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Inside Winemaking was created to provide direct access to the people in charge of creating world-class wines. Napa Valley winemaker, Jim Duane, hosts interviews with some of the top winemakers in California and beyond. Each week the Podcast features a winemaker, grape-grower, or technical wine pro and dives deep into their background and expertise. Wine newbies and expert enophiles will be entertained by winemaking stories and learn more about the greatest job on Earth!
How to Make Wine
High Definition Video Podcast Understanding Wine. Video interviews with famous wine makers. Travel videos of wine country complete with wine vineyard profiles. Wine ratings and reviews in the style of Wine Spectator, Wine Advocate, Wine Enthusiast, and Robert Parker. Visits to Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Bordeaux, France, Burgundy, Italy, Germany, and many many more. In the tradition of Wine Library TV, Grape Radio, and others, this HD wine podcast brings the wine educators and sommeliers to ...
WineMaking Radio
WineMaking Radio an audio show about making wine. Interviews, technical tips, product reviews, and news of interest to people who make wine.
A podcast about craft beer, wine and secret love
Vino Unplugged
A weekly show highlighting Australia's best winemakers and the stories behind their wine and their vineyards. Fun, informative and no big words
Get the latest science and research for the wine industry with Sustainable Wine Growing. Vineyard Team brings you the experts on resource issues and business trends related to sustainable agriculture to help you put sustainability into practice. Learn more at
Wine Jets
A podcast about wine.
All About Wine
Welcome to All About Wine. This one-hour call-in talk show features Ron Hunt of Florida Estates Winery. Each week, we cover different topics related to wine. We invite other wine enthusiasts and wine makers to call and go on-air with us. Always informative and's All About Wine. Thursdays @ 7PM (eastern)
In the Drink
In The Drink is a weekly podcast focused on better understanding the world of delicious alcoholic beverages through interviews with some of the most engaging people in the industry. It is hosted by Food & Wine Sommelier of the year and NY restaurant owner Joe Campanale. Who also happens to make a little wine in Italy himself, called Annona. Joe will be talking with winemakers, sommeliers, brewers, beverage directors, bartenders, distillers and journalists to hear first hand what goes in to m ...
Drinking, eating and having fun in Napa Valley while meeting the personalities and characters that make the wine country the charming, tempting and intriguing destination that draws visitors from around the world. Having grown up in Napa Valley and being vintner/proprietor of Judd's Hill, Judd has the scoop on what's happening and who's who!
The Grape Nation
The Grape Nation is your weekly wine journey…where, we will enlighten, inspire, and motivate the listener to enjoy and drink more wine. WE BRING WINE TO THE PEOPLE! The show will take a straightforward; “un-snobby” approach to wine through usable information and guest experts in their field. Each week we will delve into a relevant wine topic, speak with a wine notable, and ask our guest to answer our weekly “Wine List”. We will taste, and discuss a different wine on-air each week and invite ...
UK Wine Show
The UK Wine Show is all about wine and the UK wine scene. We interview winemakers, consumers, wine bar owners, scientists, you name it, if it is about wine in the UK we will cover it. Almost all good wine from around the world washes up on these shores so we'll find out more about the people behind the wines that are making a splash.
Denise is a London based wine blogger, originally from California. As a professional wine blogger, she meets the movers and shakers of the wine world. From the iconic European houses to the New Zealand boutique family vineyard, they all come to London. This podcast is an effort to get to know the personality behind the wine. They might be quirky, funny, charming, or taciturn but above all, they are always generous with their time and wine, wine people are some of the most interesting around. ...
Winecast promotes the enjoyment of wine for both beginning and more experienced wine lovers.
If you’ve ever dreamed about cooking like or becoming a professional chef, you’ve come to the right place. Hosted by Chef Jacob Burton, an executive chef by day, wanna be broadcaster by night, we feature instructional style episodes that unpack professional level cooking techniques in an approachable fashion, and interviews with culinary taste makers, including chefs, cook book authors, wine makers, brewers, coffee roasters, and anyone else who is passionate about the world of food and beverage.
