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Clyde's Weird Stuff
Weird things that interest Clyde. Well maybe not that weird, you decide!
Fun. Weird. Stuff.
Home of several shows: Tardis Tapes, Heather & Karen Review Cool Sh!t, & Boys from the Dwarf
Emily Johnston and Britt Mumford may not know a lot about history, but they are determined to discover the most interesting and unexpected stories from Canada's long and sometimes boring past. Join them as they discover that a lot more went into creating this cool country than snow and maple syrup!
Oh the humanity! The BQWSC is an exciting Montreal podcast (home of the Just For Laughs comedy festival) and an all around funny, nsfw variety hour of strange things and obscene gestures. Dirty jokes abound and you'll laugh out loud, as host Chris Wilding openly discusses his sex life, gets into crazy fights with callers and shares his observations on society, love and everything else in between. Look for the funniest comedians, funny clips, perverted/sexy games, political satire, wtf moment ...
The Chainsmokers' sharp wit and self deprecating humor, paired with their diverse taste in music make this one of the most entertaining and enjoyable shows on Sirius. Make sure you tune in as the duo regularly premiere new material from themselves and industry friends and do other weird stuff. Nice Hair owns all permissions and necessary licensing to play the music on their show.
Weird stuff to make you think!
Ambient and Chill out moments, some psychill as well, and some weird stuff (jam and radiators)
Jaime and Matt decided to place a mic between them when they talk about weird stuff
Alan Ng is the Backslidden Evangelical. We'll look at most sides of the issues involving politics, religion, pop culture and other weird stuff. I'm willing to ask the question, we're afraid to ask.
AFTER DARK RADIO is an open discussion regarding such topics as strange news, holistic medicine, current events, and all things mysterious. Every Friday night at 10 PM (EST), New York City time.
Like podcasts? Spooky tales? Historical inaccuracy? Vocal fry? You've come to the right place! We do all of that while discussing weird stuff. If you're into legends, mysteries, folklore, and myths, then tune in!
Howie Pyro plays the weird stuff......50's and 60's rock and roll, psycho surf, garage, rockabilly, hillbilly horrors, voodoo r & b, insane instrumentals, religious nuts, teenage hell music, vintage global garbage, peppered with bizarre old movie ads & radio clips & general echo-fied screaming...
Mentally Yours
Mental health – when did everyone start taking it all so seriously? Yvette Caster and Ellen Scott of chat to a mystery guest each week and discuss all the weird stuff going on in our minds. Follow Mentally Yours...Twitter: Yvette...Twitter: Follow Ellen...Twitter: ...
Eclectic audio alchemy; the soundtrack for your transmutation. Rock, electro, weird stuff, dark stuff, and whatever's banging around in the mind of maQLu this week.
Scripted Comedy A Go-GoThree people work in a comic shop. Weird stuff happens. It’s funnier than it sounds.
Howie Pyro plays the weird stuff......50's and 60's rock and roll, psycho surf, garage, rockabilly, hillbilly horrors, voodoo r & b, insane instrumentals, religious nuts, teenage hell music, vintage global garbage, peppered with bizarre old movie ads & radio clips & general echo-fied screaming...
A place of conversations, silliness, and weird stuff.
Weirdos & Wine
The Weirdos and Wine podcast is what happened when two awkward friends that live in San Diego discovered a shared passion for drinking and weird stuff, and decided to share it with the world. They talk about what it was like growing up as weirdos - and remaining weirdos in adulthood - while exploring their passion for true crime, art, nerdy stuff, the macabre, and the paranormal. They share and discuss stories with each other and occasionally with other weirdos that harbor a passion for the ...
The Reality Fred Podcast is a buffet of topics carefully selected by your host, Fred Findley. Cool stuff, weird stuff, entertainment, and food and travel.
The Weird Fiction Podcast is a weekly audio feature brought to your supple ears by the internet, which got it when myself (@weirdfictiontom)and some other cool people decided to talk into microphones for a bit! Topics include fiction, video games, weird stuff, life, and everything in between.
Casual Atmosphere – Serious Faith – No Weird Stuff. If your life is as perfect as Ken and Barbie’s, then we’re probably not the church for you. EastLake Church is for normal people and imperfect families with everyday issues. Sorry, no perfect people allowed.
Casual Atmosphere – Serious Faith – No Weird Stuff. If your life is as perfect as Ken and Barbie’s, then we’re probably not the church for you. Torrey Pines Church is for normal people and imperfect families with everyday issues. Sorry, no perfect people allowed.
A podcast by weirdos who talk about weird stuff. It's fun!
Deepening relationships, building businesses, living with Soul, loving our lives. This show is about combining science and spirituality into practical tools for creating love and abundance. You'll hear stories, interviews, tips and weird stuff that's sometimes woowooAF.
