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John the Baptist was considered the greatest of all of God’s servants, but Jesus said that you can be greater than him. How? Because you a Child of God, and a child is always greater than a servant![Luke 7:18-35]
Actions speak louder than words. It's too bad that God's actions aren't always interpreted correctly. Jesus demonstrates for us God's heart.[Luke 7:11-17]
There are only one person in recorded history that amazed Jesus in a positive way. It was a man who had complete faith in Jesus. Why does Jesus love our faith in Him so much, and what can we do to strengthen it?[Luke 7:1-10]
Why doesn't God just tell us what to do? Jesus wants us to build our lives upon a solid foundation, which cannot be developed if we just follow rules blindly.[Luke 6:46-49]
What was the motivation for the twelve to follow Jesus? It wasn't to avoid hell. Rather, it was to be a part of something greater - a love revolution.[Luke 6:27-42]
What are the implications of the resurrection? Why were Jesus' disciples so courageous post-resurrection? It's because the resurrection overcame death!
How well-behaved is a Christian? Do you feel pressure from your surroundings to put on a mask of "holiness"? Jesus desires honesty and people who are willing to take steps towards Him. [Luke 5:27-32]
We've all fallen short of God's expectations. What should we do about it? Lucky for us, the Bible is filled with people who have fallen short, and what God did about it. Where we failed, He has succeeded! [Luke 4:1-13]
The Church was birthed into our world to solve a problem. What is that problem, and how does Westlight Community Church play into the bigger picture?
What am I supposed to do with my life? God has first called us to Himself, then to His teachings. When these two are fulfilled, then we can receive our specific duties. Kathy Gaulton, the founder of Heavenly Treasures, embodies this perfectly.
If God is molding us to become people who show hospitality, then we need to know what this entails. Hospitality requires empathy.[Hebrew 4:15]
Between who God intended you to be and who you are today is a gap. How do we deal with this gap?
How does God view our work? The best way to discern this is by looking at how God works. When God works, He brings order and beauty, which often benefits others. [Gen. 1]
“What does God want you to do?” When you hear this question, does church work come to mind? Priscilla and Aquila served God through their tent-making jobs, where they utilized their process knowledge by making and nurturing relationships through their work. When a preacher (Apollos) came to their town, it was through their jobs that they found ...…
Can you be called to work outside the church? Why do some assume that church work is a "higher calling"? Jesus is concerned not only about church work, but every work.[Colossians 1:18-20]
The story of Ray Kroc, a salesman who turned two brothers' innovative fast food eatery, McDonald's, into the biggest restaurant business in the world with a combination of ambition, persistence and ruthlessness. What does it take to create the biggest restaurant empire in the world?
Silence by Martin Scorsese (Due to copyright laws, we will not be posting a video version of this sermon).
How far are you willing to go to gain someone’s trust? Perhaps the best way to answer this question is by asking a differing question: How far did God go to gain your trust? The ancient practice of “covenant” is a tool God used to gain trust from humanity.
How we relate to God may have a lot to do with how we experienced our parents and/or our caretakers. How does our past affect how we see God?
We all know that celebrating the other person’s successes is a crucial part of having a healthy relationship. However, this is easier said than done. Not being able to enjoy someone else’s victories has its roots in disagreeing with God’s good plan for our world.[1 Samuel 18:6-12]
“After all I’ve done for you! You are so ungrateful.” Have you ever said that? Has anyone ever said that to you? We all have stories of being a victim of ungratefulness, but have we considered the possibility that we could be perceived as the ungrateful ones?[Luke 17:11-19]
How much do you trust your friend, partner, spouse, colleague, etc.? Our brains are designed to open up to those who trusts us and give us the benefit of the doubt. The opposite is also true - our brains will either push back or push away those who do not trust us. Has God shown you trust? Have you shown trust to others?…
Governments of Canada and Ontario invest in Finch West Light Rail Transit Project
When you tell a person that you feel threatened, belittled, or offended, it is normal to feel that we are bringing chaos into the relationship. However, if Jesus is the model for healthy relationships, we must trust that there is victory at the end!
