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Black, British and Nerdy! This is the home of our podcast, where we talk Movies, Comics, TV, Gaming and more. New podcast available every two weeks. Check us out!
The Semi-Woo Podcast is a modern comedic take on human consciousness & mind expansion. We're in on the joke: spirituality feels woo-woo! We translate that world into this present world with interviews, banter and expansive discussion served up by long time best friends and comedians Amanda Schendel & Heather Ace Adams.
A entertaining and informative network of shows for the people by the people.
That Woo Life
Create the life you want to live with law of attraction, metaphysics, personal development, alchemy and all things woo. All secrets will be revealed as Queen Tourmaline inspires you to pull into your personal power, live your best life, and expand your consciousness for what comes beyond.
Woo's Thoughts
Sharing my opinion and thoughts on today's society and the old world
MRN Winged Nation
Hosts Steve Post and Erin Evernham talk to the race winners and news makers, and bring you the race results and news from dirt tracks all over America.
Woo, Gurl!
Woo, Gurl! is a weekly podcast hosted by Arkansan, writer, and proprietor of Club Sway, Jason Wiest. The only program of its kind in the region, Woo, Gurl! features Wiest's unique commentary, interviews and chat on music, fashion, politics, art and news with co-hosts HL Moody & Traci Berry.
Pitching Woo
Two flirty ne'er-do-wells talk to smart people about important things like love and ghosts and...stuff. Scientists, nerds, comedians, actors-we do them all for your listening pleasure. Hosted by weirdos Paul Blacketer and Vanessa Pugh.
Woo-Woo Wonderful! is a monthly video show exploring the sometimes shadowy twists and turns of the mystic’s path. Both hosts maintain private practices providing one-on-one assistance and counseling. We’ve discovered the most humbling and rewarding aspects of our work stem from teaching people how to better hear and follow their own inner guidance. The transformations that ensue are truly breath-taking! We wanted to do more of that, for greater numbers of people, through sharing what we have ...
Mary is a Reiki Master and Advanced Crystal Master and Laura is an astrologer. Listen as they discuss their take on everything metaphysical, wellness, empowerment, and pets.
Just three best bros that love talking wrestling, making weiner jokes, and referencing pop culture from 20 years ago
Woo's Mystery Box
It's my podcast. No filter. No edits. No rules. No limits.
Woo Boss Podcast
Make the intangible sellable -- weekly bite-sized advice and interviews designed for women in the business of changing lives
Intuitive healer, meditation coach, past life regression therapist, and psychic medium discusses and demystifies the world of spirit.
Hey, this is Lisa Khera from In Balance Pilates. I've taught pilates since 2000 and have used Self Care & Pilates to maintain a healthy life. My book, "Women Who Inspire", a collaboration book, comes out September 26, 2017.
1- Idanilẹkọ ni agbegbe yii sọ awọn ayọka Alukuraani ati ẹgbawa hadisi ti nse apejuwe bi Ina se ri.2- Alaye awọn okunfa ti o maa nmu eniyan wọ Ina, awọn okunfa yii pin si meji: (1) Okunfa ti o maa nmu eniyan bẹ ninu Ina lọ gbere, (2) okunfa ti o maa nmu Musulumi bẹ ninu Ina fun igba diẹ.
A dumbass explores issues related to critical thinking and evidence that happen to strike his dumbass fancy. It's a show that's all about examining claims and evidence, and looking at everything with a critical eye.
Real Mindset Training For Functional Athletes. Whether you're a CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting or whatever else, this is for you. No woo-woo bullshit. No manifesting. Just proven methods to improve your performance. Why mindset? Because without it, fuck all else matters. Coming soon - Mindset Rx'd: A Complete Guide To Mindset For Functional Athletes
A dumbass explores issues related to critical thinking and evidence that happen to strike his dumbass fancy. It's a show that's all about examining claims and evidence, and looking at everything with a critical eye.
Amateur Tarot Pod is the ONLY podcast where two non-mystical hosts use the power of the Tarot to answer YOUR burning questions. It’s an advice show! It’s a showcase of skeptical woo woo dilettantes! It’s arguably a comedy podcast!
Hosted bi-weekly by Matthew, Marty and Carlos - three heroes chronicling an exciting world of action. #WuxiaWednesday
A round table discussion about skepticism and atheism.
Devoted to bringing you the lastest and most reviving music of the moment.The repertoire is broad with a returning jackin, jazz and deep house theme.