Voice of The Reaper
T.G.Reaper and Patrick talk about all things horror! Books, movies, and other random weird stuff.
Nom Noms
A Podcast recorded on Thursdays about Movies, Games, Nom Noms and Weird Stuff
Casual Atmosphere – Serious Faith – No Weird Stuff. If your life is as perfect as Ken and Barbie’s, then we’re probably not the church for you. EastLake Church is for normal people and imperfect families with everyday issues. Sorry, no perfect people allowed.
A Comic Book Recommendation Podcast with Spoiler-Ish Free Comic Book Reviews. We read a BUNCH of FRESH new comic books that come out on New Comic Book Wednesday, and pick the greatest ones to discuss. We ALSO discuss comic book movie and tv news, random STUFF that's FLOATING around in our Nerd brains, give out FREE digital comic book codes, interview comic book creators, update you on my very own comic book called Zombie Destroyers, and whatever other weird stuff we can think of. Please foll ...
Podcast featuring Manchester's best talent. We will talk about music, life, experiences, future and weird stuff.Podcast created to support local artists, to inspire paradigm shift in people's thinking and unlock their full potential.Please subscribe the Youtube channel & Creator Toms Kaugers ...
Michelle Beadle is joined by a variety of guests and friends from the worlds of sports, entertainment, and whatever other weird stuff she is into.
Three ladies, three stories each week about conspiracy theories, urban legends, serial killers, and other weird stuff!Email us your own stories at!
Weekly Beats
Welcome to Weekly Beats, a music podcast dedicated towards the new stuff, the weird stuff, the old stuff, and the popular stuff! Each week, hosts Mark and Charlie dig into a new album of their choice, and then give a spin to whatever the best selling album in the US is that week.If that wasn't enough to float your boat, the bros from OH also release new special episodes each month, which range from Artist Profiles, in which three different eras from a major artist are discussed, to After Sch ...
Former Super Bowl Champion, Jermaine Wiggins, has an opinion on EVERYTHING. Listen each week as Wiggy, his producer Mark Feldman, and a whole cast of characters debate, brawl, make up, and fight again over any and all of the weird stuff that comes out of Wiggy's head.
Tensurugi Podcast
The Tensurugi Podcast is the place to go behind the scenes with me, Tom Holmes, who creates all this weird stuff.
Goin' Overboard!
The #1 podcast recorded from a boat bar! We talk all the happenings in entertainment, sports, and all the weird stuff that happens around the world!Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, IG, and our new blog too!
Ghoul on Ghoul
A weekly podcast by ghouls, for ghouls, and roughly about ghosts, cryptids, cursed places, and other creepy cool things. Listen as Sarah and Amanda delve into the supernatural all while testing the boundaries of sexual appropriateness. Includes guest appearances from people with stories of hauntings, abductions, possessions, and other spooky, weird stuff.
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FEELIN' HOT! HOT! HOT! We're headed for a heat wave in E-town, so the great debate today was do you like the extreme heat or would you rather the cold? Surprising results! We also talked about cheap tippers and where millennials fit in. And with all this poplar fuzz floating around we talked allergies, and the weird stuff you react to.…
The 200th episode is finally here.Can you believe that it’s already been four amazing years since we’ve started this podcast?Thank you so much for supporting the podcast and listening to us each week!This episode marks a huge change for The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast, our family, and our business.Brace yourselves.We have three huge announcements ...…
Contact Algaron on mail or follow us on twitter @GuardiansHearth If you want to be a cohost or guest do contact me directly. Would be awesome to talk with you guys as well. Contact us with ideas, questions, whatever you like Mechanic Discover Taunt, Stone hill defender Druid 6 , 2 beast, 3 g ...…
It's another two-part episode! This week is part one of our discussion of immigration, and Emily talks about Chinese immigration to Canada in the early 20th century! Spoiler alert: Canada was the worst!
This week Mike and Carter talk about E3 what they want to be there, what will be there, and what they think might be there. Listen to hear their opinions.Also it's stuck on 2x speed due to weird stuff happening in the audio edit sorry should be fixed by next episodeFollow us onTwitch: ...…
We’re talkin Barnaby Joyce, deal or no deal, Roseanne Barr, the racism hits the fan, new Pokémon games and a bunch of other weird stuff like cockroach milk. […]
Hello Poddies! You called in to share the weird stuff you've seen on peoples CV's Harry had a damning confession on the show that genuinely shocked Pricey. Pricey stuffed up a phonecall with our BIG BIG Boss We also learnt about Harry's weird childhood obsession with a commercial that resulted him in buying a canoe. WEIRD We remember the Manche ...…
I was pretty sick this week and had to skip a couple days, had a lot of weird stuff happen, with more customer service fun, an odd Amazon delivery, and some car troubles. All in all a good week, but a very scattered week for the podcast.