Winemakers Tell the Best Stories
a series of podcasts from the Margaret River Wine industry.
Wine Should be Fun! Northwest Wine Radio is a weekly, hour-long show broadcast on radio stations across the Pacific Northwest. Not your typical wine show, Northwest Wine Radio features interviews with the winemakers, brewers, distillers, and cider makers to get the fun stories behind the bottle. No technical talking here; we're sharing real stories about the real people in the industry. Grab a glass of your favorite and tune in for fun stories, food pairing suggestions, news about upcoming e ...
Under My Host
Champion of craft potables... Under My Host talks, drinks, and learns about your favorite beverages with the brewers, distillers, and winemakers who make them.
The place to hear great stories from New Zealand winemakers, vineyards owners and others in the industry. Hosted by Boris Lamont. Published by Podcasts NZ.
Join two non-wine snobs as they embark on home wine making, and explore area wineries and establishments. Interviews with wineries and wine makers, and tips and tricks along the way.
A podcast about wine, wine culture and wine people. Every episode a different guest from the wine industry joins host James Scarcebrook (aka The Intrepid Wino) to share their backgrounds, their influences, and their philosophies on wine. Nothing too technical, just a casual chat between a few people who happen to work with wine. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to get the new episode as soon as it is available, and please rate review and share! Visit James at and ...
GHRUB Podcast
A place where home winemakers, wine drinkers, beer brewers and beer drinkers come to explore their taste buds and enter our small space in the metaverse. We share laughs, drinks and stories as we explore the winemaking and brewing processes as well as commercial wine and beer reviews.
Find out what all the industry buzz is about, and who Stu The Wine Guru is. This is the Best Wine Show on the Planet! This is THE Source For Everything Wine on the Internet. You come here to sit back,relax,learn and be entertained by Stu The Wine Guru, and his guests. Email your questions to Tweet your questions on Twitter to @stuthewineguru, and Stu will read them live on the air! Call in and ask all of your questions about wine directly to Stu and his guests.Don't ...
The Crush
The Crush: Wine Talk Unfiltered with Whitney Adams and Christina Pickard. Whitney and Christina work with wine, love wine, drink (copious amounts of) wine, and now talk wine (and sometimes cocktails and beer). Follow them on their virtual adventures around the wine world via their imaginary friend Carmen Grape-iago. The ladies chat about everything from their travels, tastings, gripes and loves, to more informative stuff like demystifying wine terminology, essential wine and food pairings, a ...
Uncork Your Mind
Debbie Gioquindo, CSW, WLS the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess takes the intimidation out of wine. This podcast you will find interviews with winemakers, interesting people and my show Winephabet Street.
Hear intimate conversations with winemakers, growers, winery owners, brewers and more from Sonoma, Napa and beyond. You can also join my community at Receive special posts, rewards, and additional content.
Denver Wine Radio
Winemaker Paul Bonacquisti and Radio Host Cha Cha Chavez talk about wine and music in Colorado.
Beyond Marketing Thoughts, news and reviews by Dr. Joe Vitale ("Mr. Fire!") about marketing, publicity, selling, hypnosis, copywriting, books, fitness, metaphysics and anything else he cares to comment on, including wine making, humor, the Internet and yes, even sex.
Italian Wine Podcast is a new podcast project dedicated to the Italian wine world. Wine writer Monty Waldin uncovers the unique Italian wine-making tradition in conversation with some of its key protagonists. Join us for a Cin Cin with Italian Wine People!---Host Bio: Monty Waldin was the first writer to specialise in organic and biodynamic wines: he sees biodynamics as a tool for terroir-driven wine, not a religion. Monty was filmed making biodynamic wine by the UK’s Channel 4 for his TV se ...
Wine Booty
A high-seas vino-centric video series showcasing a wide variety of Napa Valley's saltiest characters including vintners, brewers, distillers, restaurateurs, mixologists and other interesting wine & food personalities expounding insider tales of the treasures and bounty found within the Napa valley. Directed by Judd Finkelstein. Music by Gordon Lustig.
