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We talk about the up's and down's of writing, word of the day, whiskey of the day, and just dealing with every day life.
Two Men. Two Races. Two Opinions and occasional guests, fueled by wit and whiskey.
Whiskey Politics
Think politics is boring? You are missing the greatest sport in the world. Forget the stuffy TV talking heads and learn what's going on while having a few laughs. Welcome to the Whiskey Politics Podcast hosted by Dave Sussman where we interview political luminaries, newsmakers, and insiders. Whiskey Politics takes a civil tone and has fun while talking about serious issues. Dave Sussman is a nationally recognized business advocate, economist, trainer, and writer. He has contributed at FOX Ne ...
Culture and history conveyed through storytelling. Tanner narrates and Nico composes original and culturally-inspired soundscapes for the stories. This show is dedicated to Colin Campbell, a man with great regard for historical knowledge.
The Whiskey Brothers - three guys from Texas hell bent on not just voicing their opinions, but having a great time in the process. It's slam dancing, ninja kicking, whiskey chugging comedy that will rock your ugly face off. Seriously. Comedians Slade Ham, Rob Mungle, and Sam Demaris tackle the latest twice a week on one of the most original podcasts in America. If you're bored with the Big Ten comedy 'casts, give the Whiskey Brothers a try. You will leave a dedicated fan. The first 300 episo ...
Listen to ATL and DC's Lady Buddha, Ms. Think Pretty Smart and Sojourner Verdad discuss everything from current events, relationships, education, politics and entertainment, all with a feminine twist! Visit us at
Whiskey Talk
Hosts Josh & Christine explore the world of whiskey one taste, and one expansive question of Science, Philosophy or Life at a time. From American Bourbon to Single Malt Scotch, Rye Whiskey to Moonshine Still, Craft Distillery to Mass Production, no bottle is safe - and no question too sacred to explore - on the road from Whiskey novice to fine spirits connoisseur. Learn what makes Bourbon, Bourbon, what designates a Single Malt Scotch, and why aliens probably exist. Imbibing every Wednesday!
Whiskey Business
Dino Tripodis and his guests discuss a variety of topics over a different bottle of whiskey each week, while also learning a little bit about what they're drinking in the process.
Sports and entertainment talk on a whole new level. Prepare to laugh that ass off.
Spokane comedians Josh Teaford and Casey Strain invite local artists and weed personalities over and to try different varieties of both; and they record the ensuing conversations.
Whiskey Riff Raff
Steve Gazibara and Wes Langeler give an unfiltered, unapologetic, sometimes drunk take on country music, life, and and all that comes with it. The fans need a voice. Whiskey Riff Raff gives them that voice. Grab a drink and enjoy.
The #1 podcast about podcasts. The Jakes distill the best of the previous week's podcasts for Zac, pulling from favorites like WTF, Comedy Bang Bang, Nerdist, and more. Guest comedians and musicians join in studio to play along.
Whiskey and Water
Whiskey & Water is the official podcast of the Fly Fishing Film Tour.We travel around the country showing the best fly fishing films on the planet. This podcast is our way of introducing you to the kick ass souls and interesting stories we encounter along the way.
Whiskey Sessions
A bi-weekly podcast with your hosts A. Metz and B. Pimp. Whiskey Sessions is about whiskey, life and everything in between.
A culture/current events/comedy podcast from Sour Feelings Productions hosted by Max Steele. We share some drinks and invite friends to have feelings. We offer the disclaimer that we've been drinking and the views expressed on this podcast are not meant as a substitute for facts. We're wrong all the time. So are you. Enjoy.
An American History Podcast hosted by Frank Cogliano and David Silkenat
Whiskey Times
Whiskey Times is two dudes and chick who share a mutual love of foul language and crude jokes. They get together, have some drinks, and make light of all the craziness in the world; poking fun, pushing limits and throwing political correctness out the window. If you enjoy raunchy humor and profanity, tune in and enjoy the hilarity that ensues!
Whiskey Thursday
i am podcast | ruler of the internet
The Official Podcast of Bourbon! Bourbon Pursuit interviews icons in the bourbon whiskey industry who share their story and give a behind the scenes look at the people that make whiskey so enjoyable.
Whiskey & Gunpowder
A podcast on whiskey and the Second Amendment, with Charles C. W. Cooke
The Whiskey Wash podcast was created to help you explore the whiskey lifestyle and great whiskies, one bottle at a time.
