slovakia, and we dare to dream of what could be in Ljubljana. To subscribe search for Herald Sport on Podbean and iTunes…
iTunes | Stitcher I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ryan for around 3 years now after being introduced through network marketing and then worked on our own start-up together. Ryan works in disability care during the day, and is a rapid learner and investor by night. Ryan reads 100 books per year, regularly practices meditation, has one of the be ...…
Welcome to this week's episode of the Herald Sport Podcast. This week Scott Mullen was just by Stewart Weir, James Morgan and special guest Tam McManus to discuss the Take a Knee protest controversy gripping the NFL and how it's viewed from across the pond. Tam tells us of his protest experiences in Greece, while we pick the bones out of Stuart ...…
Grace On Fire | Craft Your Life For A Higher Purpose
Imposter Syndrome is no fun. The crippling effect of feeling like a fraud can keep any leader from being effective. That’s especially true for pastors. When I finally realized that the internal battles of insecurity, low self-worth, and unnecessarily high expectations were sabotaging my ministry. So on this episode, I'm sharing how I overcame t ...…
Live from Studio 5 on AMI-audio
Now that students are back in school, our community reporter Bobby Weir discusses proper etiquette when riding public transit. She also tells us about the Community Recreational Initiative Society (CRIS), which takes travel and adventure seriously. From the September 25th episode.By (Accessible Media Inc).
Killarney Mennonite Church
"How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, 'Your God Reigns!'" - Isaiah 52:7.Scripture Reading - Luke 10:25-28.Sunday morning message by Howard Weir, representative from Turtle Mountain Bible Camp.…
Darren Weir - Weiry has an army of runners at Caulfield this afternoon, headed by Amelie's Star in the Naturalism
Hello and welcome to episode 15 of the Herald Sport Podcast. This week Scott Mullen is joined by Head of Sport Stewart Weir, Senior Sports Writer Chris Jack, Chief Football Writer Matthew Lindsay and Online Sports Editor Alasdair Mackenzie. We preview Celtic's trip to Ibrox to face Rangers this weekend and give our predictions for the game, as ...…
Welcome to FirstOff! Your host, Jordan Witt is joined today by the unofficial Co-Host Matthew Barry. We dive into some second chapters in Aliens & The Two Towers, a man trapped in a television show, a Curry Western, and a couple of cross-dressing musicians running from the mob! All that and more, this week on First Off! Go to ...…
Mike Weir is Canada's most accomplished golfer and the 2003 Masters Champion. He joins "On the Mark" to talk about his career, the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows and some anecdotes from his career in golf. Mike talks about The President's Cup and his famous Singles victory over Tiger Woods in 2007 in Montreal. He shares advice he got ...…
Lauren Weir - Parenting . David Gomez - Grandparents
Hello and welcome to episode 14 of the Herald Sport Podcast. This week Scott Mullen is joined by Head of Sport Stewart Weir as we discuss Celtic's hammering in the Champions League to PSG, how they fit into Europe's top table and what can be achieved. And with Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh both setting out in the PRO 14, our top rugby man Kevi ...…
Former NHL referee Kerry Fraser joins In The Box to talk about some of the new rules changes in the NHL and being at Mike Weirs charity golf tournament at Rideau View yesterday.
Dr. Sheyna Gifford and I talk about living in a giant soccer ball, super hero secret underwater lair, scientist farmer, it doesn't look like the badge from Star Trek, elongated astroid, turning waste into usable product, space fish, dynamics and social psychology, Andy Weir did an amazing job with The Martian, walking in third gravity, breakthr ...…
Taker Wide
Jim is a Calgary based guitarist who plays with The Weir and Oxeneer. We talk about his great bands, spotify, the inner game of music and being remembered.Go get some good music in your ears at This episode is brought to you by Dave Levitt Photography, Wellington Brewery, Asher Media Relations (www.ashermediarelations.c ...…
Darren Weir - It's a typically busy spring weekend for Darren Weir, with 15 in at Moonee Valley, headed by Brave Smash and Articus.
Playing Dead
Join Dogstarz as we discover last time played songs, song debuts, setlist oddities and song returns. Another episode with a theme? You betcha! Bob Weir finds his femine side and Robert Hunter learns who wrote one of his songs according to Wikipedia. What song is it? Who wrote it? Listen to find out! Please check out http://gratefuldeadcoverart. ...…
Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network
Stanley Fischer is gone. Does this mark the triumph of the Good Guys? Let's see. Treasury Secretary visited the gold supposedly being stored at Fort Knox in Kentucky. Bix believes there's way more gold out there than anyone can imagine. The Marcos's gold haul will come to the market soon. And who knows what else is out there. Will we actually r ...…
Stanley Fischer is gone. Does this mark the triumph of the Good Guys? Let's see. Treasury Secretary visited the gold supposedly being stored at Fort Knox in Kentucky. Bix believes there's way more gold out there than anyone can imagine. The Marcos's gold haul will come to the market soon. And who knows what else is out there. Will we actually r ...…
click “>” in media player above to hear podcast In this week’s episode we’re talking the 21st Callaway MGA Senior Open Championship with two time champ Bill Britton and Forsgate Country Club Director of Golf Carolyn McKenzie Andrews. The Senior Open podcast interviews begin: -Bill Britton(1:53) -Carolyn McKenzie Andrews(6:11) click here for mor ...…
Usually in the month of August I'm drawn to playing some latter day Dead simply because the power of Garcia's ballads seemed to grow as his other abilities diminished. I also enjoy hearing some of the songs that the band debuted in the latter phase of their existence. Many listeners of the Deadpod only had the chance to see the band live in the ...…
On this episode, Alisa Turner is joined by her pastor, Dr. Charlie Weir, to talk about her song AS IT IN HEAVEN. Download or stream Alisa's self-titled debut EP: Connect with Alisa:…
With 2003 Masters champ and 8-time PGA TOUR winner Mike Weir in the field at the Utah Open, we look at some of the other TOUR players and winners in the field, and some of the past champions who are TOUR winners.