Gain deeper insights into the world of internal Chinese gongfu as Sifu Ken Gullette talks with prominent instructors about Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Qigong, and the philosophy that guides these amazing martial arts. This is a real-world conversation without the mystical mumbo jumbo -- a No Woo-Woo Zone. You will walk away with deeper knowledge and new inspiration after listening to this fun and insightful conversation.
From the creator of The Forty Servants and Adventures in Woo Woo, comes The Tommie Kelly Podcast, a podcast about looking at life and art through the lens of Chaos Magick. Posted for Patrons on Mondays and the rest of the world on Thursdays.
Dis After Dark is a Disney podcast for grown ups. The show is an irreverent look at the Disney parks by 5 English blokes & a girl who really know Their stuff about the Disney parks & movies. If you like Disney you’ll love Dis After Dark. Disney Disney Disney Disney. Please check out our Patreon Page We are proud to be Sponsored by the following people HHN If you are looking to book your next trip to WDW, Disney Land or a Disney Cruise, please visit our new Sponsor Wendy from M ...
J.T Dabbagian
News, opinion, and the latest on woo and other quackery
LAS woo!
The Social Media to Sales Podcast is all about bringing you the strategies & psychology to go from social media to sales in your online business. With a double dose of social media & sales strategy + a sprinkle of "woo-woo," I'm going to teach you how to breakthrough the overwhelm, get off the social media hamster wheel & make money doing what you love, faster. Are you loving the show? The best way to show your gratitude is to leave us a review or screenshot the show & tag us on Instagram @h ...
The Well
Want to live a happier, healthier life, without the woo-woo, the hours of meditation, or adult colouring-in books?Join radio and TV host Robin Bailey and author Rebecca Sparrow as they roadtest techniques for a better, happier, and more meaningful life.Whether it's relationships, work, families, exercise or your life admin that needs a lift, learn the habits, tips and tricks to make your life happier and more meaningful, day to day.
Skepticism Today
A podcast from New Zealand with a focus on both national and international science, skeptical and woo news.
Being normal is crazy. The HVMN Enhancement Podcast is designed to help you perform, fuel, and eat better. Nothing is off-limits. Geoffrey Woo, your host, is here to discuss the cutting-edge, pick apart outdated traditions, and find the source of truth. Every conversation is rooted in science. We feature scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and athletes from a variety of fields and expertise. Each guest shares a common value: The absolute dire to succeed and make the world a healthier, ha ...
Arky Arch
Cod Paste
Delicious confusing comedy. Three pinches of salt recommended
SoCalBikePT Podcast
Podcast by Tim Woo
Urban Renström, from asks are you ready to woo, coddle, and keep more clients? In this Swipe File podcast Urban Renström helps freelancers, coaches, and consultants mix the correct amount of email, social media, and content to woo, coddle, and keep more clients. Think educational, money making #ActionStacks you #Swipe and use today. Subscribe and Listen as Urban Renström passionately doles out his strategy fill MBA inspired #ActionStacks on email marketing, social strat ...
The flagship show Podcast On Fire covers classic Hong Kong cinema, everything from Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan, John Woo and Jet Li! Featuring in depth discussions with an aura of fun, this is your primary stop in the podcast world for classic Hong Kong cinema!
Partnering with the wisdom of your intuition is easier than you may think. Our inner wisdom is always inviting us to go inward and seek the answers that already exist to all of life's questions. We just have to tune in, listen, and trust in the wisdom of our Higher Self. The Information Age is actually helping to usher in a more Intuitive Age. We are overwhelmed by heaps of information and knowledge but what we are actually seeking now is wisdom. Our intuition is, in fact, one of the most pr ...
The Cyndago Podcast
Daniel Kyre, Ryan Magee and Matt Watson bring you into their strange little world, talking about their experiences as comedy YouTubers and artists alike. Guests appear from time to time, so it's not always the same two idiots talking only to each other! Woo!
Book Club Editor
Welcome to the radio show of Charlotte Weekly and Union County Weekly's book club, Speaking Volumes. I'm your host Alison Woo. Have suggestions for author chats? E-mail me at
Its Jaime Martin, being wrong, a lot. And sometimes guests and Justin Woo and Angelo D'Argenio yell about stuff.
Do you want a hot, juicy sex life? Are you a great lover? Do you know how to get the sex you want? Can you drive your woman wild? Let us help you turn up the heat in your relationship. Dr. Lori Buckley, ASSECT Certified Sex Therapist and Doctor of Psychology, answers questions from listeners and talks about men's sexual issues in an educational and entertaining format. You'll hear how to create passion and intimacy, uncover your lover's sexual fantasies, turn on and satisfy your partner, enh ...