Whiskey and MASH
A weekly podcast where Chris and Gloria sit down over a whhiskey and talk about one of their favorite TV shows, M*A*S*H. They go in depth about social issues and generally have fun discussing tidbits about the actors, characters, and show.Email us at whiskeyandmash AT or find us at
Spokane comedians Josh Teaford and Casey Strain invite local artists and weed personalities over and to try different varieties of both; and they record the ensuing conversations.
Sports and entertainment talk on a whole new level. Prepare to laugh that ass off.
Whiskey and Sports
We are three guys who talk about sports and drink whiskey. So we decided to start a podcast and share it with you. Join us as we explore our idiocracy.
Podcast by DJ Nik
Join Don and Jim for a fun and entertaining look at beer, whiskey and brotherhood!
Jesus Whiskey Cigarettes is the podcast version of the show on Ragamuffin TV ( David Leo Schultz & a revolving door of his friends and guests engage in raw, honest conversations about life, faith, religion, church, and especially Jesus. The kinds of conversations we naturally have when getting a beer with a couple friends or out on the back porch of your house. You can watch the video version of this show, and all our other original content at http://ragamuffintv ...
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Irish Whiskey Pod is a monthly Podcast all about Irish Whiskey by Stuart McNamara the Editor of IrishWhiskey.Com and the Irish Whiskey Trail. Contact me using the contact form on our podcast website or on Twitter @IrishWhiskeyPod.
We talk about the up's and down's of writing, word of the day, whiskey of the day, and just dealing with every day life.
The official podcast of Sagamore Racing. Horse racing and whiskey, the Sagamore way with Hunter Rankin and Brian Treacy.
Whiskey Boys
"we're pretty much like the show the monkees without the visual effects". "in the year of our lord...we are brothers in christ".
Whiskey & Wireless
Just a couple wireless engineers slurring their way through news about all things RF.
Send Whiskey!
Your hosts will discuss all the issues that are important to you. And some that aren't.
Whiskey Deep
Tom Plute interviews local artists while he drinks whiskey during a live podcast show.
Whiskey and Spit
Kate communist rebel and her gay sidekick Garrett team up to take on politics, social justice, hot topics and sexual education in this new alternative (couch) style podcast
Whiskey Wednesdays
This is Real Estate and Resources, Bringing you infotainment about all things real estate related as well as entrepreneurship, success and motivation.
Whiskey Babble
Whiskey & Wax
Good people listening to good music and drinking good whiskey.
Check in with our weekly podcast where Josh Galvan and Neil Wasmund talk about alcohol, music, news, and video games. Or struggle to stay on topic.
Observations from one Professional Home Cook to another
Follow your hosts Jeff and Jake through endless hours of clips found in a CIA archive. Often joined by friends and guests.
Hosted by Kristopher Hart, The Whiskey Neat Podcast is a show centered around barrel-aged spirits and the people who make them. Each week, Kris interviews the most interesting industry insiders and samples some of the best spirits around.
Risky Whiskey
Risky Whiskey is group based in Dallas attempting to bring comedy to the masses. Here you can find our podcasts. To find additional podcasts and our original videos visit
Whiskey Zero Tango is a weekly podcast involving topics within amateur radio ranging from current events, new products, neat projects, and coverage of a multitude of events ranging from ARRL Field Day and Winter Field Day, Hamfests, and many others. You can expect a new take on Ham Radio from a Young Ham. This podcast is for both people who are looking into the hobby, new hams, and experienced hams alike.
In a chaotic world of debauchery, who can modern listeners count on for a fresh take on everything ranging from current events to casual sex? Just check in with your hosts Dan and Lindsay, the friends you probably shouldn't have invited over for the holidays with your family.
When Whiskey Talks
Welcome to the Basement!! Here on When Whiskey Talks life is simple. We drink whiskey, get drunk and ask a TON of questions! We are going to bring you some of the funniest, quirkiest, strangest and most spectacular guest and ask all the questions you always wished you could ask these people. Grab your favorite drink of choice and hold on for the ride!
Whiskey and Popcorn
Welcome to Whiskey and Popcorn! A podcast dedicated to all things film. We review the latest films coming to theaters, discuss movie trends, and occasionally have a drink while doing so.Kaely and Tuesday are your hosts.
