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Online Sermons for Willowdale Pentecostal Church in Toronto, Ontario
Monica likes hanging out with her best friends Stacy Clinton and Melanie Givens. There isn’t much to do in the small town of Willowdale, until Monica meets Diesel Stone. From the moment they met they’ve been inseparable. Monica’s ex-boyfriend, Chad Samuels, doesn’t want to let her go without a fight. Then one night, something sinister happens. Is there evil lurking in Willowdale?
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Find out how when faced with impossibilities, God would 1) Manifest His Glory, 2) Promote you, and 3) Increase His influence through you.!
In this first instalment of the study on the Character of Daniel, Pastor Paul shared about the opportunities in a seemingly seismic shift and chaos. Believers ought to stay in faith in the face of great challenges and even attacks. The light of God shines brightest in the darkest moment. Find out how you can prosper even in the midst of great o ...…
In this sermon, Pastor Steve Fleming of Koinonia ( shared an incredibly powerful truth about God. The revelation of who He is will set the foundation for everything in our lives.
What is the purpose of being filled with the Holy Spirit? For us to get a better life? Find out the purpose of being Baptized In The Holy Spirit.
If doing the right thing does not yield the expected results, consider this one simple truth...
Find out how our capacity is the key to how much blessings we receive. Heaven is already open, and God has been pouring out blessings over the earth, yet most believers are not realizing the blessings. What's the problem? It's our capacity.
This week, Peter Bueckert shared about how we are all called, even before we were conceived. And each of our callings is unique and absolutely necessary for the Kingdom. Not only had He called us, He had also provided a way through Christ. Not only had He provided us with the way, but He had also given us the necessary gifting, the revelation a ...…
In this first part of Pastor Paul's New Year Message, he speaks about how believers must have a clear picture of their goal (spiritual and otherwise) and a clear picture of the pathway to get to the goal. A goal without a pathway is just a pipedream.
In this second instalment of 2017 Christmas Series, Pastor spoke about the type of people that God often sought to change the world. They are usually not the politically, socially, militarily or economically connected people, but those with a couple of very unique traits.
In this first instalment of 2017 Christmas Series, we looked into the first two "players/actors" of the Christmas story that showed us 1) God often fulfils His purpose and plan through humans, He always chooses to partner with willing vessels over doing it alone; 2) How God works and how He responses to our heart's desire. Knowing that will sav ...…
In this incredible teaching on faith, Pastor Paul shared how the view of our personal worth affects our faith in God, in His promise and in His goodness. Many who are not living in miracles and seeing their faith doing anything maybe because they have a wrong view on their personal worth.
In this message, Pastor Paul spoke about how praying, rejoicing and especially giving thanks are the will of God, but how they are also what attract heaven to our life situations. That's when the miraculous happens, the supernatural take place.
To succeed in the worldly way, we'd need to work hard, strive hard and even "play dirty politics". The faster we want to get to the top, the harder we'd need to climb that "corporate/political ladder", while giving little regards to others or even our own well being. To get to the top would often mean we need to "boss" people around and be nast ...…
This week, Pastor Paul shared about the kind of faith that could draw power and anointing from the presence of God, even if God had not intended! Learn the kind of faith that would enable you to tap into the power of God for the situations in your life.
In this final instalment of the series, Pastor Paul shared about how we are free to love and help those who had "fallen short" gently. Many have been taught that we must "stand up" for righteousness: Meaning, we have to admonish/rebuke the errors of others, lest righteousness in our society is compromised. But we are never called to do any of t ...…
When you finally realize that you are free, what then do you do with your freedom? In this sermon, Pastor shared what the Word of God says about the purpose of our freedom, and how we need to be careful not to be entangled again by both the worldly things, sins and the burden of religion.
In this 5th installment of the Freedom Again series, Pastor Paul shares about a powerful fact that we all have to come to accept before we are free to receive all that God has blessed us with. That is, we are free from the curse of the law. Since all curses are indeed stemming from the curse of the law, no one and nothing can put any curse on u ...…
The power of sin is the law, the power of the law is in guilt and condemnation. Get rid of the guilt and condemnation, you are then free from the grip of sin!
In this third instalment of the Freedom Again Series, Pastor Paul shared that our effort in helping God, is the context of our conversation, observing law, rules and traditions to attain righteousnss, are not only unhelpful but are actually works of the flesh!
In this powerful teaching of the grace message, the congregation was introduced the concept of how unnecessary it is for non-Jews (uncircumcised Gentiles) to observe the law, and that the promise (for observing the law) had also become empty 70 years after Christ resurrection. Believers were warned of the toxic cocktail of grace through faith a ...…
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