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Clyde's Weird Stuff
Weird things that interest Clyde. Well maybe not that weird, you decide!
Emily Johnston and Britt Mumford may not know a lot about history, but they are determined to discover the most interesting and unexpected stories from Canada's long and sometimes boring past. Join them as they discover that a lot more went into creating this cool country than snow and maple syrup!
Home of several shows: Tardis Tapes, Heather & Karen Review Cool Sh!t, & Boys from the Dwarf
Oh the humanity! The BQWSC is an exciting Montreal podcast (home of the Just For Laughs comedy festival) and an all around funny, nsfw variety hour of strange things and obscene gestures. Dirty jokes abound and you'll laugh out loud, as host Chris Wilding openly discusses his sex life, gets into crazy fights with callers and shares his observations on society, love and everything else in between. Look for the funniest comedians, funny clips, perverted/sexy games, political satire, wtf moment ...
The Chainsmokers' sharp wit and self deprecating humor, paired with their diverse taste in music make this one of the most entertaining and enjoyable shows on Sirius. Make sure you tune in as the duo regularly premiere new material from themselves and industry friends and do other weird stuff. Nice Hair owns all permissions and necessary licensing to play the music on their show.
Weird stuff to make you think!
Ambient and Chill out moments, some psychill as well, and some weird stuff (jam and radiators)
Jaime and Matt decided to place a mic between them when they talk about weird stuff
Alan Ng is the Backslidden Evangelical. We'll look at most sides of the issues involving politics, religion, pop culture and other weird stuff. I'm willing to ask the question, we're afraid to ask.
AFTER DARK RADIO is an open discussion regarding such topics as strange news, holistic medicine, current events, and all things mysterious. Every Friday night at 10 PM (EST), New York City time.
Eclectic audio alchemy; the soundtrack for your transmutation. Rock, electro, weird stuff, dark stuff, and whatever's banging around in the mind of maQLu this week.
Two Truths and a Lore
Like podcasts? Spooky tales? Historical inaccuracy? Vocal fry? You've come to the right place! We do all of that while discussing weird stuff. If you're into legends, mysteries, folklore, and myths, then tune in!
Howie Pyro plays the weird stuff......50's and 60's rock and roll, psycho surf, garage, rockabilly, hillbilly horrors, voodoo r & b, insane instrumentals, religious nuts, teenage hell music, vintage global garbage, peppered with bizarre old movie ads & radio clips & general echo-fied screaming...
Mentally Yours
Mental health – when did everyone start taking it all so seriously? Yvette Caster and Ellen Scott of chat to a mystery guest each week and discuss all the weird stuff going on in our minds. Follow Mentally Yours...Twitter: Yvette...Twitter: Follow Ellen...Twitter: ...
Weirdos & Wine
The Weirdos and Wine podcast is what happened when two awkward friends that live in San Diego discovered a shared passion for drinking and weird stuff, and decided to share it with the world. They talk about what it was like growing up as weirdos - and remaining weirdos in adulthood - while exploring their passion for true crime, art, nerdy stuff, the macabre, and the paranormal. They share and discuss stories with each other and occasionally with other weirdos that harbor a passion for the ...
Howie Pyro plays the weird stuff......50's and 60's rock and roll, psycho surf, garage, rockabilly, hillbilly horrors, voodoo r & b, insane instrumentals, religious nuts, teenage hell music, vintage global garbage, peppered with bizarre old movie ads & radio clips & general echo-fied screaming...
The Reality Fred Podcast is a buffet of topics carefully selected by your host, Fred Findley. Cool stuff, weird stuff, entertainment, and food and travel.
The Weird Fiction Podcast is a weekly audio feature brought to your supple ears by the internet, which got it when myself (@weirdfictiontom)and some other cool people decided to talk into microphones for a bit! Topics include fiction, video games, weird stuff, life, and everything in between.
Poncho Podcasts
Audio dispatches from the Poncho office in Melbourne, covering the music scene, from the obscure to the overexposed and all the weird stuff in the middle.
A podcast by weirdos who talk about weird stuff. It's fun!
Casual Atmosphere – Serious Faith – No Weird Stuff. If your life is as perfect as Ken and Barbie’s, then we’re probably not the church for you. Torrey Pines Church is for normal people and imperfect families with everyday issues. Sorry, no perfect people allowed.
