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Wicker Podcast
The Wicker furniture podcast covers all the who, what, when, why, where, how of wicker!
Mr. Wicker's Window (Version 2) by DAWSON, Carley
When Christopher Mason walked into Mr. Wicker's antique shop, he had no idea he would soon be embarking on a marvellous journey to China to find a wonderful tree made of jewels. He had no idea that Mr. Wicker was a magician and could travel through time. And that the tree was sought by others, not least among them the murderous Claggett Chew, a merchant in port and a pirate on the high seas, who also had knowledge of magic. But before Chris succeeded in quest, he would know of all these thin ...
Wicker Park Lutheran Church
Podcast by Wicker Park Lutheran Church
Wicker Park Lutheran Church Sermons
These are sermons preached at Wicker Park Lutheran Church in Chicago, IL. WPLC is a diverse, ELCA Christian community in Chicago focused on expansive theology. Sunday service at 10 a.m.
Loudoun County Real Estate Podcast with The Wicker Homes Group
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from The Wicker Home Group- your professional Loudon County Real Estate Agents.
Conversations with fascinating people you'll want to know better. Focused on leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and citizens mostly from the 805 region of California. Sponsored by California Lutheran University School of Management and Tolman & Wicker Insurance Services.
Cinema Limbo
Is there a movie you like that no one else gets? Or hasn't even heard of? Cinema Limbo is the home for movies whose time has come for revaluation. Hosted by Jeremy Phillips.
Save Point Sunday
Save Point Sunday is an amazing podcast run by three rad dudes who realized that literally anyone is allowed to make a podcast. Once that realization was made it was only a matter of time before these fools were recording their conversations weekly to share with a public who reacted with a resounding "what?!" It's silly, it's stupid, and it'll probably offend you at some point. Join us for Sunday Brunch, via Save Point Sunday!
Radio Free Hebrides
Short updates from the land of black pudding, shark hunting, Gaelic singing, whisky salvage, wicker men, clansmen, slow trains and MacBrayne's.
Cinema Limbo
Is there a movie you like that no one else gets? Or hasn't even heard of? Cinema Limbo is the home for movies whose time has come for revaluation. Hosted by Jeremy Phillips.
More Than 4 Walls » Podcasts
A behind the scenes look at shops, restaurants, events, and organizations in the Bucktown / Wicker Park area.
Bardon Pond
Wicker Man meets Cold Comfort Farm. Pilot drama exploring the murky goings on in a mysterious seaside village.
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"Experts" in Film: The Amateur Interest Hour
For the final episode of the Cage before Christmas, we cover the 2006 horror film, The Wicker Man. David Hart stops in and we try to talk about one of the most confusing movies we have seen in a while. Can Nicolas Cage save this trainwreck, or is he the conductor?
The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast -- Discussing the World Of Ghosts, Hauntings, Psychics, UFOs, New Scientific Discoveries & Anything Unexplained
Dr Fortune is a reality consultant to film and written media for the paranormal world. Join us as he discusses not only his take on the current world of paranormal reality shows but on horror flicks and even marvel super heroes! Links Pertinent To This Episode ~ Midwest Weirdfest Film Festival Horror Movies Mentioned: The Mephisto Waltz The Wic ...…
The Modern Bar Cart Podcast
In this episode, we investigate the intriguing and often-slandered character of Vodka. It's a clear spirit with a less-than-clear list of cocktail applications, and we intend to give it a fair shake. Our list of guests this episode include: Jordan Wicker and Alex Luboff of the Speaking Easy Podcast RB Wolfensberger of Gray Wolf Craft Distilling ...…
Preacher: Troy Medlin Scripture: Acts 4:23-31
Preacher: Hannah Kardon Scripture: Luke 18:35-43
Preacher: Hannah Kardon Scripture: Mark 12:41-44
Sunday Morning Service, November 19, 2017, 11 a.m. Call to Worship by Jennifer Wicker Prayer of Confession and Renewal of Life by Larissa Bortz "Thanks Be To Thee" by Handel sung by choir with Faith Sherman soloist 1 Samuel 25: 2-42 read by Sandi Lee Teaching "Believing the Real Story or God Don't Make No Junk" by Susan Dunn…
Thee Songs: Procession (from The Wicker Man) – Paul Giovanni Lone Wolf’s Theme (from Shogun Assassin) – Mark Lindsay & W. Michael Lewis The Zombie – C.W. Stoneking After Death – Royal Baths Cease To Exist – Charles Manson The Grim Reaper – The Milkshakes Pushing Up Daisies – The Black Belles Who Let The Devil – The Fresh & Onlys Twisted Nerve – ...…
Barah Ministries Podcast with Pastor Rory Clark
BARAH MINISTRIES a Christian ChurchAnnouncementsOctober 22, 2017PRAYERS!Joel Perkosky and FamilyJoel's dad...James Perkosky Sr. went home to be with the Lord on October 16. He leaves behind his son, Joel and a wife of forty years...Jane Wicker Perkosky. Join me in mourning with Joel and Jane, and in praying for the entire family. There are brig ...…
The group comes together to discuss The Wicker Man and why Nic Cage didn't receive any Oscar recognition for it that year.