Today, Britt and Emily talk about some not-so-great events in Canada's past that lead to advances in civil rights. Emily tells the story of the 1981 Toronto Bathhouse Raids, and Britt talks about Viola Desmond! Plus, it's the premiere of our brand new theme song!!
Dudes will pay a ton of money for some really weird stuff.
Ryan and Jay's favorite garbage snacks, going down a rabbit hole with Colin Farrell, and the weird stuff they watch as they're falling asleep. Ryan watches a French threesome movie. True story.
Even with the growth of large metropolitan cities, lots of youth ministries find themselves in a small town context. The size of your city should never hold you back, but should be viewed as a unique opportunity. Pastor Brad sits down with local youth pastor, David Gaddy, to discuss the unique opportunities for youth ministry in a smaller city, ...…
Some dude on the internet did an experiment with lost wallets in 20 cities across North America (E-town) being one of them, so we chatted about the results and talked about your lost and found stuff. Plus, Chris' daughter got a $40 water bottle stolen, that got us going on the weird stuff you've had stolen. And we also had a very special Drunk ...…
Howdy-ho folks! Natalie and Alex are back and at it again with this week’s Do Weekly Podcast! Are you ready? Because Natty Em and Vasqueez-y are ready AF to lay down the goods. Still not convinced??? Then consider the following: Last week’s challenge: Attend a Networking Event Natalie took a break from herding abandoned and socially awkward flu ...…
Gaia and Anders are drawn to each other and can't stop no matter how much they want it to end. Rick has a hard time with love not being enough.
It must be something about being from a generation without the internet that makes are grandpas a little... different. We had a hilarious list of weird stuff pop pop does and took your stories. We also got into Jack flipping some guy the bird by accident. And it was finally time to call out that neighborhood show off!…
Canada: secretly the best at a lot of stuff! Today we talk about world records - Britt talks about the world's first UFO landing pad, and Emily tells the story of a really big wheel of cheese! Plus, the audio is a bit choppy at the beginning because Emily had to cut out a part where she was mean to Britt and felt bad about it after!…
Podcast for April 30th, On this show we have a surprise guest! We talk about some drama, some life stuff and some weird stuff. Hope you Enjoy! Connect with the show: * Visit us on the web * Support us on Patreon * Follow us on Twitter * Follow us on Instagram
Episode 87 – This week on Surreal Talk, Eric and Everett are tackling one of the most infamous subjects in modern conspiracy and paranormal lore, The Montauk Project. With it’s root reach as far back as the 1930s Nazi Germany, the Montauk Project is nearly a catch-all for conspiracy and plain old weird stuff. With reports of inter-dimensional t ...…
Podcast featuring Manchester's best talent. We will talk about music, life, experiences, future and weird stuff.Podcast created to support local artists, to inspire paradigm shift in people's thinking and unlock their full potential.Guests Lucy Mae and Luc Phan ...…
This week I talk with one of the hardest working women in show business, Millie De Chirico, programmer of TCM, Filmstruck and TCMFF, a film festival happening THIS WEEK! Get ready for a wild ride through Joseph Losey's BOOM, a feminist critique on the current state of the film exhibition scene and watching films cuz you love 'em not to laugh at ...…
This week, SJ talks about how to recover from spiritual warfare following on from our previous podcast were we talk about Spiritual Warfare in your business. We're holding a 6-week Bible study challenge where you can join SJ and hundreds of other women who are passionate about getting into the word and drawing closer to God in their businesses. ...…
Canadian Prime Ministers: they're just like us! In this episode, Emily talks about William Lyon Mackenzie King and his straight-up bizarre-o secret life, and Britt takes a look at John A. MacDonald and the rampant alcoholism that helped found this country of ours! Plus, Hitler comes up a bunch!
I went record shopping in Canada. These days, I prefer supporting economies other than the United States whenever possible. So then a rousing “Bon Jour!” to Canucks Boulie Noire, New City Jam Band, Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Baron Longfellow, Wall of Steel and Toulouse. I’ve featured the Quebec trio Toulouse before from their debut that was reco ...…
The gods are busy trying to decide who Gaia will become while not caring at all how Gaia feels about it. The House of Jerome is lame and hilarious.
A giant comes to murder Gaia just as she learns she's going to become a goddess. Zeb gets kidnapped.