An offbeat series presented by Judd's Hill Winery of Napa Valley, which looks at the world of wine through the eyes of an eccentric Napa Valley winemaker. Directed by Rudolf N. McClain, Music by Gordon Lustig.
Minstrel and Muse
In-Depth conversations with authors, musicians, artists, artisans and dreamers. The Wine Muse is every 3rd Thursday of the month with cohost William Pollard. Linda Rez got her start in print journalism as editor of a weekly newspaper. During her time there she started a column called "The Devil's Advocate" where she invited two different people every week with polar opposite view points to weigh in on the same topic, side by side. She believes the truth can only triumph if every viewpoint is ...
Grape Minds
A podcast that looks beyond the glass to the stories of winemaking, culture, and the history of the world’s most intriguing beverage. Hosts Julie Glenn and Gina Birch will interview winemakers, talk with importers, and dig into the issues and nuances of wine in the modern world while always keeping it down to earth.
Forks on the Left
Hollywood stories. Food stories. Drink stories. Wine, beer and cocktail tastings, chefs' secrets, recipes and cooking demos. Conversations with chefs, writers, winemakers, bartenders, actors, bakers, producers, directors, butchers, musicians… Grab a fork and a glass, and join ‘Friends' Writer/Producer/Cook/Wine-Guy, Jeff Strauss and co-host Writer/Comedian/Eater/Beer-Guy, Jeff Phelps as they bring together experts and friends from the worlds of food, wine, spirits, beer, TV, movies, theater ...
Have you ever wondered what people are thinking and your just waiting for someone to just vomit words? Well crack open a beer, pour a glass of wine, make a stiff drink, or gets some sparkling wine out and enjoy this crazy mess. Ken and Koko are just oneKaway from offending just about everyone but, it's not on purpose. The brain to mouth highway is wide open and it's looking for some ears to fill.
Foodie and the Beast
Nycci Nellis is everyone's "go to" food journalist for insights and in depth info about everything happening across the food/wine/spirits/brews/restaurant scenes in the Mid-Atlantic and across the U.S. Her husband, David, is a beer and burgers guy. On radio since 2009, they host celebrity guest interviews with famous and up-and-coming chefs, winemakers, distillers, oystermen, farmers, marine biologists and more. Get the foodie info you need to know and won't find anywhere else; enjoy irrever ...
A podcast about wine & restaurants, hosted by Cru Cellars owners Jen and Torrey. Each week we taste a new great wine, interview a player in the restaurant scene or in the wine business, and review a restaurant in the Tampa Bay area. We also like to call winemakers, teach you wine words that make you sound smart, answer wine questions, and discuss wine trends. The best wine bar in Tampa Bay wants to show you how to drink great wine with any budget. Subscribe now.
Wine Podcast-A fun podcast featuring knowledgeable guests and discussions about wine and all things related. Guests include Somms, Winemakers and those within the wine industry. Follow on iTunes- Friends of the Vine Wine Podcast. Follow on Sound Cloud Follow on
Journeyman Winemaker, Bartendar and Music Promoter Daniel Brennan chats with his peers and mentors
A show for the genuinely curious. Blake & Vincenzo started the BRAINWORK podcast for the genuinely curious - those looking to acquire knowledge from people of all walks of life and learn more about the world around us. Blake Guidry is a wine enthusiast and cinematographer at Aftermarq, a creative studio in Columbus, Ohio. Vincenzo Landino is a taco aficionado and wine-maker as well as the CEO of Aftermarq. These two are some of the most curious people around, spend way too much time together ...
Where wine & people come together! WineCaster is a podcast about wine and the people behind what makes the wine experience so special. I talk to winemakers, retailers, restaurants and anyone that has an impact on how consumers experience wine.
A Single Girl's Guide to Food, Drink, & Travel talks with top people in their field. Wine experts and winemakers, chefs and restauranteurs, and travel experts join host, Nanci Jo Saper, for unique and lively conversations in the world of food, drink, and travel.