We were all created to take responsibility. Rather, in our sinful nature, we end up playing the Blame Game. When we’re guilty, it’s tempting to blame others for our choices. But putting the blame on others is toxic to our relationships. The good news is there’s a better way.[Phil. 2:3-8]
There’s nothing more toxic to a relationship than secretly trying to change the other person. It feels awful. It doesn’t work. And it will eventually destroy the relationship. The good news is there’s a better way. [Romans 14:1-13]
Did you know that we were all meant to live forever? God has a plan for our future, and what you do today matters!
What is the big deal with Resurrection? Can you be a Christian and not believe in the Resurrection? To Paul, it is essential.
In 1 Cor. 14, Paul addresses a problem in the church. People are using their God-given gifts to create an hierarchy. Paul warns them that hierarchies destroy communities, and the gifts are given for the sake of building each other up.
Who are you? What defines you? Why am I here? The answer to all these questions will begin to unravel itself when we draw ourselves closer to Jesus.
The Lord’s Supper (also known as Eucharist and Communion) is a ritual that has been passed on to us from Jesus. It is a symbol that reorients us to the importance of what Jesus accomplished on the cross. The corrupt church of Corinth forgot its significance and Paul urged them to remember it.
When the outside culture seeps into the Church, we begin to interpret Scripture so that it conforms to that culture. Paul addresses this issue to clarify the role of women.
Why is a death and resurrection of a man from two thousand years ago on the other side of the globe such a big deal? How is Easter supposed to affect us?
Paul addressed a question from the Corinthian Christians: Can we eat food sacrificed to idols? In usual Paul fashion, he answers this question with a deep conviction - Love trumps over freedom.
Given the circumstances that the Corinthians were going through, what was Paul's advice regarding marriage?
The second problem the Apostle Paul addressed in 1 Corinthians is the issue of discipline. He lists three problems and responds to each one by asking the church to remember who they are. Our identity ought to call us into action.
The church in Corinth had many problems. The first problem Paul addressed was the issue of division in the church. As it turns out, the source of the problem had to do with wisdom.[1 Corinthians 1-4]
Before we can act on God's calling in our lives, we must first consider the context we are in. How does God move in your specific generation, location, culture, etc.? And what should we do when we come across a culture that's completely different from ours?
Have you ever known some one so well that you knew what they wanted even before they asked? Jesus wants us to have that relationship with Him. Knowing Jesus intimately will guide us to His Kingdom.[Matthew 25:14-30]
So far in our journey of discovering our place in the Kingdom of God, we have looked at “things we can do.” This week, we switch gears to “how we are.” The “A” in MOSAIC stands for Attitude - above all, God looks at the heart of the person before He asks us to do anything. How is your attitude?[Philippians 2:5-8]…
One way of discovering your role in the kingdom of God is by assessing your strengths. What are your talents? What activities give life to you?[2 Corinthians 12:7-10]
There's no way around it - God wants us to obey. However, the Pharisees (people who prided themselves in obeying God) got it wrong. Jesus teaches us to obey with joy.[Luke 6:39-49]
God is an Artist who wants to create a masterpiece in our world. He has been using broken people to help complete His work. What is your role in His MOSAIC? How do we participate in this? First step is to discover God's movement in our lives.[Philemon]
Is it a contradiction for God to be present in your life and for you to be going through the biggest storm of your life? Is it possible that God is still good when bad things happen? Is it possible that God is the One creating the storms in your life, and it is caused because of His love for you? [Judges 6-7]…
What's your goal in life? Everyone's God-given goals are good, but what are you willing to do to achieve them? Without moral guidance from God, you may end up missing God's good plan for your life. A good goal with questionable methods is never a good idea. [Judges 3:13-30]
Do you want to be like everyone else? If the lives around you seem more appealing to you, it is because you are only seeing their highlight reel. The danger of desiring another life is that it is far from God's design for your life, which includes freedom. [Joshua 23-24]
We all want freedom. We want to do what we want, wherever we want, with whoever we want. But, how often does that kind of freedom lead us to bondage? Why do we misuse freedom so often? [Judges 19-21]
We all know the Christmas story. But, what happened leading up to it? What do we need to know before we read about Jesus' birthday? [Matthew 1]
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