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Where in the world is Sailor? Is she in Uruguay, is she appreciating Axle Rose, will she ever get her BuckAxe? What's a furry convention? Will these questions ever be answered? Well, while Sailor is away, the boys discuss Lamb Of God and cat turds? Also, what the hell is Sheep Dip whisky? Grunters, Growlers and Screamers, whatever it is, Ed has ...…
This episode we start off talking about getting rid of cable and going with internet TV. Then we chat about Apu and the Simpsons. Bill tries some Daifuku for the first time, and we talk about Anime, Luc Besson. George and Bill talk about their different feelings on "Ready Player One", Bill and Ted 3, Rambo, John Wick, and 70's action flicks. We ...… On Friday, March 23, we returned to the IFC Center for a midnight screening of Soylent Green, the 1972 dystopia thriller directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson in his final film. We recorded our pre-show discussion at the now-shut ...…
Annie Duke, world champion poker player (retired), sought-after speaker, and best-selling author joins Dave Sussman to discuss how Thinking in Bets can be applied to politics (the November 2018 election), business, and our personal lives. It's a fascinating, scientific approach to life that led Annie to win millions and has given her the title ...…
Whispers in whiskey breath,We sent Jeff to Europe to handle some "business". Meanwhile, the rest of the family stayed behind to discuss why stupid people get tricked into network marketing schemes, the fun sexual harassment women subject men to (random twerks welcomed) and how incredibly childish God is... now, come sell some stuff for us and b ...…
This week the boys share a whiskey with Jonathan Sinkiewicz, a Key Account Manager for Brown-Forman, the makers of Jack Daniel's and Woodford Reserve (among other fine spirits). He shares his expertise on how Jack is made and what makes it such a unique whiskey as well as gives advice for talking to bartenders. Brown-Forman The Shack: Where Tra ...…
We're giving it to you back to back homies!! Weeski aka the often duplicated most unoriginal muhf!@ker in the world is back and kicking flames. We're UFC 223 pregaming and discussing the latest-latest developments for the UFC's most infamous fight card. We also discuss the suspicious love affair between Artem Lobov and Conor Mcgregor, we have a ...…
Whiskey & Cigarettes Interview W/Jessica Meuse by DJ Nik
We're talking Spiderman, haptic gloves, vr, the uncanny valley, Old and new tech, George's college game courses, and new asian treats. Oh and whiskey of course. Links: Spiderman into the spider verse: Haptic gloves Unreal engine demos: ----------------------- ...…
Sam and I sit down with our good friend Frank Capraro. He brought the whiskey I have the cigars. We lament in our nerdiness and puff some good cigars while sippin some chill monkey juice.
Josh is joined by Cammy and they do a detailed discussion of Elijah Craig, the wonders of Easter, and a super special announcement at the end!!Connect:Facebook: Whiskey Uniform TangoTwitter: @WUTpodcastInsta: @WhiskeyUniformTangoJosh: Twitter: @Josh_GalvanInstagram: @JoshGalvanNeil: Twitter: @ohneilsanInstagram: @oneilsanCammy: Instagram: Cammy ...…
Is the Roseanne reboot the most pro-Trump show ever? The ratings, as President Donald Trump delightedly noted in his infrastructure speech last week, are through the roof. Can we expect an Cabinet appointment announcement within the week?Today on the Reason Podcast, Nick Gillespie, Peter Suderman, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, and yours truly squabble ...…
Mike sits down with good ol' buddy, Tim Kelly, to talk about one of their favorite "sports" movies of all time, and how it may not be the happy story most remember it as. There is also a dive into the game of Texas Hold 'Em Poker, the genius of John Malkovich, and just a few tangents encouraged by sharing an entire bottle of whiskey.…
First, Will and the Greeze discuss the new Weller C.Y.P.B. announced and go through the the whole Craft Your Perfect Bourbon widget on Buffalo Trace's website. Then they change the name of CYPB to Weller PBR. Then they go to the 15 and drink Pinhook Straight Rye "Bourbon N Rye" release. There is lots of random banter thrown in. Enjoy.…
Fear not! Shabazz Green is here to discuss acting, professional wrestling and tequila. Plus Kyle and Shabazz talk about what it takes to chase your dreams and succeed in an increasingly complacent world. Check it out!