Casual Atmosphere – Serious Faith – No Weird Stuff. If your life is as perfect as Ken and Barbie’s, then we’re probably not the church for you. EastLake Church is for normal people and imperfect families with everyday issues. Sorry, no perfect people allowed.
Scripted Comedy A Go-GoThree people work in a comic shop. Weird stuff happens. It’s funnier than it sounds.
Voice of The Reaper
T.G.Reaper and Patrick talk about all things horror! Books, movies, and other random weird stuff.
Nom Noms
A Podcast recorded on Thursdays about Movies, Games, Nom Noms and Weird Stuff
Weekly Beats
Welcome to Weekly Beats, a music podcast dedicated towards the new stuff, the weird stuff, the old stuff, and the popular stuff! Each week, hosts Mark and Charlie dig into a new album of their choice, and then give a spin to whatever the best selling album in the US is that week.If that wasn't enough to float your boat, the bros from OH also release new special episodes each month, which range from Artist Profiles, in which three different eras from a major artist are discussed, to After Sch ...
It's Friday Somewhere is a beer podcast by Ed Grohl, Easy Pretzel and Bearcat discussing craft beer and the culture and industry around it. We also wax philosophic about the mundane and weird stuff in life.
Michelle Beadle is joined by a variety of guests and friends from the worlds of sports, entertainment, and whatever other weird stuff she is into.
Three ladies, three stories each week about conspiracy theories, urban legends, serial killers, and other weird stuff!Email us your own stories at!
Hi, I'm Frostedd The Twelve-year-old music producer, and this is my podcast where I showcase my music, Ableton tips, do weird stuff, and just generally make music. If you want to listen to some of my recent bangers, go to I have a website at episode every Tuesday)
Former Super Bowl Champion, Jermaine Wiggins, has an opinion on EVERYTHING. Listen each week as Wiggy, his producer Mark Feldman, and a whole cast of characters debate, brawl, make up, and fight again over any and all of the weird stuff that comes out of Wiggy's head.
Tensurugi Podcast
The Tensurugi Podcast is the place to go behind the scenes with me, Tom Holmes, who creates all this weird stuff.
Arts and Crap
Darrell Taylor and Chris Kipiniak are geeks with very different tastes. Join them as they watch and discuss, not movies, but cinema: foreign, artsy-fartsy, independent film, and whatever other weird stuff you won't find in your local multiplex.
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Canadian Prime Ministers: they're just like us! In this episode, Emily talks about William Lyon Mackenzie King and his straight-up bizarre-o secret life, and Britt takes a look at John A. MacDonald and the rampant alcoholism that helped found this country of ours! Plus, Hitler comes up a bunch!
I went record shopping in Canada. These days, I prefer supporting economies other than the United States whenever possible. So then a rousing “Bon Jour!” to Canucks Boulie Noire, New City Jam Band, Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Baron Longfellow, Wall of Steel and Toulouse. I’ve featured the Quebec trio Toulouse before from their debut that was reco ...…
Iris Wildthyme is introduced in the Wormery and no matter how much Colin Baker is in it, Karen still hates it. Same also hates it and it's interesting to watch Karen squirm as she wants to love all the ings Doctor Who. In Scherzo the bad day for Karen continues in a different way when Charley Pollard and the Doctor declare their love for one an ...…
The gods are busy trying to decide who Gaia will become while not caring at all how Gaia feels about it. The House of Jerome is lame and hilarious.
A giant comes to murder Gaia just as she learns she's going to become a goddess. Zeb gets kidnapped.
Hey Hey, Friends... Big News... you can now hear the WhiskeyBoy Radio Podcast in Spotify! We talk about that and some other important stuff, including getting all cozy with a giant mollusk on tonight's show!! Today’s show is brought to you by Go Epic Health. Makers of Cholesterade “The natural way to lower cholesterol”. WE ARE ON SPOTIFY, and i ...…
Who else always gets a $13.00 birthday cheque from their Grandma? Why is it always a weird number like 13? We talked about that and some other weird stuff today!
