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Bill Whittle
Audio-Only versions of Bill Whittle videos.
A Whittle Bit of Commentary
Commentary on the News, Politics, and Culture Issues of the Day.
American Gods Podcast - American Gods Podcast
Michael and Sarah begin their journey discussing American Gods by Neil Gaiman and will talk not only the book but the adaptation to TV that is being show run by Bryan Fuller.
The 13th Hour by Giant Gnome Productions
The 13th hour tolls for someone… is it you? It is the dark side of midnight and time to face your innermost fears. Here, shadows overpower and banish the light, freeing the monsters of your imagination. When the 13th Hour strikes, so does the fear inside us all. The 13th Hour is Giant Gnome Production’s original horror anthology. Have a story you want to submit? Let us know!
Shadows and Shamblers: An American Gods Podcast
Shadows and Shamblers is a podcast about the STARZ TV show American Gods. Anya and Alan discuss, dissect, and illuminate every part of the show. If you want to understand this amazing new show, you’ve found your home.
NBA Shot Clock
The world's biggest sports radio station
The 2015 BBC Radio New Comedy Award
The 2015 BBC Radio New Comedy Award was recorded at the Comedy Store in Manchester and transmitted over 11 shows on BBC Radio 2.750 initial entrants were whittled down across 8 heats to 12 semi-finalists who competed in 2 Semi Finals. And from the 6 finalists there could only be 1 winner ..Produced by Lyndsay Fenner and Laura Baron
American Monetary Association
The American Monetary Association is a non-profit venture funded by The Jason Hartman Foundation that is dedicated to educating people about the practical effects of monetary policy and government actions on inflation, deflation and freedom. Our goal is to help people prosper in the midst of uncertain economic times. The American Monetary Association believes that a new and innovative understanding of wealth, value, business and investment is necessary to thrive in the new reality of big gov ...
We're Trying
Amanda and AAl are a married couple living in the suburbs of Seattle. In each episode, they struggle to escape their comfort zones and try something new. Join them as they sample life's plentiful bounty of experiences and whittle each of those experiences down to a cold, sterile numeric rating.
WhittleWaffle's podcast
Whittle waffles on about comics, books, Dr Who, films and knitting and any other geeky crap that occurs!
American Gods: Special Event
Join creators Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, acclaimed author Neil Gaiman, and actors Ian McShane, Yetide Badaki and Ricky Whittle as they discuss American Gods. The series—based on Gaiman's novel of the same name—follows Shadow Moon (Whittle) as he deals with his wife's death and his new job as the mysterious Mr. Wednesday's bodyguard.
Shot Clock Podcast
New, quickfire, UK-based podcast on all matters NBA hosted by Andy Brassell & Max Whittle. Make your point and keep it moving!
Five Hard Film Show
On the Five Hard Podcast the Five Hard guys discuss their Top 5's of a particular film topic - genre, actor, series, moments - and whittle their individual choices down to a combined and distinct finality, a definitive list. Arguments, fights, disagreements. It all ends in ultimate resolution - a definitive, undisputed Top 5.Let the battle commence!Email us at, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @fivehardIf you'd like to advertise with us or sponsor us, pl ...
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For a couple of minutes this weekend, I went back in time to the pre-smartphone world and oh, how I’ve forgotten how wonderful a world that was. No, I didn’t use a time machine, I did something much easier than that. I simply kept my phone in my pocket and had real, actual conversations with people! And it was so enjoyable. A Whittle Bit of Com ...…
Sinclair Broadcasting as I’ve mentioned before is buying out the Tribune Media Company and this deal will give them a total of 233 local TV stations and 70 percent reach in the local TV market and this has the left very concerned. If you’ll type in Sinclair Broadcasting on Twitter, you’ll see the concerned Tweets from the left, turn on MSNBC or ...…
Z-LAND Survival Horror P&P Podcast
After a close encounter with the infected the four limp away from the firestation towards the coastal town of Miranda. ►Airing Wednesday's every week at 1500EST -400UTC ►Playlist: ►Join the Z-LAND Beta here: Find me on Social Media ►Facebook: ...…
According to the USDA, for the first time ever, the amount Americans spend on eating out has surpassed spending on food at home. This is nothing in the Chad Whittle household, or apartment hold, because I’ve been eating out for decades, I absolutely hate to cook. I find it a hassle, and time consuming and really a waste for a single dude and re ...…
The Hollywood Reporter released a report on a new Harris poll that showed Americans are tired of all the bleeping cussing in movies. Today on A Whittle Bit of Commentary, Chad breaks down this poll and the differences in demographics views on this subject. Also he talks about how the over use of profanity is because script writers aren't that g ...…
In our sixth episode, we talk about Camp UOTS, the annual camp for kids with cancer that T.J. volunteers with. (It's uplifting, we promise!) We also talk about our shenanigans at this year's Florida SuperCon meeting some pretty amazing -- and hot! -- actors: Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid, The Outsiders), Michael Cudlitz (Southland, The Walking Dead ...…
Self Made Millennials
In this episode, we talk about hacking your brain to become more productive or to stop bad behaviours! This is all done through implementing good habits or rewiring bad ones. What are habits? Habits are your brain’s own internal productivity drivers. Your brain has a lot to do each day between controlling your bodily functions and actions along ...…
