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Arms Control Wonk
The nuclear weapons, arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation podcast. Companion to the popular Arms Control Wonk blog (
Turkey Wonk
A show about Turkish and regional politics.
American Wonk
American Wonk covers a wide range of topics, with a focus on domestic and foreign policy. Avik explores important ideas and policies with the experts who know them best--right or left--and ask challenging questions to all, in the spirit of Bill Buckley.
“Wonks” - The people who work behind the scenes of the campaigns- gather with reporters and other insiders for a good-natured (and usually humorous) look at candidates, campaigns and each other. WONKS! is recorded in front of a live audience and with journalists thrown into the mix it’s always filled with laughs and unexpected insight.
A new podcast aimed at demystifying the public policy process.
Wannabe Wonks
Hailey (conservative) and Andy (liberal) work each week to find out where people stand, why, and how they back it up. We research policy and breaking news in-depth and discuss in bi-partisan ways for the rest of us on Main St. No pundits, just us.
Don't go to the ballot box uninformed. The only bad opinion is an uneducated one.
Wonking Out
Podcast by Wonking Out
Wonk Memos
A show that breaks down the big ideas shaping today’s headlines
In each episode of Breaking Board, we take a close look at the strategies of a particular board game, moving from first impressions and beginner tips to detailed analysis of key game concepts.
Go Wonk Yourself
A couple wonks at American University talking about the wonky world of politics in their dorm. Tune in to hear our take on what's happening right down the street at the White House and around the world.
Wall Street Wonk
The Wall Street Wonk is a podcast about investing, basic stock analysis, the stock market and money.
Wonks Will Win
A progressive policy podcast
Welcome to WONKED. We’re the next generation of politics and we’re all about talking policy. Tune in to hear us cut through the canned talking points and rhetoric — we’ve combed through all the working papers for you. Join the Harvard College Democrats for some progressive, policy-based conversations with experts and activists — all in pursuit of the solutions that’ll move our country forward.
In each episode of Breaking Board, we take a close look at the strategies of a particular board game, moving from first impressions and beginner tips to detailed analysis of key game concepts.
Smart Podcasts About The Stories You Love
In the Higher Ed Happy Hour, three well-known Washington, DC-based journalists and policy wonks -- Kevin Carey of New America, Andrew Kelly of the American Enterprise Institute, and Libby Nelson of -- discuss the latest happenings in higher education policy, research, and popular culture. There are special guests, wonky digressions, and excursions into the shocking and absurd.
The University Show supported by the UPP Foundation - part of Wonkhe podcasts - each week a panel of wonks will talk about the policy, people and politics of higher education.
Grass Roots
Grass Roots is a comedy web series following the exploits of two very impolitic political hacks on the campaign trail. Unfortunately for their candidate, Miles and Harry (Aaron Hilliard and Kirby Heyborne) seem to be losing more votes than they're winning. Created by Aaron Hilliard | Yardhill Films
Best-selling sports author and noted Trump antagonist, Molly Knight, gives listeners a humorous, informative, and cathartic space to deal with all the ways in which Donald Trump is wreaking havoc on their lives. It will feature guests ranging from celebrities, to physicians, to professional athletes, to Molly’s next door neighbors. Molly promises to provide a platform for rational human beings to laugh until they cry, and cry until they laugh, until Trump and Pence are out of the White House ...
GDA Podcast
GDA Podcast showcases the best storytellers, thought leaders, educators, policy wonks, business experts, and motivators on the keynote speaking circuit today | GDA Podcast powered by GDA Speakers
It’s The Drink Talking is the Premier Cru podcast for all things drink related, from Absinthe to Zinfandel. This podcast is not aimed at the booze bore, spirit snob or the wine wonk but instead provides an irreverent and inclusive, warm and welcoming weekly round-up, featuring tastings, the latest booze news and fascinating facts about the most famous and fervent advocates of alcohol. This weekly podcast is presented by the award-winning Thinking Drinkers, Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham, plus ...
Peter J Black
Peter Black's Freedom to Differ: Radio, rants and reflections from Peter Black. Peter is a law lecturer, blogger, geek and political wonk, interested in the intersection between law, government and new media.