We talk New Jersey Devils hockey and the NHL. Join Sam Woo, Shorts Guy, and Beer Baron every Sunday at 9pm ET. We promote what's right about being a New Jersey Devils fan. Let's Go Devils!!!!!
Jesus Talks is a Kanye West podcast that explores the legendary artist's music, fashion, philosophy, and more. Hosted by Tyler Treese, Jon Anderson, and Ginny Woo.
Ñiŋ mukawandoo le timigkadiyaamybaniisiraayilankoolu la Balajawutoonigkumbuusooniŋfinkintee la kuwo la hadiisoomignaata woo kuwo to Musilimu ye migfiilaa.
"Hi, my name is Conor. Other than my father being a bit of an eccentric lunatic, my life was pretty normal until I got attacked in my living room and whisked away to Tir na Nog, the mystical land of the ancient Celts, where it turns out Dad is the usurped heir to the throne and everybody wants me dead because of some prophecy. Don't you just hate when that happens?"Shadowmagic is a rip roaring fun fantasy adventure novel by John Lenahan very loosely based on Irish mythology where every chapt ...
This is the show for woo-woo entrepreneurs to get their fix! I'm talking about all things mindset for thriving in your business and life. Manifesting, emotions, clearing mindset blocks, and some special guests will even talk about the shifts they needed to experience to get to where they are now.
In a world that expects perfection and settles for nothing less, a young man plays in the ruins of a broken marriage, and a man with a broken body woos a woman with a broken heart. Author Ann Regentin has written everything from reading comprehension tests to poetry and music, but seems to have found her real niche somewhere in the gutter. As of now, she's still too happy there to climb out. Producer Nobilis and his wife Dee have been producing the "Nobilis Erotica" podcast for over a year. ...
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How will Iran respond to attempts to renegotiate the nuclear accord? Plus: Canada’s efforts to develop quantum radar, a journey through Rome’s waterways and the best way to woo a world leader.
Most of us never said, "I wanna be a marketer" when we were 7. I'm come learn from Ed's persistence and watch how his new business is blowing up!... What's going on everyone this is Steve Larsen and you're listening to Sales Funnel Radio. I've spent the last four years learning from the most brilliant marketers today and now I've left my 9 to 5 ...…
You can feel the energy across STL as we're less than an hour away from tickets going on sale for the #FreeDotem Open, Doug is making waiver claims in fantasy quite early in the morning, discussing the next G8 Summit and posting pics of it afterwards on social media, should The Cat share his food at P.F. Chang's, Tim talks about the history of ...…
Why wait for our Disney Podcast rivals, you can listen to us break the news first! Email us for merchandise or if you want to support the show :-) Logos are created by Dave "Merlin" Hampshire We are Nic, Craig, Amanda, Paul D, Paul W, Chris T & ...…
Stoned mice, wooing Taylor Swift, and diving deep into the Royal Family. Then Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang from your fav pop culture podcast, Las Culturistas, join Matt for an interview and game of Bowl Of Sh**talk. Get ready for a lot of gay gasps and 420 puns.
Break-InsBilly CrystalNicki/Cardi/KimWelfareKardashiansMusic in Background: John Coltrane- "My Favorite Things"Follow us: IG: @DirtyRottenGenuises, @alixnwondrland, @whitneyabstract, @thebridgesoverTwitter: @DirtyRottenGen1, @waynedell, @mrwhitney69
This week the boys talk about a whole host of number ones. As well as the landmark Captain America 700!Woo Woo!
Andrew Woo- Fairfax sports reporter - chats to Julian about the 2018-19 cricket contracts which were announced today.
Requisite audio file to start podcast! Woo! File.By (Jon R. Productions).
