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Alex Lasarev is on the spiritual path - andinterviews guests on their journey to self-realization. Getting Into our hearts, escaping the matrix, and discovering the bliss that awaits us in the recognition that we are all one, will be the core themes. Nothing is off limits.... except refusing to learn to love ;) Are You Ready To Get Woke? If so, this is the podcast for you....
Woke With Kids
Adult conversations about a world out of touch with its inner child. Weekly discussions on politics, culture and parenting. Hold us accountable at
Woke Doctor Who
A podcast about race and representation in Doctor Who with an asian lady from DC and a black lady from Baltimore.
Stay Woke! Podcast started with discussing music, it evolved to movies and social/cultural issues as well. We are searching for deeper understanding and hope you join the conversation.
A collective of individuals from the Southern United States come together to discuss their views and perceptions on what's going on in the world. Topics range from pop culture, music, societal issues, art, to politics, and they don't mince words. Things can go from heated to hilarious in a matter of seconds.
A podcast for all those socially conscious moms. I'm a black mom, raising black kids in a white world and this podcast is about the funny and not so funny moments that come with being a person of color in today's world. This is real talk about social issues, black and brown lives, black hair, relationships, mommy'ing through those terrible three's (yes I said three's), parenting kids of all ages and all the fun that comes with motherhood... all discussed with a twist of color.
Follow two millennials, Olivia and TyLisa, during their bi-weekly vent session serving their truth on life, news and culture as they live it. #stayinformed #staywitty #stayWOKE
Ghetto Woke Podcast
America needs to understand the difference between Ghetto and Criminal. Just because a person is Ghetto does not mean they are a violent criminal. I'm Ghetto as fuck and proud. Pro Black Pro American Pro Constitution Pro Trump Pro Obama Pro Original Thought Pro Gay Pro live your life and don't fuck with nobody that does want to be fucked with Pro Free Speech. Liberal with conservative and libertarian views. Anti AntiFa Anti Nazi Anti Dirty Cop Anti Illogical Hate Anti Globalism Anti Wall Ant ...
Saved AND Woke
Join your host, MSW, as he delves into the nuance and tension of being saved AND woke. Are social consciousness and passion for Christ mutually exclusive, or do they go hand in hand?
Woke World
Woke World! This 'aint your typical brother/sister conversation...Close siblings Hanecdote (Hannah) and Rogan Josh (Josh) sit down once a month to discuss current events, controversial topics and maybe some subjects brothers and sisters 'shouldn't' be talking about. Join us in the conversation using #WOKEWORLD Follow us on socials @mmmroganjosh & @hanecdote
Woke-Ish is a podcast hosted by GoodWrittenz. In this podcast, topics ranging from racial inequality to consent will be discussed and dissected by young, creative, powerful artists in the Louisiana area and is looking to expand. This show will “hold no punches” or censorship , so sit back and get ready to hear the RAW, AUTHENTIC truth about our lives, our art, and our country! “Woke-ish”
Toked and Woke is a humorous, skeptical take on politics and current events hosted by medical marijuana activist, legal researcher, and MindMantraYoga creator Lauren Davidson a.k.a. "MzMettaJuana." New episode every week!
Wed & Woke
Two married guys on a journey to become WOKE. We talk pop culture, millennial woes and shine a light on non-profits changing the world.
Two Woke Nerds
A couple nerds discussing pop culture.
Challenge The Woke
In this podcast you will get to hear from several amazing artist as we challenge ideologies and talk about important issues, music, poetry, art, celebrity and what it really means to be Woke.
When Persephone Woke is a serialized podcast devoted to deconstructing the post-apocalyptic genre and the philosophy of nihilism. Narrated by a wandering traveler in the wake of the apocalypse, this podcast follows Araceli as she struggles to make meaningful connections, find hope, and find happiness in the face of an increasingly hostile and dangerous world. And perhaps prevent a second impending disaster while she's at it.For more information, visit
Woke Origami
Podcast Network
Legally Woke
Legally Woke is a podcast show that helps Australians stay informed about various legal issues affecting their lives. Episodes become available every Monday and Thursday. Each podcast contains discussions around a particular legal issue. Any suggestions with regards to topics are welcomed. Disclaimer: The content of the podcasts isnot legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult with a qualified legal practitioner.
How to Communicate without feeling like a lost bottle drifting in the vast ocean.
Woke Revival
Where we stay woke.
Woke Wednesdays
Podcast by Woke Wednesdays
Equally Woked
Politics, culture, religion, entertainment and all the topics in between that are whispered and overheard in your community.
Woke Radio
💡A woke person's handbook. All about life hacks and kickin' game to the community!
