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Weirdos & Wine
The Weirdos and Wine podcast is what happened when two awkward friends that live in San Diego discovered a shared passion for drinking and weird stuff, and decided to share it with the world. They talk about what it was like growing up as weirdos - and remaining weirdos in adulthood - while exploring their passion for true crime, art, nerdy stuff, the macabre, and the paranormal. They share and discuss stories with each other and occasionally with other weirdos that harbor a passion for the ...
A podcast about pop culture, writing, food, life, and whatever else catches our interest.
Resident Weirdos
Are you tired of Earth? We are too! Check out our podcast Resident Weirdos where we talk about all things alien. We'll cover Reptilians, crop circles, alien abduction stories and so much more! Stay weird.
Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night.
Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night.
Weekly Weirdo
#WeeklyWeirdoPodcastThis World Is Weird And Only Getting Weirder.Join Me As I Talk About The World And All Its Complicated Systems And Joke About Recent Topics In The News 🔱
We Are The Weirdos, Mister is a podcast (launching Oct 2017) for weirdos of all walks of life. We all have a little weird in us, and it's time we started celebrating it. Each episode will feature a guest who I consider to be cool/wacky/weird, and we'll be talking about growing up as the weird kid, the things that inspire and excite us, and the ways we express ourselves (or fly under the radar).
Weirdo's First
My general thought process and rant.
An Audio Collage of Weekly Conversations
Food Weirdos
Two chefs, Josie & Steve, get weird about their food knowledge.
Beautiful Weirdo
Beautiful Weirdo Podcast is the place to experience inspiration to propel you to to live more freely, boldly, and courageously, while accepting all the peculiArities that make us unique!
A podcast about pop culture, writing, food, life, and whatever else catches our interest.
Exes and Weirdos
Podcast by Karlie Menzel and Forrest Bowling
Dreams Of Weirdo
It's about a topics I feel I wanna just talk about sometime with the homies or just me
“Coupledom”, “Letters to my Daughters”, and “Shut Up Already!”
Podcast by Weird-O-Matic Wax
Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night.
The Nerd Society for Freaks & Weirdos (NSFW) Podcast Host Brittany introduces you to all sorts of nerdery in the DMV and (hopefully) beyond!
Sci-fi Audio Comedy/Adventure for Weirdos and Other Living Things
Jeff Attacks!
A podcast about weirdo artists, strange creators, bizarre performers, and shit I think is cool.
Two Beardos
A weeklyconversation between two beardos, recorded and edited to remove the bad jokes and some of the coughs.
Story by story, Taboo Tales has been tearing down societal taboos on stage in Hollywood since 2010. We define a taboo story as something you would never EVER talk about at the dinner table. Society has made the rules, and our mission is to break them because we honestly believe: The more we all talk about how f'd up we are, the more normal we all feel. With anonymous audience participation and seven storytellers per show, Taboo Tales has covered everything from living with HIV to being born ...
Shut Up Already!
An ongoing discussion of various lifestyle topics brought to you by Legion of Weirdos, hosted by John and Christopher.
I'm Karsyn DuPree (a.k.a. Wildernessa): musician, lifestyle blogger, plant-lover, Nashville-dweller, intuitive enthusiast, feminist --- you get it. The idea behind the Wilder Podcast is to create a space for Women, Wellness, and Weirdos. From body image, food, and exercise, to spirituality, feminism, business, and maybe even global issues, Wilder is a place to listen to other women's stories, struggles, and accomplishments to share with other women that their not alone. Maybe this blogger, t ...
Science Brunch is a podcast that features irreverent but mostly factual conversation about famous scientists and their discoveries, recent scientific events, and random science-y stuff. It is hosted by friendly neighborhood weirdos Katie McKissick (Beatrice the Biologist; science communicator) and Mae Prynce [INSERT CAREER HERE].
Melissa Show!
Welp here we are!
Digging deep into vinyl bins, mp3s, cassette tapes and even old movies, FORBIDDEN CITY PODCAST brings you the Strange, the Weird and the Bizzare. From Rockabilly to Novelty and from Gospel to Satan!
Fist you Podcast
We're just two queer weirdos who love talking about sex and toys, who compile these conversations into podcasts (which we totally wont regret ten years from now). Don't worry, we're not sexperts, just hopefully funny enough to be entertaining.
Odd With Aubry
Collecting weirdos and telling their stories.