Indiana Home Cooks
Susan Mintert is an Indiana home cook sharing stories about food and drink in the Hoosier State. From home cooks with family recipes, to craft brewers, bakers, wine makers, growers, and anyone else who puts food and drink on the table, Susan is telling their story on the Indiana Home Cooks podcast. Sit down, pour a cup of coffee, or a beer, tune in and join her!
Grapevine Radio brings you interviews with winemakers, chefs, event coordinators... the people who help make up the fastest growing, most exciting, and diverse wine region in California.
KRCB-FM: Mouthful
Mouthful, Smart Talk About Food, Wine, & Farming, Sunday evenings, from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. Hosted by Michele Anna Jordan. We like to think of Mouthful as a conversation around a dinner table, so pour yourself a glass of something odd and join us every Sunday evening, or listen on the go with our mobile app available at, or at your leisure via iTunes. Our discussions with farmers, winemakers, cookbook authors, writers, photographers, filmmakers, nutritionists, chefs, restaurateurs, en ...
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This season is prime time when it comes to Arizona food and wine festivals, and we hit one of the coolest and most creative of the year for this weekend’s show, live from the Professional Chili Cook-off and Winemaker Faux “Chopped” Cooking Challenge at the beautiful Kief-Joshua Vineyards in Elgin! Lori Reynolds, Ann Roncone, Matt Russell, Gary ...…
In this episode, Ben is joined in the studio by Dave Coventry, head winemaker at Talbott Estate Vineyards, and comedian Eugene Cordero (Kong: Skull Island and co-host of “The Dumbbells” podcast). Dave talks to the guys about terroir, vineyard rap battles, and why Monterey – and Sleepy Hollow Vineyard in particular – is such a great place to mak ...…
4-17-18 Tonight our guest is Alex Gonzales, owner of Honeypot Meadery in Anaheim, CA, and one of the founders for the Southern California Mead Alliance and the Southern California Mead Club.Alex has been all over the mead world in the last couple years, and launched Honeypot Meadery after doing custom crushes with Golden Coast Mead. They will b ...…
We share our tasting experience with two wines by Elephant Seven, out of Walla Walla, WA. The winemaker, Josh West was inspired by the Elephant 6 collective, a group of independent musicians dedicated to an individual and personal approach.
António Maçanita is involved with several wine projects throughout Portugal, including Fitapreta in the Alentejo, Maçanita Vinhos in the Douro Valley, and the Azores Wine Company on the Azores Islands. António discusses the rapid change that is happening on the island of Pico, as hundreds of hectares of vineyard are being replanted after over a ...…
Join us as we chat about the five love languages - touch, quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, gifts - and how our understanding of them can help to deepen connection relationships. Also, an interview with our newest favorite woman-owned and operated wine maker from…
TJ Ansley oversees the execution of all digital media and mobile app development for the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets and most recently with the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers and Rose Quarter properties. During his tenure with Portland, Ansley and the team have received top honors from peers in the NBA with the Digital Innovator Award in 2016 and ...…
Tonight, tune in to All About Wine. Show host, Ron, will discuss news and topics related to the wine industry and more. Perfect for wine lovers, industry representatives and fellow wine aficionados. Tonight's topic: Phylloxera Hosted by Ron,wine maker, cellar master, vineyardist and tasting expert. Ron makes wine less confusing and entertaining ...…
As part of our look at the skills revolution in Canada, we headed down to the Niagara Peninsula to see how one of Canada’s largest wine companies is training the next generation. Andrew Peller Estates has a partnership with Brock University, bringing in co-op students and building their skills through on-the-job training. RBCDisruptors producer ...…
An intense travel schedule and even more intense exhaustion bring the guys of Relationsh!t back for another Wednesday full of laughter and relationship insight. Marko and Tony chit chat about their upcoming plans and whether or not Marko should visit his doctor for the chronic fatigue. Either way, there is A NEW EPISODE OF RELATIONSH!T, and tha ...…