Woke Dad
Weekly pod with comedian Dean Masello, Esq & Dr. Michelle Sheets, PhD. Each week they dissect the world around us with humor & expertise. They're also married. They're also raising infant twin girls. They're exhausted.
WOKE Radio
WOKE Radio is a radio show designed to educate, empower, and engage the generations of today in believing that there will always be a better tomorrow. We are here to spread a positive message from a local level to impact the global community. We will offer inspirational reflections, interviews with extradorinaiy individuals who are all pursing their dreams in some form, and a great collection of music that will leave you feeling sensational.
Woke Brunch
Hosted by your favorite awkward Blackapino, Elizabeth Lanier, Woke Brunch is where she brings in a fellow brunch enthusiast every week to discuss the best meal of the day and real life shit.This podcast includes scatterbrained discussions on pop culture, current events, social justice and mimosas; all these things are necessary for brunching while brown.Follow the show @wokebrunch and check out the show's tumblr page at
Professional napper Nina Kim Just Woke Up to talk to you about race, gender and pop culture through an Asian-American lens. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll learn. So don’t sleep on this.
Woke Boys Podcast
Daily Episodes. Trending Topics. Don't miss out!Suggest Topics on Twitter @minusonevideos
Woke and Ratchet
Woke and Ratchet is a complicated forum discussing real life topics in real ratchet ways. Join the hosts, acclaimed comedy duo, NLN and Parris, as they get together for their regular mess and bring it all to you!
Woke Ways Only
Podcast by T-Wil, Ribz, & G
We are the most "slept on" woke police!
Stay Woke With Sibs is a podcast for night owls who like to stay up all night having or listening to sometimes saucy and sometimes sobering conversations about art, business, identity, sex, gender issues, social justice, mental health and a bunch of other stuff.
The Woke Way
Musings and inspirations on the path to spiritual awakening. Daily life guidance with the help of tarot cards for all zodiac signs. Watch on | For personal readings, visit 🌼❤ Namaste! 🙏
One Woke Bish
This podcast is here to crush the dated mindset of the "self-growth" world and create a space for people with young minds but old souls. I'm sick of the stereotypes and people who tell you to follow them down the path of happiness. Let's together create a Next Generation of Woke because mental strength is here to stay and we need to build it into our lives, not build our lives around it. Be true, Do you.✌️♥️
We are the Woke Pastors Podcast! Two young pastors trying to survive seminary, lead awesome churches, spread the Good News, and stay Woke in all areas of life. We're bringing you discussions on that, and more, here at the Woke Pastors Podcast. Stay Woke!
Light an L with Mila and come talk about how trash the world is! We explore topics such as psychology, spirituality, history, mindfulness, psychedelics and a fuck ton of other shit. The main focus of this show is the mere interconnection of the universe and why that should matters.
My name is James Blackburn. I believe in free markets, limited government, and individual liberty. The ideas and views expressed in this podcast are my own.
Listen again to messages from Christ Church Woking
Woke af Podcast
woke af
Woke and Magic is a weekly podcast dedicated to nerd culture, entertainment, politics, and alternative spirituality as they relate to black culture.
Two Woke Boys
A podcast about the media, presented by two hot, hot boys with some hot, hot takes.
Broke And Woke
Grab some Cognac of your choice and tune in with Tas & Dj Candy Raine as they discuss topics ranging from flossing plaque, relationships, stretching $10 until payday to taking care of one's mental health and remaining flawless throughout the trials and tribulations.
Woke and Baked
These discussions happen on high times
Red Pilled Woke
A list of current podcasts publishedRed Pilled Woke:The adventures of two friends who have both been Red Pilled and Woke. Cole, a cis het cuck, who loves Castro, Stalin, and Mao. Dilvany, an austistic tranny, who is an edgy libertarian/neo-liberal. Join them as they explore various topics such as the alt-right, YouTube skeptic cringe, trap music, pop culture, public policy, etc.THOTcast:Pair a big idea with a work of philosophy or science and mix in a bit of unique analysis. Dilvany, brings ...
My podcast is a brief audio transfer of my thoughts when I can't sleep and when I just wake up.
Where you can grab awesome, enlightening, "woke", marketing tips & tricks. We'll try to keep the episodes under 10-mins for max consumption.
Reviewing the latest wokeness
Want fierce brows, the perfect pout and stunning eyelashes, but don’t have time in the morning to put it all on?! Now you don’t have to with Indellibelle here to save you time!Katie Ryan from the Free Country Wake Up Crew is in love with everything beauty and wants to answer your questions and share all the secrets to semi-permanent make up (and more!) and Ashley, owner of Indellibelle, in Downtown Frederick is here to help!So turn up the dial and dive in to all things glam with Katie and As ...