Introducing Anthony Paul Anthony is a railroad futurist at GE transportation. So unless you think you’re on the wrong podcast, we are talking to a WordPress person. Anthony has a lot of experience with WordPress. He’s also a hot sauce enthusiast. Show Notes Website | Twitter | @anthonydpaul Episode Sponsor Episode Transcript L ...…
Z-LAND Survival Horror P&P Podcast
Matt is lost to the corn as we set our sights to the coast in this the first part to "A Brand New World" the second chapter of our Z-LAND campaign. ►Airing Wednesday's every week at 1500EST -400UTC ►Playlist: ►Join the Z-LAND Beta here: Find me on Social Media ►Faceboo ...…
A new podcast that is aimed at fans of Harry Potter is becoming a religious substitute for some millennials. This podcast reads a chapter per episode of Harry Potter as though it's a sacred text like the Bible. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. No Fake News. Just Chad's Views. Copyright 2017 Chad Whittle
Last week while walking on the beach and looking out at the ocean and the massive size of it, I thought about how amazing a creator God is. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. No Fake News. Just Chad's Views. Copyright 2017 Chad Whittle.
I just got back from the beach a few days ago and as you'd expect, it was totally relaxing. While hanging out at the beach, it sorta hit me why I like the beach other than the obvious which is that it's relaxing and that is that at the beach, there is no politics. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. No Fake News. Just Chad's Views. Copyright 2017 Chad ...…
A new photography project is trying to redefine manhood.Bill Whittle, Scott Ott, and Steve Green defend the traditional notion of manhood.
Z-LAND Survival Horror P&P Podcast
Fire whips across the countryside closing off roads and a child cries for his parents in this the fifth and final part to "The Longest Night" the first chapter of our Z-LAND campaign. Five friends attempt to survive in the harsh uncaring world of Z-LAND, a brand spanking new Horror-Survival Pen and Paper Roleplaying Gaming currently in developm ...…
You Don't Look Like A Runner
We have had listener feedback! Jenny says she gets what we’re doing but it’s not really for her. She also told us about the ITV documentary Trouble in Poundland and the fauxblerone—Poundland’s own brand Brexit Toblerone. Steve tweeted us to recommend What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Marukami; “it helped me think about runni ...…
We are living in a crazy political culture and if you follow this stuff daily, if you wake up in the morning and turn on cable news, and then watch it all day, and listen to the radio all day and read online about all the nonsense that is happening, it’s enough to drive you crazy. Today I have a life tip for you. A way to make your life just a ...…
The cost of homes in America’s metro areas are so outrageously high that some millennials are starting to crowdfund their homes. reported company called Fundrise has started an investment platform called eFunds, where prospective homebuyers purchase shares for $10 per share, and the sum of the funds go to renovate homes and ...…
There’s a reason the great state of Maine is nicknamed Vacationland. In this episode of “Get Outta Here,” AP Travel Editor Beth Harpaz and Patrick Whittle, who covers Maine for The Associated Press, share their favorite Maine destinations, from Acadia National Park to Old Orchard Beach, from whitewater rafting to shopping, the arts, and of cour ...…
Obama buddy and creator of the world’s biggest time waster, Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook may run for president in 2020, or at least that’s the rumor anyway. This is the latest rumor about a celebrity running for the job, if you recall The Rock may run too. Zuckerburg has been on a trip across America visiting small towns and trying to connect wi ...…
Trump famously said “you’re fired” on his NBC The Apprentice show when someone got kicked off the program. Well, if the Republicans don’t find a way to pass a legit alternative/replacement to Obamacare, the American people are gonna say “you’re fired” to the Republicans in the House and if the GOP loses control of the House in 2018, or if the d ...…
The winner of the great meme wars of 2016 goes to Trump. USA Today reports that a new study found that pro-Trump Twitter totally dominated the social site during the 2016 Presidential election. The study from the University of Edinburgh examined 50 viral election tweets every day for the 68 days prior to the election. A Whittle Bit of Commentar ...…
In 2017 America, it seems that people no longer trust anything: the media, politicians, professors, labor unions, the list could go on and on. A new Pew poll that has been released shows that Americans still have a positive view of the church with 59% of Americans polled see the church as having a positive impact on society, and 26% say it has ...…
We live in a world turned upside down where the same celebrities that surround themselves with armed guards everywhere they go want to deny everyday Americans the right to defend themselves. In this Hot Mic, Bill and guest Andrew Klavan of The Daily Wire address the backwardness of leftist logic and blatant bias in Hollywood.…
Well it looks that we might have reached the price tipping point for the Apple iPhone. The Daily Caller and other tech sites are reporting that the new iPhone 8 could start at $1200 to $1500 and up for higher end models due to the new technology that will be included in the phone including a new O-L-E-D display, which is an advanced, high tech ...…
In the 2nd week of our "Family Values" series, Michael Whittle speaks about our calling to serve people.