Open Mic Spotlight Radio Show Open Mic Spotlight PRESENTS Dr. Glen Miller- Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of New Hampshire and Founder, VERA Roasting Company as today's Unique Exciting Speaker. Dr. Glen will be sharing with us the keys to healthier living with the right cup of coffee! Dr. Glen P. Miller is a Professor of Organ ...…
Second-generation winemaker and wine grower Jesse Lange of Lange Estate Winery and Vineyards joins Julie and Gina to talk about continuing the family tradition in the Dundee Hills. He talks about the moment he knew wine would be his career, about a spontaneous pinot mutation that popped up in the vineyard one day, and the challenge Oregon had i ...…
John Buechsenstein is today’s guest on California Wine Country with Steve Jaxon and Dan Berger. John is a winemaker and has taught about wine at UC Davis, as an adjunct professor in UC Davis Extension, since he was a graduate student there, 40 years ago. He has just published a new book called Wine and Place, A Terroir Reader and today’s show i ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Red MountainAuthor: Boo WalkerNarrator: Armen TaylorFormat: UnabridgedLength: 13 hrs and 14 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-12-17Publisher: Boo WalkerRatings: 4 of 5 out of 20 votesGenres: Fiction, LiteraryPublisher's Summary:Red Mountain in easte ...…
Today we’re talking to another kick-ass, badass female distiller: Ashby Marshall, Co-Founder & Brand Director of Spirit Works Distillery. I’m not kidding when I say Ashby is a forking badass. She met her husband and co-founder, Timo, while they were both sailing around on the Rainbow Warrior for Greenpeace. Wow!! Just a few years later, they la ...…
Dominique Tourneix is the Director General of DIAM Bouchage, a company specializing in reconstructed cork closures for wine. Dominique discusses the causes of cork taint in wine and the presence of volatile compounds within traditional cork. He examines the part that wine cork plays in both preventing and allowing for the oxidation of wine, as ...…
Legendary, Masterful, Award Winning, Unsurpassed Quality, Unique Vintners, A Work of Art in a Bottle, these are just some of the words that describe Opus One wine and Michael Silacci's wine making. Michael will join Stu on tonite's show to discuss how he makes such incredible wine. Call in at 215-383-5748 nd join in the conversation with Stu an ...…
It’s not every day that you can get NBA players to talk sunlight and soil. Meet Baxter Holmes. His recent article on the NBA’s Secret Wine Society had me dialing his number before I could finish the article. Based in Los Angeles, Baxter Holmes is a national NBA writer focusing on features, projects and other enterprise stories for and ...…
Show notes (0:40) Mark’s wine origin story (7:50) Sager + Wilde moments, music and wines (17:45) Wine 1: 2016, Sin rumbo, Microbio (22:00) Wine 2: 2015, Ruhe en Frieden, Joiseph (26:05) Wine 3: 2015, Clarott, Tommy Ruff Contact details Winemaker events: ...…
On this week’s episode of Inside Julia’s Kitchen, host Todd Schulkin speaks with Doug Margerum, owner and director of winemaking at Margerum Wine Company in the Santa Ynez Valley. Todd and Doug discuss the impact of recent wildfires and mudslides that plagued Santa Barbara, where Julia spent her final years. Doug tells his survival story and ta ...…
More with Michelle Cleveland from Creekside Cellars, winner of the 2017 Colorado Governor's Cup. Grapes need to get happy in the winery and Michelle and Paul share their music playlists for crush season. Then at the 4:25 mark Cha Cha spills the wine, literally, in the studio! Also, Colorado Winefest and what pair's with Chubby's.…
Michelle Cleveland, winemaker from Creekside Cellars, is our guest on Denver Wine Radio. Creekside Cellars has had a banner year scoring a 91 with Wine Enthusiast for their 2014 Colorado Cabernet Franc, winning the 2017 Colorado Governor's Cup and being named Winery of the Year from the Colorado Association of Viticulture and Enology.…
Hello and welcome to this Matthew Clark Interviews podcast, where we sit down with the industries key figures. Today we’re talking to Martin Moore, Cellarmaster at the Durbanville Hills winery situated 20 minutes from Cape Town’s city centre, with spectacular views of Table Mountain and Table Bay.Founded in the late 1990’s, Durbanville Hills Wi ...…
From the vast, hot plateau of La Mancha to the wet, cool Atlantic Coast - Spain has extreme climates which can be challenging but rewarding for winemakers.
