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Best WeWatchedAMovie podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best WeWatchedAMovie podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Mike and J from We Watched A Movie talk all the HALLOWEEN MOVIE updates and news your black t-shirt wearing bodies can handle deep into the night. We also do full horror movie commentaries and get weird in the darkness.
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Happy Friday the 13th! Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter Full Movie CommentaryBy WeWatchedAMovie
Friday the 13th Part 3D Full Movie CommentaryBy WeWatchedAMovie
Happy Friday the 13th! Here's a full movie commentary for Friday the 13th Part II!By WeWatchedAMovie
Full movie commentary for the original Friday the 13th! Happy Friday the 13th!By WeWatchedAMovie
WEREWOLF WEDNESDAY! Cult horror werewolf film Ginger Snaps gets a review from a couple of jerk offs.By WeWatchedAMovie
We count down the most brutal kills by the hands of Michael Myers in the Halloween FranchiseBy WeWatchedAMovie
We take a deep look back at 80's one of a kind classic KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE!By WeWatchedAMovie
Jamie Lee Curtis calls parents who let their kids watch Halloween the worst human beings on the planet and I kind of lose my shit about it.By WeWatchedAMovie
We breakdown the latest A Nightmare on Elm Street news! Freddy Krueger is coming back to the big screen.....or the small screen.By WeWatchedAMovie
We're bullshitting and talking action movie news in our first ever REVENGE OF THE ACTION MOVIE podcast! Big news day as there are two different reports going around about 'Joker 2' (which today Todd Phillips confirmed that the Deadline story was correct and the THR story was total BS), we're talking the just announced 'ROBOCOP RETURNS' and fina ...…
We review 1980 monster (T&A) flick HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP.By WeWatchedAMovie
We give an update on all the latest 'Ghostbusters 2020' news including the possible title of 'Ghostbusters Afterlife' the casting of Bill Murray, the possible casting of Rick Moranis, the awful 2016 Ghostbusters, the Ecto cooler ad that came out online and more!!By WeWatchedAMovie
A review of Terminator: Dark Fate turns into a dark rant.By WeWatchedAMovie
ESQUIRE wrote a ranking of the Halloween franchise and we absolutely throw up in our mouths. Also, 100 THOUSAND Youtube subscribers! A live stream announcement AND we talk Halloween spoiler etiquette for media. Livestream Q and A Saturday night! Youtube.com/WeWatchedAMovie Awful Esquire ranking: https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/movies/g292 ...…
We recap the 'Scream' writer Kevin Williamson treatment for 'Halloween: H20'. You won't believe how different the ending is! Before Robert Zappia wrote his first draft for 'Halloween: H20' Kevin Williamson wrote a seven page treatment for the film which involved a school dance, Michael fighting cops and some gnarly helicopter deaths! Here's the ...…
First, we'll discuss the bathroom horrors of the one chip hot challenge. Then we'll discuss and review the DC Joker comic book written by none other than master of horror John Carpenter himself. Then we get into spoilers! Love your fuckin faces!By WeWatchedAMovie
WWAM watches HELLRAISER INFERNO!!!!!!!!!! The most underrated Hellraiser sequel of all.By WeWatchedAMovie
In the latest episode of our DAILY HALLOWEEN POD We discuss the best jump in masks from one Halloween to another, the worst and our theories on the different Michael Myers masks and mask changes that will be used in 'Halloween Kills' and 'Halloween Ends'.By WeWatchedAMovie
In today's episode we talk about the behind the scenes photo of Charles Cyphers as Sheriff Brackett + discuss whether or not the constant need for nostalgia towards Halloween 1978 is keeping the character from growing in 2019.By WeWatchedAMovie
HALLOWEEN UPDATE POD EPISODE 1 #1 Leaked video and photos of a flashback scene in which Michael chases Lonnie. All of these are taken by people in the Williamsburg, NC area where they are shooting Halloween Kills. Video: Lonnie Pictures: Notice in the second picture that Michael has his mask off and it is neither James Jude Courtney nor is it W ...…
We discuss the original script for Scream 3, Matthew Lillard's involvement and why it never came to be!By WeWatchedAMovie
We review the latest SCREAM TV Series where Ghostface makes his return. This series is put together HORRIBLY but Ghostface still manages to shine. Put some respect on his name already. Spoilers at the end with plenty of warning!By WeWatchedAMovie
We recap in full the Robert Zappia first draft script of Halloween: H20. Including a scene where Michael.....speaks?By WeWatchedAMovie
We're talking Stranger Things Season 3! Spoilers saved until the end but we get into our review of this season and then explain the ending and talk spoilery shits.By WeWatchedAMovie
Mike's Wife Katie joins for a full movie commentary of Wes Craven's Scream 4!By WeWatchedAMovie
'Hellfest' CommentaryBy WeWatchedAMovie
Sorry youtube blocked it! Heres the Waynes World just for you commentary!By WeWatchedAMovie
'Trick or Treat' Movie CommentaryBy WeWatchedAMovie
'The Strangers: Prey at Night' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'Dawn of the Dead' Movie CommentaryBy WeWatchedAMovie
'Cabin by the Lake' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
Wes Cravens 'Shocker' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'Death Wish' Movie CommentaryBy WeWatchedAMovie
'John Dies at the End' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'Eraserhead' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'The Beast Within' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'Smokin Aces' (most underrated movies) Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'Sleepaway Camp' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'Repo Man' (1984) Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'Martyrs' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'No One Lives' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'High Tension' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'Frankenhooker' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'THE BURNING' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
'SUMMER OF 84' Movie ReviewBy WeWatchedAMovie
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