Cycling journalists Ed Pickering, Sophie Smith and Jeremy Whittle join OJ Borg to review stage 12 as Chris Froome loses the leader's yellow jersey to Italian Fabio Aru. Frenchman Romain Bardet claimed victory to stay third in the general classification and is only 25 seconds off the lead.
Today Chad explains why he doesn't pay attention to the Trump/Russia stories anymore because next week, it'll be something new that they'll try to impeach Trump. It's all a waste of time. Fake news. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. No Fake News. Just Chad's Views. Copyright 2017 Chad Whittle. @CWhittleMedia…
I watched a movie this weekend called “Nerve,” it stars Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. The movie is about this online game called Nerve that is hosted on a Facebook like social network. The way the game works is that you sign up, and you can win money if you complete dares such as win $100 if you kiss a stranger, all while others are watching yo ...…
Stephen and I sat down this week to discuss the new Spider-Man movie and the mistakes SONY made with previous incarnations that led to the character's homecoming back in the MCU. Just know that Stephen is the biggest Spider-Man fan I know and this episode was originally almost 3 hrs long until I whittled it down to 1.5 hrs. So when he laughs at ...…
.embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; height: auto; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } How can homebuyers and sellers succeed in Orange County’s aggressive market? I h ...…
The British paper the Guardian reports more Californians go to Texas, than Texans go to California. For every 5 Californians moving to Texas, 3 Texan moves to California.Could the migration make Texas purple?Scott Ott, Stephen Green, and Bill Whittle tackle this issue.
The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 158 by Bill Whittle
This week we continue our travelogue series recounting my recent Complete Namibia Tour, as we move to our second day in Sossusvlei and Deadvlei, then move on to photograph the beautiful Himba people. We pick up the trail at dawn on our sixth photography day, when we were back in Deadvlei, for a second shoot with the iconic dead camel-thorn tree ...…
Should the 2017 Tour De France have visited Mont Ventoux to honour Tom Simpson? Was this year's route specifically designed to frustrate a fourth win for Froome? The only man who can answer these questions is Tour director Christian Prudhomme and he's on the Rouleur Podcast. Ian Parkinson is also joined by Jeremy Whittle and Andy McGrath, who'v ...…
I believe in free speech and Rachel Maddow has every right, as does Sean Hannity to give their opinion on topics, but when it comes to hard news, real journalism stories, the reporting, the facts, should not be liberal or conservative, the reporters should not report from their personal bias, but should just report the facts, regardless of thei ...…
NRA's Dana Loesch releases an ad which the left calls controversial. But is it?Steve Green, Steve Ott and Bill Whittle talk about the action to Dana Loesch's "controversial" video.
CNN has doubled down on stupid! They are so obsessed with getting Trump thrown out of office, they are not thinking straight! By now you’ve heard about the CNN/Trump/WWE meme that upset the media so much they were on the verge of tears. Instead of just laughing it off, which is what they should’ve done, they had a total freak out over it. A Whi ...…
We don't apologize for telling the truth, and neither should you.Check out today's episode of Hot Mic, in which Bill calls out the hypocrisy of the left and confronts media bias head on.
Steve, Scott, and Bill Whittle talk minimum wage and explore the simple question, "Why shouldn't fast food workers make $150 an hour?"
Well this is gonna really gonna trigger the anti-Trump, leftist media! A new NPR, PBS, Marist poll shows that even though the public has low trust in the Trump administration, its trust in the media is even lower. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2017 Chad Whittle.
Today we continue a travelogue series to walk you through my recent Complete Namibia Tour, as we visit Elizabeth Bay and move on to Sossusvlei and the mystical Deadvlei. It’s been almost two weeks since I returned from Namibia, so I’m in that space now where the trip is gradually fading into memory, enabling me to be a little bit more ruthless ...…
SPOILERS! Season 3 of Better Call Saul was soooo freaking good, right?! We talk about all of the stuff that made this season pop. Nacho! Chuck! Jimmy! Saul! Kim! Howard! Mike! We also talk about the stellar first season of American Gods. The casting. The chemistry between Mad Sweeney and Dead Wife Laura. That scene between the Jinn and Salim. H ...…
I’d like to start today’s episode with a quick, informal poll. Ask yourself: as a social sector professional, do you regularly receive calls or emails from the people who you’re trying to help where they ask - with great anticipation - about when the next version of your project or programme will be released? While this regularly happens for ot ...…
CNN has become CON — a conman enterprise driving a false narrative in order to make money. Bill Whittle, Scott Ott, and Steve Green talk about ethics in journalism on today’s Right Angle.
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