Paul and Doug talk about grapes grown in Colorado and how Paul aproaches those to fit his winemaking style.
(2018) Sure they make Syrah, but that wine made from other fruit is pretty tasty as well! We get a true taste of Oregon's Umpqua River Valley with a visit from HV Cellars of Winston, where the winemaker can't resist fermenting things other than grapes. Our friend from the Washington Beer Commission stops by to talk about a really fun open house ...…
In our first audio journey ever(!!!), I speak to a traveling winemaker who follows wine harvests around the globe. We talk about how she makes ends meet (occasionally trimming weed) and about climbing in big rocks in South Africa. I will pay my electricity bill, dw.
(2018) Some winemakers get really lucky, and have a chance to learn their craft from some of the best in the business. The winemaker at Goose Ridge Vineyards recalls the great advice that led him to the Tri-Cities, where he puts that advice in every bottle. If you like to make craft beer at home, or are interested in learning, our new friends f ...…
Show notes (01:25) Background to the location and family winemaking history (10:10) Wine tasting (individual wine details below) (37:31) Wine fairs attended by Alexander Koppitsch in the coming months Wines tasted 1. Gruner Vertliner, Autentische 2017 (Barrel sample) Some ‘funk’ on the nose. Much more restrained in mouth. I had the impression t ...…
In this episode, we are joined by 5x CrossFit Games athlete, small business owner, winemaker, and CFHQ Level 1 Seminar Staff Member, Margaux Alvarez! Be sure to check out Margaux’s website, That is where you can buy her wine and apparel that we talk about in this episode! In the episode, we also reference a video the Li ...…
Gérard is successful winemaker in Languedoc, a larger-than-life character with a strong business story to tell. At 52, he has spent the past 42 years making wine. He started helping out on his father’s estates, before taking over the family business when his dad suddenly, tragically passed away. The young Bertrand was filling some very big shoe ...…
What’s really good out there witcha world?! Tha Trap House is back yet again, keeping it mad local one time for ya as usual. Corndog and myself walk two blocks down from tha Trap House to tha amazing vegan restaurant, Market On South, for tha new alcohol fueled event in tha Milk District. Dubbed, “Thirsty Third Thursdays in the Milk District,” ...…
Hello and welcome to this Matthew Clark Interviews podcast, where we sit down with the industries key figures. Today we’re talking to Andrea Freeborough, Cellarmaster here at Nederburg, a historic South African winery. Founded in 1791, Nederburg is South Africa’s most decorated name in wine. In 2016, Nederburg won the International Wine & Spiri ...…
Rebecca Robinson is today’s featured guest on California Wine Country with Steve Jaxon and Dan Berger. Rebecca is the Executive Director of ZAP, Zinfandel Advocates and Producers.ZAP will be holding ZIN EX, the Zinfandel Experience, in San Francisco, January 18-20 dedicated to Zinfandel.Robert Larsen is also back in the studio today. He spent m ...…
Joined tonight by Kentucky legend, 10 year NBA veteran, 1996 Final 4 MOP, National Champion turned wine connoisseur and author… Double Zero TONY DELK Tony calls in from Atlanta and tells us about how he got involved in wine making with his own wine Lorenz00’s Reserve and about authoring his upcoming book “ShOOters”. From growing up in a small t ...…
Two of my favorite guests Keith and Martha Powell return to talk about all of their wine and craft beer experiences offered for 2018. These include the 2018 Fall Foliage Wine Maker's Cruise with Holland America Cruise Line, 2018 River Cruise on AMA Waterways (sold out), a Nevis Tourism bonus and a special Brew (read beer) Cruise on a Royal Cari ...…
Dan Berger and Barry Herbst join Steve Jaxon to talk about some of their personal favorite wines, on California Wine Country this week. (This show is slightly abbreviated due to time constraints from a Golden State Warriors' NBA basketball game being broadcast live on KSRO this afternoon.)Recap of this week's wines tasted: 2015 Chardonnay, Blac ...…
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