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For Katarina Kabick, finding home has felt impossible at times. But despite obstacles that would have sunk a lesser person, she’s getting there. It was raining last night and it’s like that water made my mind heavy. I couldn’t sleep thinking of the tents that seem to multiply under a new underpass every day. I couldn’t sleep thinking of the con ...…
We give Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino's "This Is America" song and video the conversation it deserves. We juxtapose Glover's high art against Kanye's antics and "woke" Hip Hop from earlier eras. We also get into the public's response to the song/video or lack thereof. There's so much more in this episode; too much for a simple description. ...…
This podcast episode was recorded months ago, in late 2017. I decided to hold onto this episode because it didn't fit the themes I was addressing for the kick-off of the podcast. It is usually the goal to encourage and inform, while keeping it light. Happiness is the over-arching theme of the podcast, hence the name, but we must not ignore the ...…
Madison, Autumn, & I reading. They woke me up to read some books... Figured I'd share the parenting experience!
You likely know Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” He also said, “The unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Do not hit at all if it can be avoided, but never hit softly.” Ralph Waldo Emerson counseled, “There is no strong performance without a little fanaticism in the performer,” and Oscar Wilde added, “Moderation is a ...…
You likely know Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” He also said, “The unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Do not hit at all if it can be avoided, but never hit softly.” Ralph Waldo Emerson counseled, “There is no strong performance without a little fanaticism in the performer,” and Oscar Wilde added, “Moderation is a ...…
You likely know Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” He also said, “The unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Do not hit at all if it can be avoided, but never hit softly.” Ralph Waldo Emerson counseled, “There is no strong performance without a little fanaticism in the performer,” and Oscar Wilde added, “Moderation is a ...…
You likely know Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” He also said, “The unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Do not hit at all if it can be avoided, but never hit softly.” Ralph Waldo Emerson counseled, “There is no strong performance without a little fanaticism in the performer,” and Oscar Wilde added, “Moderation is a ...…
rant topics:- self-help books and other literature- woke Twitter accounts
Hurt & Heal factor#Culture#Motivation#Afrikan#Woke#Consciouness
The Brother To Brother Podcast is back with an all new episode where we discuss what it means to speak your truth. Episode Highlights: Tempiwmf and Hiddanas feel the pain of TV Cancellation week with the loss of one of their favorite shows The Expanse. We also touch on the resurrection of Brooklyn 99. Hiddanas introduces Tempiwmf to the phone a ...…
We woke up! Let’s get it. Happy Friday! Nice time with the in-laws last night! Who is Bread?
On this week's episode of the Shareholders the guys discuss proper bathroom etiquette, the Woke Report with Junior, Rousey's title shot, Roman Reigns, the stock, take some mail, and of course; Dax's Pick of the Week!
SPOILER ALERT!!!! If you did not see Infinity Wars...Then you definitely need to listen to this show!PLUS....Meek Mill discussionAnd dating while woke
THE STARTING 5 ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE OF THE STARTING 5 WE TALK THE NBA PLAYOFFS TO DATE. NBA Lottery and who do we think will go where? The Woke Era! THESTARTING5SHOW.COM BLOGTALK DONT FUCK UP ON US AGAIN! . The Starting 5 Wednesday night 9:30pm - 11:00pm on Click the Blogtalk Listen Live link!!! . Don't forget to joint th ...…
I know I know i'm 2 weeks late, I recorded this episode about a week ago but you're in for a good one.Why does DJ Khaled not bless his wife?Can you really be woke if you're wife isn't black? Short answer is yes but it's complicated.Why dont men take i'm not interested for an answer in DM's?I finally gave some words to Kanye West. I miss the guy ...…
So it is highly unlikely that you are reading or listening to this review in order to decide if you will see the movie or not. As of today, May 17, Avengers: Infinity War has raked in $1,665,125,380 globally. If you take its domestic haul and divide if by the average cost of a movie ticket here in America--$9.16 by the way--it means that over 6 ...…
This week we're talking about Childish Gambino's This Is America video and we tackle the question "Can you be woke and date outside your race?" As always thank you for tuning in.Subscribe, Rate, & Review Blacksolutely on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, GooglePlay & TuneInFollow Us On:Instagram: @blacksolutelyFacebook: @blacksolutelyTwitter: @blac ...…
In our hour of need, Joanna from What’s Lightsabers, Precious? returns for the wrenching conclusion of A Game of You. Featuring: a hurricane, a hard lesson about birds, a missive in lipstick, and the end of the world. No episode next week, but we’ll be back with fresh Hellblazer on May 30. ...…
Sanchez and Ross are joined by Texas's very own Ebony Madry! Eb comes to join the discussion surrounding Janelle Monáe's science fiction dystopian pop album DIRTY COMPUTER. Miss Monáe's 3rd studio album tackles issues of oppression, vulnerability, and sexuality within both the queer and black communities respectively as well as the queer black ...…
5FM — This week I attempt to geek out with Rob Forbes and Leon de Bruin about Fandom in the form of eSports, online gaming and cosplay!
