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Wildmatt and Stiner talk gaming such as the news, new releases, what we've played and take callers in this weekly live podcast. You can tune in at our site Wednesdays @ 7pm EDT, 23:00 GMT.
This weekly call-in podcast discussing anything and everything. It airs weekly on our site Friday @ 9pm ET, 02:00 GMT. Tune in live on
Insidious (Video)
This weekly call-in podcast discussing anything and everything. It airs weekly on our site Friday @ 9pm ET, 02:00 GMT. Tune in live on
Sprawl & Brawl
This is a weekly call-in podcast discussing anything and everything MMA/UFC. It airs weekly on our site Saturday @ 11:59pm ET, 05:00 GMT. Tune in live on
Wildmatt and Kurbzz talk gaming such as the news, new releases, what we've played and take callers in this weekly live podcast. You can tune in at our site Wednesdays @ 7pm EDT, 23:00 GMT.
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Mac and Wildmatt are back to discuss the few missed weeks. Trump talked video game violence, PUBG vs Fortnite, PSVR going down in price and more!
Wildmatt is back with new co-host Mac19pm and also a new time and day. Watch live on Fridays at 6pm ET. As for this episode, we talked alot about the brew-haha surrounding Twitch and YouTube stars, the drama surrounding old school game high scores and much more!
Not much news but Wildmatt got some deals on black friday and played some games! Stiner did other things. Government and video games don't mix.
Wildmatt is alone once again rambling about some MMA. Maybe a big boxing fight as well.
UFC 214 is happening in 2 days and Wildmatt isn't really feeling hype out there. New weight classes are being introduced by ABC, One FC cancelled an event and more.
We're both tired of all the gaming news. Wildmatt And Stiner still manage to talk about alot and watch the Beyond Good and Evil 2 in-game tech demo.
Wildmatt and sleepy Stiner discuss all the craziness from UFC 212.
Wildmatt is all alone this week and talks about teh 145lbs women's mess, ONE FC and UFC Sweden results and lastly previews UFC 212 coming up this weekend.
Wildmatt was left alone to talk about golden PS4s, Ubisoft leaks, Super Nintendo World and more.
Lots to talk about despite Wildmatt being alone this week. A few MMA engagements to talk about, Rumble on medicinal weed, the UFC summer presser & way more!
Stiner had family business, the one that shall remain nameless didn't respond so that left Wildmatt all alone. Shame because there was alot of good news this week such as Zenimax trigger happy with lawsuits, Destiny 2 gameplay, Sega looking to revive IPs and more!
Wildmatt went to the local barcade, played some SNES and stuff. Stiner got his Ryzer CPU, played the same games he usually plays, and we talk the news of the week!
The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience are upon us! And both bring with it news and rumors and that's what Wildmatt mostly discusses this week.
This is a video game podcast? Wildmatt and Stiner strap in and find out for themselves. This week we talk about Battlefield 1, Watch Dogs 2, Titanfall 2 and alot more!
Wildmatt and Adem Stiner are back with Sprawl & Brawl! Granted the graphics and the sounds aren't exactly back but that'll improve. We talk about UFC 205 results, how crazy McGregor's performance was, fight of the night Tyron Woodley vs Stephen Thompson and more. Miesha Tate has retired, or has she really? We also talk about the 2 upcoming UFC ...…
On the show this week, Wildmatt and Adem Stiner discuss the upcoming Xbox One games coming to PC, such as Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and more. We also go MMA heavy with all the news and discussion surrounding UFC Fight Night Texas, UFC in New York and Toronto plus way, way more.
Wildmatt's PC could not handle the awesomeness that was episode 199, it must've crashed like 4x at least, causing a re-start of the show each time! We talked about the new PS4 Pro, old goldeneye, that Japanese PS4 ad! Oh boy was it a good old gaming time. On top of that we talked about CM punk and UFC 203. Then even managed to do some WWE talk.…
Have no fear, episode three of The Deep Six Podcast is here! This week, Steven and Dan are actually joined by their elusive third host, Matt! The gang also discusses what they thought of the WWE Draft, the Battleground PPV, and the first episodes of Raw and SmackDown in the new era. Steve and Matt also discuss some happenings from this year's S ...…
Turns out the guys have conflicting views on launch prices and what the next Nintendo system should be. We also discuss the new NEW era in WWE, post-split. Kurbzz really hates JBL and Wildmatt can't stand Dolph Ziggler. We then touch upon UFC 201 and Tyron Woodley mess that occured afterwards.
Wildmatt and Kurbzz break down the WWE draft and how they feel. As for gaming, it's still slow, but hey, a new tiny NES is coming!
Wildmatt and Kurbzz break down all the craziness of the UFC this week! A bunch of WWE news too.
This week's show we talk a heck of a whole lot of E3! Kurbzz and Wildmatt thought Microsoft's conference was best while Stiner disagreed. What did you think?
Hey, welcome back to the show everyone, we've been gone for bit so excuse the rust a little. We did a bad job conveying what our plans from here on out are, so we'll actually do that, for now we just talked about the news of the week mostly. Wildmatt, Kurbzz, Leland and Stiner discuss the upgraded PS4 Neo, the upcoming E3, MMA and WWE news and ...…
Matt comes and visits from Minnesota for Christmas don’t ya know! We talk about a lot of stuff, including board games and a bunch of other dumb stuff The post Podcast #15: A Wild Matt Appears! appeared first on Nerd Appeal.
The Man of Tomorrow, the tenebrific Golden Stallion, Dr. Brian Sovryn, has released his second game from his company Zomia Offline Games: Ninja Trek! Exploring what it’s about, the game’s development, and other wild matters! Enjoy!Special Guest: N/AAPPENDIX:--”Buy a copy of Ninja Trek!” Link: --- ...…
On this week's show Wildmatt discusses the most pressing, the most heart-wrenching, the most ball-busting news of the week: the dress code. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, then a bunch of other stuff gets brought up as well like Chael Sonnen, Sunset Overdrive, Terminator: Genisys and more.…
Jason Pominville joins to talk Wild, Matt Cooke, top line minutes and more
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