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show series On April 21 (the day after 4/20, but whatever, man) we took Whiskey Flicks to Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg for the first time to cover Richard Linklater’s 1993 coming-of-age classic Dazed and Confused, the winner of their Marijuana Madness Tournament. This episode ...…
Mark Weinstein Quote; Zuora, a SaaS Cloud Subscription Company; An American Hedge Fund
The Mindfullness Show is written and produced by Josiah Samuel Harry. Music by Josiah Harry, Jr. S2E7 Show Notes: [01:34] Hot Takes: Humans will colonize Mars by the year 2030. [03:08] Main Segment: Have black people made any significant progress under Democrats? What recent landmark piece of legislation has the Democratic Party sponsored that ...…
Previewing our Women & Politics WONKS!, some thoughts on women and how they are treated differently in the political world. With Ambassador Mary Kramer, Melissa Gesing, who resigned as head of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women after then-candidate Donald Trump made his infamous off-camera statements to Access Hollywood, and Jessica Vanden ...…
GE and the opportunities of investing in conglomerates with a lot of divisions, Tableau Software Pops! and What is Stash?
Join us as we discuss 2000's The Emperor's New Groove! Intro Music: Light Footsteps Loop Outro Music: Acoustic Loop 26
Bernie Sanders has gone off the rails once again. His new "plan" is to create a government job for every unemployed person in America. That's somewhere around 13 million people. It gets better. So far, he admits that they don't know how to pay for it. Yes. You read that correctly. So, lets talk about it. Thank you for the support. "Like" us at ...…
We decided to release a podcast extra, as this was NOT a family-appropriate tangent, so here you go! NSFW. NSFW. NSFW. You have been warned. And yes. We went there. Background Music: Rock Guitar
Apple - Dividend Hike and Buyback, Tableau Software, Ludwig von Mises Quote
Jesse Livermore quote, Dogs of the Dow, Dividend Investing, BAC, DOCU, OGE, NYCB
The shift in the politics of cannabis reflects public opinion as well as the uptick in states that have legalized some form of marijuana use. Sections Home Sign In Accoun ...…
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In which Shree talks to Dr. Saurabh Jha, an Assistant Professor of Radiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania who tweets @RogueRad. He’s very interested in how people enjoy social media, and why tweets should be informative and incisive rather than being politically correct. He initially trained in surgery at various hospitals ...…
Join us as we discuss 5 of our favorite heist movies: Italian Job (2003) Inside Man (2006) Confidence (2003) Inception (2010) Oceans 11 (2001) Intro Music: Hank's Animal House Outro Music: Hybrid Digital Orchestra Lite Mix
In this episode, Ricky, Katie, and Rachel discuss the history of mass incarceration, the sentencing laws that led to the U.S.'s massive prison population, and the conditions prisoners are subject to in prisons. Ricky also interviews Naomi Vickers, a member of HOPE, to talk about campus advocacy for criminal justice reform. Twitter: @harvarddems ...…
This week the fellas put away the newspapers and discuss something much older... the Puritans. Among other things, learn the difference between English and American Puritans and why it matters and find out how many WGR episodes Omri plans on recording. Segment: Confronting the Culture: Toys R Us’s Baby Problem is Everybody’s Baby Problem Resour ...…
Ricky, Rachel, and Noah (Zunker) break down gun control policy, diving into legal history, gun-related deaths & crime, and finally, comparing the US in international context. And—Ricky interviews Harvard Professor Caroline Light about the gendered and racialized history of the 2nd Amendment. Links to research: Twitter: @ha ...…
Facebook Twitter Nelson for NY Portugal Drug Policy Link 1 Portugal Drug Policy Link 2 Portugal Drug Policy Link 3
On this episode, I interview a researcher, turned wedding planner. With a PhD in Public Policy and a Stanford alumna, Marie-Claire Vasquez Duran has an enviable academic pedigree. Her business, Claire Duran, based in the DC metro area does full service wedding and event planning across the US and the Dominican Republic. Check out her business a ...…
Episode #1862: Sign up to support Allison's future BRAND-NEW podcast at for as little as $1/month! Melissa Gira Grant (@melissagira) joins the show to discuss police raiding strip clubs in the French Quarter, Bethenny and Fredrik, Stormy Daniels, and to help answer a Patreon question about websites that rate sex work ...…
Meet the hosts of WONKED and get a lil’ taste of what is to come this semester! Learn why Ricky, Rachel, Zunker, Katie, and Redlich are podcasting about progressive policy. Music provided by: Rock Angel by Joakim Karud Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 http://creativecommons. ...…