Lady to Lady
Comedians Barbara Gray, Brandie Posey and Tess Barker welcome a fourth funny lady to the table to bring you gut-busting debates over current events, pop culture and embarrassingly hilarious personal revelations for a podcast full of insanity and laughs. Springing from the hit live talk show at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Los Angeles, Lady to Lady brings the funny with visits from weirdo recurring characters & on-the-fly theme songs - making it one of the most unique and ridiculous ways you ...
The Trip Report
Musician, Author, Psychonaut, Film Maker, Weirdo
A podcast series about weirdos, pioneers, and make-believers who are changing everything.
Author and social activist Deanna Zandt (“Share This!”) gets together with author and weirdo Alice Bradley (“Let’s Panic About Babies”) to talk about depression, anxiety, and all the other ways our brains can play tricks on us. They’ll also discuss what helps, whether it’s medication, meditation, or binge-watching Netflix while eating an entire wheel of cheese. Join Alice and Deanna every other week as they amuse each other and the guests they’ve managed to trick into joining them. It’s all ...
Hi, Cliff here. My bosses will lock me back in my cage if I don't say nice things... so here we go. April and Tree are awesome! Come join their nonsensical romp through the World of the Weird.
Weird Popcast
Weird Pop is a group of people making stuff, and this is a podcast where they get together to talk, improvise music, discuss pop culture, and also be idiots.
Seeing Sounds is a show about all things art and life from Staticc Art & Life ( The show has regular guests, and topics range from art & music to health/wellness & food. Nothing's off limits (That's code for sex talk will happen). The show is hosted by Jay Ray (@jayrayisthename), Founder & Artistic Director of Staticc Art & Life. Visit for more information.
Why are you here?
Musician Bob Evans and his special guests embark together on a journey of self discovery, revealing the music that has touched their lives and helped shape them in to the beautifully fascinating weirdos they are today.
The Tipsy Archives
The Podcast where we drink too much wine and gossip about the past- art, history, religion, weirdos, scandal, murder and inbred royalty.
A podcast from some weirdo.
We've never turned a sinner form our doors.
Las Cafecitas
We are the weirdos, mister. A podcast by Maria Murriel + Isis Madrid.---------Journalists Isis Madrid and Maria Murriel are couple of empanada-loving weirdos. Las Cafecitas is their bi-weekly podcast chronicling their budding bruja friendship, a smattering of interviews with people they want to talk to and a parallel journey of Latinx self-discovery...or whatever.Art by Carolyn Figel.
APR: the Podcast
We are a collection of amateur filmmakers who have a great deal to say about movies, horror, comics, gaming, and geek culture. If these things interest you, have a listen. We do our best to entertain. You can check out our movies and short films.
An upsetting short fiction anthology set in a church at the end of the world. Every week, Brother Reid and Pastor Andrew (plus guest preachers) deliver gooey tales of suburban horror, experimental anti-gospels, and weirdo sci-fi. There's no god in our church, but we must gather to worship anyway. We are witness to The Story, and The Story Must Be Told.TSMBT is a podcast by Post Everything Productions. Production and original music by Carl Schroeder. Twitter, Instagram: @TSMBTpod
Hosted by comedians John Fahy, Aaron Pita, and Matt Brousseau, Profiles In Eccentricity is a show about weirdos. Each episode features a new story about someone who lives afoul of the rules most of us live by. Part of the Unpops Podcast Network.
The Next Episode Podcast features conversations between Jared Britt and Christopher Pfeifle. We interview artists and weirdos while sitting waist deep in the Duwamish.
Go Your Own YA
Carey and Marie talk lesser-known young adult lit with a weirdo adult sensibility and a whole lot of pop culture references
Crypt Kids
Crypt Kids is a club for weirdos, creeps & spooks! A #horror blog, #podcast & shop hosted by two femme fatales. Join us when the streetlights come on...
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Today we talk about the h3h3 trans controversy, socialism vs capitolism, and starbucks "racial bias"
Our friends, our family, our neighbors... How well do we actually know these weirdos?! Talking: Taxes, Saving Money, Romance with Roommates, The Bean Dip Has Guacamole, Dive Bar Verse Dive Dispensaries, and Using People As Your Google. Thank you: Joanna Muñoz for our awesome logo Sean Ursani for our amazing theme music Whitney Benham for being ...…
Welcome back ya weirdos! On this episode, we discuss spooks in Virginia City, Nevada and the Black Shuck! Plus an update on #GatesWatch2018.Find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!!