Darren Weir the country’s leading trainer has a host of top chances at Caulfield, including stable star Black Heart in the G2 P.B. Lawrence Stakes, plus a couple of good hopes at Morphettville.
Hello and welcome to episode 11 of the Herald Sport Podcast. This week Scott Mullen is joined by Head of Sport Stewart Weir, Chief Football Writer Matthew Lindsay and Group Sports Writer Graeme McGarry. Topics of discussion this weeks are Rangers and if Pedro Caixinha can afford another Ibrox nightmare, Celtic's aspirations in the Champions Lea ...…
Electric by The Raise Electrify by The Twisted Dolls Who Do You Love by Satellite Sky Under The Gun by The 89 Highly Established & Esteemed Acquaintances by Horse Mode Elevation by In Search Of Sun On The Rocks by AOfM Lets Be Friends by Kevin Weir Just For The Night by Animal Sun Second Chances by A Wild Frontier Homesick by Before The Streetl ...…
Hello and welcome to episode 10 of the Herald Sport podcast. This week Scott Mullen is joined by head of sport Stewart Weir and Graeme McGarry. On the agenda this week is Kieran Tierney who on Tuesday night became the second youngest ever Celtic player to captain the side in a competitive match. We discuss his future, what he means for Celtic a ...…
Be sure to subscribe: website: https://www.provenandprobable.comyoutube: this episode, Dan Weir the Executive Chairman of DNI Metals sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss a number exciting new developments! The interview begins with ...…
#7 Would You Die On Mars Steven and Alex return for a discussion on the Messi Vs Ronaldo Rivalry, the Star Wars universe, and whether or not they would die on Mars? Show notes: Follow the show on Twitter @PelorusPod ( Follow Steven on Twitter at @nevetSLeh ( Follow Alex Baker Instagra ...…
Welcome to episode 8 of the Herald Sport Podcast. This week Scott Mullen was joined by Stewart Weir, Graeme McGarry and Christopher Jack. The panel discussed Celtic's 0-0 defeat with Rosenborg and the pitfalls of not having a striker. We look at the impact of life without the Green Brigade at Celtic Park and also what that means going forward f ...…
JR The Bossman (@JRTheBossman) and John Beckler (@JDBeckler) were joined by New Mexico Lobos Basketball Coach, Paul Weir (@paul_weir1). http;//
Truth by Blonde Wolf Who Do You Love by Satellite Sky Under The Gun by The 89 Electric by The Raise Let’s Be Friends by Kevin Weir I’ll Be There by Silver Wilson Angels by Kingdom Of Lights Always Something by Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles Lies by St Petersburg Pick Me Up by Guts Holy Water by Tomer Yosef Pienso by Reggaedemmi Living The Dream b ...…
The Tasmanian assault on Melbourne racing will continue through winter, with trainer Brendan McShane to bring filly Hot Dipped over again for another crack on the mainland. The versatile filly was unbeaten on the Apple Isle after her first eight starts at home, before the Darren Weir-trained Parthesia got the better of her in the Listed Tasmani ...…
Darren Weir has eight runners at Caulfield Saturday, but most interest centres around former WA galloper Chocolate Holic having his first start for the stable in the Monash
Welcome to Episode Six of the Herald Sport podcast. This week Scott Mullen, Stewart Weir and Christopher Jack discuss the power swing in Scottish boxing from Ricky Burns to challenger Josh Taylor, pour over Taylor's victory against O'Hara Davies at the weekend and what his future holds. We take a look at the UFC coming to Scotland for the secon ...…
Special thanks to our twin commissioners, Steven S. and Mozbeet for commissioning one of my very favorite films, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, directed by Peter Weir and based on the Patrick O'Brian series that is my very favorite books of all time. Thank god Jim thinks it's awesome too, or there might have been bloodshed. We ...…
Special thanks to our twin commissioners, Steven S. and Mozbeet for commissioning one of my very favorite films, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, directed by Peter Weir and based on the Patrick O’Brian series that is my very favorite books of all time. Thank god Jim thinks it’s awesome too, or there might have been bloodshed. We ...…
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