The competition for Amazon’s second headquarters has gotten a lot of attention recently. And that makes sense. After all, cities have offered Amazon billions of dollars in tax incentives, free workforce training, and all sorts of other perks. Bloomington, Minnesota, even suggested building a monorail. But cities and states aren’t just trying to ...…
Part 3 Of A Series On The Benefits Of Meditation: Discover the Intense Emotional Benefits Of Meditation. In the first two parts of this series we discussed the effects of meditation on mental and physical health. Today we will look at the emotional benefits of meditation. Definitely one of the emotional health activities that should be practice ...…
Who better to have on the show to talk about woo woo than the host of the podcast, Some Kind of Magic? Emily Levenson and I discuss how to be more open-minded to "woo woo" practices, even when they go beyond logic, so that you can enjoy a more magical relationship with your spirituality, the world around you, and yourself. In this episode, we t ...…
In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Canadian poet Michaela Angemeer. Her debut book, When He Leaves You, just dropped in March and she joined us on the show to talk about her journey in writing these very personal poems, choosing to self-publish, and how she has grown her Instagram community from 5K to 18K followers (now 30K!) ...…
In case you missed it At least nine people were killed in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh on Monday while thousands were detained by the police and hundreds were left injured as the state and central governments struggled to control the massive protests that erupted across the north, west and east India over the Supreme Court’s alle ...…
Welcome back!!! To you the listener and to our hero Daniel Bryan for returning to the ring and giving us an excuse to record another episode! Tune in to hear our a breakdown of the Ultimate Deletion, the Return of Daniel Bryan, and our thoughts on all the storylines leading up to Wrestlemania 34! And Hopkins yawns alot. That too.…
In 2008, director James Nguyen, inspired by Alfred Hitchcock and the documentary An Inconvenient Truth, set out to make a film that would shock and terrify audiences pitting humanity against the natural world seeking vengeance. Two problems: his passion greatly outmatched his skill as a filmmaker, not to mention his shoestring budget. The finis ...…
In this first episode, I have a conversation with "A Lesser Magician." We talk about the concept of Lesser Magic as well as address some disagreements, specifically:1) My use of the term "magic" in my videos is a strawman of the term, or at least is not representative of what the term actually represents2) I am very critical about the supernatu ...…
This week, Tristan and Christina discuss Session #5 of Cowboy Bebop: Ballad of Fallen Angels. Topics of conversation include: John Woo, The Matrix, and Spike's character development. Cowboy Bebop Track of the Week: Rain Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Our theme song can be found here and is a remix of One Summer's Day by A June and J Beat.…
Call it "woo woo" or not, I believe the energy around your business is SOOOO important.How you handle yourself, talk with your staff, talk with your guests, even how you "talk" to your restaurant! Hear a few examples of how we've gone above and beyond with our guests...sometimes just by chance!Thanks for listening!Comments are welcome!http://ww ...…
Woo and JT talk to ViA about her Stellar Awards experience and the release of her new song "Any Day Now" featuring hipgosp artist Jay Locke. Also, Author Melinda Smith
How society confuses Kettle, the benefits of religion, and what is “collusion,” anyway? To Our Readers: We need your support to challenge the progressive mainstream media narrative. Your donation helps us deliver the truth to Rhode Islanders. Please give now. Last Impressions 47: The Balance of Purity and Conversion Right-click title on track l ...…
In this episode we discuss: How do you pronounce Uranus? The gift of being unique What to do when people don't like you Crystals for increasing your confidence Sergio Mangaña & Toltec Wisdom - Caves of Power Book Affirmations for Confidence General card reading Contact Queen Tourmaline for an intuitive card reading or check your monthly reading ...…
TLDR by GeekWire is your daily rundown of all things tech. Hosted by Starla Sampaco. Featured Stories: ‘A little nerdy, a little smart’: Bill Gates relates, and has a blast in ‘Big Bang Theory’ guest appearance Saudi crown prince, who has been wooing big tech, will visit Seattle and meet with Bill Gates ...…
Jesus died on the cross so that we may be saved! ALL authority was given to Him, on Heaven and on Earth. No matter what you may be going through today, Jesus has the power to get you through it! Woo Hoo!!
Check out this funny, random and slightly "woo woo" story about how Sips of Sunshine got its name. Stay until the end for a plot twist even I didn't see coming. Thanks as always for listening and visit for more!