Cambridge Analytica used data from 50 million Facebook users to target political advertising during the 2016 US election. 💥BECOME A PATRON at 📕 ORDER MY BOOK 👕 MERCH *****************************************You've reached the channel of Peter Coffin, a weirdo. Very ...…
Today we talk about the hermetic principles, male and female energies, and depressionAgree to disagree 👌
The boys are back from spring break! Detrick talks about his mom. We discuss our favorite jerseys. Then we name teams for cities that are lonely @nike. We move on into a Washington Redskins draft day. Then we wrap up with some free agency talk. And a bet may or may not have been established. Stay tuned.…
This was a fun watch, even though Travis realizes halfway through that he really hates Ernest Cline. Atari bombed after the making of a terrible E.T. video game, and a crew of weirdos endeavors to... Population Pending...By (Travis Nelson).
As I mentioned before, once the PRB XX line-up is solidified on that final club show, I'll finish my PRB XX hours, until then, let's rock! Tracks: The Mau Maus - Sex Girls in Uniform The Effigies - Below the Drop Alice Bag - Poisoned Seed Kamala and the Karnivores - Love Like Murder The Faith - You're X'd Scream - Came Without Warning US Chaos ...…
Merch Watch addresses the Young Bucks x Cracker Barrel collab, we fantasy-cast our dream stables from Cracker Barrel menu items, and since brands are now mining the early 2000s for fashion inspo we take you back to 2001 and the last WCW Monday Nitro, the very unfortunately named Night of Champions. There are a LOT of goatees.Sorry in advance fo ...…
Welcome back to the Wide World Of Weird! On this episode, we discuss the haunting of the Cecil Hotel, the disappearance of Elisa Lam, and Champ of Lake Champlain! Thanks for being a weirdo and hanging out with us.
When performing a case study of millennials, one should look no further than OUR 90s cartoons. The 90s ushered in a new kind of cartoon that taught us to embrace being awkward little weirdos with an insatiable craving for a good time. Those cartoons made us the snarky little rays of sunshine that not only believed the recession wouldn't cramp o ...…
Listen in as Stephanie teaches Kirsten all about the last son of Krypton. It's all the Superman content you crave and probably some you don't.
Be on the look out for Maya Avery and her children Alana Jenkins and Landon Jenkins, because they are making some serious moves. Maya is a momager, image consultant, public speaker and a TV producer. She has successfully molded her son and daughter into a creative space where they created a clothing line, Weirdo Goddess, which is also a charita ...…
I think at this point, I've hit 60 hours of programming. I think I'll keep it going and stop at 500 hours. I'll pick up with the final portion of Punk Rock Bowling 2018 coverage soon, but for now, here's what this hour contains. TRACKS: Ministry - ANTIFA Fear - Bomb the Russians Circle One - Destroy Exxon The Shell Corporation - Kumbaya The Dar ...…
Ok weirdos, here's a little bonus episode for you. If you're already a member of The Downers Club, you know that we do movie and TV reviews called Rotten Potatoes. This long overdue round table discussion about The Last Jedi, ended up going for much longer than intended (as Star Wars discussions always do), so I decided to give the first half o ...…
Frangry & Michele - "Shut Up, Weirdo"
Frangry & Michele - "Shut Up, Weirdo"
If you're feeling low, don't be hard on yourself.. we're all the same.
I downloaded an AI app... turns out it's much Smarter Than i thought.
This has been a helluva week for the Mai Tai Happy Hour trio and we hash it out like the middle-age weirdos we are. We kick off with our thoughts on the new Infinity War and Deadpool 2 trailers, which left us salivating for May to come ASAP. Hambone gives his review of the new […] The post 62: Infinity War & Deadpool 2 trailers, Toys R Us RIP, ...…
In this short teaser, Jordin gives a window in to the St. Patty's Day adventure our Heroes had as they visited Silver City Brewery. Tapmaster Jessica White gave us the facility tour, let us sample some bomb brews and introduced us to Scott from the Weirdos who gave us a look into his brewing experience.…
Today we talk about human biology, chakras, humanity, spirituality etc. Agree to disagree 👌
LIVE FROM The Burger King at Bay Plaza it's Hehpi Jae!. Tonight Jae and Dan chop it up about Twitch streaming including handing Dan The L in Street Fighter 2, "Tiddy Streamers", One armed hottie Duckfan, Cam Girls, and those Weirdo Fans, "Nice Guys Subreddit" and how they are trash, The UK Wrestling Scandal, Coming of Age Back In The Day, One o ...…
Recently a lot of people have been telling each other not to shop at Amazon. Which... doesn't do much. 💥BECOME A PATRON at 📕 ORDER MY BOOK 👕 MERCH Amazon Expose: ...…
We finally get to meet Trevor the Werewolf in person. As in while he’s an actual person and not in beast mode. His mother, Sylvia, also joins us, we play a game called Sleep in a Bucket, and we have now heard things that can never be unheard. In this episode, the four of us discuss: werewolves suffering for fashion pooping glitter pooping rainb ...…
Stevo the Weirdo finally made an appearance on Welcome to the Neighborhood. We talked music, shows and extras at his concerts. 2018 has the potential to be a big year for the emcee.