April 2018 | All your favourites of house, bass, urban, UK and this month we add a splash of tech house as requested.Got an Iphone or Ipad? Download the 'Podcast' app, search 'DJ Richie Don' and subscribe, to receive future episodes automatically from #Itunes. For links and more info visit: - turn it up and enjoy.Ric ...…
I sit down with Fred Noe and Adam Harris, We talk this years 30th anniversary Bookers release, A new found bourbon loophole(or controversy) involving used barrels....and passing the torch to his son, the 8th generation Beam Distiller, Freddie Noe. Apologies for the audio glitches early on. . . It gets better as the episode progresses and we cha ...…
If you call me Deacon Blues, I'm going to drinkscotch whiskey, all night long, then wake up with a massive hangover tomorrow 79');
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot segment gives an update on my claims with the VA but is reflective of what thousands of veterans face each year dealing with the VA, most far worse than my challenges. The VA must be held accountable. If not me (us) then who? If not now, when? Our guest this week is Jeff Dexter. He has done many things over the course of h ...…
The guys start off the day (at 9:30am) by doing shots of Fireball Whiskey out of Cheddar cheese shot glasses as they discuss the best Easter candy and come up with a plan to build up Wes’s pork intolerance.
Guest Introduction: Tracy Allan Mahia & Q36 Creative. Tracy Producer/director/photographer amongst other talents.Episode Beverage: Mahia & legs Diamond whiskey/cocktail? Introduce, taste & how did you get involved? Sazerac & Boulevardier!!! Allen guided questions: Diverse Background: Film maker to Ma ...…
What in tarnation are Jane and Gabriel on about today? Ready your goathide chaps, your smoothest whiskey, and your trusty revolver——we're off to Westworld!Co-hosts Gabriel Veiga and Jane Fox can be found at their respective Twitter homes, @VeigaGabe and @janethefox, or at the podcast's dedicated email, Kil ...…
Weekend Quality is bringing Dr. Frank (of the Mr. T Experience) and Even In Blackouts (feat. ex-Screeching Weasel founding member John Jughead) to the Court Tavern on June 9! Mikey Erg, Erotic Novels, and Ramona will be in the house, as well. Get all the details here, and get pumped with music from everyone who's playing! The Mr. T Experience - ...…
James Forbes of Bear’s Head Productions, creator of the Dramophone Whisky app. Laura Rafaty, Executive Director at the Napa Valley Museum Celebrate Tartan Day Whiskey Tasting on Saturday, April 7, 2018, 5:30pm at Napa Valley Museum “France is a Feast”: The Photographic Journey of Paul and Julia Child is running through ...…
Dory Weiss, VP of Engineering at nCino, joins the AppChat to talk about embracing the Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) methodology in developing cloud banking products on the Salesforce platform. Other subjects include her unusual start as a writer of code, maintaining company values amid growth, “pollinating” ideas across teams, and a way to show off ...…
I'm back at it hawmies bringing you the 45th edition of the W(S)P. On today's episode we got plenty of fight talk including the UFC rumor mill and this weekend's Joshua vs. Parker boxing match. Canelo is the first vegan to eat a steak laced with steroids, Roger Goddell continues to run the NFL into the ground, OBJ on the market, Shady Capers ta ...…
I'm back at it hawmies bringing you the 45th edition of the W(S)P. On today's episode we got plenty of fight talk including the UFC rumor mill and this weekend's Joshua vs. Parker boxing match. Canelo is the first vegan to eat a steak laced with steroids, Roger Goddell continues to run the NFL into the ground, OBJ on the market, Shady Capers ta ...…
On this episode of Revelator I’m welcome music guest City Of The Weak. This week in Revelator history features music from James Durbin, Dead Girls Academy, Hunter Valentine, Seek Irony and Lionize. I’ll also cover the top movies, March Madness, concerts and much more. This week’s blog section features photos of two former guests Otherwise & Way ...…
Have you heard of the Mandela Effect Want to learn about Ryans love for Snow White Will Joe and Ryan ever hug it out Had a weird experience in your car We want to hear about it Send us an email and well include it in an upcoming episode Whiskeys Reviewed Jim Beam Black 8yr amp Talisker Storm Original Music by Bucket HandlesDont forget to rate r ...…
Who doesn't love an origin story. We can thank the Irish...again. If you hear something you like, or you just want to leave me a comment, send me a note at and I'll happily pass along your comments on air.