Two Canadians review the last month of North Korean developments as they try to ignore Canada's Olympic performance in curling and hockey. Andrea talks to Matt Korda about Olympic diplomacy, DPRK proliferation networks, maritime deception practices, and the most recent set of sanctions. Links of Note: The transcript of the 2008 Burmese military ...…
Sponsored by Quip Paul Winfree, director of economic policy studies at the Heritage Foundation, left that post in January 2017 to take a senior policy position in the Trump White House. A year later, he's back at Heritage, and--you guessed it--spending more time with his family. On this episode of American Wonk, Paul talks freely about his year ...…
In this week's episode, we discuss our favorite memories of cooking, along with our favorite foods, cookies & beverages. Intro Music- Family Meal Outro Music- Growing Up
Episode 02 Description Over the past few years, there has been renewed attention to race and policing in America. However, these conversations seldom happen across communities of difference. In an attempt to examine the issue from a different angle, we sat down with Officer John, a white police officer in the northeast, to discuss his perspecti ...…
Episode 01 Description In this episode, we draw on academic research, recent events, and personal experiences to provide insight into the current state of policing. Tyrell and Daphne begin by discussing their own personal experiences with policing (3:00). They also talk about the various factors that contribute to negative citizen-police intera ...…
Welcome back to the 83rd episode of the ModState Podcast. Welllll it happened and probably as soon as this podcast airs and you listen the shut-down will be over. Maybe...just maybe...Who suffers from politics...government workers, troops and yes even those caught in the cross-fire of DACA..Hopefully this debacle is over soon but as long as eac ...…
What’s the role of the news media when it comes to covering politics? Is that role different in the eyes of the politicians? Should print reporters be on TV? Are cable news outlets trying to change the government or just report on changes? The tables are turned as a panel of esteemed journalists takes questions from state party leaders and the ...…
On today’s podcast, we talk about the increasingly common practice of overprotective parenting, commonly known as helicopter parenting. We look at how this style of parenting affects our kids and consider the misinformation that we are living in a more dangerous time than past generations. For more information about the show, visit http://ignor ...…
Lucas and Eddie talk about resistance in the Trump Era. Kim Tucker, founder of Indivisible757 and former candidate for Virginia General Assembly gives her take on the Trump Resistance.
Taking a look at upcoming CA laws and our wildest wishes for a new year.
Join us as we discuss our Hate-Watch of 2017's The Mummy. Please note, this was recorded at home over the holidays, so there is some background noise we don't generally have in our episodes.Intro music: Crossing the Chasm Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ...…
Join us as we discuss our Hate-Watch of 2017's The Mummy. Please note, this was recorded at home over the holidays, so there is some background noise we don't generally have in our episodes.Intro music: Crossing the Chasm Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ...…
Join us we cover Mixed Nuts, a Christmas movie starring Steve Martin, Madeline Kahn, Rita Wilson, and (in our humble opinions) Liev Schreiber. We also go off on tangents about real vs. artificial trees and possible recasting for Adam Sandler's character, Louie.Merry Christmas, y'all!!
We've heard there's big money in politics. Here's a brief tale about some really big money being passed around. Republican Dave Kochel and Democrat Jeff Link discuss the mega-thousand dollar checks and who wrote them!
On this week's episode: The Senate unveils the tax plan equivalent of welshing on a hooker … Roy Moore will start his very own senate across the street from theirs and his will be way better … And the Republican Party is trying to steal our orgasms. To support our show on Patreon, go here: To hear more from Ev ...…
Join us we each discuss our top 5 favorite cinnamon roll characters in TV/movies! Music: Acoustic Breeze -
In this episode, I’ll be discussing my thoughts and, dare I say it, feelings on chapters seven through twelve of Jane Austen’s Persuasion with special guest Rachel, one of my cohosts from The Detective, The Doctor, and The Woman and Wonking Out. Be sure to share this episode on all the social things and comment below with questions, comments, a ...…
At our most recent WONKS! where the topic was Money & Politics, a local lobbyist talks of expectations that they (the lobbyists) donate to legislators’ campaigns. Our panel of Republican and Democrat insiders looks at whether whether there’s a better way to fund campaigns.
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