Why I think it's more important to criticize than to present a full, complete path and blueprint to socialism. 💥BECOME A PATRON at 📕 ORDER MY BOOK 👕 MERCH *****************************************You've reached the channel of Peter Coffin, a weir ...…
Your guide sits down with the one and only Sal Salvatore to discuss Planetary Magick. Sal gives some insider info on initiation into the Golden Dawn, and what happens when they kick you out! You can find Sal at The Crooked Path in Burbank, CA dressed like a weirdo and kicking ass (bonus points if you come in for a reading from your girl).Please ...…
Episode 33 Saturday March 3rd 2018 Steve Cominski Nate Lopez A candid conversation between Your Host and his friend Nate Lopez, Seattle Comic and former Professional Face Smasher. Nate talks Mixed Martial Arts, Shares a little about his family and childhood, and even manages to drop a short anecdote about that huge fuckin weirdo Phil Spectre. Y ...…
Take some time this week to remember your original happy hour: Saturday mornings as a kid, waking up at dawn, jumping on the couch with a bowl of chocolate cereal, turning on the ‘toons, tuning out the outside world, and working your way into a sugar hangover before noon. In the wake of the new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer we tackle the tumu ...…
Frangry & Michele - "Shut Up, Weirdo"
Kelli and Ali talk about the dating pool and how it changes as you age. After a certain point, is the dating pool a bunch of weirdos with baggage? How about a bunch of experienced individuals with (insert metaphor for things that do not weigh you down but lift you up)? They also discuss the differences between red wine and white wine. SPOILER: ...…
Liberal wish fulfillment has become such a problem the liberals are becoming nationalists. Ugh. 💥BECOME A PATRON at📕 ORDER MY BOOK 👕 MERCH Shareblue Bot Analysis: *****************************************You' ...…
Today we discuss logan paul, youtube, deep fakes and drones. The new world is scary
Want to find love, but feel like you are too "weird" Looking for a partner, but you're convinced it's impossible to find your match Listen in to find out where to startWatch and Listen to Una and Dr. Pat LIVE on Facebook Go to:
It is always a pleasure to talk to my friend Charles Curtis, and this episode we discuss the popular HQ trivia, the winter Olympics, curling, and random sporting competitions, his search for secrets to do well in the 40-yard dash, if non-WWE fans care about Ronda Rousey in WWE and so much more! Charles is a writer for For the Win at USA Today w ...…
10 year old genius Chiyo Mihama has enrolled into high school. Little does she know the kind of crazy weirdos she’ll meet in her new class!
#WeeklyWeirdo Podcast Ep.1• Fergies National Anthem 😂 • #SaveNetNeutrality • Donald Trump
This episode I cover the bill for suing child sex abusers, catholic family planning clinics in PNG, Gordo being a weirdo as usual, and racial issues with kalgoorlie.
Frangry & Michele - "Shut Up, Weirdo"
You may have heard the left took over the NFL. Is it all a big lie? 💥BECOME A PATRON at *****************************************You've reached the channel of Peter Coffin, a weirdo. Very Important Documentaries, Adversaries (with Ashleigh!) and Many Peters are coming out all the time so make sure to check back so ...…
Made it to 22 tracks this time. There are a few songs on here celebrating the life and memory of Brian Deneke who was killed in Amarillo TX almost 20 years ago. The new film "Bomb City" is about Brian, check it out. Tracks: Public Serpents - The Great Big Nothing Leftover Crack - Life is Pain Bl'ast - Cut Your Teeth The Forgotten - Conflict Tot ...…
Addressing Dr. Jordan B. "The Jeep" Peterson, a professor and the spiritual father of an online tribe of alienated, resentful young men. 💥BECOME A PATRON at📕 ORDER MY BOOK 👕 MERCH *****************************************You've reached the channe ...…
Dragon Ball Super Dope Episode 126 The One Where Toppo EATS SHIT We basically had a pre Super Bowl Party for Super Dope this week, and it gets quite out of hand several times... Episode 126 Review Episode 127 Preview Turs and Joey B call in Episode 131 Speculation 10 Minutes of Outrageous outtakes at the end. Featuring: Kyle, Vapin Mike Norm, C ...…
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