Welcome back! Today the Ghouls discuss electronic voice phenomena (or E.V.P. for the paranormal cool kids). We talk about the history of recording voices of the dead with Friedrich Jurgenson, to the questionable claims of Sarah Estep recording "THE FAMOUS BEETHOVEN", to contemporary ghost hunter EVP and weird stuff caught on baby monitors and p ...…
It's volume one of an ongoing series of some of Canada's coolest women! We go back to the beginning (of the country) and talk about two bad-ass women from the 16th century - Marie-Madeleine de Vercheres and Marie Anne Gaboury! Britt and Emily find it problematic that there were undoubtedly tons of women doing amazing things before the Europeans ...…
What would it take to believe in all this weird stuff? The guys discuss bad beers they've had, what makes macro and micro brews, figure skating, and go over some evidence around these Fringe Drinking Theories that prove it's all real!!! Well, maybe they're all just still theories. Until you drink enough! Beers: Ommegang Brewery - 3 Philosophers ...…
The boys are back together after Joel's week off and the laughs are better than ever. They discuss the "Peaches to Beaches" yard sale, find weird stuff in Butthole Town For Sale/Wanted, analyze weird Easter traditions, tell their extremely awkward first kiss experiences, and wrap it up with the conspiracy of the week!…
We thought we lost Man-Flu but we didn't. So this episode recaps both that and Everything Starts with Gaia. Also, we hid in a basement because we were afraid of being murdered and so this episode is fun and whispery.
Rick and Karen talk about the best internet cartoon to ever be animated in Flash: Homestar Runner. Rick nerds out on his favorite cartoons and characters as Karen tries in vain to calm him down. Hilarity ensues.
Aaron Reynolds makes a lot of weird stuff on the internet, he's the writer of @EffinBirds and @swear_trek and the curator of @BatLabels. In his spare time between being hilarious on social media, he's a software instructor, which is where most of his Effin' inspiration comes from. We talk about Batman the Animated series, and Stupid Hamlet too! ...…
Crossing the Thames is a podcast based on the rivalry between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal (the only two worthy North London teams). The hosts, TJ Fittis and Dan Ericson cover the teams in depth each week and take many pops at each other. Yes, we're American. Don't fault us for that - we still love the game. If you're a Spurs or Gunners fan, t ...…
Britt and Emily take a trip back to the good old days of prohibition to talk about bootlegging in Canada! Emily talks about one of this country's most notorious bootleggers, and Britt discovers that PEI is weird!
Leigh caught up with Chris Daniher about the big event in Ungarie on Saturday March 10, as well as the Pedal Cure 4 MND on Sunday 11th. Herbie and Josh McKellar spoke about their Wagga Takes 2 fundraising for Wagga Relay For Life. Daniel Kisela played Deal or No Deal ahead of the Game Show Night Extravaganza. Leigh's kids eat really weird stuff ...…
In this edition of podcast, Tommy & Sarah talk to Fr. Kyle Sanders of the Archdiocese of New Orleans to talk about parish life. Listen to them break down best ways for parishes to communicate with parishioners, Fr. Kyle's love of fountain pens (not pins), and what happens when a parishioner rings the doorbell halfway into the interview. Also, p ...…
Another Saturday morning, another awkward edition of The Catholic Hipster Podcast. Sarah & Tommy talk to Catholic YouTubers Ana & Daniel Glaze from That Catholic Couple. Get to know the world of YouTube, creating great content and more! Enjoy the part when Sarah loses power and the recording cuts out. It's never a dull moment with us. Also, ple ...…
After a long break due to unforeseen life busy-ness for Tommy & Sarah, we are back with all new episodes of The Catholic Hipster Podcast. This episode features Mountain Butorac of The Catholic Traveler pilgrimages. He tells us stories of his travels and about that time his Goddaughter stole the Pope's hat! Follow Mountain on Instagram: www.inst ...…
Tommy & Sarah are back with all new episodes of The Catholic Hipster Podcast. In this episode, they talk with Claire Swinarski, host of The Catholic Feminist Podcast. It's just what you think - we discuss the hot issues like is Jesus a feminist and can you be a Catholic and a feminist? Join us for a not-so-surprising Catholic conversation. Get ...…
Tommy & Sarah are back with all new episodes of The Catholic Hipster Podcast. Episode 32 brings to us a chat with the star of Catholic Answers, Trent Horn. They discuss how he learns more to share with atheists and other non-believers and about his new book, "Why We're Catholic." Get to know Trent & buy Why We're Catholic here: ...…
In Episode 33, Tommy & Sarah talk with Michele Faehle and Emily Jaminet, coauthors of Divine Mercy for Moms about their new book, The Friendship Project, coming out September 2017 with Ave Maria Press. We talk about friendship even though our books should be frenemies. Just kidding! Get to know Michele & Emily and buy The Friendship Project & T ...…
Ben and Joel give a Butthole Town update, find more weird stuff on, answer the internet's most burning dating questions and get the podcast shut down by the Illuminati (before deciding to join).