The ability of vinegar to add flavor to a dish is unmatched. Now with falvored vinegars, your ability to add flavor has just gone to the stratosphere. If you hear something you like, or you just want to leave me a comment, send me a note at and I'll happily pass along your comments on air.…
On this episode, I'm joined by RoughKast frontman Joey as we pfly by the seat of our pants. Hopped up on a cocktail consisting of music videos, creative process, guitars, ghost towns, cliche villains and the aggravation toward the town of Pflugerville's penchant for adding a "P" to every word beginning with an "F", we pflow joyfully around the ...…
David and Chunjay discuss where they are and what they are doing for the weekend. David discusses the ups and downs of therapy. On the collapse of silence. What is lacking? Sometimes it’s not stuff. On living within the evangelical subculture. Discussing whiskey. On Jamey and David’s friendship, and the wisdom David imparted to him. On sharing ...…
Over a glass of Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon, Page discusses whiskey heists and shenanigans involving a U.S. President, a mummified toe, The Gentleman Bandit, a forged bottle of Laphroaig 103 year and a very rare bottle of Japanese whisky.
We begin, of course, with Black Sabbath. You can't talk about the Ozz man without starting with Sabbath and unfortunately we have to discuss Sharon a little bit as well. Does Sailor actually dislike Sharon more than Lars? Jake handles the whiskey pairing of the week which is Kentucky Owl rye. Jake also talks about public pools and ingesting pee ...…
Southeastern Roastery is the result of Candy Schibli's retirement planning. Hear about what it's like to work a 9-to-5 whilst simultaneously building a roasting company in the heart of D.C. | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram 1kg Mill City Roaster Academy of Coffee Excellence | Williamsburg Coffee and Tea World Resources I ...…
Longtime "Mutant" friend Opus, drummer extraordinar of Dead by Wednesday (Formerly of Gargantua Soul & Violent Industry) stops by to catch up. Spazz and Opus discuss the annual NAMM show while OT has way more Whiskey than he should. It's a bit of a trip down memory lane for the crew. Topics range from cooking to lazy musicians to simply doing i ...…
While many of the best conversations come over a glass of whiskey, shot of tequila, or a can of beer, some conversations are best had sober.
When you mix boredom with alcohol, you get the Hentations podcast. @shutupcole, @unruly_donny, @theybgeekinleek, and @clarke_kent02 offer up their henny induced thoughts and hot takes on Lil Dicky's Freaky Friday, gun control, the imposition of gender norms, marriage and much more....Support black owned podcasts and like and share!*Apologies fo ...…
This week on Lulu and Pop hear all about our trash breakfast and Mark’s going shopping! The new Philly DA is actually making a difference, and we are still talking about Black Panther!! Grab your whiskey and enjoy the show!#Marriedlifewithluluanpop(Lauren) Can I speak to the manager(Mark) The husky men's subscription box.#thishappenedDA Larry K ...…
In the epic conclusion to the award-winning Continuum Trilogy, Aero leads a group insurgents from the Second Continuum to overthrow his rival Supreme General Vinick and unite his space colony’s military forces, while Seeker takes on a secret mission back to her home colony to reinforce Earth's defenses and protect the First Continuum against an ...…
Leesa Cross-Smith is a homemaker and writer from Kentucky. She is the author of Whiskey & Ribbons (Hub City Press, 2018) and Every Kiss a War (Mojave River Press, 2014). Every Kiss a War was a finalist for both the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction (2012) and the Iowa Short Fiction Award (2012). She and her husband Loran run a literary ...…
Godsmack's "Whiskey Hangover" leads to more questions than answers as we analyze its lyrical content with discerning eyes and open hearts.
In the first guest to crossover from the Shin2Chin MMA podcast, we sit down with BJJ badass and one of the most positive people you'll ever meet, Kayla Patterson.
Katie Wilson visits with Michelle from Whiskey River in Litchfield.
This week's episode is 80% about pirates, piracy and Kaitlin being a pirate. Everything from sailing to tattoos to debauchery is covered. Also pirates songs!
Sponsored by Cedar Ridge Whiskey. Recorded on 3/24/18. After soundcheck at Woolys in Des Moines, the boys discuss their 500th show emotions, driving thru a blizzard to get to the show, a day in the life of a cover band episode, Youtube troubles, experiences in California, airplane etiquette, Wooly’s staff tries to steal our Cedar Ridge from us ...…
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