Journalist Alden Wicker, author of “Multilevel-marketing companies like LuLaRoe are forcing people into debt and psychological crisis” for joins us for a discussion on the cost of MLMs. Read the article here. Oh My Dollar! has a cat-filled purrsonal finance illustrated workbook raising funds on kickstarter! We can use your help. Chec ...…
Enjoy the podcast all week by listening to a segment a day or binge the whole thing! Trailers (2:00) Including: The Ghost & The Wale, Anna & The Apocalypse, Cook Off, Wonder Wheel, Darkest Hour, Father Figures, Future Man & More! Now In Theaters (21:00) Blade Runner 2049, My Little Pony, The Mountain Between Us, The Florida Project, UNA, Dina & ...…
The Film Podcast Network
On this weeks episode we discuss two CLASSIC film. Sort of.
Happy Halloween, Crapheads! This month, the PoC crew dips their feet into the horror genre with the not-so-scary adaptation of The Wicker Man. Starring the greatest actor of any generation, Nicolas Cage, The Wicker Man explores what a matriarchal society looks like in the most confounding, bee-ridden way. And let me tell you, friends, this movi ...…
Things get hairy during the Festival of the Blazing Sun and Lye considers making a deal with the devil. Returning to the Burgomeister’s mansion, the party finds that he large wicker ball for the festival has been completed and is loaded onto a wagon. The party returns to Lady Wachter and demands that she protect the city from Strahd if they hel ...…
Welcome to The Dynasty Warzone podcast, the flagship Dynasty Football podcast for The DynastyFootballFactory.Com and the Dynasty Football Network (@DF_Network). Your hosts are John Schepps (@SlizzDigital) & Mike Jernigan (@DFFMikeJernigan). You can follow the show on twitter @DynastyWarzone. We are now 3 weeks into the season and things are off ...…
Remedial Nerding Podcast
NOT THE BEES! NOT THE BEES! It's ok, there's no bees in this episode, but there are some weird sexy snails... On a scale 1 to bat shit insane this is super weird! Lets just say that the Nerds weren't impressed with this as a film, but at least they're speaking from a position of understanding now. If you haven't guessed, we watched the original ...…
Preacher: Violet Johnicker Scripture: Acts 16:16-34
The Gaffer Tapes: Fantasy Football Comedy Podcast
Craig is still absent as we start to slightly worry about his wellbeing in Turkmenistan. But it's ok, because Tom and Ash are here to cover your fantasy football needs, plus we have Man City TV presenter Nicola McCarthy filling Craig's wicker loafers in section 2, providing some genuine professional football insight for once... I know, right?!…
Preacher: Hannah Kardon Scripture: 1 Kings 19:1-16
Preacher: Hannah Kardon Scripture: Luke 22:39-46
Preacher: Hannah Kardon Scripture: Jeremiah 31:2-4; 8-13
Preacher: Hannah Kardon Scripture: James 2:1-8
SHOW NOTES Ted Risk is one of the Co-Founders of Wibby Brewing in Longmont, Colorado and oversees the sales and marketing for the company. Ted and his wife Martha, Wibby Brewing's Brand Manager, moved to Longmont from Chicago in August of 2014 to open the brewery with his business partner, Brewmaster, and Co-Founder, Ryan Wibby. Ted and Ryan me ...…
Second Baptist Church
Tim Wicker, ABSC Church Planting Team Leader
Alden Wicker, Founder, EcoCult All I can say is yikes and you don’t want to miss this one. Alden Wicker is shaking things up, calling us all out and sharing how what she thinks are better ways to save the world. Doing things like consuming less, carefully choosing what we buy and asking the waiter where our fish is from is, for Alden, too littl ...…
The one where I show you around my office and compile the most epically long description box that you’ve ever seen. Have a read of today’s post on productivity here - and sign up to the ‘An Edited Life’ newsletter here - THANK YOU! MORE FROM THE ANNA EDIT:Blog - - ...…
Tim Chase Author
Fishing During Summer “Don’t use the rusty hook.” The grandfather snapped to his 13 year old grandson, as he cast his line out with a jerk and lost his squid that he used for bait. “If you look a little over to the side of the tackle, you’ll see the good ones. Bring one here to me and I’ll attach it for you.” The young teen that his grandfather ...…
Welcome to Episode 001, Part 1 of 2, of William Rowan Jr.’s Casters: A Podcast About Podcasting, with special guest Jason Pyles. Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast, and then quickly wondered, ‘Where would I even start?’ Then you’re in luck! William Rowan Jr. and Jason Pyles have many years of podcasting experience between them, and ...…
This week our Women's Ministry leader Lynne Wicker shares a powerful message on forgiveness.
The Woods: The Map: Dave – Taylor Help The Show On Patreon Riverhouse Games Website Twitter Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe via RSS! Riverhouse Games Thanks You! Thank you for listening to this Riverhouse podcast. You can find more podcasts at as well as games and resources about queer & LGBT+ tabletop gaming. Thank you to the ...…
05:58 - How John started playing music: high school band, "Born in an Elevator." 16:51 - John's two solo performance art acts: "Neutron Prom" and "Elvis From Hell." 23:59 - Joe Bob Briggs is a persona! 25:13 - "Let's All Go To Uncle Fun" song. 28:22 - "Dennis Dupre from Danville"so ...…
Hello and welcome to TournaMint Julep!!!! We have a bonus episode since our last was not in our regular format. Tonight, we take on our favorite Nicolas Cage films! From Face/Off to The Wicker Man to Raising Arizona and everything in between, we take on the world's most divisive actor. Is he the best actor with a terrible agent, or is he the wo ...…
Hello and welcome to TournaMint Julep!!!! We have a bonus episode since our last was not in our regular format. Tonight, we take on our favorite Nicolas Cage films! From Face/Off to The Wicker Man to Raising Arizona and everything in between, we take on the world's most divisive actor. Is he the best actor with a terrible agent, or is he the wo ...…
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