A special bonus episode! Get Bridget, Sara, and Frank's preview on what to watch, what to skip, and what other weird stuff is happening in the wide world of Olympic sports!
Ryan Rivas is Publisher of Burrow Press and his passion for sharing local authors and building literary community in Orlando is unparalleled. His new podcast, Out of Print, is on Studio17TV. We talk about some weird stuff.
Thought we left a lot of bullshit in 2017 however in this episode we are discussing all of the crazy and weird stuff that happened in the first month of the new year.
DNA start out with Story Time (1:20) and then Peruse the News (11:24) about crack-filling science, some weird stuff going down at Disney parks these days and more! Lastly, a fittingly "DNA"-centric Big Story to conclude this inaugural episode (34:39)!
In this week's not-so-weird-when-you-really-think-about-it episode, Magnus once again joins forces with Chris "Not guilty, Your Honor" Honeywell to fight off frostbite and talk about somwe weird stuff. But not really. You see, boys and girls, CGI isn't all that weird. At least not anymore. But it's come a pretty long way and considering the sub ...…
The trailer for Coffee and toothpaste's first series: Purpose. Have you found your purpose? Join me on the 4th of February for the first episode of Coffee and toothpaste to find out more. Chat, interviews, weird stuff, story telling.
Britt and Emily discuss a couple of Canada's greatest inventors! Emily talks about George Klein and his many inventions, and Britt once again demonstrates her vast knowledge of sports when talking about Jacques Plante. Plus, the cat is a little asshole!
Broadcaster and author Dan Snow is the history guy - from first appearing on our screens with the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein, with dad Peter to numerous other documentaries including the Rise of the Royal Navy, Battlefield Britain series and a documentary about his great great grandfather, former Prime Minister, Lloyd George. ...…
We had a lot of weird internet problems this episode, so if we sound like we're jumping from subject to subject a lot, its because you don't get to hear the weird stuff happening in between. Pussies>pussies Please rate and review us, so we can continue to find more great listeners like you! Find us on Twitter- @nerdybitscast Ali- @aluminium_iod ...…
In this episode: -Chris and Nolan test their brand new microphones (at levels which will be fixed for future episodes) -Chris reacts to moments from his favorite team's NFL playoff game (Jacksonville Jaguars) -Peanut Butter is awesome -Our Youtube channel ChEWS (Chris Eats Weird Stuff) -All Fruit commercial -Eating cereal without milk -Our new ...…
In this episode, Keegan talks to Brett Dier and these brohs have a grand ol' time. Gee golly wiz, it's fun! We talk about a bunch of weird stuff!
My good friend Mike sits down with me and we talk about a bunch of different funny stuff and funny stories. We look around on Ebay for some weird stuff, we also talk a bit about the new Star Wars, and we also talk about some drinking stories.
Banks: not as boring as they seem! Britt and Emily discover a bit about the history of banking in Canada, and Britt talks about a very weird ATM marketing campaign involving one of country music's biggest stars. Emily details one of Canada's most notorious bank robbers, and our cat sneezes in the background!…
Weird news, featuring North Korea and people putting weird stuff in their junk. Not for the faint of heart.
Britt and Emily demonstrate their comprehensive knowledge of sports when they talk about the 1976 Montreal Olympics! Emily talks about the Olympic boycott, and Britt details the rather disastrous history of the Olympic stadium. Plus, Britt doesn't know how to spell ow!
Ben and Joel find weird stuff on, investigate the genuineness of laughter in comedy specials, talk about dealing with death and the concept of infinity, and discuss the pros and cons of living on your own. Joel retells the story of the worst date ever and of course, the boys have a conspiracy of the week!…
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