Hey Hey, Friends... Big News... you can now hear the WhiskeyBoy Radio Podcast in Spotify! We talk about that and some other important stuff, including getting all cozy with a giant mollusk on tonight's show!! Today’s show is brought to you by Go Epic Health. Makers of Cholesterade “The natural way to lower cholesterol”. WE ARE ON SPOTIFY, and i ...…
Who else always gets a $13.00 birthday cheque from their Grandma? Why is it always a weird number like 13? We talked about that and some other weird stuff today!
Welcome back! Today the Ghouls discuss electronic voice phenomena (or E.V.P. for the paranormal cool kids). We talk about the history of recording voices of the dead with Friedrich Jurgenson, to the questionable claims of Sarah Estep recording "THE FAMOUS BEETHOVEN", to contemporary ghost hunter EVP and weird stuff caught on baby monitors and p ...…
It's volume one of an ongoing series of some of Canada's coolest women! We go back to the beginning (of the country) and talk about two bad-ass women from the 16th century - Marie-Madeleine de Vercheres and Marie Anne Gaboury! Britt and Emily find it problematic that there were undoubtedly tons of women doing amazing things before the Europeans ...…
What would it take to believe in all this weird stuff? The guys discuss bad beers they've had, what makes macro and micro brews, figure skating, and go over some evidence around these Fringe Drinking Theories that prove it's all real!!! Well, maybe they're all just still theories. Until you drink enough! Beers: Ommegang Brewery - 3 Philosophers ...…
The boys are back together after Joel's week off and the laughs are better than ever. They discuss the "Peaches to Beaches" yard sale, find weird stuff in Butthole Town For Sale/Wanted, analyze weird Easter traditions, tell their extremely awkward first kiss experiences, and wrap it up with the conspiracy of the week!…
The city wants to discuss banning hate groups from city parks and facilities. Which sounds like an idea a lot of people could get behind. But who defines what a hate group is? And wouldn't this infringe on these peoples' Charter right to free expression and free association? Guest: Fred Eisenberger, Mayor of Hamilton - The new hall of fame at T ...…
We thought we lost Man-Flu but we didn't. So this episode recaps both that and Everything Starts with Gaia. Also, we hid in a basement because we were afraid of being murdered and so this episode is fun and whispery.
Rick and Karen talk about the best internet cartoon to ever be animated in Flash: Homestar Runner. Rick nerds out on his favorite cartoons and characters as Karen tries in vain to calm him down. Hilarity ensues.
Aaron Reynolds makes a lot of weird stuff on the internet, he's the writer of @EffinBirds and @swear_trek and the curator of @BatLabels. In his spare time between being hilarious on social media, he's a software instructor, which is where most of his Effin' inspiration comes from. We talk about Batman the Animated series, and Stupid Hamlet too! ...…
We have to long does it take you to realize that you've been shot in the head? A woman had a headache....well, for awhile...and the boyfriend is going up against assault charges..and a host of what seems to be lesser charges than "attempted murder". She didn't remember being shot.....what? After we discuss the incident involving the b ...…
Britt and Emily take a trip back to the good old days of prohibition to talk about bootlegging in Canada! Emily talks about one of this country's most notorious bootleggers, and Britt discovers that PEI is weird!
In this edition of podcast, Tommy & Sarah talk to Fr. Kyle Sanders of the Archdiocese of New Orleans to talk about parish life. Listen to them break down best ways for parishes to communicate with parishioners, Fr. Kyle's love of fountain pens (not pins), and what happens when a parishioner rings the doorbell halfway into the interview. Also, p ...…
Another Saturday morning, another awkward edition of The Catholic Hipster Podcast. Sarah & Tommy talk to Catholic YouTubers Ana & Daniel Glaze from That Catholic Couple. Get to know the world of YouTube, creating great content and more! Enjoy the part when Sarah loses power and the recording cuts out. It's never a dull moment with us. Also, ple ...…
After a long break due to unforeseen life busy-ness for Tommy & Sarah, we are back with all new episodes of The Catholic Hipster Podcast. This episode features Mountain Butorac of The Catholic Traveler pilgrimages. He tells us stories of his travels and about that time his Goddaughter stole the Pope's hat! Follow Mountain on Instagram: www.inst ...…
Tommy & Sarah are back with all new episodes of The Catholic Hipster Podcast. In this episode, they talk with Claire Swinarski, host of The Catholic Feminist Podcast. It's just what you think - we discuss the hot issues like is Jesus a feminist and can you be a Catholic and a feminist? Join us for a not-so-surprising Catholic conversation. Get ...…
Tommy & Sarah are back with all new episodes of The Catholic Hipster Podcast. Episode 32 brings to us a chat with the star of Catholic Answers, Trent Horn. They discuss how he learns more to share with atheists and other non-believers and about his new book, "Why We're Catholic." Get to know Trent & buy Why We're Catholic here: ...…
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