If you’ve ever wanted to get from here to there, whatever that looks like in your life, then do we have the power of bridging gaps, show for you! Today we’ll talk about the law of attraction, invisible bridges, getting you where you want to go, and how to bring a welcome a new reality into your life! Bridging Gaps Self-Improvement & Self-Help T ...…
Segment 1: Final Foul Time, Sweet 16 Rewind, and the Elite 8 throwdown. The Twitter Terminator’s bobblehead and salud o’clock shenanigans go Farking Wheaton Wooten as the almighty Grayson Allen body pillow appears. NFL news, the updated catch rule, and the Super Bowl impact. The Odell Beckham, Jr. rumor mill kicks into high gear plus the LA Ram ...…
We welcome back the always entertaining and informative Mr Jim Hill back to the Mouses Head and you will not BELIEVE some of the scoops we get exclusive to us here. If you are a fan of Disneyland Paris, Universal Studios or Disney Theme Parks in general, you will not want to miss this episode! Email us https://shop.spread ...…
This week the Semi-Woo duo sits down with self-proclaimed witch Jen Siomacco in a classic woo woo episode. In addition to casting spells and whipping up potions Jen heads up Catalyst Wedding Magazine which caters to "feminists, the LGBTQ community and woke folk." We discuss the real origins of the Salem witch trials, cultural appropriation of s ...…
In the second episode we explore the sea (not literally) with guests Diva Amon and Jess Woo. Diva is a deep sea biologist whose work focuses on the effects human action has on the deep ocean. Jess is a marine and fisheries expert who not only runs her own consultancy but also acts. Listen if you’re curious about the deep sea, fisheries, ocean c ...…
Saint Louis Live! correspondent Jeff Jones drops by to provide a puck update with Joneisng for Hockey. WOO! Jeff sticks around with guys and joins in responding to the final 12 queries of our “16 Burning Questions for the 2018 Cardinals.” TT’s Pink Eye wins #FairOrFoul.
Pre-Show Banter: Thanksgiving Food Drink of Choice: Malibu and Tropical V8(Nates Choice)Story Time: Soup and NateTabs: Woo Girls, Shitty Beards, Highschool Friends, "See you in 5 days" Posts, Home Town Bars, Awkward Handshakes. Hot Takes: Do's and Don't's of Driving.
In episode 22 of the Saucer Pass Hockey Podcast we talk about bubble teams and X teams.Diving into the stunning play of the Florida PanthersMike Yeo and Woo wooThe Evander Kane Effect in San JoseBrent Burns records his 50th assist for the SharksThe Winnipeg Jets are a playoff team and it feels so good.And more ramblings from the Fan Child…
Who really rules the world? A cacophony of angry voices surrounds us, but from God’s perspective, mankind’s boasting is utterly ridiculous. Alistair Begg examines the hostility of man in the face of God’s sovereignty, the Father’s decree of the anointed Lordship of Christ, and the futility of rejecting His reign. The Gospel both woos and warns ...…
Ep.20: EPISODE 20! WOO! This week on this very special episode we are joined by Myles, he's got a youtube channel that we reeally like and he's very good at what he does. We joked around with our friend, asked him some questions and we solved some problems. Have fun people! We certainly did
In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing the topic of divorce. We’ll use a concept cluster to talk about our initial feelings and thoughts surrounding divorce, and we’ll also hit on a few pros and cons regarding the topic. Additionally, we’ll talk about some of the dangers in saying, “Divorce is not an option.” 008: The Rhythm of Marriage—Commit ...…
Joe was a delight as he tried his hand at hsoting the co. We recorded this episode at Wileys comedy club in Dayton Ohio immediately after 2 comics got into a pissing contest. man did that piss stink. woo wheeee.
Woo! "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair makes his grand debut at the Suplex Multiplex (just forget about his cameo in "Body Slam")! I take a look at the "30 for 30" documentary, appropriately titled "Nature Boy," and discuss the illustrious career of the 16-time World Champion. All of this on the 30th episode! See what I did there?…
Sean currently works with Justin Rose, Danny Willett, Si Woo Kim and more...but has also worked with Stephen Ames, Hunter Mahan, Sean O'Hair, and Tiger Woods just to name a few. We talk to Sean about Tiger and when and how many times he wins again...what it is that makes golf so damn hard...and why the pros are so much better than us! Sean Fole ...…
Coming to you live from North Carolina Comicon - Oak City, Cap hosts a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle tell-all with series co-creator, Kevin Eastman, writer of the IDW TMNT series, Tom Waltz, and awesome artist, Ben Bishop. Whether you're a longtime fan looking to scrape the sewer for new intel or have fond, fuzzy memories of action figures and ca ...…
Nima, Niana and JB having adult conversations with Mason Parker and 4FBigg
Brandon had a bender of a weekend (surprise, surprise). NCAA tourney talk. Spring Break Fo'Eva. Doing nice things for people. Latin Food Fest, Three Weavers brewery adventures, and "The Godson" visited. The beautiful coastal town of Cambria. We take you on an alcoholic filled journey, then go WOO on a bitch.…
Vanessa has a brand new baby thyroid problem and both she and Miranda and sick of mansplanning and herbal cures.
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