In this episode I expose a Canadian family physicians blog article on why he won’t refer to Chiropractors
What happened to you when camping? Lisa was with a bunch of family and friends when a cyclone hit so they crashed a couples cabin on their honeymoon! Matt and his mates found a spot to camp, woke up on a cricket ground. Rob was with his kids when he woke up to russling chip packets and found a giant bird about to attack him! Did you make your n ...…
This week, we talk about the video that shut down the internet from Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. This video was jam packed with provocative imagery, much of which was focused on the black experience. This led to Black Twitter challenging his “woke-ness” because of the fact that he has children with an Asian woman and a White woman. Whatc ...…
In this episode, Rashanii is joined by Deidre from the My DeeTales podcast and Jenaya from the Woke Kidz (Black Kid Magic) podcast, and we discuss meat ticks, Mother's Day, having to make hard choices, Talking with kids about the police, My DeeTales, Kids and roaches, being a parent and more. Enjoy. Call the hotline at 916-572-9016 Leave an ema ...…
On this episode of "Raw Talk" I'm joined by YouTuber "Uber Guy" host of "Political Arena". He joins Ikey Raw to discuss why Black People aren't really Woke.
Welcome to the Woke-ish Podcast! We're just two hood-adjacent academics discussing current events and socio-political topics relevant to the community. Thanks for listening! This week we're talking Kanye, Candace Owens, Double-Consciousness, and Class. This is part 1 for Episode 6. Send us your questions and comments: woke.ishpodcast@gmail.comF ...…
Welcome to the Woke-ish Podcast! We're just two hood-adjacent academics discussing current events and socio-political topics relevant to the community. Thanks for listening! This week we're talking Childish Gambino's This Is America and Code Switching. Send us your questions and comments: Follow us on social IG: wokeis ...…
Golfer getting physically attacked by wife for not being a winner, and the owner of an NFL Franchise defines his version of 'modern' family.
On Episode 9 of “That’s What I’m Saying! The podcast, Shaun and Ny discuss the alleged thug lovers, Future and Young Thug, and the fuckery of these men tattooing each other’s names on their bodies. The conversation continues with the #muteRKelly movement, the debate as to whether Azealia Banks is the kettle calling Cardi B.’s pot black and expl ...…
Check Out Andrew Miller on YouTube, dont miss out!!
Wos and Michael, get to the heart of the class talk behind Azalea Banks attacks on Cardi B and why Azalea is GOP. For the rest of the podcast subscribe to or
This week @NgadiVandy , @itsKatouche and discuss what a Hotep is, and how you can be spot one in the delusion of wokeness. We also share some pussy confidence your way. Continue the conversation with us on Twitter and Instagram @badgyaldigital.
Fuck GrubHub by Woke and Ratchet
Co-creator of Comedy Central’s Workaholics joins us in Studio 13 to discuss what life is like behind the scenes. The gang discuss the Golden State serial killer and Dominic’s Podcast “Did You Reddit”. Lastly John goes off-topic about woke chicks, Conor’s new favorite book, and a movie review 19 years too late.…
With news that the Supreme Court has paved the way for sports betting to become legal in states across America, Dana & Jayson knew they needed to address it. But since neither Jayson or Producer Jack actually gamble on sports, we went straight to the source, and woke up our intern Entitled Mike to weigh in. Need a hot tip on a Kangaroo boxing m ...…
Great muted trumpet and acoustic bass samples accompany this stream-of-consciousness poem I wrote about memories of Japan, Miles, Kurt and growing old and the strange internal Joycean world we all inhabit… Thanks Stefan & Solos to use. Here’s the original poem: mr miles this morning out of the blue (blues) i woke humming mr miles by kurt elling ...…
On The Same Page is a podcast from the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library to keep you in the loop and on the same page about what’s happening at your library. In this episode we hear from participants from our second annual How-To Festival. What we read: Erica Read: Bolivar by Sean Rubin Sunny by Jason Reynolds (It follows Ghost and Patina in t ...…
Latest episode on Chill Sundays. This week 5.13.18 we discuss interracial relationships, can you be woke and date outside your race, side pieces, azelia banks and cardi b
Should you have your child consent before the diaper changeShould you ask about the other one.Banning R-Kelly is fair or Naw. Can you Black woke and be Interracial.
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